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The Winchester Way Part 5

Summary: Reader has a little rest and relaxation after her rude awakening.

Characters: Reader, Jo, OC Kyle, OC Melody, Dean

Word Count: 1,443

Warnings: SMUT, Nudity, Voyeurism, Dub-con, M/F, F/F, M/M, Virgin!Reader (just a reminder), Rough Sex, Oral Sex (male giving/receiving), Masturbation

A/N: Part 5! I would like to thank my Creative Collaborators, @sis-tafics and @negansevilqueen for all of their help and support and feedback. My brain would not cooperate and they helped giggle things loose - seriously, you have no idea! As always, HEED THE WARNINGS!!! I am not that experienced with writing smut, so I hope it’s alright. And feedback is greatly appreciated!  : )

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Okay, in an attempt to revive my creativity, for the time being I am going to limit myself to plotted threads. That means anything resulting from a random starter is being dropped. I am still up for new things, they just have to have SOME direction to them because I just can’t improv like I used to. So like this if you’re interested in working something out or hit me up through the ask or IM.


        Brokenmagxc’s Official One Year Anniversary!!

First of all, wow. Can I just…wow. I had never, ever, expected to get this far with Arthur, yet here we are a whole year later, still going strong. Wow. I am literally at a loss of words. It means so much to have made it this far, especially with all of you out there still cheering me on ‘til this day. Literally, when I realized just how much time has passed since I made this cute little cinnamon roll, I cried real, ugly tears. It may not seem like much to some of you but, to me, this marks so many great accomplishments. Not only have I made tons of great friends, but to finally hold the interest and attention of myself, as well as others, for such a long period of time brings me such pride and joy. When I first made Arthur, I had so many doubts and fears and worries about how long he was going to last. I loved the idea of him so much, and I planned so many great things that have been expanded on since then. But, always had I had the problem of maintaining interest and time. Always had doubt festered because of the insecurity I had toward my own ideas. My track record for keeping characters has been a horrid one, admittedly, because I’ve always held so many questions as to whether or not people would like him, enjoy him and give him a chance, as well as whether or not I’d be able to keep him alive on here. For a moment, I almost chickened out at the thought of losing such a great, great part of me. But all of you, every single one of you that has clicked that follow button, or talked to me, or bonded with Arthur, has fueled such a strong will to keep him and develop him. Every single one of you who I’ve shared precious moments with, and who mean and have done so much in Arthur’s life have kept his heart beating strong all this time, and with the rate of which this continues, we’re hoping to stay for many years to come. It is such a great honor, a great pleasure, to have the chance to share him with all of you, and even though the giveaway below is for mutuals, I am addressing all of you out there who follow me when I say thank you. Thank you so much for sharing your interest in him, and being so kind to me since the birth of this blog. I love every single one of you, every single one, and will always, always save a spot in my heart for ya’ll <3


As a thank you present, I am happy to present a first attempt (among many) at finally doing one of these giveaway things!! Bear with me here, for I don’t exactly have PS nor do I do edits often so, I had to get creative with these, but I hope the winners do enjoy their prizes!! Like and reblog as much as you’d like! Winners are going to be chosen at random by a number generator on JUNE 28th. The only requirements I have are that you are MUTUALLY FOLLOWING ME (reason for this is being because I intend to get a little personal with the prizes and that is harder to do with non-mutuals) and are a ACTIVE ROLE-PLAY BLOG. People who unfollow during this, do not have a mutual follow, or have been notably inactive for over a month without a hiatus notice will not be eligible. 

1st place - ONE person gets a VIDEO/AUDIO SHOUT OUT from me, as well as a PROMO GRAPHIC (and a nice paragraph to go with it) and a PLACE ON MY BLOG to be promo’d.

2nd place - TWO people get PROMO GRAPHICS (and a nice paragraph to go with it) as well as a PLACE ON MY BLOG to be promo’d.

3rd place - THREE people get a PLACE ON MY BLOG to be promo’d and NICE PRIVATE MESSAGES expressing how awesome you are

And last but not least—

Bias List ( because I can. under cut )

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