my raccoon

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I am like so in love with that roxy doing an uppercut I can't even possibly express it. Thank you for gifting the world with that

mistermoxie said: Good morning! I really dig the new style you used for your Roxy art! I really like the backlighting and the shine on her eyes. She looks like a smol squishy fite friend. Lalondes are my Big Favorite and I love them all the more in your style!

aw dang thanks a lot guys!!!

roxy’s my Big Fave™ too, and i fricking love doodling her, so im really glad y’all enjoy the way i draw her :,0

here’s another rolal for you:


Some process pics of a raccoon from my snap story. I put clay in the feet, and add a lot more to the body for shape and filling in cracks. Still working on my method but this is usually what I do! I like to use blue polystyrene foam for carving, but this is about as big as I’ll go using that, otherwise it’s too weak. Excuse the backgrounds, I do about everything on my floor and desk in my room.


tv wlw appreciation week: favorite badass moment // lexa, the 1OO (3x04: watch the thrones)

the queen is dead – long live the king.


RWBY x PASWG Part II! Made in a rush but I liked how these turned out ( ◎▽◎)