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Confessions in the Moonlight | Jungkook

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Word Count: 1780

Summary: After nearly a month of avoiding you, Jungkook finally confesses the true reason behind it.

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What's your most favorite wonhui moments xD??

ahh there’s heaps!!! but i’ll just list 10 for you

1. wonwoo’s need to bite junhui i swear it’s been like 8 times :’) but anyway my fave is when wonwoo holds onto jun when he does it, for eg this one (cr)

2. wonwoo holding onto jun’s arm during the little prince premiere

3. the way jun looks at wonwoo when he randomly starts slapping him, you can see a hint of amusement. and what’s cute is while wonwoo’s slapping jun’s arm and leg, he sang the words “don’t you dare let go of my hand” ಥ‿ಥ

also i love how jun refuses to hurt him and instead pokes his cheek (cr)

4. jun secretly grabbing wonwoo’s waist

5. during wonhui’s eye contact game, jun touched wonwoo’s face and their reaction afterwards was so cute - they kept holding onto each other’s hand/arms (which isn’t included in the gif)

6. wonwoo pushing hansol away so he can ‘kiss’ jun instead for the paper kissing game

bonus: when they nearly kissed and instead of flinching away wonwoo got closer (¬‿¬)

7. wonwoo wrapping his arms around junnie from behind

8. the fact that wonwoo’s first contact after the new year was with jun as they backhugged and swayed cutely. and the cutest part is he had his hands over jun’s as they swayed ;;

9. when it was wonwoo’s birthday and the 2 of them blew the candles out together

10. when the members themself shipped wonhui by singing the wedding march song and wonhui pretended to leave for their honeymoon <33333 (cr)

Masterlist ♥☼♥

Author’s note: last updated 10/13/16




Yoosung as a best friend

MC takes care of hungover Yoosung

Yoosung at a theme park

Yoosung, Zen, and Jumin helping you de-stress

Zen, Yoosung, and Jaehee react to nyan cat

RFA boys + MC on her period

The RFA boy’s reaction to realizing their MC stuttered when anxious


Zen, Jumin, and 707 comforting you after a nightmare

The rest of the RFA at a theme park

Yoosung, Zen, and Jumin helping you de-stress

Zen, Yoosung, and Jaehee react to nyan cat

RFA boys + MC on her period

mini Zen cutting off his ponytail thingy ??

The RFA boy’s reaction to realizing their MC stuttered when anxious


The rest of the RFA at a theme park

Zen, Yoosung, and Jaehee react to nyan cat

Jumin, Jaehee, 707- Weapon or Meister? (from Soul Eater ♥)


Zen, Jumin, and 707 comforting you after a nightmare

The rest of the RFA at a theme park

Yoosung, Zen, and Jumin helping you de-stress

Jumin and 707 react to nyan cat

Jumin & marriage *one of my faves*

Jumin, Jaehee, 707- Weapon or Meister? (from Soul Eater ♥)

Showing Jumin cat videos *one of my faves*

RFA boys + MC on her period

The RFA boy’s reaction to realizing their MC stuttered when anxious

The RFA boy’s reaction to realizing their MC stuttered when anxious

Random Jumin HC


Zen, Jumin, and 707 comforting you after a nightmare

The rest of the RFA at a theme park

Jumin and 707 react to nyan cat

Jumin, Jaehee, 707- Weapon or Meister? (from Soul Eater ♥)


RFA boys + MC on her period

The RFA boy’s reaction to realizing their MC stuttered when anxious

MC and 707 dressing up in pretty dresses


The best gift for each of the RFA members, Saeran and V

Pocky game & RFA

The best gift for each of the RFA members, Saeran and V

RFA & V react to being in a big argument with MC BUT out of nowhere she starts swearing in Spanish


The best gift for each of the RFA members, Saeran and V

Pocky game & RFA

The best gift for each of the RFA members, Saeran and V


RFA reaction to getting told MC committed suicide

How the RFA would act AFTER MC committed suicide

MC & mental illness *one of my faves*

RFA comforting MC during a panic attack *one of my faves* 

RFA’s reaction to MC in a swimsuit *one of my faves*

RFA and MC in a haunted house

RFA and MC working in an office together

RFA pranking MC and making her cry

RFA getting flu shots

Things that turn the RFA on

RFA reacts to MC fangirling over anime

MC breaks a bone


RFA zodiac signs

RFA and babies !!!

MC has an asthma attack triggered by RFA members

MC + revealing clothes + RFA

RFA HALLOWEEN *one of my faves*

Phobias & RFA

RFA Christmas gifts!!

MC taking the RFA shopping

MC catching a cold + RFA caretakers

RFA reacts to MC wearing their clothes


Painting the RFA’s nails

MC has a tummy ache & RFA takes care of them

RFA + running into your ex *one of my faves*

marriage + RFA *one of my faves*

Sexy halloween costume + RFA reaction

Assertive MC + RFA *one of my faves*

MC gets sent to jail

RFA comforting MC when she throws up

RFA reacts to MC cutting her hair short

RFA + short MC

RFA + tall MC

MC telling RFA she’s a virgin

Pocky game & RFA

MC in the hospital!!

Road trip + stargazing + RFA

RFA coming out as transgender guy

MC allergies *one of my faves*

RFA with a little chubs RFA

RFA eskimo kisses


MC coming out as asexual

leg surgery for MC!!!

MC is a really talented artist + telling the RFA *one of my faves*

the RFA helping MC study

celebrating MC’s bday!!!

RFA finding a stain bum bum bUUUMMM

RFA being left alone with their child

Does this make me look fat?

RFA members find out MC has a lovely singing voice *one of my faves*

 MC coming the the RFA’s house in the middle of the night crying 

RFA members + winter

MC cooks RFA’s favorite meal

MC being claustrophobic and stuck with all the RFA members

RFA  playing Neko Atsume

MC sending surprise selfies !!!

Shopping with the RFA

RFA members react to MC already having a boyfriend

RFA reacting to MC getting a miscarriage

RFA babes getting comforted by their MC  

MC with an eating disorder

RFA members drunk outta their mindsss

MM characters react to MC becoming a werewolf 

The RFA comforting MC during a storm

RFA members reacting to MC having a cat that absolutely has to come with her when she moves in

The reaction to MC purposely annoying the RFA 

Disney World date with the RFA

RFA’s reaction to MC in a cat maid costume

The RFA members reacting to MC  being a famous dancer 

The best gift for each of the RFA members, Saeran and V

RFA members reacting to MC coming back home from a month long trip 

RFA & V react to being in a big argument with MC BUT out of nowhere she starts swearing in Spanish


sexting Yoosung

calling the RFA daddy/mommy *one of my faves*

what the boys are like in bed

being seductive on camera while hacker boy watches

bed kinks (unknown included)

RFA + favorite place to have sex 

RFA (including Unknown) reacts to MC’s navel piercing/belly bar?

RFA, V and Unknown react to MC admitting that she would like them to dominate her


Yoosung changes his hair

Jumin & Zen prank you & accidentally make you cry

Telling the RFA you have cancer *one of my faves*

Seven and Yoosung stuck in an elevator

MC almost gets kidnapped by unknown, but gets interrupted by daddy Jumin

The RFA boys reacting when MC is acting overally emotional because they don’t feel loved

Jumin’s bday

RFA finds out that MC has really curly hair but has been straightening it constantly because they’re self conscious about it

Seven mini fic series

“Please come home.”

Part 1

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With Paris and Los Angeles competing for the next summer Olympics, which venues from each of the possible cities would be considered? What architectural styles will prospective new developments shape each city?

Los Angeles Stadium at Hollywood Park (under construction)

L.A.’s and Paris’ bids are backed by a list of venues already built that will be used during the games, that being said the expected built impact of the games would be minimal. This is a clear reaction to the cost of the games in recent years. Cities like Athens, Beijing and Brasilia spent billions of dollars on venues that were abandoned shortly after the games.

