I think it’s fascinating how Jasper is pretty much the only gem who, when confronted by her “enemies” doesn’t attack as her first reaction, but instead asks “why”. And not just once, but practically every time.

To Steven: Rose, why do you look like that? Why are you so weak?

To Garnet: You’re both out, and you’re fused again? Why?

To Lapis: What are you doing? (The why implied.)

And yet there are still people who call Jasper a brainless brute. Amazing.

  • Ravenclaw:star gazing into the night, torn up journals, thin tipped pens sharp enough to stab someone with, messy buns, vanilla and cinnamon wafting through the air, writing on their arms, silver rings
  • Slytherin:pin straight hair, mint leaves and roses, waking up at midnight and dawn alike, silky blankets, pristine books, fairy lights instead of Christmas ones, sweetened coffee drinks
  • Hufflepuff:drawing and painting on the walls, the summer sun, curls falling into their faces, thick knit sweaters, bicycles, flowery and citrus perfume, pillows on the floor, organized notes from class
  • Gryffindor:wild braids, unbuttoned flannel shirts, tea cups filled to the brim, burning wood, swimming at sunset, skipping, hipster glasses creating ridges in their noses, pastries in fancy boxes

Okay but you know what? Rick fucking abandoned his daughter. Again.

And no, I’m not talking about the season 2 finale. I’m talking about Rick Potion #9.

Where he left Beth, Summer and Jerry in a goddamn Cronenberg wasteland to fend for themselves. Even though he should have known that they didn’t get transformed, because they are related to Morty.

He could’ve looked for a dimension where the whole family didn’t exist, and taken all of them there. But no. He only took Morty with him.

You know what that makes me think? That the Beth from that dimension isn’t even Rick’s Beth. That Rick’s Beth, the one from his original dimension, has been dead for a long time.

In fact, I’m willing to bet that Rick has done this a bunch of times already. Hopping from dimension to dimension, always fleeing from the Galactic Federation, hanging out with different versions of his family but always abandoning them when things get rough.

I mean hell, the whole series starts out with him wanting to create a “fresh start”.

Because to Rick, people - even his own family members - are replaceable.

Because he’s already lost the real versions of the people he loves, and he’s been replacing them, again and again. Because he still craves those connections, but at the same time, he’s afraid of them. So he’s made himself numb, he’s not allowing himself to open up anymore. He goes to live with Beth and her family, because it’s the only thing he can do, really, but he’s still shutting himself off from them, ready to leave at any time.

So what changed? Why did Rick sacrifice himself?

I think that the current versions of Beth, Morty and Summer are actually the ones that Rick has spent the most time with up to this point (not counting Jerry bc he might have been replaced in Mortynight Run; also Rick clearly doesn’t care about Jerry). He spent 6 months alone with Summer and Morty after they froze time. And he’s apparently worried enough about his attachment to them, that he created a whole freaking presentation about how he doesn’t care about them.

Yeah, right.

Rick’s whole character arc in Season 2 has been about him opening up to others, and getting hurt as a result. It happened with Unity, it happened with Birdperson, and in the end, it’s been happening all along with his family. He got too attached, he opened himself up, and now he realizes that he can’t go on like this, that he can’t abandon them again and start over.

Not this time.

  • Clark:I can't believe that you created the Justice League to Honor my memory
  • Bruce:'Builds the Justice League explicitly because Clark makes him trust again'
  • Bruce:'Pays for Clarks funeral'
  • Bruce:'Constantly defending Clark, reminding everyone how heroic he was in the end'
  • Bruce:'Men are still good'
  • Bruce to Clark:Please, get over yourself, I don't even know if you can be in the league

can we talk about one of the least mentioned–but most interesting–things about magnus and alec’s relationship? how intelligent both of them are. magnus speaks indonesian, spanish, english, multiple demonic languages, and other mundane languages he picked up while traveling. alec is the one they rely on to interpret another language in CoHF because, in his words, he’s the only one “who paid attention in language lessons,” but we all know it’s because when alec takes an interest in something, that’s it, he’s going to be an expert at it. magnus can spend hours pouring over texts and alec has a deep love of books. magnus knows history and geography (even if he does enjoy playing around with the “facts” every now and then). alec spends time listening and learning–absorbing information in the “background”–as he becomes the liaison between shadowhunters and downworlders. magnus teaches. alec negotiates. they are respected leaders who are actively sought out for their wisdom, help, and advice.

they are the definition of a power couple.