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  Unpopular opinion time :  it would be kinda nice if people started being considerate with each other’s time like… if you know you don’t have any time to take on more threads and already owe 700 drafts, or if you know exactly you will only have muse for that one blog you made in a fancy whim for two weeks at best or anything of the sort - writing takes time and energy, plotting something and being excited and then being let down takes energy, and it would be really nice if people were more considerate with the fact that everyone’s time, energy and muse levels are limited. There are always unforeseen things, yes, no arguing that, and no one ever owes anyone anything because we are all here for our own fun but … just a bit consideration towards how that affects other muns would be nice?


well, I,

mlaynelawson: Throwback to one of my (many) favorite photos from the TRP shoot in #Toronto a couple of weeks ago. I don’t think this was planned – the silent shutter was enabled on my camera and we were just talking. #inbetweentakes  [x]


This is Ravus.

He likes reading stories with his sister.

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