In my opinion, it will be harder and harder for the Olympics to require the kind of investment some host cities have done in recent years. L.A. and Paris are still in the running because of their built inventory and strength of the respective country’s economy.It would not surprise me that Paris is awarded 2024 and L.A. 2028 this September.

Stade de France

Bruises drabble series : summary and opening of the tag list.

Edit : I add the amazing graphic that @marvel-ash made for the series. Thanks dearie !

Summary : 

Seeing bruises on his baby sister’s body is driving Tony Stark crazy. When she tries to deny way too quickly that her violent jerk boyfriend hit her once again, he immediately deduce that she’s lying. He helps her to rebuild her life when she breaks up with him and also think of introduce her to his Avengers fellows (and let’s be honest maybe set her up with one of them) in order to move on with her life.

I had that idea after an anon sent into my ask box the word during an ask game, and I came up with that summary. Time passing, I found myself really wanting to write it, not knowing if I wanted to do a one shot or a series with it and I decided on a drabble series. I’ll use my own experience on miss Stark’s reactions, her state of mind on the physical and mental abuse side (because yes, even if I don’t speak about it on here I’ve been a victim of domestic physical and mental violence). And because domestic violence mustn’t be treat as if it was normal, I thought it’s important to write that kind stories to encourage people to talk about it if it happens to them and not trivialize this, because, if it happens one IT WILL HAPPEN AGAIN and that’s a note I’ll put in EVERY part of that story, if it happens to you TALK about it, LEAVE the person who does that to you, GO to the POLICE !

I’m gonna start to write the first parts after I finished chapter 5 of Love Me That’s All I Ask Of You. I will start to post it when I will be in England, from March 14th to March 21st. If I have wrote enough parts, I’ll post one a day, if not one every two day, I’ll post a masterlist of the series when I’ll be back (I asked the amazing @marvel-ash if she could do me a graphic for the series).

I’m starting a tag list from today to March 13th. If people want to be add between March 14th and March 21st, I’ll only add them when I’ll be back. To be tag, send me an ask, or reblog that post saying you want to be add to the tag list or comment the post or send me an instant message ! Don’t hesitate to ask me if you have questions ! Please spread the world about that series, it’d love to have new readers :)

Love ya all ! 

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Hunger Games!BTS (Jimin focus)

Word count: 2,560
Warnings: death, sadness, black humor, hint of Jikook, unnecessary details, overall I’m sorry???
Author’s note: There are two players from each district but anyone besides Bangtan is never mentioned. Also the gender rule doesn’t apply so one district can have two players of the same gender. Also V is my ult but I wrote this and noticed I never mentioned him?? Meh I bet he got distracted by butterfly during the beginning countdown and was blown to pieces after stepping off his platform too early. What a delightful start. Okay let’s go.

  • so Jimin as a Hunger Games player
  • he has black hair, a tight, thin, black full-body suit (swimwear you know) and baggy black shorts
  • his stylist really likes black
  • well anyway the arena is pretty much filled with dark lake water with underwater caves (in which you can catch your breath and maybe build a camp)
  • there are small island patches all over the arena and they’re filled with thick forests
  • there’s also a weapon center at the center of the arena (bet you’ll never guess where the name comes)
  • from time to time weapons and food appears in there
  • after half of the players have died, food will stop appearing
  • instead, it can be found in containers from the bottom of the lake
  • there’s a catch though
  • there are many deadly sea creatures in the pitch-black, deep water
  • so you better make a swim for it
  • the forests are inhabited by dangerous insects that, for example, slowly suck away all moisture from your body or cause blindness
  • Lovely!!” said the gamemaker
  • Jimin has currently set up a camp in one of the underwater caves and he’s gotten himself a fire going
  • a sponsor sent him dry wood in a tight container (the message said ”don’t be like a prey, be smooth like a snake”)
  • Jimin has no idea where his district buddy Jungkook is but at least the guy’s alive
  • Jimin still wishes that he’d be with Jungkook since the younger male is rational and capable of making ruthless, yet necessary choices regarding killing other people with the mindset of actually surviving
  • whereas Jimin hasn’t dared to kill anyone yet and is constantly switching hiding spots and getting panic attacks when he hears the cannon inform of someone’s death
  • he’s pretty sure he won’t make it but he’s still trying
  • Jimin (and Jungkook) comes from district 4, which means that he’s a fisher (and a heck-of-a-swimmer) 
  • so when everyone else was reaching for spears and mines etc. after the beginning countdown, this boy got himself a harpoon and jumped straight into the water, swimming as far as he could
  • it was a good choice because the harpoon has helped him gather a lot of food (exspecially after the sponsor’s gift since he was able to start cooking the fish) and saved him from death (big bad fish) two times
  • and I mean like he can’t cower in his cave forever
  • he has to get himself into a forest to find usable material
  • at one point he catches a disease and the cure is the sap of a certain tree type
  • on his quest of finding it, he bumps into Hunger Games!Yoongi
  • he’s a bit on the aggressive side
  • he shoots an arrow to the heel of Jimin’s foot, making him fall
  • and on top of that, he basically attacks Jimin with bare hands
  • Jimin tries to fight back but I mean he’s sick so it’s hard
  • Yoongi’s moves start to get weaker and he turns extremely pale
  • he ends up coughing blood and collapsing on top of Jimin
  • Jimin wonders what got into him and checks his pulse
  • to his horror, he feels nothing
  • more great news; he hears the cannon go boom
  • he starts screaming, voice strained and kicks Yoongi’s body off of him
  • he drags his hurt self away from there until he rolls under a large, thick, bushy area
  • the poor thing has to rip off an arrow from his leg, traumatized and muffling his cries
  • but no worries!! he receives a sponsor gift with 1) bandages and disinfection spray 2) a note that says ”look into his backbag”
  • Jimin listens to his surroundings for a moment so that he’s sure no one is around
  • he rushes for Yoongi’s backbag and finds….. fish?
  • after staring at it for a while, he puts two and two together
  • the fish are probably poisonous, having caused Yoongi’s death
  • good that he notes that since his food storage included that same fish kind!!
  • anyways Jimin has to throw his lunch away and he’s about to leave until he hears a shout nearby

  • Hey guys, see what we got here!!”

  • Jimin sprints for his life back to the bushy area
  • he keeps his hands in front of his mouth and tries not to move or hyperventilate when steps are nearing him

  • Jin: ”What is it, Namjoon?”

  • Namjoon: ”There’s blood marks everywhere – someone must be here.”

  • Jin: ”Yeah, they smell fresh.”

  • Namjoon: ”Let’s search the place.”

  • you can see the panic grow on Jimin’s face every moment when the only things he hears are his heartbeat and someone’s steps getting even closer to him

  • ??: ”Hey dumb dumbs, there’s a corpse here.”

  • Namjoon: ”Another one died?”

  • Jin: ”Did he just call us dum–”

  • ??: ”Looks like he ate poisoned fish.”

  • Namjoon: ”So this is who the cannon was about just now…”

  • Jin: ”Makes me nauseous to look at the bodies every time.”

  • Namjoon: ”Oh come on, you’ve only killed like two.”

  • Jin: ”Well excuse me but I’m not enjoying my time here.”

  • Namjoon: ”You were raised wrong. It’s an honor to be of entertainment for Capitol.”

  • Jin: ”You know, for someone so smart you can be particularly idiotic when–”

  • ??: ”Quit it out, you’ll get your time to fight each other.”

  • Namjoon: ”He’s right, we should be looking for food.”

  • ??: ”You two go ahead, I’ll just search this guy to see if he has anything valuable.”

