my reaction when people say the avengers was a bad movie


Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader
Featuring: Vision, Tony, Bucky, Thor, Clint and Natasha, Wanda, Rhodey (all three mentioned).
Rating: Explicit - 18+ only
Summary: Reader surprises Steve, throwing a 40’s themed party to celebrate his 99th birthday at the compound with the other Avengers’ complicity.
Word Count: 3.8k
Warnings: mild swearing, some fluff, mentions of alcohol/hangover, lingerie fetish [?], slight Dom!Steve, light dirty talking, oral sex (male receiving), uniform kink - (clothed sex), exhibitionism/outdoor sex, neck holding and semi-protected sex. - This fic assumes Reader is on the pill. [No glove, no love!]
Author’s Note: Happy birthday to the first successful - and our all time favorite - super soldier who turns 99 this year! xxx The title is a reference to Fever covered by Peggy Lee, which inspired me a lot when I wrote this. Enjoy.

   New Avengers Facility

Placing a hand on your hip, you stared at the ballroom decorations inspired from the forties. With the help of every Avenger, you’d spent the past couple days, working on the hall of the Avengers compound as your grandparents had also gladly gotten involved in your surprise for Steve’s birthday.

They’d told you everything they could remember about their time in that era and gave you the best indications on what you had to do to bring that famous portion of the twentieth century back into our modern times.

They remembered a lot and their help made everything look perfect. You were beyond grateful. From the improvised ballroom and the private quarters, everything was subtly decked out, and it looked like as though it was straight out of a movie set. The guests arrived in appropriate forties attire.

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Imagine announcing your engagement with Chris.

A/N: This is a request from an anon, about being RDJ’s daughter and dating Chris. I kind of started the way you wanted me to but ended a little differently, still the gist of your prompt. Enjoy. :D

“There are a lot of people here tonight,” Chris chuckled softly as the two of you posed for photos on the red carpet of the Civil War premiere. “That means more eyes on me when I do something embarrassing.” You rolled your eyes at his paranoia. “Oh, I will. We both know from experience that I have the tendency to do embarrassing things around you. Remember the first time we met?”

“How could I forget?” You laughed softly.

You were visiting your dad, Robert Downey Jr. on the set of the first Avengers movie when you first met Chris; you ran into him on the way to your father’s trailer. You knew who he was but he had no idea who you were because he had only just began working with RDJ and was yet to find out that he had a twenty-four year old daughter from a previous marriage.

You had tried to introduce yourself but he was in too much of a panic to realize that you weren’t wardrobe because he had ripped the pants of his Captain America suit and was due for a scene in fifteen minutes. You felt bad for him so you decided to pretend to be wardrobe and help him; you didn’t learn to sew for nothing, plus- you were used to helping your dad with his.

Chris was pretty much smitten with you five minutes into the conversation. Not only were you ridiculously pretty- which he noticed even in his panic; you were down-to-earth, funny, intelligent, and kind. You also shared his tremendous love for all things Disney, a huge plus in his book. It got to a point where he felt the need to ask for your phone number so he could continue to take you out on a date. You gave him your number knowing your father wouldn’t approve of you dating one of his co-stars but it was always easier to ask for forgiveness than permission.

Speaking of your father, you could still remember the look of horror on his face when he saw you with a pants-less Chris Evans. He was close with Chris now and was incredibly happy that you were dating that great man but that wasn’t how their relationship started. “What the fuck are you doing with my baby girl?!” was the reaction your father had. You remembered jumping between the two before your father attacked him with his Wing-Chun, which he still promises to do till this day if Chris ever hurt you.

“Downey was beyond pissed,” Chris chuckled. “He didn’t talk to me for days after that. I still remember that one day where he literally had the whole cast over for lunch in his trailer city and didn’t invite me. It was months before he finally accepted us together, I think Susan said something to him.”

“I think she did too, ‘cause it would’ve been years if Mom didn’t say something to him. You know how stubborn he can be, he is basically Tony Stark.” The two of you chuckled because it was true. “But look at where we are now, he loves you so much more than he loves me.” You joked and he laughed. “You laugh but you know it’s true.”

“Please,” Chris chuckled. “You are the apple of his eye. As much as he loves me- he’d never love me more than he loves you. You do remember how he iced me out after our first fight, right? He got the whole cast to turn against me, even the stand-ins.” You chuckled softly. “Love me more than you love me, maybe,” he teased with a cheeky wink.

“Definitely,” you bit playfully.

“Hey guys!” The reporter from Extra greeted the two of you as you made your way to the interview line. “I’m with Chris Evans and Robert Downey Jr.’s daughter, Y/N. The two of you are still looking as adorable together as ever, how are you tonight?”

“We’re great,” Chris smiled.

“Fantastic, thank you.” You smiled.

“First of all, I have to congratulate you, Chris, on the movie.” Beside you, Chris dropped his head with a widening grin. You gently rubbed his arm, smiling proudly. “You did a wonderful job. The whole world is already raving about the film and half of them haven’t even seen it yet. How are you feeling about it?”

“I am incredibly proud of the work we’ve done. It’s not just me, it’s my cast mates and the Russo brothers but I think a huge part of our success has to do with the guys behind the scenes. Marvel did an incredible job with the story, you know- it was a huge job. There are a lot of big characters with big arcs and they managed to integrate it in a way where it makes sense. I’m incredibly honored to be apart of such a wonderful film and I can’t wait to see what’s next for us.”

“Speaking of what’s next,” the interviewer turned her attention onto you and you raised your eyebrows, unsure of what she was smiling about. “The two of you have been dating for a while now, five years?” You and Chris nodded. “Do we see wedding bells sometime soon?”

You subconsciously brushed your thumb over the empty space on your ring finger where your engagement ring should’ve been but wasn’t because Chris wasn’t ready to go public with it yet. All your friends and family already knew, he just didn’t want the world to know. At least until the press tour was over ‘cause he couldn’t imagine the kind of questions he was going to get if people knew he had recently proposed to Iron Man’s daughter.

“Well,” Chris chuckled nervously. “Uh- You know, we’re happy together and we definitely see a future together but um- there’s still some things we need to talk about.” He looked over at you and you chuckled, pressing your lips together to tell him you weren’t going to help him. “But yeah, it’s on the to-do list.”

“What are we talking about?” You heard your father’s voice and you smiled as he crashed the interview, wrapping his arms around you and Chris. “Hi baby,” he greeted Chris the way he should’ve greeted you, giving him one of his signature cheek kisses. “Hi Y/N,” he greeted you the way he should’ve greeted Chris, giving you nothing but a light pat on the arm.

It was an ongoing joke.

“Hi Dad,” Chris chuckled.

“Hi Downey,” you chuckled.

“We’re just talking about the two of them and when they’re going to get married,” the interviewer informed your dad, whose smile had ten-fold. “What are your thoughts on that? As the father of Y/N, would you want to see her settle down and start a family of her own?”

“Of course I would,” your dad nodded. “I would love to see that happen. She’s my eldest, you know- she’s been in this committed relationship for five years now. I expected a wedding like- two years ago but someone,” he shot Chris a fake dirty look and you chuckled softly. “Can’t seem to catch a hint. Come on, time is running out here. Y/N is young but Chris is nearing forty soon, if he wants to have kids…” He trailed off, trying not to laugh at Chris’ pursed lips.

“Go do your own interview,” Chris covered your dad’s mouth and tried to push him away.

“And miss out on all this fun?” Your dad chuckled. “No way. C'mon Chris, when are you going to propose to my baby girl? When I am going to have the honor of walking her down the aisle and giving her away to you? 'Cause I’m ready whenever you are.” Your dad glanced at you and the two of you tried not to laugh.

“Even Iron Man is begging you to tie the knot, what do you think?” The interviewer asked Chris and he chuckled softly, shaking his head. “Y/N, you’re ready to settle down with Chris right? He’s the perfect specimen, so handsome and incredibly sweet. Would you say yes?”

Both you and your dad looked over at Chris with eyes asking a similar question, for the permission to break the news to the world. He thought about it for awhile then heaved a sigh and nodded. Your dad gave your arm and encouraging squeeze as you opened your clutch and fished out your engagement ring. The interviewer looked down as you slipped it on, her eyes widened with shock.

“I already have.” You held up your hand to the camera, smiling.

“We’re engaged,” Chris announced and kissed the side of your head.

“Oh my God,” your dad pretended to be as shock as he was the first time you announced it. “Congratulations, you two! I am so happy for you guys!” He hugged the both of you tightly, drawing laughter from both you and Chris.

“I love you,” you mouthed at Chris.

“I love you too,” he mouthed back, smiling.

anonymous asked:

1) Re: Wanda and her lack of redemption arc- One of the MCU's biggest fuck yous was that they allowed Zemo to apologize to T'challa for his Father's death as collateral in his revenge scheme, but didn't have the decency to allow Wanda to do the same to the Avengers for stripping them of their autonomy and using them to hurt other people (of which the primary victims were Tony and Bruce). If they wanted to redeem her and make her more sympathetic, they really should have allowed her

I’m really sorry that I didn’t answered this last night, nonny but it was very late here and I was on mobile.

1) Exactly. But honestly I like Zemo more than Wanda for that. They allowed him to apologise, but also they showed him not being so bat-shit hateful blaming all the evil on his life to the Avengers (just the death of his family) and he neither played the victim. Like Wanda did.

