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Where Black Canary goes, trouble follows.

Black Canary v4 (2015-16) #1-6. Happy National Superhero Day!!

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I don't know if a drabble with more than one ship would be a good idea for you? But i would love a Disney World Trip fic with Biadore, Pearlet and Trixya 💙

Thank you darling! This is just super fluff, I needed it after all the smut 😂 Trixie and Katya are cis girls cos it’s easier to write than having two Brian’s!

Send me sentence prompts and drag race pairings and I’ll write you a little drabble!

‘I want to go on Space Mountain!’ Jason jumped up and down excitedly.
‘I want to see Cinderella’s Castle!’ Trixie sighed dreamily at the thought.
'No way! I want to go on the Haunted Mansion!’ Danny sulked a little. Their other half’s looked between each other and rolled their eyes.
'I guess we’ll be going out separate ways already.’ Matt chuckled lightly.
'Meet up later?’ Katya addressed them all.
'For much needed drinks I’m sure.’ Roy rolled his eyes. Matt took hold of Jason’s hand and they headed to Space Mountain. Katya was pulled along towards Cinderella’s Castle and Roy put his arm around Danny’s shoulders as they made their way to the Haunted Mansion. So much for a fun day for the six of them, they should have known this would happen.

Jason was still jumping up and down like a small child as they neared the front of the queue. Matt chuckled a little and kissed him to try and calm him but it didn’t seem to work. When it was their turn to board the ride, Jason grabbed Matt’s arm tightly and pulled him to their seats.
'Oh my god I’m so excited.’ Jason screeched a little as they were strapped in.
'Really? I’d never have guessed.’ Matt chuckled. Jason nudged him in the arm.
'Hey, I’ve been wanting to come here since I was like five, I’m allowed to be excited.’
'Anyone would think you still are five.’ Matt teased, poking his tongue out. Jason nudged him again.
'I’m going to get you back for that remark. But not right now. Space Mountain is more important than telling you off.’

'Oh my god it’s even more amazing than I thought it would be!’ Trixie gushed looking up at Cinderella’s Castle. Katya laughed a little seeing the awe in her girlfriends eyes. She looked like a small child as she looked up at the castle. 'I’ve waited for this for so long.’
Katya wrapped her arm around the younger girl and kissed the side of her face.
'It is pretty impressive.’ But it is just a fake castle, Katya added her in head. She never in a million years expected to be at Disneyworld, this so wasn’t her idea of fun. It wasn’t Matt’s and Roy’s either but they’d all made the sacrifice for their other half’s.
'Oh my god, it’s Cinderella!’ Trixie suddenly screeched, jumping out of Katya’s hold. Katya followed her gaze to the woman dressed like the princess talking to some small children. 'Am I too old to get a photo with her?’
'A little.’ Katya admitted. 'But if it’s going to make you happy then let’s do it.’ She took her hand and led Trixie closer. Trixie looked nervous as though she was approaching a celebrity. Katya thought it was silly, but she also thought it was adorable.

'I really don’t know about this.’ Roy shook his head as they were being led to their carriage on the Haunted Mansion.
'Oh come on Roy I’ve been looking forward to this for ages!’ Danny pushed him towards their seats. Roy swallowed. The ride hadn’t even started and it was dark and the music was ominous. Roy was quite jumpy and he knew he was going to hate every second of this. 'It’s going to be fun! And I’ll be right next to you.’ Danny got him to sit down and Danny sat next to him. Roy gripped his hand tightly.
'I’m older than you. I might have a heart attack.’
'You will not have a heart attack.’ Danny laughed, squeezing his hand. 'It’s going to be fine. Promise.’
Roy sighed but as the ride started his heart skipped a beat. He was dreading this. But Danny seemed so happy so he was willing to do this for him. Even if he did have a heart attack in the process.

'That was amazing! I want to go again!’ Jason was still jumping up and down as they exited the ride. Matt’s legs felt like jelly and his stomach felt like it was in his throat. In fact after the way they’d been tossed about on that ride he felt like none of his vital organs were where they should be. 'Are you ok?’ Jason frowned noticing his boyfriend was pale. Matt shook his head. He doubled over suddenly and threw up all over Jason’s shoes. Jason groaned, his excitement faded instantly. Matt stood back up and wiped his hand over his mouth.
'Sorry pumpkin.’ He shrugged. 'I’m not good on rollercoasters.’
'Why didn’t you say anything?’ Jason stroked his back.
'Because you were so excited about it. I haven’t been on one since I was kid, I thought I’d be ok but…but…oh god…’ he doubled over again and threw up once more, thankfully not on Jason’s feet this time. Jason continued to stroke Matt’s back while he emptied his stomach.