  • Jin and Namjoon disappear into the woods, fighting
  • Jimin lets out a shaky breath before he has to actually stop breathing because the third person is nearing him
  • Jimin goes into panic mode as the person starts walking faster
  • when he gets real close, Jimin jumps out of the bush and makes a run for it
  • the person gets a hold of his ankle, making him fall face-first
  • he can’t move as he’s turned on his back and someone’s sitting on top of him
  • there’s a hand pressed against his mouth so tightly that he can’t make any noise
  • Jimin freezes in his spot because he realizes he’s staring straight into Jungkook’s eyes
  • Jungkook presses one finger against his lips to make sure Jimin stays quiet before taking his hand off his mouth
  • after a couple of silent seconds Jungkook opens the conversation with ”You’ve gotten worse.”

  • Jimin: ”Oh my god you–”

  • Jungkook: ”You have a fever.”

  • Jimin: ”How can you be so casual about this?!”

  • Jungkook: ”Your face is pretty fucked up.”

  • Jimin: ”Jeon Jungkook I thought you were going to kill me!”

  • Jungkook: ”I don’t want to kill you.”

  • Jimin: ”……………Tha–”

  • Jungkook: ”I mean who would? My hands would smell like fish forever.”

  • Jimin: ”You little piece of–”

  • Jungkook: ”You look like you haven’t gotten anything to eat for a while.”

  • Jimin: ”Can you even let me finish my sente–”

  • Jungkook: ”I don’t have time for that. Listen, there’s a meadow to the west of here and there are a few eatable berrie bushes there. The purple ones. Don’t touch the orange ones, get it? I’ll make sure Namjoon and Jin won’t find it while you’re there.”

  • Jungkook disappears after the others and leaves behing a confused Jimin
  • he can’t really comprehend what had just happened
  • first of all, Jungkook didn’t kill him
  • second of all, he’s even helping Jimin
  • (even though he was being an ass doing it)
  • long story short Jimin gets himself some berries and sap and finds his way back into the water
  • his cave is pretty deep down and you can’t really see well there without a light
  • Jimin doesn’t have one so he kinda just trusts his eyes
  • when he’s diving for the cave entrance, the water current around his legs feels a little odd
  • he looks back and sees a dark figure after him
  • Jimin figures it’s the freaking scary huge fish again and he starts swimming forward as hard as he can
  • when he gets inside his cave, he finally breathes in air and pulls himself on land
  • he grabs his harpoon and swings is straight at the dark figure that had almost reached the surface
  • Jimin stays there, out of breath and eyes all red, clothes soaked wet
  • he wonders wether he’s brave enough to go back for the harpoon if he missed the shot
  • then he hears the sound of a cannon
  • (on that night two people are announced dead; Min Yoongi and Jung Hoseok)
  • Jimin realizes he killed someone with his own hands even though he’s been desperately trying not to hurt anyone for days
  • for the first 20 seconds he’s in a silent state, not feeling anything
  • Hoseok’s corpse breaks the surface and stays floating, a harpoon sticking out of his chest
  • that was the cue for Jimin to break down completely
  • he grabs his head and screams his lungs out, pulling on his hair and kicking his way against the cave’s wall to get as far away from the body he killed as he could
  • he keeps his suffering yelling going like there’s no tomorrow
  • after several hours (when his voice is gone) he’s shaking against the wall, hugging himself, blood under his nails after ripping off his skin from several places
  • long story short again there are three players left and an announcement rings through the arena

  • All players must move to the roof of the weapon center within the next hour. Disregarding this piece of advice can bring you death.”

  • Jimin is the first one on the roof, thanks to his great swimming skills
  • he’s laying flat against the surface to make sure no archers can get him
  • he’s holding tight onto his harpoon, pondering how painful it is to die
  • since he’s not sure if he can kill anyone on purpose
  • he hears yelling and peeks over the edge
  • on an island a little farter away, two figures pop from between the trees
  • Jungkook and Jin run for the water, side by side
  • Jin suddenly grabs Jungkook’s leg and pushes him to the ground
  • Jimin holds his breath in horror, not sure if he wants to see what happens next
  • Jungkook struggles against Jin’s grasp as the older male is trying to strike a machete to his neck
  • Jungkook succeeds in kicking him away so hard that he flies and rolls several feets further from him
  • before Jimin even has the time to blink, Jungkook pulls an arrow from his back and shoots it straight into Jin’s skull
  • Jimin feels his head getting lighter and he starts feeling colder
  • Jin drops on his knees and falls to the ground, a cannon firing right behind
  • Jimin tries to catch his breath and coughs, hitting his chest
  • he thought Jungkook is the type to spare the lives of his allies
  • the same way he saved the life of Jimin
  • doesn’t this mean Jungkook can just ruthlessly kill Jimin, too?
  • Jimin thinks he should probably run somewhere but his legs won’t move
  • besides, the hour is almost up
  • he can only stare in horror as Jungkook’s head appears from behind the edge as the boy pulls himself up
  • Jimin covers his face with his arms and shuts his eyes
  • he desperately repeats ”Please don’t!” over and over again, like a mantra
  • he flinches as Jungkook grabs his wrists and pulls his ands away, wiping a tear from his cheek

  • Jungkook: ”Shh. I’m not gonna kill you. They’ve let two win before. They’ll do it now, too.”

  • Jimin slowly opens his eyes and looks at Jungkook in silence for a long time
  • the ground starts shaking and islands disappear out of sight
  • the water’s surface rises and the lake is all there is, not including the weapon center

  • Here ye, our dearest players! It is time for your final kill. Only this person separates you from being the survivor. To speed up the process, let it be known that the water surrounding you is filled with different sorts of beastly animals waiting for a tasty meal. May the odds be ever in your favour!”

  • Jimin: ”We… J-….. w-we can’t get food.”

  • Jungkook: Calm down, Jimin.”

  • Jimin: ”We can’t get food we’re going to die you’re going to kill me I’m going to die–!!!”

  • Jungkook: ”Shut up, will you?! I’m trying to figure this out.”

  • they spend over 24 hours on the roof, sharing stories of their lives on district 4
  • Jimin talks to himself every now and then to grasp the situation
  • Jungkook has sitten still for nearly the whole time with his head between his hands, thinking of what to do
  • Jungkook had to constantly keep convincing Jimin that he’s not goig to kill him
  • in the end, Jimin was being so annoying that Jungkook actually threw all his arrows and weapons in the water
  • there was a humongous fin that breached the surface when his weapons hit the spot
  • you bet that made Jimin freak out even more
  • the sun’s burning high and Jimin gets up for a while, walking in circles
  • he goes close to the edge and looks down into the water

  • Hey, Jungkook. Do you think that water it thinkable…. th…. drink… drinkabl…”

  • he’s badly dehydrated and got his tongue all tied up
  • his head starts spinning in circles and his sight becomes foggy
  • he loses his balance and falls forward
  • Jungkook surges for Jimin and grabs his wrist at the last moment
  • Jimin got back into his senses and yelped out of fear, looking at the dark, moving water below him

  • Jimin: ”Oh Jesus fucking Christ I don’t want to die thank God you caught me!!!”

  • Jungkook: ”…”

  • Jimin: ”Holy shit that was close oh my God.”

  • Jungkook: ”…”

  • Jimin: ”You can pull me up now Jungkook.”

  • Jungkook: ”…”

  • Jimin: ”…Jungkook?”

  • Jimin lift his head and looks at his district buddy
  • Jungkook was staring at him with a face that was unreadable
  • Jimin’s small smile of relief disappears as he calls for Jungkook’s name one last time
  • before Jungkook lets go
  • he stays to watch as Jimin hits the water but he didn’t want to see any further
  • he turns around and buries his head in his hands
  • he doesn’t have the courage to move even after hearing the cannon shot
Genji and Mercy thoughts

OK,  this is only my opinion on this ship and Genji. I don’t want to force you to change your mind on anything. 