The problem with Wanda lays directly in her “tragic backstory”, I mean, just listening to it, it’s ridiculous:

This is a backstory that doesn’t work for an anti-villain/anti-hero to go straight up a hero. Because it’s illogical. The audience that has a minimal knowledge of how the world works knows that blaming the person that made the weapon is stupid an illogical.

  • Second part of the ask:

2) to make real amends to her primary victims. Also, having her sit and talk to Tony about her anger against the American military industrial complex (which was what killed her parents) and how she conflated that with Stark. She has serious trauma that needs to be laid out. I mean, Tony could have talked about how he too realized the faults in the MID and is trying to make amends for his ignorance and inaction. How it has led him to believe in accountability and checks and balances

  • Part three:

3) LIKE THE FUCKING ACCORDS. It would have been 10x better than Steve’s convo w/ her in the beginning of Civil War, where he treats her unintentional murder of 12 ppl as a small hiccup that can be corrected w/ “try try again”. But no, all we end up w/ is a character marketed as a child half the time, and an adult the other half. It’s character assassination and it sucks. Either show her struggle w/ redemption and accountability as a member of the Avengers, or keep her a villain.

The problem here nonny, it’s that the dynamics are terribly flawed and bad placed. With Wanda, her deed of joining the Avengers it was not for goodness, it’s was common sense and self-preservation. We never see her re-thinking about Tony or showing a single little remorse about hurting him, neither she seems to want to stop and think about the situation. Tony talking to her would have required she trying to go closer and talk but to the first moment that we see her on screen with him her intention are clearly hostile:

Look at the corporal language of this part. This is a hero? No.

This is an anti-hero? No.

This is someone who is conflict?

I dare say: no.

The point about anti-heroes and anti-villains is they know, very deep in them, they have a doubt, a conflict. Wanda doesn’t. She knows what she is doing. She knows that she is hurting someone and she knows what she did. Take a look to Bruce too:

Also take her reaction when he calls her out for mindfucking him:

Her expression seems to be the one of someone who regrets her bad deeds.


Her face hardens when he threatens her and she doesn’t speak about the topic again. Not with him, not with Clint in their oh so marvellous pep talk.

Someone that answered one of my posts said that showing Wanda’s struggles were that ridiculous scene whit with her crying in front of Clint, so the audience have to see her as a poor misunderstood child that was very scared and didn’t know what she was doing…

That’s not how it works!

Wanda should have showed struggle and conflict since the beginning of the movie! She should have interacted with people that she hurt as you said but she didn’t!

And before somebody says something…

Clint doesn’t count!
Steve doesn’t count!

Clint was not attacked by Wanda, he didn’t suffered in her hands. Steve? He forgave her at the instant. He attacked his armour-less teammate because of her word. He told Natasha, one of Wanda’s victims “she with us”, like she hadn’t some right of feeling uncomfortable by her presence!

They don’t count!

The base, the point for an anti villain to be redeemed and made an ally or friend in front of their enemies is the interaction and and the villain admitting that they hurt the protagonists. It’s simple, take Regina Mills in Once Upon A Time. She never became in a full hero but she earned trust by admitting her bad deeds. She showed struggle and doubt. She became a wondeful anti-hero Wanda didn’t.

Just look at the moment when she decides to side with the Avengers:

What choice do we have?

This is someone that learned form her mistakes. No.




This is somebody that wants to fucking live. She wants to keep herself and her brother alive. There’s no doubt here. Not struggle in the loyalties. No conflict! She switched sides in the beginning and she does it again because it’s convenient for her. Not for goodness or anything that changes that she hurt people during all the movie!

She doesn’t doubt for a fucking instant to go to the “winning side”:

What kind of anti-hero can you get of that?

Which leads to CW. You said that she siding with Tony would have been the better, and yes, it would have been a good character development she being remorseful and keeping her initial supposed believes about accountability but with motherfucking Johannesburg, how it’s that possible?


Like, that’s what the Russo and M&M tried to to do and failed miserably. They tried to sell us an anti-hero. They washed her awful deeds and make her look as conflicted when she never hesitated at the beginning.

They tried to us to believe that she can’t control her powers.

And that



And just bullshit.

They also made her clothes more clear, her hair too. Miss Elizabeth was wearing a wig, it was not difficult have one as her hair was in the previous movie.

They tried to vanish the darkness of her. Why? Because it its more difficult present a redemption for villain than a anti-hero. Or as that idiotic writers seem to think: that poor kid that did no wrong.  

Because it was more easy to forgive this:

Than this:

So, they invented this new Wanda, and put all the blame in Tony’s shoulders. The funny thing it’s that the audience it’s stupid enough to believe it. That might talk about the power of the female characters of being forgiven for everything as long they have a pretty face and a delicate body.

Even if it’s a character without struggles or good intentions, or remorse.

So, nonny, my opinion is firm. Wanda Maximoff’s redemption arc was a fuck you because she didn’t deserved or needed one.

Because Wanda Maximoff is better as a villain.

Worth More.

Request from @brynnleemua: Reader breaks up with boyfriend so Bucky tries to cheer her up and reveals he has feelings for her. (Not EXACTLY word for word as this was answered privately rather than on my blog.)

Note: Hope this helps to cheer you up hun! <3

Bucky x Reader

Words: 1,629

Disclaimer: None of the GIFs used are mine so all credit goes to their creators <3

A three year relationship ended with nothing more than a heated argument and a slam of the door.

One thousand and ninety-five days of letting someone into your life, giving them your heart, and this is how it ended? It was like none of it had meant anything to him. The girl he had been seeing behind your back for the past few months had obviously offered him far more than he thought you possibly could because he hadn’t even tried to apologise to you, grovel at your feet for forgiveness, and worst of all he hadn’t even tried to fight for the relationship you had.

As your back slid down your room door you brought your knees up to your chest and waited for the inevitable knocking to start. You lived in Stark Tower with the rest of your team, The Avengers, and there were another three people who lived on this floor who would undoubtedly have heard the raised voices. Great. Now not only did you need to deal with the fact that the man you had given everything to had walked out on you for someone else but you now had the embarrassment of everyone else knowing about it.

The knocking you had been expecting to hear came quicker than you had anticipated but you were more than ready to tell whoever it was to go away, last thing you needed was that whole ‘there’s plenty of other fish in the sea’ or ‘you were too good for him’ spiel that was so patronising.

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anonymous asked:

What about a fic where Tony outs himself in public conference completely by accident? And doesnt realize it until he gets home and the team is like "what, you're really bi?" and they see the color draining from his face in seconds

You had to wait a very long time *scratches back of her head awkwardly*, but finally I got around to write something. I hope it fulfils your expectations, anon! Enjoy :)

“Yo, Stark! You’re really bi?” Clint yells across the community floor the second the soft ‘Ding’ of the elevator announces its owner’s return.

Steve resists the urge to facepalm—his new favourite gesture ever since Clint taught it to him—but only just. Ever since the end of the press conference Tony lead thirty-seven minutes ago, Clint has been cracking jokes about Tony’s decision to ‘come out of a not-literal, sexual-attraction-concerned closet’ on national TV.

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ok if it all works out, i’m gonna start trying to answer some of the infinity war questions i’m getting toward the end of the week. just a general psa though: i am….. not ready to jump on the pessimistic/bitter train regarding tony’s role in the movie yet??

mostly there’s a lot of “oh god no i can’t deal with this stress” going on here at this end with how real life is a shit show (personally and politically lol) and my fave (616 tony) is Gone and mcu is my last life line (imagine this level of desperation lmao!!) but like for whatever it’s worth, i have been able to rationalize my desperate last-ditch positivity with a few semi-objective reasons

1) honestly i am shutting out any “was the letter supposed to fix everything??” worries from my life because we’ve heard from both the russos and rdj that the team is split and steve is still “s-listed”

2) we also know that the avengers rift is going to be their biggest weakness against THANOS like if we’ve got a story where a space titan will be waged against AVENGERS INTERPERSONAL CONFLICT then yeah i already know that said interpersonal conflict is not gonna be an easy fix. if i’m worried about anything, i’m worried that tony will (rightfully) be resenting steve to the point where it hinders their group performance and that’s where any “tony painted as A Villain” worries would live if i had any, and,

3) i really don’t have any at this point because i think that what’s missing from the idea that “tony’s emotional reactions to steve might be depicted as a problem and that’s a bad thing” is the fact that those would be REACTIONS to SOMETHING STEVE DID and i’m telling myself people are underestimating how much the movie will focus on the fact that steve betrayed tony’s trust and tony has no reason to trust him and basically how justified tony is going to look

4) i am telling myself that based on the premise that this movie will ACTUALLY be a team-perspective movie rather than a STEVE-perspective movie. as much as people say that cap 3 was “an avengers movie, not a cap movie,” it WASN’T. it was never meant to be, i can’t count how many times the cap 3 creative people and actors reiterated that “at the end of the day, this is a captain america movie” and whether or not people think it was a successful cap movie, the fact is, we have NOT seen this creative team (russos + m&m) actually legitimately setting out to make an AVENGERS movie. the cameras in cap 3 were following steve 90% of the time, we don’t actually know what this sort of stuff looks like in a movie where we get to follow *tony* when he walks out of the room as well, and

5) EVEN THOUGH cap 3 was a movie that followed steve’s perspective, the russos still wanted it to not take steve’s side. they said multiple times that they were going for a 50-50 team cap vs team iron man split and they cared to do that within the constraints of a movie that followed steve’s line of sight and honestly? i may be too far up my pro-tony ass but i think they all did a GREAT JOB getting tony’s side to come across, in a movie where he was working against the PROTAGONIST so i really have no reason to believe they won’t do a good job with tony when tony is ALSO a protagonist

