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SPN Writing Challenge | breathingdestiel vs. sataniccas 
prompt: proposal
pairings: dean/cas
word count: 3,500
tags: kid!fic, hs!au, best friends to lovers, fluff


          8 years old

Castiel Novak sat on the bench in the school’s playground. His eyes were glued to a boy standing near the school entrance and looking absolutely lost. Dean Winchester was a new kid and Cas wanted to help him, but he wasn’t sure how. Still, he understood how Dean had to be feeling, so he took a deep breath and made his way over to the other boy.

“Hello, Dean.”

Dean looked at him questioningly. “Hi?”

“I have a proposal you won’t be able to refuse,” Cas said in a rushed breath. It was a phrase he had heard his mother say on the phone when he had visited her in her office. He was sure it was appropriate for this situation too.

“What?” Dean croaked as his eyebrows shot up.

“Be my friend.”

After one slow blink, Dean frowned. “I thought proposal meant you’re asking someone to marry you.”

“Oh, well it can mean that, but it also means you’re offering something.”

“Huh, I didn’t know that. You’re really smart.”

Cas blushed and looked at his shoes. “I’m not; my mother explained it to me when I asked her about it.”

“I ask my mom a lot of things, but I forget most of it. So you are smart.”

“Thank you, but I think you’re smart too. Your brain is probably just too small, so you can’t remember everything. It will grow, don’t worry,” Cas explained seriously.

Dean nodded thoughtfully, “Thanks… Cas is your name, right?”

“It’s actually Castiel, but only the teachers call me that. You can call me Cas.”

“Great. Look, two swings are free. Let’s go.” Dean grabbed Cas’ hand and pulled him towards the swings.

“Wait, does this mean you’ll be my friend?”

A huge grin broke out on Dean’s face. “Of course I will. It’s an offer, uh, a proposal I can’t refuse.”

10 years old

Cas laughed as Dean made another silly face and, in return, made Dean laugh too. Cas had spent the whole day at Dean’s house because his mother had an important meeting and his babysitter had cancelled, but Cas still wasn’t bored or fed up. They had watched TV, read comic books and played with Dean’s younger brother Sam.

At the moment, they were in Dean’s room where they had tried to play two-player charades, but had soon given up because they couldn’t keep a straight face for long enough.

“Hey, Cas?”

“Yes, Dean?”

“I have a proposal you won’t be able to refuse,” Dean answered with a toothy grin.

“What is it?” Cas asked as his lips lifted up in a small smile of his own.

“Sleep over.”

Cas thought about it. He had never slept over in the two years they had been friends, but there was no reason he shouldn’t. And he definitely didn’t want the fun to stop. “I have to ask my mother, though.”

“Yes!” Dean pumped his fist in the air. “She’ll say yes for sure. C’mon, let’s call her, my mom will definitely persuade her.”

Dean dragged him to the kitchen, where his mother Mary was washing dishes.

“Hey, Mom, can Cas stay the night?” Dean jumped excitedly around her.

“Sure, if Naomi agrees.”

“Could you please call her and ask?” Cas questioned, more calmly than Dean, but his excitement was still evident.

A few minutes and one phone call later, Naomi had agreed for Cas to stay overnight and she promised to bring his pajamas and toothbrush. Both of the boys were thrilled that they were allowed to spend more time with each other.

After several hours, both boys were bundled up in Dean’s bed, exhausted but content.

“I’m so glad you’re my best friend,” Dean whispered.

Cas smiled. “I’m glad too, Dean.”

“We’re going to have sleepovers when we’re old too, right?”

“Of course,” Cas said and took hold of Dean’s hand.

“Can’t wait.” Dean squeezed back.

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#108: He’s The New Kid | High School AU

A/N: Requested by a sweet anon! I loved it! 