'I look like a teenage fan girl.’ Trixie grimaced as she looked at the photo of her and Cinderella that Katya had taken. Katya laughed. 'You look adorable.’
'I look fan girly.’
'Adorably fan girly.’ Katya kissed her. 'Did you enjoy that?’
'Then that’s all that matters.’ Katya kissed her again. 'Oh and by the way,’ she leant closer to Trixie’s ear. 'You are way prettier than her.’
A deep blush spread to Trixie’s cheeks at Katya’s words. She didn’t believe it for a second but she loved Katya for saying it.

Roy’s heart had never beat so hard. His hands were shaking and he felt like he’d just seen a ghost or several, which he had. Danny bit his lip trying not to laugh at his boyfriend.
'Just laugh, I know you’re dying to.’ Roy rolled his eyes.
'There were kids on that ride not nearly as scared as you.’ Danny started cackling. 'It’s all make believe baby, none of its real.’
'I know that.’ Roy scoffed. 'I’m just jumpy. You know that.’ Why didn’t he go on Space Mountain with Matt and Jason? Or even to see the castle with Trixie and Katya? He was sure neither of those experiences were as traumatising.
'Sorry baby. I appreciate you coming on it though.’ Danny cupped his face and kissed him.
'You owe me.’ Roy spoke into his lips.
'Of course sweetie, whatever you want.’

All six of them ended up having a good day, despite a rocky start for some of them. A good, but exhausting day. They met at the House of Blues for dinner and drinks that evening, drinks being the main priority. They didn’t do much talking while they drank, it had been a very long day. Danny stroked Roy’s hand and kissed him softly.
'Thank you for doing this for me baby.’ He whispered to the older man.
'You’re welcome baby.’
Trixie cuddled up to Katya and rested her head on her shoulder.
'I can’t believe I met Cinderella.’ She sighed sleepily. 'Thank you for convincing me to go over to her.’
'Anytime baby.’
Matt felt a little better by now but he’d decided against drinking. He sipped his cola as Jason stroked his hair back off.
'You really are the best, you know that?’
'So you’re not going to kick my ass for the comment I made earlier?’
'I’ll let you have that one.’ Jason chuckled and kissed him softly.
'Guys?’ Roy spoke up, addressing them all. They all turned to look at him. 'As fun as this is, maybe next year we can go on a vacation we’re all going to enjoy?’
'Agreed.’ Katya and Matt spoke in unison. They all started laughing. Honestly, it wasn’t as bad as the three cynics had thought it would be. As long as their partners were happy, that’s all that really mattered to them anyway.


I haven’t been doing so hot the last few days. Something snapped in me that caused my [never treated] depression to revert back to how it was three years ago, which is very not good. I am working hard to finish commissions in my queue and open them back up. Please do not take it personally if I do not respond, as I feel like I could break down or pass out at any moment. I love all of you and hope you never have to feel the way I do right now.

hey y’all. did I tell you I cut my hair? it’s too short. my fault; my lovely stylist cut a bunch off and was like “here?” and I was like “nah, keep going!” foolish. I have absurdly thick hair. I have always had absurdly thick hair. I will never pull off the cute piece-y lazy short bob and I still try to every couple of years because I cannot learn from my mistakes. anyway we’re learning to get along. work is a nightmare this week. I applied for another job yesterday! again! so. i’ma go queue ten thousand poi posts now. hope your lives are good.

How time runs in the different circles of Hell in Cambionverse.

We ran into difficulty trying to figure out how much time was passing in Hell during various storyline events because canon conflicts itself because Dean says his four months felt like forty years 4.10), whereas Sam says his two or three minutes felt like a week. There are a few explanations to this, one being that Sam wasn’t actually in Hell for that flashback, so it’s only his mind that felt like it was gone for a week, but…

Well, we decided that was too easy and that we needed to make things hard on ourselves, so we went with an Inception-like system where the deeper into Hell you go, the slower time passes, because Hell is all about the torture. (You’ll notice that with this formula, time passes faster in Heaven, reflecting the old “time flies when you’re having fun” adage.)

We went with nine circles of Hell because of the Dante references in S6, the ninth circle holding Lucifer’s Cage as it does in Dante-canon.

A few things about this table:

  • obviously, EM/HM stands for Earth Minutes/Hell Minutes
  • the calculation formula is 2.51543669159^x, where x = the level of hell
  • the formula is not ours; this genius came largely from the mind of the amazing rubato, whom without we would be nowhere
  • Dean was in in the fifth circle. He was in Hell from May 2 to September 18, roughly 201,600 Earth minutes. This formula has those Hell minutes being something like 38-39 years in his circle of Hell, which we’re more than willing to call “good enough,” as it’s not like they had calendars or whatever down there, and Dean’s attention was more than a little monopolized at the time. (Why Wrath instead of Violence or Heresy? Honestly, the math worked better. Poor Dean wouldn’t be out of place on any circle, though, would he?)
  • Sam, of course, was in the ninth circle with Michael and Lucifer. We used 2.5 minutes for him to stay right between the “two or three” mentioned in the show. This bit is more exact; multiply 4032 by 2.5 and you come up with 10080, the number of minutes in a week exactly.
  • Castiel finally has a good explanation for always showing up to Earth a few minutes late, bless
  • demons, on the other hand, can mobilize alarmingly quickly, especially the more powerful ones coming from the lower levels; demons from the ninth circle would have three days to get their shit together in the time it takes Dean to finish scratching his balls in the morning
  • Purgatory is said to be “Hell-adjacent,” but Crowley said it, and he’s a liar and also sir-not-appearing-in-this-verse, so there’s no reasons why Purgatory can’t be Earth-adjacent too/instead. It runs the same as Earth time because it, like Earth, is an “in-between” of Heaven and Hell. (Just go with it!)

An awful lot of work went into figuring this out, so if you wind up using these calculations, we would REALLY appreciate a link back! 

(If you were wondering about some of the “encyclopedia”-like stuff we mentioned earlier, this is one of those things we do behind the scenes and almost never use, and if we did use it nobody would realize it, but it’s super cool anyway. Right now I (Liz) am trying to clean up a few more entry-things to get them in the queue. This would be easier if more of them were complete!)

this is gonna be complicated bUT

i don’t have a laptop over the summer, this is a yearly thing. dUring the summer i usually use the mobil version of apps + websites, which is a pain in the ass. but!!!!! my phone broke today, i can’t get it to charge, even if the chord works, and i’m too poor to get it replaced any time soon, so i might not be online???? my queue is all set until july so no one’s gonna notice or care, but this is here!!!!!!!! i’m not ignoring you if i’m never responding!!!!! and @ my followers who actually like my posts and send me anons, i’m sorry. 


good night!

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Your art is so beautiful! Do you use watercolor? I love how some colors blend into each other in like smoke, and others are contained in their shapes. Visually stunning! Giving me all the feels.

Hiya anon!

I use watercolour pencils primarily (a combination of Derwent and Faber Castell Albrecht Durer) and then go over with coloured pencil. It’s a lot of fun. :D My ink / watercolour pencil thing has been a thing for a long time, though I occasionally break out of that to work in straight up watercolours or soft pastels.

I’ve been meaning to break out the soft pastels again, I really should!

anonymous asked:

ok so i literally just put your entire btsgfx tag into my queue because damn i love your work so much. i love how minimal yet beautiful your work is & i couldn't praise you enough!!! but one thing i esp noticed was how well you blend your colours & idk what psds you use (i'm guessing you make it on spot) but can you give tips/a tutorial on how you colour so well??? (like in ur recent listen to my voice: prelude 2/2 gfx). its okay if you don't wanna tho i understand <3 - @bangtaehyungs

first of all, thank you so much! your comments mean a lot to me :)

second, some tips on coloring (kinda??). there’s only really two things i can think of right now which are:

1. don’t rely too much on premade psds. 

i’m not saying don’t use them at all. in fact, i use a couple myself (for both gifs and gfx). however, most of the times, you won’t, or at least i don’t, get the desired coloring you want. you’re half right about me making my psds on the spot. once i apply my base psd, i add several layers under and/or over the psd to achieve the look i want.

my advice (especially if you’re not used to them yet) would be to mess around with a lot of adjustment layers. some are pretty straight forward such as the brightness/contrast layer and the hue/saturation layer. some require a bit more experimenting such as the selective color layer or the channel mixer layer (at least in my experience).

2. layer images and change blending modes.

i’ve done this in the past and now i’m starting to do this more. what i do is layer several images on top of each other to give the gfx more dimension and depth ifthatmakesanysenseatall. 

it’s hard to explain so here’s a diagram:

this is how i created the last image from the ‘prelude (2/2)’ gfx. basically i layered each image (1 on the bottom, 3 on top) and used those settings(?) to create the desired blending i wanted. i can’t really tell you which blending modes are the best to use because it’s going to be different every time. but like with the adjustment layers. your best bet is just to experiment with different ones and see how each one changes the blending with the image underneath.

i’m no ps master so i’m sure there are tons of other ways to achieve better coloring. my biggest tip and the most general would literally just be to mess around with everything. most of the tricks i’ve picked up on the way were just through trying out each tool, layer, mode, etc.

also im nnnnearly done w my par.ks and rewatch and uh??? need more mindnumbing bg noise tht interests me so i dont spiral. i have project r.unway in my hulu queue but ive never seen it before so its jsut like??? hope this works

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Hey so I see that Adrien propose to Marinette, did you expect that or did you think you would have to step in and nudge him to that?

My game can’t handle script mods, so I dont have the story progression mod, and even at the highest free will setting, the sims will only do so much. If I left them alone, they would mostly just keep themselves alive and go to work. 