6) a billion things these guys could have said about the avengers status and whereabouts re: infinity war and they SPECIFICALLY zoomed in on tony to talk about how TONY is already addressing the main threat in this movie with no input from steve & co, like to people’s pessimistic “tony will HAVE to get steve’s help UGH” i raise the other side of that coin, aka “how fucking bad will these guys look when they’re all together and TONY turns out to have been the one Doing Shit while these guys were incognito somewhere because they’re on the entire world’s shit list by their own hand” –> i daresay that’s tony’s perspective on the whole deal and again we HAVE NOT SEEN ANY OF THIS TOLD THROUGH TONY’S PERSPECTIVE YET

7) also idk how many of you were here for this but like i spent months crying about the things i wished i could see in a civil war adaptation and i STRAIGHT UP GOT EVERYTHING I WANTED (minus the glass punching scene like that was literally the One Thing)??? lol i specifically remember posting something like “please introduce tony by having him wax poetic about Future so that his Ideal may be juxtaposed with all the shit that follows” and full offense cap 3 legitimately gave me “REFRAME THE FUTURE!!” AND “bitter The Futurist tone a la Confession” i’m still in awe because this wasn’t a “oh this is in the comics, i WANT it” sort of thing, it was a “if these people know two shits about tony they’re gonna think a little and extrapolate and givE ME THIS” thing and THEY WENT THERE GOOD LORD i’m still !!!!!!!! at tony’s cap 3 introduction i mean on top of everything else it is ALSO A *PERFECT* PARALLEL TO HIS IM1 MERCHANT OF DEATH INTRO

(HONESTLY??? HONESTLY??? tony receiving an award (IM1) vs tony giving an award (cap 3), tony distracting himself with people’s shallow attentions (IM1) vs backstage avoidance!tony stark (cap 3), “it’s an imperfect world but it’s the only one we’ve got” (IM1) vs “REFRAME THE FUTURE! STARTING NOW!” (cap 3), tony’s reaction to christine vs tony’s reaction to mrs spencer like fuckiNG HONESTLY GUYS the post-IM1 movies WISH they’d been this good at drawing tony’s character development lmao)

truth is, these people Knew Their Tony Stark Shit, full offense, and idk if it was m&m or the russos or rdj or the power of all my desperate prayers, all i know is that those same elements are present in infinity war and honestly?? honestly?? i am so entirely ready for that level of Tony Stark Quality ™ in a movie thAT ACTUALLY HAS AN OBLIGATORY TONY STARK FOCUS and i have SO MANY BAD THINGS IN MY LIFE RIGHT NOW, PLEASE LET ME BE HAPPY FOR FULL 20 SECONDS

Run To You // Sam Wilson x Reader P4

Pairing: Sam Wilson x POC Reader, Bucky Barnes x POC Reader
Word Count: 2.6k+
Warning: fluff, language, angst, FEELINGS 

Summary: Time Skip: A year and a half! Moving in with the Avengers was the best decision you’d ever made. Things between you and Sam are absolutely wonky. Thor doesn’t approve of anything less than complete honesty. It looks like there’s someone else who might want a chance to earn your heart.

A/N: I have no self-control. None. Not even a little bit. If no one stops me I might end up writing 200k words and 20 chapters lmao. This whole thing is already 10k+ in my docs There’s definitely going to be more parts to this.

Inspiration: “Over You” ~ Daughtry

“I’m slowly getting closure,
I guess it’s really over,
I’m finally getting better
Now I’m picking up these pieces,
From spending all of these years
Putting my heart back together,
‘Cause the day I thought I’d never get through,
I got over you…”

Originally posted by adamisstillinhellthankstoyou


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The Stars

PAIRING- reader x Loki 


WARNINGS- FEELS, but with a happy end, slight fluff and some tiny bit of bad language, 

 Request from Anon- Hey cutie can I request Loki x Reader based on Ed Sheeran “All of the stars”

I LOVE THIS SONG UGHHHHHH, i really do love this song, hopefully you guys like it ! 


Originally posted by asgardian-angel

It’s just another night,
And I’m staring at the moon,
I saw a shooting star
And thought of you,

You sat on the roof of the Avengers Facility, the day had turned into night over New York and the complex showed no sign of slowing down, you sighed leaning back against the hard concrete, the night was slightly warm, enough for you to be outside with out a jacket as you stared at the moon. Your heart ached to see him again, it had been the longest the two of you had been apart from each other, but that’s what you get from falling in love with a god. You smiled slightly as a shooting star flew across the sky, it was only for a split second but you saw it. 

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Pietro Maximoff Imagine #5- Requested

Anon: Hi! I justo live the way you write! Youre awesome! I entre at your blog every tour yo ser if you write smthing! Can I request you one: an anon is part of the avengers and Pietro is crazy in love with her and try yo be with ver but the other avengers wont ley him because they thing he will hurt her! Thank u! Kisses from Argentina!

A/N: Yesss this is such a cute request! I love Argentina! I can’t wait to go back there! It means a lot to me for you to look at my blog and like the way I write. You’re such a sweet person and I wish I could tell you but its anon so I’m just going to have to tell you through here aha. I hope you enjoy it xox  

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And Again Wanda and other things

On this post made by the awesome @one-piece-of-harry there has been some interesting discourse. 

Now someone has made the following points as an end of argument statement and the post is long as fuck so I’ve decided to make my own post.

- Do you at least appreciate the irony of saying vigilantes are necessary? And then supporting the Accords?

Now the person this was said to was someone who said the Avengers were vigilantes who were necessary. And I agree without a legal system in place for superheroes to operate under vigilantism was the only option. The Accords make being a superhero a legal position, and therefore a necessary service protecting people from superpowered villains/alien armies/ in general can now be preformed by a legal team under The Accords. 

- The MCU is broader than the movies, so we do in fact know that the Accords were ratified, Spider-Man didn’t sign and it involves a lot of fun documentation like DNA and fingerprints. Google it.

I have a post about the Accords here.  I would also like to point out that the Accords as they originally existed were simply a control on the Avengers because they were operating internationally, that is how they were presented in civil war.

- Peter wanting to keep something a secret from his aunt is normal. That was my original context. (I’m using complete sentences. It isn’t hard. Go back and reread.)

Peter wasn’t blackmailed, but it’s an understandable interpretation, and I don’t feel like rehashing this again. So, I won’t.

- This is the thing about “retirement” - Clint retires, but a friend of his needs help saving the world and so Clint shows up and goes to jail after the fight. In Avengers, Bruce got the Hulk under control and was hiding out off the grid; SHEILD came and brought him in to fight Loki. The qualities that make them heroes will almost will almost always lead to extenuating circumstances that will put them against the Accords. Hence my negativity. (But you are, like, so clever for calling retirement a ‘death sentence.’)

Here’s the difference between Bruce and Clint. Bruce got the whole picture before getting involved, and Bruce does not have a family he is abandoning by joining the fight. Enough said.

- Here are two things about Wanda vs. the Big Guy: 1) Wanda’s mind games are not shown to last long and 2) are less about introducing something new than they are about showing something that was already there - which is why all the other visions went to backstory consistent places. So everything about that Hulk rage was already in Banner. Whatever Bruce’s reaction, we don’t actually see what vision led to the moments that followed. It could have been mostly benign like Cap’s.

Oh my god where do I start with this one? Are you honest to god saying that Wanda is not responsible for what happened in Johannesburg? Are you trying to tell me that it’s Bruce’s fault for having a bad past/fears? Yes the Hulk already exists in Banner the problem here is that Wanda unleashed The Hulk in the middle of the city maliciously. 

What the vision was is irrelevant, the point is that Wanda attacked Bruce’s mind with the sole intent of making him lose control in order to further Ultron’s plan. She did not care about the people in Johannesburg when she unleashed a scared and angry Hulk on them. 

The mind game did not need to last long all it needed to do was trigger the Hulk. That’s what it did, that was the intention, and that makes any damage or death the Hulk caused Wanda’s responsibility. 

It doesn’t take long to fire a nuke, and a nuke is already capable of doing damage even if I don’t fire it, all those nuclear explosives are still inside it, therefore I did nothing wrong if I fired the nuke. That’s your argument right now. 

- Wanda ended up in Hydra because she wanted the chance to fight for her home and defend it. Wanda left when she saw where it was heading. Like Widow, like Tony, she’s trying to put things right. 

Wanda left Hydra when she saw where it was headed? If by that you mean when she saw that the group she was with was losing to the Avengers, then yes. If you think she realized they were evil and left, well frankly I think you need to watch the movies again. 

Wanda then joined Ultron another bad guy to continue furthering her own revenge plot against Tony (The actual reason she joined Hydra btw). She doesn’t begin to try and put things right until she is personally threatened by Ultron’s plans. 

- And here’s the thing to view Wanda as inherently, irredeemably awful also casts doubts on the Avengers who trust her, Tony Stark included. She’s part of the Avengers family before the Civil War breaks out.

Yes it does. Although I highly doubt Tony had any say in trusting Wanda to join the team, and if he did he probably agreed out of guilt. Also part of the Avenger’s family? Tony doesn’t live with them, and Clint is retired, I’m not sure how much of a family this is. 