We all see how Genji looks like in newest comic. He’s body is, let’s say 98% cyborg. He has no legs, no right arm, we can see a lot of wires on the back of his head even. And look at his eyes - glowing red. He’s not human inside. He’s cyborg, his brain was damaged and now is working thanks to all those wires and robot stuff. He’s not human anymore. I think his voiceline “You are only human” says he’s aware his more than human now, or simply not human. 

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Jurassic World, Mad Max Fury Road, and Little Girls

For her birthday, we took my soon-to-be six year-old to Jurassic World. Prior to that, she had watched a bootleg copy of Fury Road with me after I had confirmed that it fit the levels of violence I consider acceptable based on what I know of my daughter.

The most interesting thing to me was her reactions after each film.

After watching MMFR, she talked incessantly about it. (She had talked during the film as well, making observations, etc.) Her name was suddenly changed to Angry Cereal, mirroring two of her favorite characters. She made a new Sims game, spending more time than she ever had before perfecting the characters - and giving them all pets. A Lego car set was turned into a crazy car that could fit into the Mad Max world. Barbies were now the Wives and her dad’s Diablo figurine was now Immortan Joe. It’s been a little over two weeks and she still talks about it.

When the credits rolled on Jurassic World, she said, ‘Can we go see another movie?’ –And that was it. The only other comment vaguely related to the movie was her assertion she liked dinosaurs. Nothing else. No elaborate recreations, nothing.

I had thought with MMFR that my excitement had rubbed off on her but that doesn’t seem to be the case. After Jurassic World, I was excited, encouraging her to talk about her favorite parts. She asked for a Happy Meal. When we went to spend a gift card at Toys-R-Us the next day, I pointed out all the Jurassic World toys. They had Blue! She barely gave them a second glance.

It didn’t jive. She had tons of dinosaur books. Why was she infinitely more interested in an adult movie that was pretty much one big car chase rather than a movie about dinosaurs? Was it because despite the differences in ratings, Jurassic World had frightened her more? Maybe. But when she picked out a new stuffed animal to buy with her gift card, she informed us the little owl’s name was Splendid.

And that was it.

She had watched Fury Road in almost complete silence until the first shot of all the Wives. Then she turned to me and said, “There’s so many girls!” That was her takeaway from MMFR: there were lots of girls! All the girls were fighting together against the bad guy! The girls were the heroes! That was important to her, seemingly even more important than it was to me. Maybe because she’s just getting her first taste of playground culture where boys and girls are separate and the two don’t mix often and it’s been confusing. Maybe because she just really liked seeing girls on the screen. When I ask her, she just shrugs and says, “I don’t know, mommy, I liked all the girls. I liked Toast.”

As an adult, I’m aware of issues with representation. I don’t remember consciously noticing it as a child but I remember Leia and Uhura and Janeway being my favorites. I remember dressing up as Dana Scully. As a mom, I watch my daughter gravitate to girls and women on screen. A movie I thought would a sure thing because DINOSAURS! became a total miss because for her, there was no one on screen that she left the theater wanting to dress up as. There was no incentive for her to change her name to mimic favorite characters. I left grinning because holy shit, raptor squad! She left wanting a cheeseburger.

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So, that one *BA-DUMP* during the "You Have Us" update, when Lil Pup attacked Sans, was that a reaction from Frisk trying to pull Sans' soul out of his body? Seeing how Chara took Asriel's without actually turning him to ash, I thought back to that. I guess that the 'assassins' are children so they can become close to special monsters and take their souls easier?


As to Asriel not turning to dust immediately, it’s because he’s a boss monster and they tend to last longer after their death (if you remember the game).

So yes. These children were prepared by humans as sleeper agents; ready to be planted in the most important locations/monster’s homes so that another war would help trigger them and bring devastating impacts on monsters.

girlfromnorfolk  asked:

Champions! ⚽️💙⚽️ Did your broadcast show Cesc describing the game as "Fucking unbelievable"

Ha ha, it did! (Here’s a link for anyone who might have missed it. LIKE MY BROTHER.) It came up during the bit where they still were showing everything live, so they couldn’t bleep it; they only had the reporter hastily muttering ‘uh…watch your language’ in reaction. Too late!

I noticed NBC cut to already recorded Sky clips after that. Ha ha.

BLOCK B REACTION: When He finds you're a famous gameplayer

Annyeong~~ I take a long time to finished that, I’m so sorry 

Zico: After days working with his band, Jiho goes to his girlfriend’s house to make an surprise visit but end up seeing her lying on the couch, her eyes fixed on the tv with her  hands moving fast. She don’t even notice his presence since she is in the middle of a championship.

“Woah, what is this?” He says sitting on the sofa, scaring her.

“Oppa you scared me!” She would answer pausing the game while throwing the remote far away.

“I was in a important game… I would’ve go to the world wide chmpionship if I will this!”

“Wordwide?” He would be surprised to know your level was so high and would ask you a lot of questions.

Taeil: On the begging he’d think that you were just playing for fun, but after seeing you playing for 24 hours direct, he would get worried if you’re not getting tired.

“I will win… And then, I’ll become the best in all Korea!”

“All Korea?” He’d think you were exaggerating, but as soon as you show him your skills, it made him realise it was real.

B-Bomb: With a two days break, b-bomb would automatically call you to ask you out. He wouldn’t expect a rejection; Sad he asks for an explanation. You send him a adress and ask him to meet you there at the same day.

B-bomb reaches the place and find a videogame championship, in which has a big poster with your name on it, and it has something more with it, it said that you were one of the finalists and one of Korea’s best players.

“Jagi… is this real?” It would be the only thing he could think of to say, besides looking around like a impressed fool.

Jaehyo: discreetly Jaehyo would try to get closer, do umpteen questions about what you were playing and even ask to try, all for have some of your attention. “Oppa … Did you know that you’re learning from the best player in the country? ” You would question excited to tell him that.

“Hey, where’d you learn how to brag like that?”.At first he would think it was a joke and when he bring home would be crazy.

U-Kwon: He doesn’t question directly to you to see you on the computer playing for hours, but he’d be jealous about to hack into your computer while you were doingsomething else.

“YAH! OPPA WHAT YOU THINK YOU’RE DOING ON MY COMPUTER? ” You scream to catch him in the Act.  "I’M JUST LOOKING AT WHAT YOU ARE DOING HERE.“ He would shout back, with the cheekbones red of getting caught.

You’d have a long discussion until finally the fact you be a famous player was revealed.

Kyung: He couldn’t believe when listening to yourself it was a famous player, he would ask for evidence and would take some time to convince himself. When convinced could use the games during some fights or as an argument to see you.

P.O.: After seeing for you hours and more hours in front of the computer, without giving attention P.O. would have an attack of jealousy, would try to turn off the computer, but you’d stop him screaming about to be there so long.

"Woooah, my girlfriend is the best in the world!” He’d talk when both were calmer andeverything explained.

It’s just for today

~ADM Cherry~

GIF credits to their original owners!

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Gimme an angsty Oikawa reinjuring his knee p bad during a game(my knee pain is hella bad today and bonus that I have the same shit knee as Oikawa) idk what Iwaizumi can do during or after, maybe his reaction to it or something idk gimme the angst

  • Oikawa goes for a dive to keep the ball in play, and lands on his bad knee. 
  • He tries brushing it off but can’t even stand on it. 
  • Iwaizumi runs over to him, and just picks him up, yelling at the bench to take over. 
  • When they get Oikawa’s knee checked out, they find that his condition has been progressively getting worse and there is a good chance that unless he takes this physical therapy more seriously, he’s not going to be able to play anymore. 
  • The team isn’t able to pull through after losing both their captain and ace mid game, and after that loss, Oikawa loses motivation. 
  • He stops showing up to practices, and doesn’t bother going to physical therapy. 
  • By the end of the school year, he’s resigned as captain and walks with a perpetual limp. 
  • Iwaizumi wasn’t able to convince Oikawa to find the help he needed. And years later, he still carries that guilt with him. 

anonymous asked:

Is it possible the actual lucaya kiss wasn't used because it would've been less believable that Lucas chose Riley afterwards? I mean the almost kiss had tons of chemistry that it's already a stretch

That’s what I tend to believe.