That being said, I play the game like this: If a sim get a whim to do something, I’ll step in and queue the action for them. For example, while we were at the boutique opening, Adrien got the whim to propose to Marinette. If I would have left him alone, he would have never initiated the action on his own, so i took over for him.

I think this is a good way to let the sims control their own stories while still making progress.

Final Countdown

Request: Deanxreader where there is a countdown on human wrists that count to the moment you meet your soulmate. And Dean finds reader and they’re scared and he’s worried what will happen to reader because of his way of life but things work out!!! Fluff fluff and more fluff please????

A/N: First of all can i repeat a million times how sorry I am this never made it’s way into the queue, I feel so bad, so I’m ditching all my other requests right now (i have like 5) and I’m writing this for you for the inconvenience and GOSH I AM SO SORRY

ANYWAYS feedback is always welcome and you’re more than welcome to send an ask and tell me how angry you are it took this long. i will take it with balls.

Author: Emily

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: Some language, but it’s loosely based off the movie TiMer on Netflix.

Summary: Sometimes, people actually get these things. The timers. Dean thinks it’s a hoax, that a timer they surgically place inside your arm would actually know who your soulmate is. But, he got one anyways, and now, it finally begins to count down. 

Words n/a

Y/H/C: your hair color

Y/E/C: your eye color

Dean really hates this thing. It’s bulky (you’d think if they can come up with the technology to know who your soulmate is, they’d have the technology to make it at least attractive looking and not a hunk of beeping metal stuck in your arm), annoying (aka the beeping), and stressful.

Before, Dean’s timer hadn’t made a single blip. How it works is: if you get a timer and it’s counting down when they activate it, your soulmate has a timer and it displays the years, months, days, hours, minutes, and very seconds until you meet them. When you do, Dean heard it blanks out and flashes and so does theirs. However, if the timer doesn’t even show up, it means your soulmate doesn’t have a timer and therefore can’t connect to yours.

Dean thinks it’s a hoax. Surely the timers have numbers or something and they just randomize them and link two together. But, he begins to doubt it when he wakes up to an annoying beeping one morning in the motel room with Sam snoring in the other bed.

“What the….” Dean grumbles, rolling over and holding his wrist up to squint at the annoying timer on his skin. His eyes widen he sees the countdown. 2d:4h:30m:12s

Dean grabs the closest thing to him and chucks it over to Sam, hitting him square in the face. He snorts when he jumps awake. “SAM!” Dean throws another pillow. “It’s fucking counting down!”

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Sherlock Meme  |  [1/9] Scenes
  ↳ Stag Night

I’ll take that cool expression of yours… and make it hot.

picture taken by [x]

Poor Post (Call It Off melody)
(Original artist: Tegan and Sara)


I won’t regret saying this 
This thing that I’m saying
Is it better than keeping my mouth shut?
That goes without saying

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The freaking doge meme

Oh no, oh no, please no
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oh, post, poor post, I’ll always love you so

I follow too many blogs
So what? ‘don’t really care
Lost in fandoms, don’t know who I am
But I’ve got a new family

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This post is really great
It goes well with your theme
As long as it isn't 
The freaking doge meme

Oh no, oh no, please no
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I’ll never find it again
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oh, post, poor post, I’ll always love you so

The Musketeers - Sets vs. Reality: Pinon (Estate & Village)

Guys, first of all sorry for the lack of new gifs and stuff lately, but I’ve been working 60+ hours weeks for the past few months (and will for the foreseeable future) and my creativity has left the building together with my free time. I’ll try to get back into the swing of things asap, but bear with me (and my queue) for a little longer, please.

Anyway. I needed something to cheer me up and make me forget about work for a bit and fortunately I managed to convince inwe-k to go on a Mini-Musketour last weekend, though there wasn’t a whole lot left for us to see after three tours. We finally managed to make it to Pinon, though (we’ve had the estate on our list since tour 1, but never actually managed to get there), so yay for that. It pretty much looks like it did on the show (though they washed out the color on the mansion and changed the doors), but unfortunately you can’t tour the inside. Nevertheless, I’m glad we finally made it there!

i’m picturing feuilly getting a bad cold and his friends make him stay home from work because he’s shivering and sneezing and they wrap him in piles of blankets and all that’s visible is his eyes and red nose and one of them calls into his jobs to tell them he’s sick and he’s not sure how to react because he’s never had people take care of him like this before especially not for something small like a cold and oh no oh noooo it’s too cute he’s too cute

**dont delete or else i will find you and drown you in arizona tea hehehe**

HEY EVERYBODY i’m honestly so sorry that i haven’t been online or been posting normally since last year because of school work and all my other activities so i never have time even on holidays but now i do on my 4 day weekend so TIME FOR A BOTW! 


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