Spider-Man: Homecoming - Reaction blog (No Spoilers)

I’m really fed up right now. Not just because Spider-Man: Homecoming was as bland, uninspired and tediously dull as I predicted it would be, but also because people have the fucking nerve to try and tell me that this is the best Spider-Man movie ever made. That this soulless, Frankenstein-esque assembly line production is somehow an improvement over the Amazing movies. I… Were we watching the same movie? We can’t have been watching the same movie, surely!

Let me just quickly recap my thoughts on the previous Spider-Man movies. I’ve never liked the Sam Raimi movies and I’ve always been continuously baffled as to why others still think these movies are good. Spider-Man 2 in particular keeps finding its way onto top ten lists, and just… WHY? It’s rubbish! The plot is ridiculous, the villain is stupid, the love story is a load of bollocks and Peter Parker’s ‘internal conflict’ doesn’t make the slightest bit of sense under any close scrutiny. I suspect the people that keep saying Spider-Man 2 is one of the best superhero movies ever made haven’t actually watched the movie in a very long time. Trust me, it really doesn’t hold up. The Amazing movies are, plain and simply, better movies. They have better writing, better characterisation, a better romance, more complex villains (okay, Electro was a bit weak. I’ll give you that) and the perfect Spider-Man. Andrew Garfield captured the essence of the character beautifully. So every time I hear somebody say that the Amazing movies sucked and that Tom Holland’s version is actually an improvement, I do get a little bit cross.

I suppose Spider-Man: Homecoming is technically not a bad movie. It’s competently made and I’m sure it’s possible to enjoy it if you switch your brain off beforehand (something which is increasingly becoming a basic requirement to enjoy these bloody movies). It’s just so shallow and so predictable. I could pinpoint exactly what was going to happen and when it would happen before it happened. It’s that formulaic.

It also doesn’t help that they’ve seemed to replace the comedy and characterisation that Spider-Man is famous for with forced slapstick and stereotypes. No. Seriously. It’s bad enough that with every reboot that Spidey keeps getting yanked back into high school as though he’s attached to a fucking bungie rope, but this has got to be the most cliched school I’ve ever seen. Every single character is a stereotype. EVERY SINGLE ONE. Flash is the bully. Why? Because he’s the bully. That’s his sole purpose for existing. Zendaya plays the disinterested loner… and that’s it. That’s literally her character. Liz is the popular girl/love interest and she’s the most bland character in this movie. We never learn anything about her, why Peter is attracted to her (apart from the obvious. She’s kind of pretty) and we’re never given a reason to want to see them together. And people actually think this is an improvement over the Amazing movies?! Peter and Gwen had so much more chemistry than these two!

And as for Ned…

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You know, I didn’t think it was possible to be more annoying than Michael Pena’s character was in Ant-Man, but they somehow pulled it off. Ned fucking irritated me. He’s not funny. He’s not likeable. His friendship with Peter is never explored or developed. He exists solely to be the chubby nerd who waddles along behind the main protagonist in order to make him look good by comparison.

Also he’s clearly supposed to be Ganke Lee from Ultimate Spider-Man. YEAH! YOU’RE NOT FOOLING ANYONE MARVEL! WE SEE YOU!

Because that’s another thing that pisses me off about this movie. Having exhausted all possible creative avenues with this version of Spider-Man, they now start liberally borrowing from other versions, most notably Miles Morales. In fact, this Peter Parker is Miles Morales pretty much. So why didn’t they just use Miles Morales, I hear you ask. Oh no! They can’t possibly do that! It’s far more acceptable to give every excuse under the sun as to why Peter Parker must be the only Spider-Man and why this is absolutely not the right time to introduce Miles Morales into the MCU, whilst ripping off every single aspect of Miles Morales’ story in order to desperately prop up their white fave. Is this an example of Marvel’s creative bankruptcy or casual racism? I honestly couldn’t tell you. After Doctor Strange and Iron Fist, I could believe either one.

I can’t help but feel sorry for Tom Holland. He’s a good actor and I’m sure he could be a great Spider-Man, given the chance. He was pretty good in Civil War. Here it’s a whole other story. Holland fails to capture the essence of Spider-Man here, and I suspect it’s the fault of the director more than the actor. Have the filmmakers ever actually spoken to a teenager before? This is not how a 15 year old behaves. This is more like a 7 year old on a sugar rush. The filmmakers seem to have confused ‘inexperienced’ with childish. That’s the perfect word to describe this Spider-Man. He’s childish. He’s ‘socially awkward’ in inverted commas, and by that I mean it’s that really forced, clownish kind of socially awkward you normally see in bad British romcoms. The main reason why Holland’s performance suffers is because he’s given absolutely no good material to work with. His character doesn’t grow or evolve in any meaningful way and the comedy is woefully inadequate. The filmmakers also seem to have completely misunderstood the character on a a fundamental level, and I can’t really explain why without going into spoilers, but it’s unbelievably frustrating how much they’ve botched his characterisation.

You may have noticed I haven’t talked about Vulture yet… Good for you.

And obviously Iron Man is in this movie who, in the trailers, is presented as being a kind of mentor figure for Spidey. But in the actual movie, the character briefly offered a small glimmer of hope because it looked as though the movie was going to take the character in a completely different direction than was previously expected. I reached my hands out in desperation for this new development. Yes! Finally! Something interesting! Something morally complex! More of that please! But it was not to be. In fact by the end I felt pretty insulted by what they did with Iron Man and his relationship with Peter because it actually completely disregards what happened in Civil War. (Marvel also did this to Winter Soldier in Avengers: Age Of Ultron. Why do they keep disrespecting the Russo Brothers and erasing their contributions to the franchise? Don’t they realise that the Russos are the only people currently making good movies in this fucking shambles of a shared universe?)

So that’s Spider-Man: Homecoming. A painfully dull and hollow experience that offers absolutely nothing of substance. And apparently that makes it the best Spider-Man movie ever made.

Can we stop making Spider-Man reboots please?

Okay so I saw this gifset on my dash today:

with appended commentary about how Steve doesn’t seem to care about Tony’s pain

and I’m like… nah fam?

(At first I considered attaching this rant to the post itself, but then I decided not to because 1) personal experience tells me that this sort of stuff is hell on the OP and 2) there’s nothing particularly uniquely atrocious about the commentary I’m referring to – it’s tiny and I’ve seen many versions of the same claim, it’s more a widely-held fandom belief than anything else at this point, it seems to me, and there’s no reason for me to attach a gratuitous wall of words specifically to that version because idk that just seems like a bitchy thing to do. I’m not like. Attacking it specifically. I’m just linking to the gifset as context bc I think I refer to it a couple of times)

ANYWAY! I’ve been trying to stay away from this shit but everyone has a breaking point and even as (or honestly, *especially* as) a hardcore Tony Stark fan, I’ve been troubled by the post-Cap 3 line of argument that generally holds that Steve “doesn’t care about Tony’s pain” and the more broad “where is his guilt?” etc

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(Sebastian Stan x Reader)

A/N: I wanted to write something where you guys are filming an avengers movie or something and Seb’s totally smitten with you and then everyone teases him about it. So in that case if that kind of stuff interests you, I hope you enjoy!

Everyone, from the directors to the actors, sat at a large conference sized table inside a room you’d never been to before. It was pretty hidden being tucked in the corner of the studio, and from all the dust it looked as if it was rarely used. An emergency lunchtime meeting had been called by your directors for Captain America Civil War to talk “Important Business”, as the email stated. You looked around and all your fellow cast memebers were here except for one. Sebastian.

“Okay guys so I’ve got some bad news-” Joe begins however is interrupted as the door swings open abruptly.

“Sorry I’m late.” Sebastian exclaims out of breath with sweat glistening on his forehead.

“That’s alright just grab a seat.” Joe smiled at him.

He passed plenty of open seats until he finally reached the one he wanted; the one next to you. You greet him with a short smile before you focus your attention on your directors. He sits down the brown drink tray he had in his hands and settles back in the black leather office chair.

“So what I was saying is that it looks like we’re going to need an extra month to finish filming.” Joe sighs expecting everyone to be upset.

“That’s great!” Chris says enthusiastically.

“What?” Joe asks, clearly puzzled by the the reaction he was receiving.

“Yeah I think it’s great. It’s fun to film when you’ve got great people around you.” Sebastian says while winking at you.

“You’re talking about me right, Vanilla Ice?” Anthony inquires jokingly causing scattered laughs throughout the small room.

“C'mon Mackie, we all know you’re not the only person he’s happy about spending more time with.” Robert adds while pointing at you causing everyone in the room to laugh even more.

“Alright, well thank you guys for being so understanding, we’ll continue filming in thirty minutes.” Joe says letting out a chuckle and sighing as if there has been a weight lifted off his shoulders.

The directors leave, however your cast members remain seated indulging in the food they have brought for lunch.

“Hey is that a cool lime refresher with my name on it, sexy seabass?” Anthony asks from across the table.

“Not today Chocolachino.” Sebastian laughs while handing you the drink Anthony thought was for him.

“Thanks Seb.” You say gratefully with a hint of surprise considering you never asked him to pick anything up for you.

“Wow Y/n you’ve got him whipped.” Anthony yells jokingly imitating a whip noise resulting in ‘ow ows’ and ‘oohs’ being thrown about the room quietly by your cast members.

“I am not whipped. I’m just being nice, she didn’t even ask me to get it for her, it was just an act of kindness.” Sebastian says partially defending you, partially defending himself.