Your mind was fuzzed as you squeezed your eyes to get a better look at the black board from far distance in front of you, your teacher writing up yet another boring math example. At times you wondered why you were even placed in the back of the class, it was always a hell to try to see what was on the board and it was problematic because you could never understand the math problems and not to see how to fix them made it ten times worse. The sudden sound of knocks coming from the door interrupted your teacher from being in his zone, stopping from writing on the board and watching as the principal of the school walking inside with a tall blond boy behind him. They talked for a bit before your teacher cleared his throat even though everyone was staring at him, pointing at the blond haired boy and introducing him. “Ladies and gentleman, this is Luke Hemmings. He’s a new student at our school and he’s gonna be with us here at math.” Small whispers were shared as people stared at Luke, but you didn’t mind. Until your teacher announced that he was going to sit next to you since your best friend wasn’t at school today. Taking a seat next to you, he could feel your eyes staring at him as he started to take out a notebook with math examples and a pencil case to scribble down notes from the blackboard. Your teacher started to talk again and that was your queue to take notes, yet you couldn’t see a thing and when your teacher handed out a task for you to make before class was over, your eyes went wide and stared at it like it could fix itself. “Fucking shit, I don’t even need this in my life..” You cursed while trying to solve the math problems, feeling Luke staring at you. “You don’t know what to do?” He asked in polite and you shook your head. He moved a little bit closer to you, taking your pencil and explaining how to do the math problem. “How can you be so good?” You asked amazed and he started to blush a dark shade of red. “My mom is a math teacher. I guess it’s in the genes.” He explained with a joke, his voice soft yet shy. “That’s so awesome.” You said with a smile, making Luke shrug. “I guess I’m just lucky.” He shrugged and you nodded your head. “You are because I don’t get a shit of this and I’m not lucky at all.” He chuckled by your words while looking down at his pencil. ”I can help you at times if you want? We can trade, you teach me stuff about the school, who to be with and who to avoid. In treat for that I can teach you some math skills.” Luke reached his hand out for you to reach and you looked down at it before forming a small smile, “Deal Hemmings.”


Sitting with your legs on top of the chair in front of you, your whole body was resting against your chair as you watched the football players in front of you on the field running around determined to get the ball while your coach yelled around with his whistle when things weren’t as he wanted. A bag of chips was open and resting nicely on your stomach, almost having your full attention but that was soon taken away. A sports bag was dropped on the chair next to you, giving you a slight shock and making you look to see who it was, a boy with brown memorizing eyes and dirty dark hair standing in a football uniform. “Hello.” He smiled as he looked down at you, seeming to have full energy. “Hi.” You said a bit off, looking at him with curious eyes. “I’m a new student.” He introduced as to why you looked so weird at him, your mouth forming a big ‘o’ in understanding. “Oh you’re the exchange student from Australia?” You asked, already having heard about him from your coach who had announced that you would have a quite professional footballer who had to try out today’s training. He nodded his head with a smile. “I’m Y/N.” You said as he sat down next to you to tie his shoes. “I’m Calum.” He answered in polite smiling over at you. “I’m usually on the team. Though I’m prevented from playing for a while.” You sad in a sad tone, looking out in the distance. “How come?” Calum asked interested, taken off his sweater and placed it down his bag, showing off an Australian football jersey. “Sprained foot.” You pointed down at your foot that was wearing a way bigger comfy sock than your other, Calum’s eyes wide and a small “ouch” camefrom his mouth. “It was a football accident, but I’ll be out on the field in no time.” You chuckled, looking back at the field where girls and boys were chasing around after the exact same ball. “That’s tragic.” Cal commented while he tied his football boots, looking up at the field as he was now ready. “Kind of, but I’m used to it, it’s not the first time.” You chuckled watching as Calum stood up from his chair. “I would love to talk to you again Cal. You seem like a cozy guy.” You smiled up at him and he seemed to blush a bit. “You too Y/N. I would love to see how good you are on a field.” You shrugged your shoulders with a smirk as he giggled down at you. “But first I have to impress your coach to see if he’ll qualify me for your team.”  “Go show them.” You chuckled, waving after him as he ran down the stairs towards your coach ready to introduce himself before he could run out on the field on show his very best to get on the team. And he sure did because you were impressed to say at least, watching how your other teammates seemed to have a hard time with Calum’s fast long legs.


