my queue says her party is in an old abandoned barn and we're heading there now

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Sashi, what's going on with the canon timeline? Because I know they skipped a few years but then in "As Time Goes By," it was 2013? Isn't that not right? -Confused Anon

That’s one of the things that SHOULDN’T bother me so much, but good lord does it bother me. It’s just a super continuity error thing that they haven’t cared about at all. The show SHOULD TECHNICALLY be in 2015 right now, because twice now a year has been skipped [between seasons 5 and 6 and again between 7 and 8]. But every time anything shows a date, it’s been the actual real world year, and it BUGS ME UGH.

like it’s not important, obviously. It’s not plot-necessary BUT IT BUGS ME SO MUCH THEY ARE SUPPOSED TO BE TWO YEARS OLDER UUUUGH