“I believe it, he is so smitten with Y/n. We’ve all seen the way he looks at her.” Chris says smirking, adding to Sebastian’s existing embarrassment.

“Yeah seriously Stan, when are you going to ask her out?” Robert questions tilting his head slightly to the left, “Y/n he talks about you all time.” He says directing his attention towards you.

You however were looking down at your salad trying to avoid this conversation for yours and Sebastian’s dignity’s sake.

“Okay enough already, leave the lovebirds alone.” Scarlett laughs hitting Robert in the shoulder gently.

Exasperated sighs were let out as Jeremy let everyone know they have to be back on set in five minutes. The room begins clearing out as everyone packs up their things. You stand up and collect your belongings and begin walking towards the door when you hear Sebastian call your name quietly.

“Y/n?” He says while running his hands through his hair.

“Yeah Seb?” You answer politely, turning around to face him.

“I’m really sorry about that, I know that must have been really embarrassing for you and I kn-” He rambles adorably until he is interrupted by your soft lips on his.

“I’ve wanted to do that for a really long time.” He whispers breathily once you end the kiss, “I’d like to take you on a date Friday night, I’ll pick you up at 6?”

“That sounds wonderful.” You grin back at him.

The rest of the day he could not wipe off the huge smile that was plastered on his face. He finally got the girl of his dreams, and little did he know, but he was the guy of your dreams too.

Alternate “You”niverse Avengers x Reader (5/?)

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Summary: Another one of Starks failed experiments causes a rift in Universes causing their Actor selves from another Parallel Universe to come through. Steve has to face Hayley, the women that looks like the girl from his past, Tony has to deal with another him & you have to put up with another set of Avengers. 
Warnings: Swearing, fluff moments and breaking the 4th wall A LOT!
Admins Note: I had a dream about this, I told Angie and she has basically helped me write it by giving me title ideas, ideas in general and telling me what I should and shouldn’t put in. Not really a specific plot, just that Steve doesn’t know whether to move on and it’s made more difficult with Hayley Atwell coming through the portal also, Bucky has to put up with being in love with you but seeing Sebastian make better ground & Wanda is forever crying over Aaron & Everyone keeps getting Scott Lang and Paul Rudd mixed up.  This will probably end with Bucky x Reader getting together, also be prepared for me to mess you up- Rosalee

Alternate “You”niverse Part Four
Alternate “You”niverse Part Six

It was 10pm when you all returned back. Yourself and Sebastian are now in the Ferrari having swapped with both Chris’s, since Hemsworth wanted to drive the Audi R8, couldn’t blame him it was a fantastic car; probably the only time you’d be allowed in it, since Tony was going to give you all a serious talking to, you had ignored all his calls and texts. 

You all got out of the cars, smiles and chatting about the day you had, you drove around nearly everywhere; you even got dinner together which was super eventful and a serious laugh. 

You, Elizabeth, Wanda and Hayley all started to talk among yourselves, as did the men. Loud chatter and booming laughs all coming from you; the garage making it sound extra loud, especially both Chris’s laughter. 

“I don’t ask for a lot” Tony’s voice calls out, the chatter dies down and everyone looks rather sheepish, he crosses his arms at the top of the stairs and looks at you all “in fact my number one rule is; don’t touch my stuff” he states and you’ve heard that rule that a million times before.  

“Hey, dude we just wanted to have a little fun being trapped in this place is making me go slightly insane” Chris Hemsworth tells Tony, Australian accent coming in thick with every word, you looked at Tony whose glare didn’t falter as he looked at Chris. 

“Leave the keys on that desk, I don’t want you touching any of these cars again, (Y/N) I thought better of you” he says before leaving, the door closes and Robert basically flips himself off, you let out a small chuckle.

“Hey, (Y/N)” Sebastian and Chris Evans stop you before leaving “sorry, we all got you into trouble” Sebastian says and you shrug at him, a small smile pulling at your mouth, it wasn’t a big deal but you knew you would have to apologise to Tony at some point. 

“It’s fine, I had fun anyways” you chuckle and they both do also “I should probably go before you all do something else stupid and manage to drag me into, see you tomorrow” you smile and turn to leave the garage, waving and saying goodnight to them all, you could still hear Robert ranting about Tony and Hayley laughing at him.


You walked into the main room where Bruce and Mark Ruffalo sat talking amongst themselves, you smiled and sat down beside Bruce, Mark seemed to be talking about his family with Bruce; both seemed completely invested into the conversation. It was nice to know that even Banner had a family over in that other Universe, it peaked your curiosity on this other (Y/N), and you wondered what her life was like over there. 

“Of course my children love the other (Y/N)” you smiled at Mark “they love seeing you at the premiers and stuff, plus you get along with my wife really well, in fact not long ago you both went out for lunch” he shrugged and chuckled, you seemed to be really good friends with everyone; you are basically living with Elizabeth, you helped Sebastian through a break up and even stayed with him for a week and now? 

You have lunches with Mark’s wife and his kids love you… then why wasn’t this Alternate you here? What were you doing? Have you noticed that everyone has gone missing? So, many questions that you needed answers to.

“(Y/N)?”  You looked up to see Aaron beside the door, you stand up and follow him out to the corridor, quirking a brow at the man he sighed “I’ve noticed Wanda following me around today, only when I go to talk to her, she scurries off and all I want is… is to be her friend; I know it must be difficult seeing me and I don’t want it to be” he tells you and you nod slowly. 

“Come with me” you nod and he follows, questioning what you were up to and you shrugged, you reached the gym where Wanda was training beside Sam and Anthony. 

She gave you a look but you ignored it, you stood in front of her, Aaron slightly to your left but behind you and smiling nervously over your shoulder 

“Wanda, this is Aaron, the man that plays Pietro; he would like to get to know you and possibly be friends” Wanda remained silent, you grinned at her, whispering how this could help with the grieving and she nodded. 

“Hi, Aaron” Wanda says timidly and you grin at your best friend, he instantly smiles and extends a hand, she shakes it “sorry, my brothers… passing is still fresh to us all” she explains and he nods in understanding. 

“Understandable” he comments, Wanda smiles “I’m going to get some coffee from Starbucks for everyone working on the portal, wanna come with me? If you aren’t busy, that is” Wanda smiled lightly, nodding at him, he grins at her. They both walk to the exit, Wanda mouths a ‘thank you’ as does Aaron, and you chuckle before turning to Sam and Anthony. 

“You see Mr Barnes anywhere?” You asked them both,

“Try the kitchen, I think Tony has allowed him a ten minute coffee break, he’s also been working all night on the portal; him and Stark really want it built” Sam tells you and you nod before leaving the gym.


“Bucky” you skip over to the man you hadn’t seen in a while, he smiled faintly at you “what you been doing? I haven’t seen you in what feels like forever” he chuckled at your dramatic behaviour and you smile. 

“Been helping Tony” he shrugged “besides, Tony is the only one who agrees with me that all these other selves are fucking freaky, I don’t like any of them” he shrugged and that made you purse your lips together “I’m trying to adjust to normal life having all these… people here is not helping, I’m on edge for Steve also, having that Hayley here is not helping” he sighs “she’s too much like Peggy, I’m worried about him, whatever happens between them; it’s not gonna end well” you couldn’t help but nod in agreement with him “Tony was moaning about you lot this morning” you sighed and he chuckled at you “breaking the rules, are we?” he asked in a teasing voice.

“It was everyone else being a bad influence, I was content in waiting for them to all come back, then Sebastian had to wave Audi R8 keys at me; how could I resist a car like that?”  You joked and he nodded stiffly, you knew he didn’t exactly like Sebastian, something you couldn’t understand; maybe it was the fact he was always smiling and Bucky was only just learning to convey emotion. 

“Glad you had fun” he sighed and you smiled at him, rolling your (E/C) eyes at him.

“It would have been a lot more fun if you were there, grumpy cat” you laughed as he nudged you away “I get it’s difficult but I wish you’d let people in a lot more; Sebastian only wants to be your friend, if anyone knows what it’s like to be the Winter Soldier, it’s him” you shrugged and he sighed gently.

“I’ll think about it,” he tells you “for you” he sighed; you grinned and nodded, walking to the kitchen door. 

“It would make me very happy to see you playing nicely” you call, he chuckled and nodded, going back to his coffee that Tony had allowed him to have; calling it a ten-minute break.


“I talked to Hayley” Steve laid down on your bed, face into the mattress as you flipped through a book, you put it down and looked at Steve who refused to lift his head and meet your gaze. You wanted to chuckle but judging by his reaction you decided against it. 

“What happened?” you asked, leaning against the headboard and waiting for Steve to tell you, judging by him lying face down on your bed; it went badly or awkwardly, or he did something utterly stupid, not a first for him either. He groaned loudly but it was muffled by the mattress, lifting his head and rolling onto his back, he let out another loud sigh and then remained silent.

“I apologised for ignoring her” you nodded “she’s so confident and after that, she started to talk about her movies, she did most of the talking; it got on to the Captain America movies” you nodded, awaiting for whatever happened “she was talking about the role as Peggy Carter, how she has a TV series dedicated called Agent Carter, I commented on how Peggy would have loved that; she nodded and it was going great, I was doing really well” you smiled “and then… I said the most embarrassing thing ever, to any women, ever!” he sat up and had his back to you for the longest time, whatever he said was obviously bad to him, you couldn’t imagine Hayley would judge him for it- whatever it was. 

“Well? What was so awful?” you prodded and he sighed. 