We know a big thing for Lucas and Maya is that they have chemistry, spark, fire, whatever you want to call it. That really is one of the hallmarks of their relationship and it’s clear that the cast & crew went through painstaking effort to really drive that point home with the campfire scene. It’s an almost kiss and it’s still one of the most emotionally intense (in the romantic sense) moments on the entire show.

Again, they achieved that without Lucas & Maya even kissing.

If they had actually kissed, I think it would have been much more difficult for the audience to believe that Lucas could really be THAT confused about what he felt and who he liked…differently..especially since, if he had kissed Maya, he would have kissed both girls at that point and that would have been a major point of compare and contrast for Lucas. 

There’s a good bit in BMW’s Starry Night that really hits this point home:

Angela: So you like this guy, huh?
Topanga: I’m in love with him. I knew it the minute I kissed him.
Angela: Topanga, you’re coming off a long relationship and you’re vulnerable right now. And you shouldn’t rush into something because of one kiss from some gorgeous, perfect guy. It was just a kiss, wasn’t it?
Topanga: That’s all it took. Do you know what I felt when he kissed me?
Angela: Yeah, I probably do.
Topanga: Nothing.
Angela: What?
Topanga: I called him today to let him know I can’t ever see him again.
Angela: You did?
Topanga: Because I’m in love, Angela.

In kissing another guy, Topanga realized that what she had with Cory was it. Kissing Ricky, the “perfect match on paper” pretty boy, was nothing for Topanga compared to what it was like all those times she’d kissed Cory because she loved him. It was different and nothing else could really compare to that.

Now, obviously, the level of self awareness and the seriousness of the relationship in Corpanga’s case was on a whole other level than what we’re dealing with in the case of rucaya, but it does make a good point about the idea that kissing someone can really help clarify your feelings.

I’m not insinuating Lucas felt nothing when he kissed Riley. He smiled awkwardly. It was clearly pleasant enough in a middle school first kiss kinda way. It was very sweet.

But, his reaction was nothing compared to the sheer level of shook he reached during the almost kiss. 

If he’d actually kissed Maya? Game, set, match, my friends. Game, set, match.

The entire “protecting” Riley idea would have made zero sense because Maya certainly wouldn’t have been protecting Riley by kissing her crush (especially with presumably more intensity than Riley herself had). Not to mention, it would have taken a very high level of suspension of disbelief to buy that Lucas was confused about his feelings after a kiss like that.

Also, I just don’t think Riley’s character was at a place where she could have handled Lucas & Maya actually kissing. Maturity and development wise, I think that would have been a really big issue for her.

Anyways, I leave you with this, because…apropos (and also he’s so shook, man. So. Shook.):

Originally posted by theowldetective


Hakyeon: So proud of his daughter stands up cheers and claps when his baby scores. But also calls out refs all the time

Leo: The extremely chill mom who carries his sons hockey bags even though his son is more than capable. Helps during training

Ken: The obnoxious mom who screams at every single goal. Literally yells AT the ref then approaches the refs after the game. Can’t park correctly

Ravi: Screams for everything. The “look how good my baby is” mom. Built a brick wall just for shooting practice in the backyard.

Hongbin: Arrives fashionable late for practice. Is there hours early for games. Most team spirit.

Hyuk: THE BRAGGING MOM. “My kid plays hockey and what does yours do Barbra sit and home and watch Tv? Thought so get out of my face”. Living life through his kid

My Dragon Age Masterpost

Just a collection of my fics and original content for Dragon Age - pretty much all Inquisition (*cough Solavellan cough*) at this point. It should be apparent, but the music is what inspires me for this universe and its characters; I didn’t make it myself ;o 


  • Hollow Victory: Very angsty and with no small amount of tragedy. Features Solavellan and end-game spoilers.
  • True Identity: A bit of angst and fluff. Features Solavellan and end-game spoilers. A next part for this is planned, but currently a WIP.
  • Unseen Parallels: A bit of angst, though not too much; Features a romanced!Solas and Anders who meet post-Inquisition. A next part for this is also planned, but currently remains a WIP.
  • Too Long: My part of a trade with ladyfenharel featuring her Warden Surana, Anders, and Sigrun post DA2. There’s a bit of angst, but some nice fluff to balance it as well.
  • The Storm: Fluffy Solavellan which takes place after the destruction of Haven. 
  • Shifting Visions: Set during the ancient elven empire, told from the god Dirthamen’s perspective. It’s becoming clear to Dirthamen that things are not going well for his people, but past experiences keep him from acting as Fen'Harel has urged him to do.
  • Breaking Down: This was my contribution to the DA Secret Santa, and focuses on the Inquisitor’s reaction to Solas’s departure end-game. It was intended for the-spookiest-ritalicious and her Lavellan, Arcana. As the title indicates, it is full of angst.
  • Better Late than Never: Set right at the climax of Origins, featuring a female Tabris who romanced Alistair, though she spares Loghain at the Landsmeet, and then has to let him go when he becomes king.
  • A Curious Rumor: This was my contribution to the DA Gift Exchange for Valentin’s Day, and focuses on a growing relationship between the Inquisitor and Cullen. This particular fic was intended for the-iveseensomeshit-club, and her Lavellan, Fen’Vethra. As befits Valentine’s Day, this is quite fluffy and sweet.
  • Restraint: Set during the Jaws of Hakkon DLC, Solavellan; this focuses on Solavellan after the break-up in Crestwood. As such, there’s a bit of angst. Originally written for openthepocketwatch, one of the winners of a game I hosted. 
  • Stitches: Set during Inquisition in Crestwood, Solavellan, featuring Judith Lavellan; Solas must patch up the Inquisitor after their battle with a dragon. Originally written for kitteria, one of the winners of a game I hosted.
  • Unexpected: Set after Inquisition, in a little tavern in the Anderfels, M!Hawke x Anders, featuring Jarrett Hawke. Anders and Jarrett Hawke are still on the run, mending their relationship, when Anders asks an important question. Originally written for irenirendil, one of the winners of a game I hosted.
  • Safety: Set during Inquisition in the Western Approach, very, very slight Cole-mance, featuring Falka Lavellan. The party fights off the Venatori, and Cole protects the Inquisitor from a stealthed, would-be assassin. Originally written for themightyraccoon, one of the winners of a game I hosted.
  • Closeness: Set during Inqusition in the Hissing Wastes, a little Solavellan. Everything in the Hissing Wastes has been completed, and the party takes the chance to bond on their last night in the desert. Originally written for bricktheprettiestsiren, one of the winners of a game I hosted.
  • Sacrifice: Set during Inquisition, just after Corypheus’s attack on Haven. Featuring Cullen, and a little Hadynne Trevelyan. Cullen’s heart is heavy after leaving the Herald to fend off Corypheus, and he begins to realize it isn’t simply professional interest that has him worried. Originally written for rayeliann, one of the winners of a game I hosted.
  • Anger: Set during Inquisition in the Exalted Plains, a little Solavellan featuring Nehn Lavellan. Unhappy with the Freemen of the Dales, stopping them becomes Nehn Lavellan’s sole focus in the Exalted Plains. Originally written for dwynnie, one of the winners of a game I hosted.
  • No Bearing in the Real World: Set post-Inquisition. Solavellan, but beware: there is lots of angst and tragedy in this fic. Character Death! Velahari finally catches up to Solas, but the reunion isn’t how she imagined it.
  • A Kiss, Stolen: Set during Inquisition right after the destruction of Haven. Slight Solavellan. Solas attends to the unconscious Herald, and cannot help but indulge just a little in his relief at her safety. Originally written for pridetothefall, one of the winners of a game I hosted.
  • Future: Set long before the events of Inquisition, and featuring Fen’Harel and Dirthamen. The pair discuss the current events of the elven empire, and what may be upon the horizon. Can be read as a follow-up to A Budding Friendship.
  • A Budding Friendship: Set long before the events of Inquisition. Fen’Harel is newly inducted into the elven pantheon, and Dirthamen is eager to take stock of him.
  • The Best Part: Set in an AU version of post-game Inquisition where Solas is at Skyhold. Velahari is eager to return to her family after dealing with Orlesian nobles all day. Fluffy and touching, if I’m any judge.
  • Mirrorred: Set in AU Thedas, where Solas is an archaeologist and Sulenera is his partner on a dig. Originally written for littleblue-eyedbird for the DA Fic Swap!
  • Appreciation: The setting is nebulous, though I imagine it in a modern AU; features Solavellan, vaguely NSFW material, and fluff. Originally written for ashenoblivion, one of the winners of a game I hosted.
  • Son of a Wolf:  Some cute, fluff featuring daddy!Solas and his poor son who just won’t stop crying! I have yet to name his and Velahari’s son, so I apologize for leaving it vague. ^^;
  • Happy Endings: Originally planned as a Post-Origins story centered on Soris and Aerys Lenacy, an OC from Tevinter. Currently on hiatus from lack of muse and feedback. Chapter 1
  • Finding Solas: This is a multi-chapter fic, and I’ll go ahead and link all the parts here for easy access. I will try to update as I go. Features past Solavellan and the ramifications of everything that happens end-game. Spoilers ought to be obvious. Chapter One / Chapter Two / Chapter Three / Chapter Four / Chapter Five / Chapter Six 
  • A Glimpse of the Past (Big Bang): Dorian is rushed out of future!Redcliffe, and mistakenly sends himself and Lavellan too far into the past - and into the heart of the elven rebellion. Chapter One / Chapter Two / Chapter Three / Chapter Four / Chapter Five / Chapter Six / Chapter Seven / Chapter Eight / Chapter Nine / Chapter Ten / Chapter Eleven / Chapter Twelve / Chapter Thirteen / Chapter Fourteen / Chapter Fifteen - COMPLETE & Masterpost