Thunderstorms and lightening were clouding over your school with dark clouds, all the lights in the school on full power since the weather had made everything dark and gloomy. Your eyes were focused on the book in front of you, yet you couldn’t concentrate at all with the loud thunder keeping on shocking and catching your attention. You were the only one at the library at this point so it should be one of the benefits to study without any other students to make any noise but this was ten times worse. Shutting your book you started to head towards the exit of the library but that was when the worse thing happened, the loud sound of thunderstorm with a following loud bang of electricity shutting down, darkness surrounding you in the now dark library as the electricity was gone. You cursed, trying to open the door yet it was impossible. So great to have all the doors being technical and needed electronic to open. “Great, just great.” You groaned, rolling your eyes as you were now stuck alone in this sick library, heading towards one of the tables to sit down. You were about to take your phone out but the sound of footsteps made you sprint up from your chair in shock and looked behind to see a rather confused boy with wide eyes. “Didn’t mean to scare you.” He said with raised hands and approached you. “Have you been in here all the time?” You asked confused, and he nodded his head. “I was trying to find my geography class but ended up lost. We were supposed to find some books but all of the sudden they were gone and then the electricity went out.” “Yeah, we’re stuck in here until the electricity is back.” You explained while he took a seat next to you. “You’re new?” You asked changing the subject and he nodded his head. “I’m Michael.” He introduced and you reached your hand out, smiling. “I’m Y/N. Pleasure to meet you Michael.” He grew a smile as well, looking around at the library. “Which classes do you take?” You asked and he looked back at you. “English, Spanish, IT, Geography and Music.” He explained and your eyes lit by the mention of music. “Me too!” Michael’s eyes lit up by the mention as well, feeling more comfortable now knowing that there was at least one person he could communicate with. “Our teacher is such an awesome person you will love it here.” Michael nodded his head along to your words happy, “That’s definitely a great start after my geography failure.” He joked making you giggle. “You can just ask me if you’re confused. Here, let me give you my number.” You said, and he gave out his IPhone so you could write in your number for him. “It’s so you can feel more comfortable here. I know how it feels to be a new student. Don’t want any more awkward situations to hit you.” You chuckled and Michael thank you politely. “Thank you Y/N, you seem like an awesome person.”


Your eyes were dazed and tired as you fought the urge to not shut them closed, your mind far away in another place in dreamland rather than focusing on the road in front of you. You were late, and not just the usual ten minutes late for class, but a half an hour due to sleeping late and the bus driving right in front of you. It didn’t exactly made your mood better and with the lack of sleep even though you slept over, you were tired as hell and musty to say at least. Still wearing the shirt you had slept in and some rubber boots from the rain, your hair was wet and mind fuzzy as you marched down the hall towards your class. You were so unfocused that you didn’t even notice that another person who came from one of the halls from your left and before you knew it the two of you collapsed into each other, books flying everywhere and you falling to the ground. “What in the serious fuck?” You screeched but as you looked up but your eyes met a pair of hazel eyes covered with glasses who looked rather nervous and your attitude changed completely. “Oh my gosh I’m so sorry.” You exclaimed, looking at him curiously since you couldn’t point a finger on who he was while helping to collect his massive pile of books. “It’s okay.” He answered in a soft voice, pushing his classes up on his nose and accepting the books you had collected with a small thank you. “’Why do you have so many books with you?” The boy shifted in his seat as he stood up with the books embraced, “I’m new here so I had to get all of these books before first class. But I’m kind of confused since this school is way more different than my last one and I can’t seem to find my class.” Your eyes went wide, nodding your head, “What is your first class?” You asked, wanting to help the poor lad. “Biology, but I’ve been walking down this hall four times now, it says it’s the one on my paper, but I can’t find the class and I’ve walked into two different ones in slight awkwardness.” “Let me help then.” You let out a small giggle by the boy, accepting the paper his free hand gave you. “Oh, your class is in the other building.” You explained as you read the paper, “I can follow you to it if you want?” The boy started to blush yet let out an award winning smile. “I would appreciate that but don’t you have classes as well right now?” “Don’t worry about that. I’m late anyways, my math teacher is used to that.” You shrugged, reaching your hand out so you could help him carry some of your books. “What’s your name?” You asked as you started to walk, “Ashton. Ashton Irwin.” He replied, already feeling more comfortable and less nervous. “I’m Y/N. Y/N Y/L/N.” You introduced, reaching your free hand out to shake his rather big one.

never fade away, part iii

part i-

part ii-

There was a pair of arms entangling you when you woke up the next morning. The person attached was clinging to you, as if you were all they had. It took you a moment to remember where you were, or more importantly, who you were with. You looked out across the room. The floor-to-ceiling windows were haphazardly covered with thin, creme-colored curtains. The light filtering in looked like raw honey, a dark yellow, almost orange color. If you were not in your current situation, you might’ve been calmed by the sight.

Not much later after you had woken up did the boy who had taken you. He let go of you, momentarily, and you felt relieved, although somewhat chilly. That was a shortlived feeling, because after he stretched and yawned loudly, he took hold of you again in a gesture that could only be described as a snuggle. He had entertwined your legs with him sometime during the night. One arm went under you and held your hand in his, and the other was tracing patterns on your other arm. He moved his head up to you and kissed your cheek, and then whispered into you ear, “G'morning, babes. D'ya sleep okay?” You nodded. That was a lie, of course; you’d never slept lighter in your life, due to the fact that you had never been kidnapped and certainly never had to sleep so close to your kidnapper before. “I slept great. I think it was you,” He gave your hand a gentle squeeze. “I just knew there was something about you. Glad I was right.” He let go of your hand and moved his hands on either side of you, leaning over you. His face was uncomfortably close to your own and your breathing hitched. “But I can’t help but notice,” he said, “you’re awfully quiet. Why won’t you talk to me?” He rested his forehead on yours, noses touching.