“She was talking about Chris, how working with him was really easy, she then asked if what happened in the movies actually happened; I suppose she was curious” you nodded “she asked if me and Peggy really kissed way back when, I said yes and then she said, that I-Chris had to kiss two girls but I only ever kissed one” he mumbled “and she explained the scene and I said; That never happened, the only women to ever kiss me was Peggy” you raised your eyebrows at Steve.

“That’s it?” you asked, a small chuckle escaping your lips and he turned, narrowed blue eyes that silenced your laughter instantly and you muttered an apology. 

“I basically admitted to a woman that I; Captain America have only ever kissed one woman in my entire life” you shrugged at him “you don’t understand but I really wanted to impress Hayley and I go and open my stupid mouth” you smiled at him.

“People say silly thing around people they crush on all the time; its worse for you because Hayley looks like Peggy, Hayley’s really nice and she wouldn’t judge or poke fun at you for that” you shrugged and he sighed gently, nodding “just don’t say any of that to Tony, or Robert, anyone but me and Hayley for that fact” he chuckled and nodded in agreement “I got Wanda to speak to Aaron today” you smile at Steve, helping him take his mind off his ‘awkward encounter’ with Hayley, he smiled. 

“That’s great” he muttered and sighed “really great, she needs a pick me up, hopefully, Aaron can lift her spirits; I mean he isn’t Pietro, no one can fill his shoes but maybe being around someone that looks like him and knows him, even if he was just a character to him… it may help her” you nodded in agreement, hoping the same thing too. 

“I miss him” you sigh and he nods,

“Yeah, I just wish he walked it off better” he sighed “that’s the price we have, it’s all cool and fun being hero’s till someone gets knocked down or killed during battle, I just don’t know how many more people I can watch… not get back up again” you frowned at him, patting his back soothingly and he nodded with sigh, standing up and smiling at you “gotta go and check on Stark, thanks for the talk (Y/N), I don’t know what I’d do without you” he smiled and you nodded.

“No problem, dude” he chuckled before leaving your room.  


“How was the day with Aaron?” you asked Wanda, you both were sat watching some movie, you had ordered pizza for everyone and were now waiting for it; although everyone had gone down to see how far Tony has gotten with the portal, now was the chance to ask Wanda about her day.

“It was really good” she smiled at you “He talked about playing Pietro in the other universe, how nervous he was to actually join the Marvel cinematic world but at the same time super excited for it, it helped that him and Elizabeth already knew each other before hand also.” You nodded with a grin slowly spreading onto your face 

“Qe talked for hours about Pietro, it was really nice, I told him how sometimes I would look at a few photos I have left of Pietro. Talking with him has helped a little, they really get out lives right over there, and it’s insane just how much he knew about Pietro as a person; they got him near enough exactly right” you smiled “thank you, you have no idea how much I needed that, to talk with him and just get to know him” she sighed “although it’s weird seeing Pietro’s face talking but an English accent come out of it, ya know?” she asked and you laughed with her, everyone filed into the living area; Clint and Jeremy carrying the pizza’s. 

“What are you two laughing at?” Scarlett asked sitting beside yourself, you calmed yourself down a little bit just to answer her, once you said what Wanda told you, everyone began chuckling and nodding in agreement with you. 

“Leave my accent alone” Aaron whined from beside Jeremy and Elizabeth, there wasn’t enough room on the sofa’s so; Sebastian, Anthony, Chris Evans and Sam all sat on the floor as some TV movie began only everyone was talking about it, just chilling and chatting amongst one another.

Bucky and Tony came up from the lab both instantly looking at the scene in front of them, sighing as they walked over and grabbed some slices of pizza, both standing as they ate and muttered to one another.

“Has anyone seen Scott and Paul?” you asked with a frown looking around the many faces, you had seen Scott not too long ago, well it could have been Paul but that didn’t matter; what mattered was where they are now! 

“Oh, they are both staying at Hank Pym’s place” Sam called and you nodded “something about Hank wanting to see Tony’s mess” he shrugged, everyone snickered at that, it was no lie that Hank didn’t get along with ANY of the Starks; he wasn’t going to start being nice to Tony anytime soon. 

“I don’t see Hank helping” Tony sourly muttered “me and bionic boy are gonna get back to work, grab yourself a coffee” he nudged Bucky who nodded, you pouted at Tony, who rolled his eyes “do you guys want this thing fixed?” he asked and everyone nodded in silence “someone’s gotta fix it, Vision is left alone down there, so gotta check up on him” he turned on his heel and stalked off, Bucky not far behind holding two mugs, he gave a small smile before disappearing round the corner. 

“They are gonna work themselves to death” Sebastian states loudly, you whip your head round and playfully glared at him, he chuckled. 

“You stole my line” he shrugged with a laugh. You looked at Steve who was sat beside Robert and Thor, Hayley wasn’t far from him, they were both laughing at something Thor had said; it was good to see them getting along and that Steve was no longer embarrassed by what happened earlier today.

“I should probably help those guys” Bruce sighed from beside Mark, causing everyone to whine, he chuckled at everyone’s reaction “they could use my brain” that made everyone chuckle,

“Make sure everyone get’s sleep, especially Bucky” you call to Bruce who nods and puts up a thumb before rounding the corner and down the stairs, you wondered how much progress they had made, hopefully for all the actor’s sake it was going good. 

“How much progress do you think they have made?” Mark asks, you smiled, at least a few others were thinking like yourself,

“Judging by Tony’s malicious shouting earlier, not a lot” Robert remarked and you sighed “he’ll fix it, he made it after all, we just got be patient” he shrugged.

“That’s all we can do” Chris Evans tells him “not a lot we CAN do other than be patient” he shrugged and everyone nodded and Chris sighed before smiling “what movies ARE in this universe?” he asked “let’s watch something as we be patient” he chuckled, yourself and Wanda jumped off the sofa and opened a cupboard on the far side of the room; it was a wall cupboard that held hundreds of movies plus albums of Tony’s. 

Jeremy gave a low whistle at the sheer amount,

“A lot of movies, Evans” Jeremy stated “they have a lot of fucking movies in this universe”.

(2,800 words later, you have part 5 and a massive cramp from laughing at Steve’s “embarrassing” moment, the next part is WAY more entertaining I feel like. I hope you enjoyed this, it took a heck of a lot of time to write, so please… be nice. I know its like a “filler” chapter some might say but I have to pace it, I don’t want to put all the good stuff this earlier on. Anyway; heart and reblog and share with friends. catch up on my Peggy and Becky series also - Rosalee: I listened to the best album when writing this part lol)

Let me talk about my love for Steven Grant Rogers

Warning: Super long post showing why we should all protect Steve Rogers.

1. Origin

I’m gonna start with one of Steve’s well-known quotes from Steve Rogers: Super-Soldier #3.

“… Those beatings… and that scared, sickly little Steve Rogers… That was where the man I became was really born. Not in the fires of war. Not in a secret government lab. But inside a sense of justice.”

Steve Rogers, the first Captain America, was created by two Jewish guys who wanted to take a solid stand against Nazism in a then neutral United States. They created a 90 lb. cutie whose only wish was to be admitted in the army to fight against Nazis. We’re talking about a guy who symbolizes opportunity for deserving persons with disabilities, an undying love for country and freedom, and compassion for hate victims. Steve was created as political propaganda against Hitler who took his brand of National Socialism to the extreme, he was made for a political reason and I love that. You cannot fully discuss Captain America without politics, his comics are meant to capture the zeitgeist. He was made in the image of Hitler’s perfect Aryan (a tall, muscular, blue-eyed blond male) which was a spit in Hitler’s face, and that’s awesome. I want my favorite superhero to be politically and socially aware and relevant. With Captain America, I was immediately sold. Really, thank you Joe Simon, Jack Kirby, and Marvel for this marvelous (pardon the pun) creation.

2. Values

Steve is patriotic and he knows that true patriotism doesn’t mean blind loyalty to the government

 or jingoism.

“America is made up of a multitude of different ethnic groups, each of which has had its own part to contribute to American culture.”

Steve even gave up the mantle of Captain America when he disagreed with the government, he even became Nomad and later on, The Captain. And we all know that he’s a staunch advocate of anti-registration in Civil War, so how left can he get? He was juxtaposed with John Walker (the jingoistic Super Patriot who temporarily became Captain America) to show how different true patriotism is from xenophobic jingoism. Captain America’s weapon is a shield, he was meant to defend, not to pre-empt. It’s called national defense for a reason.

He loves freedom and he’s not at all trying to hide it. He even called killing, the taking of life, as the ultimate deprivation of freedom (he says this in Volume 1 but I forgot which issue). Yes, he tends to think about things in terms of freedom, that’s the kind of liberty-loving man that he is.

He invokes the Constitution aka the fundamental law of the United States against baddies,

and the baddies invoke it against him.

3. Superpower

Superpower? What superpower? The guy runs on modified steroids to keep his physique (he works hard for it as I will later mention but without that serum, he can’t be a soldier and/or Captain America). Steve’s superpower is his skill (hi there Batman), his strategist mindset and tactician mentality. He is a super-soldier.

4. Personality

Steve is definitely an introvert,

and he’s also known for long speeches that were even carried over to the MCU in the form of the “the price of freedom is high” speech.

He’s a good example of an introvert who is opinionated and well-spoken, traits that some people still consider are exclusive to extroverts.

Steve is concerned about being a proper gentleman, being a guy from the 40s and all.

