my rattata is in the top percentage of rattatas

which of the following is the most iconic pokemon phrase:

1. “Hey, you know my super-cool RATTATA? My RATTATA is different from regular RATTATA. It’s like my RATTATA is in the top percentage of all RATTATA.”

2. “Hi! I like shorts! They’re comfy and easy to wear!”

3. “Our servers are experiencing issues. Please come back later.”


Dear GTS-traders.

Did you ever wonder why no one wants to trade you Deoxys for your top percentage Rattata?

Well mainly its because Rattata is common as shit… but there is also a different reason.

This is what happened when I tried to trade my spare Deoxys for an Yveltal. 

You can’t trade Event-Pokémon. (Even though Deoxys is now available in-game in ORAS…) So no Mew, Celebi, Jirachi, Deoxys, Shaymin, Darkrai, Arceus, Moletta or Diance for you.

(Also Nintendo, can you disable asking for these? Its getting ridiculous… ) 

The Name's Joey!

I have decided to make my return move in this little war that has erupted between me and dear Fera. Also, I’ve had this idea in mind for a few hours and I finally have time to write it.

All I have to say now is the following: Your move, Fera~!


“Hey, why don’t we exchange numbers? I can call you up sometimes, maybe we can even have a rematch! Plus I’m a rookie too, so it’d be a good motivator.”

Joey noticed the strange boy who battled him, and who had won soundly, was acting odd. He kept darting his eyes around , a nervous smile on his face.

Joey frowned at the boy, who had introduced himself at the beginning of the battle as AJ.

AJ was, in Joey’s opinion, an absolute weirdo. The guy had walked by where he and another boy named Mikey had been battling numerous times, sometimes retracing his steps up to ten times in a row. He had also seen the boy battling some wild Pokemon, usually calling out random moves, using the same move several times in a row, or even stopping suddenly just to open up and root through his backpack.

After Joey had lost to Mikey, he thought that the strange boy would be a perfect opponent to show off his super awesome Rattata to. However, Joey hadn’t counted on the boy’s Totodile being so ridiculously powerful.

Not as cool as Rattata for sure, but still something else.

“Hey, what’s up? You want my number or not?” Joey asked.

Joey felt his body go tense, bracing himself for a no. Truth be told, the only numbers Joey had registered in his Poketech were those of his parents and a couple of kids he grew up with back in his hometown.

The people Joey had come across and battled with had all declined registering his number. Most were rather polite about it, saying stuff about how they already had too many numbers registered, how they only had emergency contacts registered, and so on. But there were several others who were rather blunt.

“As if I need to hear you blabbering about your stupid Rattata!”

“Yeah, right, kid. I don’t need a weakling in my contacts.”

“Um….You don’t mind?”

Joey blinked in surprise at AJ’s question, being brought back from his thoughts of past trainers.

“‘Don’t mind’?” Joey repeated.

“Don’t you think I’m…” AJ paused, as though trying to think of a proper word, “Well….weird?”

“Of course you’re weird!” Joey replied bluntly, feeling kind of bad when AJ’s shoulders drooped, “But you’re also a strong trainer. I definitely wanna fight you again…And my Rattata will kick your butt next time!”

When AJ smiled widely at that, a smile full of happiness and something like relief Joey couldn’t help but feel puzzled…and sort of nice too.

“Alright then!” AJ said, “Let’s exchange numbers!”

It was Joey’s turn to be shocked…The guy said yes? Seriously? While Joey stared at him with wide eyes and jaw dropped, AJ’s smile faltered.

“Did you change your mind?” he asked.

“NO!” Joey shouted before coughing to try and cover up how excited he felt, “I mean, yeah, you can have my number, I guess.”


“Here you go, Joey!” Nurse Joy said with a smile as she handed the boy a Pokeball, “Your Rattata is all better now!”

After saying his thanks, Joey left the Pokemon Center and brought Rattata out from the Pokeball. The Mouse Pokemon let out a disappointed squeak.

“Hey, no worries, buddy!” Joey told his partner cheerfully, “So we lost again…We’ll get them next time. After all, you’re a top percentage Rattata, aren’t you?”

Rattata brightened up at those words and jumped into Joey’s arms. The trainer pet his Pokemon’s head, glad that Rattata was alright. After all, that trainer and her Hoothoot were pretty darn powerful.