AU Fics (in chronological order):

In this particular AU, Velahari is still the Inquisitor, but one of her clanmates, Fena'dea, has joined the Inquisition (she was not at the temple during the explosion). Also of some importance is that Fena'dea was the one to drink from the Well of Sorrows - not Morrigan, and not Velahari.

  • Fierce and Loyal: Set right after the Breach appears. Features Fena'dea and Solas - as Solas tries to hold off the mark from killing Velahari, and then as they try to hold off the horde of demons pouring from the rifts.
  • The Way of Sorrow: Abelas-centric fic. Post Temple of Mythal, but before the end of the game.
  • Residual Anger: Features Abelas, Fena'dea, and Solavellan. Fena'dea is attempting to understand the voices from the Well of Sorrows with Abelas’s assistance, but becomes distracted after Solas breaks the Inquisitor’s heart. She is not pleased in the slightest.
  • The Practice Yard: Focuses on Fena'dea and Abelas. A bit risque. Pre-relationship, and rather fun and flirtatious (at least on Fena'dea’s side).
  • Revelations: Features both Solavellan and Abelas/Fena'dea. Mythal visits Abelas and Fena'dea separately, though neither have the time to tell the other before Corypheus makes his final, desperate move.
  • Uncontained: Features Abelas/Fena'dea. The pair decide to spar together in Skyhold’s courtyard, but it quickly devolves into a different sort of spar in Abelas’s chambers. Somewhat NSFW.
  • Sealed No Longer: Solavellan-centric this time around. Solas has managed to free the gods just as the Inquisition forces catch up to him.
  • Comfort: Yet another Abelas and Fena'dea centric piece. After the gods have been freed, Mythal asks an enormous favor of them - one which Abelas feels obligated to help, though Fena'dea is less certain.

You can also find my fics on Archive of Our Own here. 

Request/Meme Fills:

  • 30 Days of Writing #1: Fingertips (Anders x Hawke)
  • 30 Days of Writing #1: Fingertips (Solas x Velahari)
  • Kiss meme #1: An Accidental Kiss (Fenris x Hawke)
  • Kiss Meme #1: the “Good Morning” Kiss (Abelavellan)
  • Kiss Meme #2: An Affectionate Kiss (Josephine x Cadash)
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  • Kiss Meme #3: Drunken/Sloppy Kiss (Solavellan)
  • Kiss Meme #5: An Angry Kiss (Solavellan) 
  • Kiss Meme #6: the “I’m Sorry” Kiss (Solavellan)
  • Signs of Affection #6: A Whisper (Solavellan)
  • 30 Days of Writing #7: Blush (Dirthamen x Enera)
  • Kiss Meme #7: An Eyelid Kiss (Fenris x Hawke)
  • Kiss Meme #7: the “I Miss You” Kiss (Solavellan)
  • Kiss Meme #s 8 & 16, A Seductive Kiss and a French Kiss (Solavellan) - smut warning
  • Signs of Affection #8: A Love Bite (Abelavellan)
  • 30 Days of Writing #11: Goosebumps (Alistair x Amell)
  • Kiss Meme #11: the “I Almost Lost You” Kiss (Solavellan)
  • Kiss Meme #12: A Kiss on the Nose (Abelavellan)
  • Kiss Meme #12: A Frustrated Kiss (Solas x Velahari)
  • Kiss Meme #12: A Frustrated Kiss (Zevran x Tabris)
  • Signs of Affection #12: A Slow Kiss (Abelavellan)
  • Kiss Meme #14: A Goofy Kiss (Alistair x Cousland)
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  • Signs of Affection #14: A Reunion Kiss (Solavellan)
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  • Kiss Meme #19: A Kiss in the Rain (Abelas x Fena’dea)
  • Kiss Meme #19: A Kiss in the Rain (Fenris x Hawke)
  • Kiss Meme #19: A kiss in the Rain (Tamlen x Mahariel)
  • Signs of Affection #19: A Kiss Below the Waist (Solavellan)
  • Kiss Meme #20: Exhausted Parents Kiss (Abelas x Fena'dea)
  • Kiss Meme #20: Exhausted Parents Kiss (Solavellan)
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  • Kiss Meme #21: Jealous Kiss (Abelas x Fena'dea)
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  • 30 Days of Writing #23: Enthralled (Solas x Velahari)
  • 30 Days of Writing #24: Pillow Fort (Abelas x Fena'dea)
  • Kiss Meme #29: Underwater Kiss (Tamlen x Mahariel
  • Indescribable Worlds: Apodyopis and Gymnophoria (Dirthamen x Enera)
  • Indescribable Words: Apodyopis (Solavellan)
  • Indescribable Words: Basorexia (Solavellan)
  • Forsythia (Anticipation): Dirthamen x Enera
  • Lily (Majesty): Solas x Velahari


  1. Understanding (Dirthamen x Enera)
  2. Heat Wave (Abelas x Fena’dea)
  3. Under Cover (Abelas x Fena’dea)
  4. Idyllic (Solas x Velahari)
  5. A Rotunda with a View (Solas x Velahari)
  6. Drunken Night (Dirthamen x Enera)
  7. Novelty (Solas x Velahari)
  8. Do You Remember? (Abelas x Fena’dea)
  9. Cold (Abelas x Fena’dea)
  10. Rain (Solas x Velahari)
  11. Shopping Tactics (Abelas x Fena’dea)
  12. Rescue (Dirthamen x Enera)
  13. Better Luck (Solas x Velahari)
  14. The ‘Ole West (Abelas x Fena’dea)
  15. Defense (Abelas x Fena’dea)
  16. Set-Up (Dirthamen x Enera)


