my reading year 2011

YOU GUYS. it’s been exactly TWO YEARS since i remade my old ( read: est. aug. 2011 ) classic!Lara blog, and I honestly couldn’t be more grateful for all the experiences, lessons, and memories that came along with writing this wonderful, volatile idiot — but, most of all, i’m grateful for all the friends i made along the way. so this post is to honor you; my friends, my faves, & everyone i’ve come to know and cherish in the past two years. 

@mollv. MY DARLING. we’ve been friends for so long, i honestly can’t remember my life without you in it anymore. you are my strength, most of my impulse control, and the one person i know i can always turn to, no matter what. i love you more than i can put into words, and even though we’ve had our ups and downs, i wouldn’t want to miss you ever again !! you’re my #1 fave, my sister, and the most wonderful writer & darling i know. <3

@femmekill. MY SOSIG. okay but lets be real here for a second. you are such a positive influence on me, your heart is 100% pure and ?? i’m so utterly thankful for all the jokes we shared, all the 4am-conversations, all the input. i love you so, so, so much, and you will always be my sosig — as i will always be your cabig !!

@gunkanjiima/ @barbwiire. MY LIL BAB. well, what can i say ?? you’re absolutely wonderful and i love you to bits. even though we don’t talk that much anymore, you’re one of my absolute faves & one of the most precious & amazing people i know !! never ever change ok ?? <3

@sydas. EDEN !!! you are such a sweetheart, oh m y g o d. and so funny ??? i mean, i don’t think i’ve laughed that much in my entire life. you make me so happy & i’m so so so glad you got Gallie back !! i love you a lot <3

@subsolanus / @speculae. RED!! what can i say ?? you are a darling & an amazing writer, and i’m so utterly glad to have you in my life. you’re absolutely magnificent, and a sensational friend, and i love you to bits and pieces<3


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Okay guys someone help me. So anyone in the Portal fandom, I just read the fic Blue Sky (aka the fairest fic of them all) and I know that I read it a million years after everyone else because my 2011-2012 self somehow thought it was okay to not be playing Portal. ANYWAY I found the little podfic thingy that was supposed to happen but hasn’t because it seems to have vanished off the face of the Earth. Anyway, if someone could kindly tell me if that happened or if it’s going to happen or why it didn’t happen so I can at least get some closure for this situation and go about my life and study for my midterms and stop bothering my friends. So yeah, anyone? 


On This Day in the Phandom: 3 years ago!

My Chemical Romance were headlining at Reading Festival 2011, so Dan and Phil go and see them together for the 2nd time that year (Dan lived close to Reading at the time so they chose not to camp)

Sorry for all the Reading related ones this week but that shit’s annual!