“Is there really anything that special about that Rattata?”

Joey gritted his teeth when he remembered what she said after the battle. Yes, his Rattata was definitely special! Without a doubt! It was a good thing he didn’t ask for her number.

Speaking of…

“I wonder how that AJ guy’s doing…” Joey pulled up AJ’s number on the Poketech, deciding to give the guy a call. After a minute, AJ picked up, “Hey, AJ, how’re you doing? Say do you-?”


Joey and Rattata both jumped at the yell that came from the Poketech.

“You okay?” Joey asked after a moment of hearing AJ grumble.

“Yeah, I just…walked into a tree…” AJ replied, adding in something under his breath that Joey didn’t quite catch. Although he thought he heard something about 'the voices’, “What’s up, Joey?”

“Well, I was calling to see if you wanted a rematch. My Rattata has gotten a lot stronger,” Joey grinned as Rattata puffed up with pride, “So, how’s about it?”

Joey felt a bit apprehensive when AJ didn’t say anything for a while. Was he supposed to take the silence as a no?

“Ah, sorry about that!” AJ’s voice came suddenly, “I was…looking in my backpack for something…And a rematch sounds cool! I’ll meet you in-GAH!”

Joey and Rattata exchanged looks when they heard the sounds of something tumbling and crashing.

“Oww…You know what, Joey? Just take a seat or something. I’ll be a while…”


“So, how have your Pokemon been doing?”

It had been a few days since Joey lost his rematch against AJ. Joey had been kind of nervous about calling the guy again. Not for a rematch, but just to talk.

Imagine his surprise when it was AJ who called him first. AJ had said something about things “calming down for a bit”, and he felt kind of lonely.

“Totodile’s really gotten stronger. The others are having a hard time, but I’m sure they’ll get up there soon. And they’re handling the Gyms really well. I can’t wait to take on the Elite Four!”

“Elite Four, huh?” Joey responded, “Well, if you make it there before me, be sure to mention me and my awesome Rattata when they congratulate you.”

“I’ll keep it in mind…Speaking of, how’re your Pokemon? Caught any new ones?”

“Nah, it’s just me and Rattata to the extreme end. We make the best pair, right?” Rattata chirped in agreement, “That’s right! I doubt you’ll have someone this cool in your party.”

“Is that a challenge? Cause I-Oh no…”


“I…I have to go, Joey. Things are getting kind of…busy. I’ll call later!”


It had been a few days since that odd phone call with AJ. Joey, waiting for Nurse Joy to be done treating Rattata, decided to give his fellow trainer a call to check on him.

“Hey, AJ? Yeah, it’s Joey! Got a minute?”

“Not really, Joey.”

Upon hearing the tone of AJ’s voice, Joey got worried. Was something actually wrong with AJ?

“What’s going on?” Joey asked, trying to think of what could be going on with him.

“I’m…trying to cut a tree…”


“…You know there’s an HM for that?”

“Yeah, but…I can’t exactly aim right and…Well, it took a few hours to teach it but-”


Joey didn’t care that everyone in the center was staring at him as he laughed like a maniac. To think he had been worried over nothing!

“You really are a weirdo!” Joey laughed, “Can’t even deal with a little tree!”

“It’s not my fault!”


It was late at night when Joey heard his Poketech ring. He looked over at where Rattata was sleeping soundly before grabbing the device. He was surprised at the familiar number on the screen.

“AJ?” he yawned as he answered the call, “It’s midnight.”

“…Admiral’s gone.”

Joey woke up properly at the mention of that Sentret AJ had caught a few days ago.

“It was an accident,” AJ said in a soft voice, a slight quiver in it, “I didn’t mean to…They made me….Mom wasn’t picking up and….I….”

For once, Joey chose not to speak. Instead, he just listened silently when AJ started crying.


“Hey, AJ? Yeah, it’s Joey!”

“Hey, man. OW! Darn it!”

“Another tree? Or is it a wall this time? You are-Are you crying?”


“You gonna call your mom about it?”

“Ye-NO! Shut up!”

“Rattata, can you believe this guy? Such a mama’s boy!”

“Those are fighting words! Tell me where you are and I’ll be there!”

“Just don’t fall down another ledge getting here, man.”