There was no was to avoid the question at this point, your only option was to either tell the truth and say you were scared out of your mind or make up a completely frivolous answer. On the one hand, if you lied, then he wouldn’t think you were scared of him. On the other hand, if he eventually found out it was a lie, you had no idea what would be in store for you. You decided that a vague answer was best in this situation, “I… I don’t know what kind of answer you’re looking for,” you whispered, trying to keep yourself as calm and collected as possible.

He chuckled. “An honest one. C'mon, what’s wrong?” he goaded you. The way he worded the question got on your nerves. The kid kidnaps you, forces you to play doll for a couple of grown women, and then forces you to sleep in his bed and has the nerve to ask what was wrong?

You knew one of your worst habits was talking without thinking first. This was a prime example of that. “Really? You don’t have an idea as to why I wouldn’t want to talk to you?” You tried to keep a calm facade on the outside, but in your mind, you freaked out. What had compelled you to give such a reaction to a psychopath with mood swings? Evidently, he was having a similar reaction. He raised his eyebrows at your short outburst.

“Well,” he scoffed, “I suppose you weren’t a fan of the… method of retrieval?” A malevolent grin appeared on his face.

“Was it obvious?” you asked monotonously, trying to keep your cool now that you had already blown off the option of vagueness. His grin remained, unfaltering.

“Oh boy. Now here’s what I was looking for,” he said, a hand coming up to the side of your face. A few small strands of hair had fallen out of your braids from the day prior. “I knew you had a little spark in you.” A knock sounded from the door across the room, and you were indescribably grateful for whoever was on the other side. Jerome flopped back down beside you, holding you in his arms once again. “Yeah?” he called to whoever was on the other side. His chin rested on your forehead.

The doorknob turned and the door was opened, and a tall, dark haired, bourgeoisie-looking man walked in. “Jerome, the others are out at breakfast already. If you don’t eat, that’s on you, but shouldn’t you offer some food to our guest?” he gestured to you.

“Got it, my man,” Jerome gave him a thumbs up and the man took it as his queue to leave, shutting the door behind him. “Well,” he said, tilting his neck and letting the side of his face rest on the top of your head, “Whadaya say I go get us somethin’ ta eat? ‘N then we can… discuss this.”

“Okay,” you responded. He moved off the bed and left the room. You were left alone to your thoughts for a few minutes, thankful to finally have some breathing room. You stood up and the cool air of the room hit your legs, and you were reminded that Jerome had only given you a t-shirt to sleep in. You stretched your arms and back, and then stretched your legs as quickly as possible just in case he decided to come back into the room while you were just about doubled over. You walked over to the window after, you fingers delicately moving the thin curtain aside slightly. The sun was only barely over the horizon, and the cars down on the street were all moving along the streets, the people operating them ready to start their days. Admiring the early morning bustle, you allowed yourself to drift off into your thoughts. I’ve gotta get out of here, you thought. Once I reach the 24 hour mark, the police will start looking for me. I won’t be stuck here forever, you assured yourself. Then you began to assess your current situation. What were you going to say when he came back? You’d already spoken out to him, he’d never let you just nod along after that. He’d expect you to talk to him. And, of course, there were all the potential repercussions you could be facing if you decided not to play along with whatever game he was playing. With someone as emotionally and mentally unstable as he seemed to be, you could very well end up dead if you weren’t careful. You decided that your best option was to just be compliant with him. As long as you didn’t make a scene, you’d be okay and survive long enough to be found.

After some time, he finally returned, a plate full of donuts in hand. “Sorry ‘bout that. Had to put ol’ Greenwood in his place,” he grinned. “So,” he stated, taking a seat on the end of the bed and gesturing for you to sit beside him, “Let’s talk. Are we gonna have… problems?”

“…No,” you stated cautiously, sitting down as far away from him as possible.

