my rap world

My Rap World (Original)
Andre Nickatina
My Rap World (Original)

Andre Nickatina- My Rap World
My Vocabularies vary, its so exclusionary
You’ll find my baby pictures in modern dictionaries
Next to mighty mercenaries, and visual visionaries

And sexy women eating strawberries
I represent my mind in the 415 dime
Tryin’ to stop my rhyme is like tryin’ to stop crime
I floats like an eagle that soars through the sky
And hit the murder scene in the perfect disguise

In my rap world we bump 75 girls
Playboy short, right before court
staring at the judge like ‘what you talking bout?’
He told me to take the stick of gum out my mouth

See I’m a devil on the street from the serious rhyme
But still I’m an angel in my Mamas eyes


170326 Minho: Lucifer dance break + Rap part @ Shinee world in LA


anyone else just pretend like they don’t notice everything

like someone will try to get your attention but it’s too faint to hear so you just “don’t notice” them

or someone lightly touches your arm as you leave but you don’t wanna deal so you keep walking

I notice everything, I just pretend I don’t

dating taehyung

dear god i don’t think i’m going to be able to stop with this boy, my boo, mi amor! lmao its late I’m going to sleep after this…

  • he would STARE at you okay
  • he would be very extra to the point where you’re like…. relax
  • resting his head on your shoulder! especially if you’re around 5′5-5′8 it’ll be easier for him
  • sensitive ass everything you speak to a male typical capricorn
  • him poking your cheeks
  • selcas, so many like fuck
  • he would be so touchy i tell you that much
  • repetitive kisses!
  • also those hot make-out sessions fuck
  • he would be into neck kissing
  • eating you out? maybe…
  • you riding him? YES! all i think about is riding on his dick
  • i feel like he would tease after having sex but cuddle with you
  • moving on…
  • “hey hey hey listen to this song”
  • saying your name over and over and over and over until you get his attention 
  • he would sing his i love you’s to you
  • hugs from behind
  • may i add he would whisper in your ear that he loves you
  • looking at you and just smiling so dumb
  • he would dance for you
  • he would love walking with you no lie
  • i feel like waking him up would be a pain in the ass
  • him being extra as always
  • him taking pics of anything and making you pose
  • him always being there for you
  • he would show you off no lie
  • i think he would dig you wearing his clothes
  • he would basically suffocate you while sleeping rip
  • he would be the greatest boyfriend over all
  • i fucking love taehyung with everything i got

could’ve been longer but i’m tired.. request things!


happy laughing boys even in the cold rain