Kids love him and he loves them so much, he even takes black kids to the Avengers mansion as a special treat.

Oh, we know Steve is polite, but he’s not a pushover. This man was willing to go toe-to-toe with his friend, Tony Stark, and a lot of other friends in Civil War over a political debate. He did not compromise when his beloved freedom was on the line.

He starts a moral debate with the Punisher and punched the guy… through a wall.

Steve holds ethics seminars for Avengers when he deems necessary.

No one kind of cares about a guy, dressed in red, white, and blue tights, who gives out superhero ethics lectures but he fills that role so passionately that he actually scheduled a seminar and genuinely expected other Avengers to attend. 

If you’ve earned his trust, he will accept you for who you are, even if you killed someone for revenge. He’ll tell you to stand trial in a court of law but he’ll support you through it, as he said to Diamondback (Rachel Leighton).

Although he’s very self-righteous, he knows when not to force his beliefs on someone.

Steve never gives up, not in wars, not in people. Don’t get me started on his loyalty to close friends like Bucky, and that extends to non-A-list friends like Fabian Stankiewicz who he saved from suicide.

“Don’t you know me by now, Fabian? I don’t desert my teammates. If they want you to go, I’m going with you.”

He never stops fighting.

And last but not least, he’s absolutely adorkable, emphasis on dork.

5. Representation

Steve Rogers, able-bodied, Christian, presumably heterosexual (because no other sexuality is explicitly shown or stated in canon, I personally agree with a bisexual Steve) white male, hello Mr. Privilege.  Despite that, Steve has befriended members of minorities.

Steve’s second partner and best friend is Sam Wilson, the Falcon. As I said, he visited Sam’s neighborhood and brought some black kids to the Avengers mansion (I cannot weep at this more). He doesn’t care about superficial (racial, sexual) differences.

He treats his girlfriends, Peggy and Sharon Carter, Bernie Rosenthal (Jewish, mind you), Rachel Leighton, and others with respect and has generally maintained good relations with his exes (I’ll discuss how he fails with women later). 

His childhood buddy was a gay guy named Arnold Roth who was in love with another guy named Michael, and it is shown how Steve openly approves of the homosexual relationship.

… They can’t corrupt your love for Michael with their lies anymore than they can corrupt my love for Bernie! Do you hear me Arnie? They’re the Pariahs! They’re the disease!” - Steve on homophobes.

Here’s a link to a wonderfully detailed post about Arnie, Steve’s gay BFF.

Steve does not take his capable body for granted because he knows how it felt to be a person with disabilities, chronic illnesses that practically rendered him physically incapable, until his early twenties.

6. Career choices

Steve is Captain America full-time, he is a soldier, and I love war stories. I love reading those not for the military stuff, but for the raw emotion going through the minds of young victims of trauma and survivor’s guilt, particularly described in detail by great authors. I could read a whole issue focusing on Steve’s thoughts and I’ll love it, there’s just something different about how war veterans think. That’s right folks, Captain America broods, a lot.

Steve is also an artist, he is good at sketching.

I love how this is also shown in the movies, in Captain America: The First Avenger (a dancing monkey) and in The Avengers (a structure), and in the Avengers Assemble cartoon (he paints!). It takes a lot of passion and skill to be an artist but most of all, you can’t be an artist without emotions to express.


1. Desperate times, desperate measures

He brushed the legal system aside when it’s Bucky (he brushes everything aside when it’s Bucky),

he was even willing to kill the Red Skull with one punch when Bucky’s life was threatened.

Steve, man of principle, throws away principles when his close friends are involved, there’s a sort of hypocrisy there. Of course he has valid reasons, but that just shows how human he can be.

So desperate he was in Civil War that he dealt with Wilson Fisk, the Kingpin,

and accepted Punisher into #TeamCap. Luke Cage knows exactly what I’m talking about.

2. Not truthful to his exes

For the love of God, Steve needs to drop it to his exes that he’s dumped them for someone else. This is the source of the infamous Peggy-Sharon tension, because we all know Steve hid his relationship with Sharon from Peggy (and Peggy was Sharon’s older sister at that time..!),

and he almost did it again with Bernie who kept pursuing him during his relationship with Diamondback. 

He just can’t straight up tell the girl to stop hoping because he’s already taken, that’s not being nice, that’s deception and insensitivity.

Remember when Steve proposed to Sharon the first time he met her, when he didn’t even know her name?

That is downright creepy.

3. Self-centered

Aside from his self-righteousness, he kind of puts the spotlight on himself at inappropriate times.

I know it’s selfless to take the blame but sometimes it’s best to just listen, especially when someone’s grieving. Steve could take Listening 101 from a certain Clark Kent.

4. Judgmental

If Steve finds out your favorite is problematic, you can bet he’s judged you. 

He’s sincerely disappointed with people’s fascination with characters like Wolverine and Punisher, imagine his reaction when he finds out you like Deadpool.

When he started dating Diamondback, he was uneasy with the fact that she wasn’t his usual type. Basically, he’s judged her based on the partly shaved pink hair (well, and the criminal record). When she let the shaved part grow and dyed her hair brown, he said she looked… normal.

I love both Steve’s good traits and his flaws, come on, what’s a character without weaknesses. He sets the moral standard for Marvel superheroes.

Sometimes I think it’s scary that he’s put on such a high moral pedestal that other characters might not be critical of his decisions and actions. They say Steve’s always right but he’s human, he can make bad decisions and be wrong too, just like any of us.

With all that said, I can’t think of a character I love more than Steve Rogers. I like soldiers and artists, and I am madly in love with soldier-artists.

The Lion and The Owl: ENTJ with INTP

The Lion and The Owl: ENTJ with INTP
*Written strictly as an examination of interaction, not specifically romantic.

Welcome to mbti-unboxed! This article is just an examination of two types that has been knocking around in my head for awhile.

The Awesome: These two connect quickly and can get very excited about shared ideas.
The Not-so-awsesome: They process emotions completely differently, which can lead to long and painful conflicts.
The Bottom Line: Excellent exchange of ideas, good team when on the same page, watch out for emotional difficulties.

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A New Perspective *Bucky Barnes x |Teen|Reader*

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Summary: You are about to watch Soul Surfer when Bucky joins you, you sit through the entire movie watching it and at the end Bucky contemplates the movie’s message, but he still can’t see past the arm he has. You try to make him feel better about it; it doesn’t work till he gets a new perspective from an unlikely source.
Warnings: Major Bucky angst  + Major Bucky fluff
Admins Note: I decided to do teen reader because I think it works better that way, so it’s a no romance zone, purely I feel a sibling relationship. Somebody requested this type of thing, I kinda went slightly darker than my usual fluff, so this is kinda new ground for me I am trying to write better angst for Alternate “You”niverse. – Rosalee

I’ve added my favourite lines of the movie to this, hopefully the way I envision this comes through, I have such high hopes for this aha my favourite lines will be italics

“Hey James” you grin as Bucky sits down on the sofa, he sighs gently as he props his feet up on the coffee table, he frowns at the title menu on the screen of the TV and you smile; you’re sat in the faded green arm-chair, you refused to let Tony get rid of it, it’s probably the comfiest seat in the base “it’s some teen flick, you probably won’t enjoy this too much, Buck” you add with a frown, having seen the movie before you didn’t know if this would trigger Bucky or not, he had been doing really well at recovering; Steve has told you of his insecurities to do with his metal arm. 

He shrugs and you press play, the beginning of the movie starting up, you loved this movie since it was based on a true story and it was very uplifting despite the fact you basically cried the whole way through the first time.

See how different things can be close up

“That was… interesting” Bucky mutters, he hadn’t talked throughout the movie, remaining fixated on the movie; you couldn’t help but wonder how he was feeling after it if maybe this movie had changed how he saw himself, got a new vision or light. 

“It’s a very feel-good movie and a great message” you pry and he nods, his eyes looking down at his metal limb, you frown and wait for some reaction or for him to talk; he’s eyebrows are furrowed and his mouth is in a straight line, he looks as though he’s thinking, very hard about something to do with that arm. 

“I know I should be grateful for having this” he nods with his chin to the metal arm “because some people have to live without prosthetic limbs but…” he sighs “the damage this one arm has created, done to the world, to people that I cannot let go of” you nod slowly, frowning at him, he never usually talks about this with you. 

You are the youngest in the Avengers team; they forget everything you have seen in the world, claiming you’re young and too innocent to talk about this too. 

“Want another perspective?” you asked before he could answer “I don’t see a weapon from here, I don’t see something that harms or kills, I see a man that every day tries to make a best out of a bad situation” you shrug gently “from where I am sitting?” you asked slightly “I see someone I call a brother put himself down for stuff he couldn’t control in those moments” you tell him and something changes within Bucky, he lets out an annoyed grunt and stands up.

“Of course you’d say that” his voice low but loud “you don’t live with it, you don’t know the things I have done with it, you don’t wake up every night because of the nightmares” you remain somewhat calm “they aren’t nightmares either, nightmares aren’t real but the stuff that comes into my mind at night, that’s real and it’s just memories of the past; stuff people like you would consider nightmares but they are my reality” his breathing accelerates 

“I see the fear in people’s eyes when I walk past, I see the looks of concern or anxiety Tony and the others give me; waiting for me to snap” he looks at you, it’s still Bucky, although it’s a riled up Bucky.