“Well then good!” he exclaimed. “'Cause, ya know, if you didn’t… cooperate… then we’d have some problems. Considering I’m all you have.” You glanced at him, giving a confused look. His explanation was instantaneous. “What, you think anyone else would take care of you like I will?” He scoffed. “Babe, I’m the only one who actually cares about you.” Reaching across, he took a hold of your hand and concentrated on playing with your fingers as he spoke. “Y'see, you need me. I’m the one who brings you food and gave you a room and clothes to wear- which I’ll give you later. So, if it weren’t for me, who knows where you’d be right now? I can protect you, (y/n), and I’m going to. Because you don’t have anyone but me,” he met your eyes as he ended his sentence.

You wanted to fight back, to say ‘If it weren’t for you, I’d be back at home, with my family and my friends, safe from people like you,’ but you controlled your outburst and instead kept silent. As long as you just went along with whatever he said, you’d survive. “Okay,” you responded.

His eyes lit up and you saw that sickening grin appear once more. “Good! So then you understand that you can’t leave me, right?” You nodded. “Well. Since that’s all settled, I suppose we should go get you some new clothes. As much as I love, the look, baby girl, I don’t want anyone else looking at you like that.”

(I wanted to go so much farther on with this but i decided to stop it here oops!!!! also i think i finally know how this is gonna end. n in case you cant tell he is kind of like trying to speed up the process of stockholm syndrome on her (with the whole “im the only one you can depend on) and u know obviously he is going to use abuse tactics because well that is just the kind of person he is. thank you all so much for the feedback!!!!!!!!!!! much lov)

starswirlblitz  asked:

Congrats on 600 you are such a lovely person who deserves each and every one of them!!! I love your fic The rights reasons(it was well written and I just love it!)! Uh let's see Can I have a Dean x sister!reader where she's twins with Sammy so dean is overprotective of both his little siblings but also include many fluffy moments (like dean taking care of little ol sammy and sis plz!) from when they're little to adults please? Thanks!

That one is dear to my heart since it was my first request! There’s not as much overprotective Dean but lots of fluff & big brother moments, as well as twin Sam moments. I also didn’t bring them too much into adulthood because I literally had to stop myself because I just kept writing & had to get to the other stories. Be sure to let me know how you like it!

“De, I has to go to the potty.” You told Dean while yanking on his shirt in the middle of the grocery aisle.

He let out a sigh before looking down at you, “Can’t you hold it for like fifteen more minutes? I’m almost done here, then I can take you.”

“I don’t think I can holds it for that long De.” You said with a worried expression on your face. At four years old you did not have a bladder of steel.

“I gotta go too!” Sam exclaimed from right next to you.

“Man, what did you guys drink?” Dean asked while pulling along what he called “The Sibling Train”; you held onto Dean’s hand while Sammy held onto yours.

“You let us have kool-aid!” You said happily.

“Last time I do that.” Dean mumbled to himself. He reached the restrooms and put down the basket which contained the few necessities the Winchester children needed. “Okay. Go.” Dean said, pushing you both towards the bathroom. Sam took off towards the men’s room, however you stayed behind.

“Kiana, go to the bathroom.” Dean said again, nudging you forward.

“I can’t go alone De, I’m too scareded for that. You can’t hear me, what if I needs your help?” You said to him in a small voice.

Dean let out another sigh, you guys were killing him, but that’s what twin four year olds do. “How bout this. You go in and I’ll stand right here, if you need me you just shout. Got it?”

You pondered for a moment, touching your finger to your chin as if this was the most important decision of your life, “Okay De. But if I yell you gotta come get me.”

“I promise.”

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eyerolls-r-us  asked:

Omg I haven't been on your blog in a minute :O I used to check this blog every day but I've been a little distracted with life recently OTL but now I get to binge read all your stuff that I have to catch up on, yay :D I missed this blog though, I'd add you on kik but I'm waaaay too shy for that >: as for the prompt thingy, I'd love to see #15 with Sam Wilson, I think it'd be hilarious. I love him so much omg it's unreal. Hope you have a great day & thanks for being awesome <333

Hello darling!! I’ve missed you too :) Oh don’t be shy, add me on kik! It’s an awesome way to be able to keep in touch with you guys. I’m always open for conversation. If I don’t answer right away it might be that I’m asleep - I’m on Sydney AUS time! (GMT +10). Everyone who has added me so far has been an absolute delight to speak to :) If you ever change your mind, I eagerly await your message on kik <3 xoxox

Stay amazing you beautiful star~

We’re next door neighbors in an apartment building with really thin walls and we talk a lot but we’ve never seen each other in person.