  • Anywhere - Evanescence (Think post-game, Lavellan to Solas)
  • Monster - Imagine Dragons (Fits Anders best, I think, though it fits Solas rather well too)
  • Fade Away - Breaking Benjamin (Solas Solas Solas.  It hurts. So much)
  • Resoan’s Complete Solavellan Playlist
  • Fen'Harel’s Rebellion Playlist
  • Solas Playlist


  • 1920s AU for Dragon Age Inquisition: Includes descriptions of the Inquisitor and all the companions for an AU set in the 1920s, as well as a jazz song to accompany.
  • Inquisitors: Velahari Lavellan / Fena'dea Lavellan & Rasera Adaar / Maerwyn Trevelyan / Sollara Lavellan / Har’samahl Lavellan & Mivia Cadash
  • Dragon Age meta: Dirthamen: A brief look into the lore of the elven god Dirthamen, such as it’s been presented thus far in the games. Slight analysis of his purpose and relation to some of the other elven gods. / The Taint, the Elves, and the Dwarves: A brief look into how these three may interrelate; contains Descent and Trespasser spoilers. / Solas Positivity: A brief look into Solas as a character and beyond.
  • Worst Dates in Five Words: I jumped on the bandwagon. Enjoy the pain. Tamlen/Mahariel
  • Solas Headcanons: Wolf Jawbone / Fen'Harel: the Dread Wolf
  • Velahari Resource Post / Fena’dea Resource Post
  • Final Fantasy X AU: Inquisition Style / Final Fantasy X AU: Inquisition Character Classes/Desspheres
  • Inquisitors and their Families: Velahari, Varrand/Nadami, and Lin’adahl Lavellan / Fena’dea, Cyrralan, and Sehris Lavellan / Sehris Lavellan, Fena’dea’s Mother / Lin’adahl Lavellan, Velahari’s Mother / Varrand/Nadami, Velahari’s Father / Cyrralan Lavellan, Fena’dea’s Father / Information on Velahari and Fena’dea’s Parents


  • Abelas and Fena'dea by abelas-solas
  • Abelas and Fena’dea by bulletsketchbook
  • Abelas and Fena’dea by @cocotingo
  • Abelas and Fena’dea by kimberly-parker
  • Abelas and Fena’dea (top picture) by kimikoyukiart
  • Abelas and Fena’dea by nazgullow
  • Abelas and Fena’dea by @osatokun (NSFW)
  • Abelas and Fena’dea by qissus
  • Abelas and Fena’dea by rayeliann (based on this drabble)
  • Abelas and Fena'dea by spader7 
  • Abelas and Fena’dea Tarot by @fleshwerks
  • Abelas, Fena’dea, & Amahris by monstersanosa
  • Acacia Hawke and Fenris by rainbowd00dles
  • Acacia Hawke and Fenris by sakom75
  • Cirrenes Cousland by handerfels
  • Fena’dea by airagitt
  • Fena’dea by destinyapostasy
  • Fena’dea by eristhenat
  • Fena’dea by hallahart
  • Fena’dea by hedgehawke
  • Fena’dea by inquisitorsophie
  • Fena’dea by @noctuaalba
  • Fena’dea by raviollies
  • Fena’dea by tennine
  • Fena’dea and Velahari by itsprecioustime
  • Fena’dea and Velahari by roxylucas​
  • Fena’dea’s Companion Card by creusanne
  • Fena’dea’s Companion Card by needlesslycryptic
  • Fen’Harel and Velahari by bulletsketchbook
  • Fen’Harel and Velahari by pugletto
  • Har’Samahl by sakom75
  • Solas and Velahari by airagitt
  • Solas and Velahari by artemorte 
  • Solas and Velahari by bexquisition
  • Solas and Velahari by @destinyapostasy
  • Solas and Velahari Comic by drathe
  • Solas and Velahari by @fleshwerks - slightly NSFW
  • Solas and Velahari by kimberly-parker - slightly NSFW
  • Solas and Velahari (bottom picture) by kimikoyukiart
  • Solas and Velahari by krallentierart (based on the True Identity fic above) 
  • Solas and Velahari by @madnessdemon (slightly NSFW)
  • Solas and Velahari by nazgullow (based on The Storm fic above)
  • Solas and Velahari by needapotion
  • Solas and Velahari by oddmoy
  • Solas and Velahari by @onehundred-fandoms (slightly NSFW)
  • Solas and Velahari by ruxandralache (based on The Storm fic above)
  • Solas and Velahari by serpentsshipmate (based on this drabble)
  • Solas and Velahari Modern Comic - Novelty by siriusdraws (based on this drabble) - slightly NSFW
  • Solas and Velahari by tombraidercroft
  • Velahari by anoratheirin
  • Velahari by carriwitchett
  • Velahari by @cocotingo​
  • Velahari by destinyapostasy​
  • Velahari by @harellanart
  • Velahari by ib-gomes
  • Velahari by inquisitorsophie
  • Velahari by ioanaartblog
  • Velahari by lunardaisyart
  • Velahari by @osatokun
  • Velahari by raviollies
  • Velahari by @thesnowmage
  • Velahari by tmirai
  • Velahari by weissidian
  • Velahari’s Companion Card by eleonorpiteira
  • Velahari Tarot by @madnessdemon

anonymous asked:

The so’s of the KiriDai douche squad are also on a basketball team and they play just as foul as them. What would their reaction be as they were watching one of their so’s games? Sorry if it doesn’t make sense orz

hahaha this is hilarious

FURUHASHI: Watches quite seriously for pointers, because he thinks the way your team executes your sketchy moves are really a thing of beauty. “I think my respect level for you has shot up.” He tells you.

HARA: You can’t tell during the game what he’s thinking, because his face is partially blocked by hair and bubblegum. After the game though, he’s hugging you and laughing at how entertaining that match was.

YAMAZAKI: His facial reactions are kind of hilarious during the game, whenever you tried to injure an opponent. “Do you have to play so rough?” He questions, wincing every time someone got hurt.

SETO: Is wearing shades at the game, and it annoys you because now you can’t tell if he’s sleeping or not. “What’s even the point of watching? You’re like a female version of us, it’s freaking me out.” He confesses bluntly.

HANAMIYA: Watches with a smirk the whole time, as if he was thinking “you learned from the best”. When you come find him, he pats you on the back proudly. “I definitely have more tricks to teach you guys.”

[TRANS] 150826 Yixing - iFeng Entertainment Interview

After filming Go Fighting, Zhang Yixing’s most recent project is the TV drama “To be a Better Man”, where he will guest star as Sun Hong Lei’s apprentice. Although filming has not yet started, Zhang Yixing has firmly told the reporter that this will be a good drama because “Hong Lei-Ge is here.” This sort of unfailing trust comes from having filmed twelve episodes together. In Zhang Yixing’s eyes, he and the Geges are already friends for a lifetime, what he’s gained is the kind of love that exists between men. As for repeatedly being cheated and bullied by Sun Hong Lei, Huang Bo and the others, there is no reason for others feel bad for him, Yixing says “You can’t use the words bullied or cheated, that’s not right, it should be said that they were teaching me, educating me.”

I have the looks and personality of a sheep | Missing it now that <Go Fighting> has ended

iFeng: What were your feelings after hearing “Sheep Xing” and “Naive Xing” for the first time?

YX: I have never refuted such titles or nicknames before, because they’re apt. (Laughs naively and endlessly in front of the reporters). I was born in the year of the sheep so when everyone says that I’m a small sheep, it’s quite apt. Generally, those born in the year of the sheep are sheep-like and chubby, right? 

iFeng: Do you like sheep?