“Hey, you hear about that weird guy taking the Gym challenge?”

“His name’s AJ, right?”

Joey, who had been training with Rattata against the wild Pokemon in the area, looked towards the road where a couple older boys, one with a large Feraligatr and the other with a scary looking Haunter, were walking.

A weird trainer named AJ? Well, AJ wasn’t a rare name, so maybe it wasn’t-

“Yeah, the guy who won’t evolve his Totodile. Keeps having it use Leer all the time.”

Okay, that sounded like the AJ he knew for sure.

“What an idiot!” Feraligatr boy mocked, “That Totodile won’t get any stronger if he doesn’t let it evolve. How’s he even won any badges with such a stupid team?”

“And don’t forget how he keeps falling off ledges and smashing into walls,” Haunter guy laughed, “You’d think the guy was possessed or something!”


The two boys turned towards Joey, who was glaring at them, his fists clenched tightly. Rattata was right beside him, growling at the other boys’ Pokemon.

“Don’t talk about AJ like that!” Joey shouted at them.

“Oh no, it’s that Rattata boy…” Feraligatr boy groaned, “What’re you gonna do, show off your little Rattata? Feraligatr, take them out!”

Feraligatr roared as it charged towards Joey and Rattata. The Mouse Pokemon let out its own fierce cry as it ran at Feraligatr with blinding speed, before ramming it in the chest, sending the much larger Pokemon falling back.

“That’s top percentage Rattata to you.”


“Wow, so Rattata finally evolved into Raticate?”

“Yeah, I’m really proud too! Those guys made me really mad…”

“Really? What’d they do?”

“…They made fun of a friend.”


Raticate let out a cry, alerting Joey’s attention to the television. Joey’s eyes widened when he saw a familiar figure on the screen.

“It’s AJ!” he shouted happily.

AJ, who looked so much more at peace and calm than he had in recent weeks, was grinning tiredly as the TV reporter interviewed him. Behind AJ was his Pokemon team, looking excited and joyful as they waved at the camera.

“So, AJ,” the reporter began, “You’re now the Champion of the Johto region. Any plans for the future?”

AJ winced and put a hand to his forehead, frowning momentarily.

“…Sounds like I’m heading off to Kanto next,” he murmured, “Take on those guys and maybe find their missing Champion too. I heard he’s a legend.”

While the reporter kept up his questioning, Joey felt proud yet upset. AJ had become the Champion, as Joey had expected him to for weeks now. But was he really heading off to Kanto now? How would they see each other if he was in a completely different region? And if he was really aiming to find and take on the missing Champion Red…Then, AJ would become even more famous.

Maybe too famous for Youngster Joey and his Raticate…

“Oh, one more thing!”

Joey watched as AJ snatched the microphone from the surprised reporter, smiling broadly as he looked into the camera.

“Joey!” AJ shouted, shocking the young boy, “Hey look, I did it! I’m heading off to Kanto now. But when I come back, let’s have a rematch, okay? Me and my team versus you and your top percentage Raticate! Don’t forget to call while I’m over there too!”

“And who is this Joey?” the reporter asked once he grabbed his microphone back.

“A good friend!” AJ replied without hesitation.

Raticate looked up at his trainer, who was rubbing his eyes furiously upon hearing AJ’s words.

“Hey, Raticate…” Joey said after a moment, grinning, “Let’s train hard and give AJ a good match when he comes back.”


Hey everyone! This is what i’ve been working on for the past two weeks!

They’re more or less random pages from a potential idea, which I don’t really have any intent on actually making but have possible intent to draw more things for it (though not likely more comic pages, these take forevaah)

It should be pretty straight forward. Only two pages are from around the sameish point in time.

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pokemon go prediction: every once in a while, your smartphone will randomly notify that you have a message; you pick up the phone and you realize that the message left says nothing more than “remember my super cool rattata? my rattata is different from regular rattata. it’s like my rattata is in the top percentage of rattata.”

beefyowlcaptain  asked:

My first shiny ever was a shiny rattata in Gold version! Which is awesome because my name is Joey so I really had a rattata in the top percentage!!

It makes me so happy that there is an actual Joey with a shiny Rattata, amongst these shiny stories. You have a Rattata in the top percentage, and are in the top percentage in my book.