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“What” was precisely my reaction–well, er, the censored version of my reaction.

But I really don’t think this is the end of TG. In fact, there’s no way. There’s some reason to think we might be getting a part 3, but I really hope not, and if I had to guess I’d say this is a fake out, an illusion (which is part of the moon tarot, the card we’re currently on in the Fool’s Journey). Unlike Part 1 of TG, this does not feel like a natural ending place (like, Ishida could have ended TG satisfactorily after part 1 if wanted to; this would not be satisfying due to too many questions, Hide, Urie, revived Hairu and Shirazu, Saiko never doing anything, Dragon never showing up, etc.).

Furuta promised us Dragon would show up here.

If this was really the end, that would be odd considering Dragon has not appeared. (And Dragon may very well be Kaneki and not Shirazu.)

Also, Kaneki himself says that this isn’t the end:

And we’re definitely getting chapter 144. If Ishida really wanted to completely parallel the first TG, I’d think it would end after 143 chapters, not 144.

All that to say, I really think that TG:re will continue for awhile yet. Even if it doesn’t, there would be a third manga in which Saiko-chan would certainly had a role and an arc, but I think it’s more likely to happen in :re. We’ve still got the Garden to explore, V and Kaiko, the revivals of Shirazu and Hairu, Hide and whatever he’s getting up to, Mutsuki needs to finish his character arc, Saiko needs to have a character arc, Ui needs to finish his arc, Touka needs to have a breakdown, we need to figure out what the hell is up with the Nagaraj, etc.

It could be that all these things will be saved for Part 3, but again, why introduce Ayato and the Nagaraj in :re if Ishida doesn’t plan on following it up in :re? Why have Hide appear and save Urie and introduce the CCG coup if that’s just going to be saved for a third manga? Why introduce the possibility of zombie Hairu and zombie Shirazu in :re instead of leaving it to look like they were truly dead until wham, they pop up in the third part like Ishida did with Takizawa, Amon, and Hide in Part 1? Same with Yomo? Why warn us Uta is there if he’s not going to do anything?

Basically no character arc is finished, so I very much doubt this is the end of :re. The narrator has proven to be utterly unreliable so I don’t believe a word of this “game over” bullshit. Kaneki’s not exactly reliable either, but I’ll take his word on this: it’s not over yet.

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Just wanted to send a little note to say how much I enjoy Areniaagn's story. You have such enthusiasm for being a Death Knight and have developed him into quite the magnificent fighter. Despite the whole being a DK and necromancer, he's still got a soft spot for those he considers friends and that makes him more endearing. Keep being awesome.

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^ was precisely my reaction when I first got this ask. 

I’m glad people are enjoying his story, and thank you so much for the compliments dear Anon. 

I plan on continuing it, I thank you all for being so patient!