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Headcanon #10: Midnight Stroll

Unease would be putting his feelings for Jim’s penchant for late night walks lightly. 

His primary function on this dear, green Earth is to keep that man alive. Which is a fucking difficult job considering the fact that the man’s about as concerned for his own safety as Evel fucking Knievel. 

What makes matters worse is that for the most part when Moriarty decides to go on one of these wondrous strolls, he’s shut off all forms of communication and just zoned out with his bloody iPod. He’ll only find out he’s off if he hears him leave in the middle of the night or if he texts those horrible five little words “I’m going for a walk”. 

If he’s out of the city, there’s usually shit all he can do about it (except call one of the employees to stalk him); but if he is around and he know’s the Pixie Bastard is out for a stroll, he won’t be too far behind. Whatever Jim thinks. He’s often pulling a Batman and hanging out in the rafters, on the tops of buildings – well no. He’s most likely a good bit behind. And it has to be a considerable distance unless Jim is really zoned out. 

It’s simple enough to tell. He has a slight sway to his step, if he’s listening to music. And sometimes his hand, at his waist will do a curiously entrancing twisting movement in time to the music. In that case, Sebastian could well walk alongside him and he probably wouldn’t notice or care. 

Maybe he does know, but he hasn’t let on yet if he does. It just makes Sebastian happier to know he’s safe. It’s a completely selfish act in that respect.

In-Depth 30 Day Character Development Meme: Day Three
  • Choose a different time period and describe what your character would have been like in that time period.

It doesn’t matter when, or where – Sebastian would always been a warrior. He would have been a hunter, or a fighter or a soldier. The likelihood is that he would always have worked under some form of a King; and even in the most civilized of societies he would have been the gentleman criminal with an impeccable shot. 

One of Jesse James’ thugs.

Professor Moriarty’s Sniper.

A Gladiator.

An assassin.

A fucking ninja. 

It wouldn’t matter, his story translates into essentially ever time period and culture. He wouldn’t change a thing. As long as his life was fast-paced and adrenaline runs thick, he’s as close to happy as he’ll ever get.