YX: I think that a sheep is also like me. Whether it’s the physical appearance of a sheep or its fluffiness or its personality, we’re quite similar.

iFeng: Now that the filming of <Go Fighting> has ended, what are your feelings? 

YX: I feel that what I have received is a brotherhood that most people might not get in their lifetime. This type of brotherhood isn’t the general facetious kind of friendship but the kind where everyone cares for one another, the kind of love that exists between men. For me, this is invaluable. The geges from <Go Fighting>, the directors and staff members including the bosses as well, they all send me videos while I’m on the plane to South Korea, I’m so touched. 

iFeng: Do you watch the program yourself?

YX: I do. While recording the last episode, I was hoping that time would pass at a slower pace. 

iFeng: To continue filming?

YX: Yes. I really hoped that time would not pass by so quickly while filming the last episode.

iFeng: Do you still want to participate in other types of reality programs? 

YX: Our studio’s Little Secretary does not let me participate in other programs. We feel like doing <Go Fighting> is it. I hope that us “Go Fighting men" is a team that will be able to go on forever. 

iFeng: Still want to participate in a second season? A third season?

YX: I want, I hope, I certainly do! I hope that the director will continue to ask for me (for the subsequent seasons). 

I’m really not stupid, it’s just that I have slow reactions. 

iFeng: In the episode in which Sun Hong Lei stole your case, your response was quite intense. What are your feelings looking back on it now?

YX: I feel that I was childish, that I took it too seriously. In actuality, it’s just a game, just a reality show. In fact, outside of the show, nothing has changed. My personality hasn’t changed, my communication network hasn’t changed, my emotions haven’t changed. It’s just that I took it too seriously at the time. After I filmed that episode, during the filming of the spy episode, I played the role of an undercover spy. (t/n: Because episode 2 was actually filmed before episode 1, the one where Yixing pretends to be on the other side’s team). Slowly I’ll learn, I hope that my recent reactions and growth on the show won’t let you all down. 

iFeng: The impression you’ve given us through the program is that you’re rather adorably dumb, is this true for you in real life as well? 

YX: Actually, I feel like I am quite smart, it’s just that my reactions are a bit slow. It’s actually like this, maybe people will have a similar reaction to me as well, because there are times when you’ll hear a word but you want the person to repeat and say it again because you’re not sure. You want to confirm what was said before replying. Sometimes if the host or the person speaking to me talks too quickly, then I won’t be able to keep up. And sometimes, maybe because of pronunciation issues, I might not be able to understand, and it causes me to not be able to think that quickly. 

iFeng: Do you specifically try to train yourself so that you can react quicker?

YX: I don’t think there’s any training for this kind of thing, it’s something you’re born with. In life, there will always be people like this who have slower reactions. But you can’t say that he’s dumb, because he really isn’t dumb, it’s just that he has a slower reaction. 

iFeng: Sun Hong Lei says that in the program, 70% of the time he’s being true to himself and 30% is just for show, what about you? 

YX: For me, it’s 90% real and 10% for show because you can’t fully show all of your emotions, sometimes you’ve got to restrain yourself. 

iFeng: You still have to restrain yourself while filming the program? 

YX: No matter who it is that’s playing a game, if you devote all of yourself to it, then it’ll be hard to get out afterwards. Including teenagers that like to play games, while playing the game we only think about playing, when we lose we’d go, oh no, why’d I lose! Obviously you can express this type of feeling normally but you can’t in the show because you can’t let your own feelings affect the show, that isn’t right.

Geges are not tricking or bullying me, they are educating me.

iFeng: In the show, you are always getting tricked by the geges…

YX: No no no, I think we can’t use the word ‘trick’, that is not correct, it should be educate, they are educating me.

iFeng: Have you ever been “educated” by anyone in your life?

YX: For example when you trust a person, and he steps on your bottom line, I suggest you let go (let go of your trust), because everyone has their own bottom line, and they have to guard that bottom line well.

iFeng: It hasn’t been very long since you debuted, are you worried that you are too pure and cannot adapt to the entertainment circle?

YX: I just discussed this with my mom yesterday. Actually I’ve debuted for a long time, I was 6 when I filmed my first drama (a public welfare drama promoting traffic safety), if you count it like this I’ve debuted for more than 10 years. I don’t feel that I can’t adapt to this circle, I’m just slowly learning here, because it’s true that I don’t know a lot. Slowly learn and slowly grow, and now I even have geges.

iFeng: Will your family members watch your shows?

YX: Yes.

iFeng: You always get bullied by everyone, will your family members feel anxious for you?

YX: I think the word “bullied” is a bit sensitive, it should be educating (reporter’s internal thoughts: this silly adorable thing is at it again…) my family thinks that this kind of “education” is very good for me, it is a training and honing process, and it can let me learn a lot of things I cannot learn in life. It’s really very good, the stronger I become through this “education” the better.

iFeng: If you have to choose one no matter what, which gege takes care of you best?

YX: All good, can’t choose one, completely can’t choose one. And they’re all good to me in different ways, various kinds of good, really very good, and it’s not just the geges who are good, the directors are also good, and the directors’ wives…er, not the directors’ wives (little Yixing are you trying to reveal something…), the jiejies are also good, everyone is good, they all take care of me a lot, even the VJs also take care of me well.

iFeng: Throughout the process of filming you always have the most fans, will you feel pressured in front of your seniors?

YX: First of all, thank you to the fans for their support all this time. Actually, with seniors I always feel pressured. Why? Because I’m afraid that because of some oversights I might offend the seniors. But every one of the seniors are very nice, they blend together very well, care about me very much, so all these pressures are already gone. But if you say fans will affect the filming, that I dare not agree with. I hope everyone can understand, that whether it’s a passerby or an actual fan, they all come to see us because they like <Go Fighting>. I also hope that in the process everyone pays attention to their safety, don’t slip or fall.

iFeng: Other than Sun Honglei, who else do you want to work with in movies or dramas?

YX: How can I pick the geges? It must be the geges who pick me.

iFeng: Is there anyone you especially want to work with?

YX: Then Huang Bo ge, Huang Lei ge, Wang Xun ge, Xiao Zhu ge, all of them are okay.

To grasp romantic scenes well…I don’t have much experience in this in life

iFeng: How much screentime do you have in <To Be A Better Man>?

YX: The draft script of the drama has not been completely finalised, maybe it will keep changing. I myself need to gain more familiarity and knowledge about the script first, so now I still need to read the script more. Previously I didn’t have much time to read it diligently, but I just promised the director, when I get on the plane later I’ll read the script a few times.

iFeng: Other than starring opposite Sun Honglei, will the drama arrange for you to have romantic scenes?

YX: This is not very convenient for me to reveal, but this drama is definitely a good drama, because Honglei-ge is here.

Q: Then when you film romantic scenes in the future how will you grasp them, do you have much love experience in real life?

YX: If there are romantic scenes, first I must understand the emotions of the lead character, the emotions of the character I am playing. Then I must read the script more, familiarize myself with the script. Because I don’t have much experience with this myself, and I don’t pay much attention to it, and I never thought I would become an actor, but now I’m starting to take notice of daily life, take notice of some details in my surroundings, I hope this will be helpful to my performances in the future. I will work hard, although I don’t do well, I will work hard.

iFeng: Are you worried that when the broadcast begins, people will say you only have visuals but no acting skills?

YX: Actually this rings a warning bell for us, and is also an impetus for celebrities. I think it’s quite good, it’s true that when the acting is not good the viewers will give a reaction. If everyone genuinely feels that you don’t act well, then you have to improve, because it’s true that it’s my acting that isn’t good, even before the shoot began I’ve already known. I hope I can use my hard work to make up for this void.

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