“You don’t know a thing” he mutters “so, yourself and Steve can keep blaming HYDRA for what they did wrong but when is everyone going to finally allow me to grieve? To accept the fact I killed those people with these hands? When are people going to get mad at me? I need people to look at me and tell me what I am; I may not be a monster to you but to myself? I’ve seen what I am capable of, no one should hold the power I have…” his voice started off strong and dominate but it faded, the pain and anguish really coming through into his words “no one should be near me” he almost whispers, 

“No one blames you because you weren’t you” you repeat the line he is always told, especially by Steve, Bucky chuckles and you can’t help but think that’s bad. 

“You believe that shit does you?” he asked and you nodded “I may have been brainwashed, I still was walking and breathing, I couldn’t remember Steve or my life and I did as asked… that doesn’t mean that it wasn’t me in there” he sighed.

“I guess we have different perspectives on the matter” you tell him gently “I don’t look at you and see the Winter Soldier anymore” he flinched at the name “I see someone who cares about the people around him, who allows himself to fall into this mindset, who should be happy he’s come this far” you smile, he looks at you for the longest time, it’s probably only a minute long but it’s an intense stare as he tries to figure out his next move. 

“You’d think differently if I was beating you with my metal arm” he dead-panned, you flinched at his words, you never gave much thought to the fact Bucky could easily kill you; even with just his human arm, unprepared and taken off guard, he could do some serious damage “if I relapsed and started to fully hurt you, you wouldn’t think like that, you’d be thinking like all those other people I have killed; their last thought of me is that I am a monster. 

Everyone would pull me off you, you’d be alive and thinking that” he states, not an ounce of emotion on his face anymore, his metal hand clenching and you wonder if he was thinking about putting that theory to the test.

“No, I know it wouldn’t be your fault that you don’t actually want to do that” you tell him “you told me before you think of me as your sister, you wouldn’t hurt me, not intentionally” he breaths through his nose, long drags of air, as if he was trying to calm his breathing.

“STOP LYING TO ME” he shouted, body turned in your direction, both hands clenched at his sides and you jump up to your feet; not really knowing what you are about to do if he does advance on you, you aren’t prepared for this, you hear fast feet walking from the corridor. 

He steps forward, in a stalking manner, shoulders hunched  “stop fucking lying to me, you wouldn’t think like that, you’d hate me… admit it!” he pleads, Steve rounds the corner and looks between you both “(Y/N) just admit it, I just need one person to be honest with me” 

“I’m not lying to you” you shrug “everyone is honest with you, some more than others but it’s always the truth, I promise” you smile at him but he shakes his head.

“I don’t need promises” he tells you “I need people to be honest, I thought you of all people would be honest with me, tell me the hard truth when others couldn’t” he turns to leave with Steve, who gives you a sympathetic look, you didn’t understand what you did wrong; Steve later told you he had been through the exact same thing with Bucky.

Bucky’s biggest fear is himself, the fear he won’t be able to come back if he relapsed, the fear of hurting someone close to him; he fears himself more than anything in this world. Probably more than HYDRA. His own view of himself is based on his fear, he can’t see passed the feeling of being afraid, not fully being able to relax and be himself because he’s afraid he might slip up. 

“Take it day by day”

After a couple days of Bucky being alone he eventually apologised to you, you had to remind him that it didn’t matter, that venting your emotions can actually help make you better. So, you and Steve decided to take Bucky out around New York guessing that maybe being stuck inside for days wasn’t good for his mental health. 

He accepted, although it took a lot since he hates actually leaving and people seeing him, somehow you both managed it and he seemed to be having a good time as you walked through central park. 

He wasn’t fully okay, you don’t think he ever will be okay, after everything he has seen he won’t be okay but of course, it’s a journey to recovery and sometimes wounds never fully heal. Bucky, for the most part, kept his jacket on, his left hand remaining inside his pocket, not wanting the sun to reflect off of it and cause or attract attention from people around him.

Although he seemed to have forgotten to put his hand back inside his pocket after putting his hat on, letting the arm carelessly hang at his side as he walked between yourself and Steve; who would get stopped by people for photos or just to talk. 

You had the odd fan but it mostly all for Steve, Bucky remained silent at your side as he looked around from where he stood, not really noticing the odd looks he was receiving if anyone noticed the shining metal; your glare alone was enough to get them to stop.

A soft metal tap rang through Bucky’s ears, he looked down at a little boy who was smiling up at him, and you chuckled at Bucky’s perplexed expression.  

“Why is your arm metal?” the small boy asked, Captain America t-shirt on as he looked at Bucky for an answer, who shifted uncomfortably from where he stood. 

“I fell from a train and HYDRA gave me this arm to hurt people” Bucky tells him, you hit his human arm and he looks at you “I said hurt not kill, give me a break” you roll your (E/C) eyes at him, as he looks back at the boy “anything else, small human?” Bucky asked awkwardly, you snickered at him.

“Can you punch through walls?” he asked excitedly, Bucky nodded and the boy stared wide-eyed “that’s so cool, can you beat up Captain America?” he asked and Bucky nodded.

“I have, many and countless times” he shrugged and that elicited laughter from the boy, who was grinning and looking at Bucky with adoration.

“Finn, we have to go” the boy turned and nodded at his mum, he turned back to Bucky with a bright smile, Bucky tried to return it and Finn held up his hand for a handshake; instinctively Bucky raised his right hand to the boy and bending down slightly. 

“No, the metal one” the boy gleamed and Bucky frowned but complied, steadily and shakily putting the metal hand in the small one of the boys, not even gripping but moved it up and down; the boy then saluted Bucky before running off to his mum, it’s silent as Bucky just watches him leave, not fully accepting what just happened. 

“That was so adorable” you mutter and Bucky turns to you “there’s a new perspective for you, children don’t judge or care, they just think everything is awesome” you shrugged and Bucky nods slowly “maybe you should have that thought process, not look at it and see what it’s done but what it can do?” you asked “if you keep thinking negative about it, it’s going to be negative but if you aim for it to do better, to be better then it will be” he sighed and nodded slowly.

You have to believe something good will come out of this” you gesture to the arm “and it already has” you smile and he frowns, 

“Like what?” he asked 

“You can open all the really hard-to-open jars” he chuckles and shakes his head “it now saves the world, it now fights against HYDRA, it does a lot of good stuff now that you somehow fail to see” you sighed gently and he smiled, Steve walks up and comments about how adorable that boy was, Bucky nodded with a frown.

“You okay, buddy?” Steve asked and he nodded, you all begin to walk again, Steve commenting about what you should get for lunch as Bucky remains inside his head.

I wouldn’t change what happened to me because then I wouldn’t have this chance” Bucky states and stops walking, Steve and yourself look at Bucky, you both furrow your eyebrows 

“I have Tony and Sam ask me a lot, if I would change falling off the train, or going off to war with you” Bucky shrugged “and I wouldn’t if given the chance because then I wouldn’t be here, walking with my best friends and being looked after” Steve smiled and nodded, you grinned at him “I just gotta take it day by day” he sighed,

“Recovering is a journey, Buck” Steve claps his shoulder as you begin to walk again “you are gonna slip and fall down a lot but we are gonna pick you up again, brush off the dirt and tell you it’s okay; we are here to help” you nodded with a smile and Bucky nodded.

“Well like that movie we watched; Love is bigger than any tidal wave or fear” Bucky smiled down at you “I don’t think I’m afraid of myself anymore, I’m ready to make a change, to see myself in a different perspective” he nodded.

(I really tried with the angst, I think I am getting better, this is a second attempt at it and I want to get better for Alternate “You”niverse because I have some serious angst lined up for that. Let me know what you think, I really enjoyed the movie Soul Surfer, very good. Remember you can request; imagines and one shots by myself and Angie- Rosalee) 

Weird Kinks (Requested)

Pairing: Pietro x Reader 
Request: u write pietro!??! could u do a pietro x reader, it would be abything!!!!!
Word Count: 1127 words 
Warnings: Swearing, mentions of sex, no smut, fluffy and stupid pretty much
A/N: Thanks for requesting my first Pietro fic yay!! Hope you guys like it, let me know your thoughts and don’t be shy to send request! Thanks!

(Let me know if there are any mistakes this was a quick fic)

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((gif not mine, credit to owner))

               Your feet padded on the floor, you tried to be quiet as everyone happily slept, but your excitement was making it difficult. You had finished setting everything up, half an hour early, knowing it would take a while to convince Pietro. You paced in front of his room, you didn’t think you’d be this nervous. “Get yourself together.” You murmured, turning to face the door. You stared at it for a while, ready to knock, but you couldn’t. You walked back to the living room, you still had twenty minutes. You laid on the couch for a few minutes, trying to gain composure. “You’ll be okay.” You repeated, before knocking on his door. As soon as you knocked you regretted it, you wanted to take it back. “Fuck.” You opened the door to hear Pietro groan as the light from the hallway shone in. “Hi.” You chirped, walking into his room. He groaned even louder when he realized it was you, burying his face in his pillow. “Go away, I’m tired.” He spoke muffled. You sat on the end of his bed, poking his leg. He turned over after a few minutes of poking. “Some of us actually sleep!” He snapped, flopping back into his pillow. You nodded slowly, before standing up. He turned over, his back to you.

“Please c’mon.” You tugged at his shirt like a little kid. “Pietro.” You whined crossing your arms over your face, pouting.

“No. I want to sleep. Go bother someone else.”

You rolled your eyes, before lying, “I don’t have a shirt on.” He rolled over, almost falling off his bed. He was so immature.

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