“So I feel like I should start charging my friends money for my advice.” You whine through the walls. “I mean, most of the time it’s just common sense or something and they treat it like its the most innovative idea for problem solving ever.” You were seated on your battered couch with a sketch pad on your lap, absent mindedly drawing the vase of dried flowers across from you. “Like, seriously? They couldn’t come up with the solution themselves?”

Sam chuckled as he listened to you talk from his own couch on the otherside of the wall with a newspaper in his hands. “Sometimes people already know the answer. They just want a kind of affirmation from a third party; someone not directly involved in the situation. It’s like a kind of proof that they’re probably doing the right thing.” He heard you hum in vague agreement before falling silent. “You got much on today?”

“Nah. Just chillin’ for once. I’ve turned off my phone so I don’t get any calls. I tried to sleep in this morning, but I just couldn’t do it.” You yawned. It was like your body and mind didn’t know how to relax anymore or it wanted to chill at the wrong times. “How about you? Are you having friends over again today?” Sometimes you could hear a mass of activity from Sam’s side of the wall. Lots of heavy footsteps and laughter and muffled voices. You were a little jealous of him; you did have friends of your own, but they very rarely visited. Often it was just phone calls in times of distress, never really friendly visits.

“I might have someone over later. She’s a good friend. Always asking about us, actually. Like when we’re gonna meet.” Sam always hints that he wants to meet you. He puts down his newspaper and knocks on the wall a couple of times. “I’m pretty good at making breakfast. You should come over one morning.”

You stop sketching laugh, glad for the wall so you could blush without too much worry. “Sam, you don’t want to meet me! I’m gross.”

“I doubt it. Come on. You said you’d think about it the last time I asked. I mean I’m not gonna force you if you don’t want to meet, but what if I want to borrow a cup of sugar one day or something? Our meeting is inevitable.” Sam grins as he hears you laugh out loud in your apartment. He had no doubts that you were beautiful. Your personality was gorgeous and he was positive you had the physical attributes to match, though even if you didn’t, he was kind of already hooked on you.

“You just want to use me for my sugar, Sam.” You tease. “I’ll think about it some more. But um… I guess breakfast doesn’t sound so bad. I’m not usually a breakfast person, but sometimes I can smell something nice cooking from your apartment.”

“I’ll be sure to make something special for you. Just let me know when.”


Big Fight (Calum Hood)

A/N: This hurts me more than it would hurt you. I WROTE IT MYSELF, FOR GODS SAKE.

Requested: Nope (barely have followers)


Word count:1,586


It was about 3:30 am. Calum, your boyfriend, said he would be home by 12:00am. This was the fourth time he came home later than what he said. You were on the couch eating your newly opened Doritos. You were just watching some of your old favorite Nickelodeon shows. You were slowly drifting to sleep. Suddenly you heard a loud bang! It was Calum, ‘he must be drunk,…. again’ You thought to yourself. “Hey baby, whacha doin’ awaaakkee? “ He slurred. “Calum, this is the fourth time you came home later than whatever you said.” You calmly said, you didn’t feel like fighting today. You were tired as hell. You worked all day, plus your boss gave you extra work. You decided to finish those extra work just bc you didn’t want to deal with it anymore.“Why are you so fucking clingy. Christ. Even tho your my girlfriend that doesn’t fucking mean I can’t do shit you wouldn’t like. Whatever.” He said raising his voice. “I didn’t say you couldn’t do whatever I didn’t like. You could come home at 5:00 am if you wanted to. Just fucking tell me before you leave, you asshole. Or if you didn’t tell me that you’d stay longer before you left, then why wouldn’t you call me or text me. I called you 6 times and texted you 21 times. Not one single reply. I was so worried that some shit happened to you. I don’t ever want you to get fucking hurt, my God.” you said your eyes tearing up but your voice still remains cool. You ruffled your hair. “It’s non of your stupid business to know everything or everywhere I am!” He said louder then before. “It is kinda my business Calum. I don’t need to know where or what you are doing I just need to be informed that you are fine okay?” Your voice a little bit raspy from your teary state. “I honestly don’t want to deal with all your bullshit Calum.” “You know you are such a bitch. Fuck you.”Calum said rolling his eyes.”Fuck off!” You ran to your bedroom, locked the door. That was the last straw. All of the sudden Calum realizes what was happening. He ran to you. You were already in the room so he couldn’t reach you. “Babe I’m so sorry.” “Shut it Calum. You’re sleeping on the couch tonight.” “I’m really sorry.” That was the last thing he said before leaving and started sleeping on the couch. You silently got your luggage, you started shoving all sorts of clothes and things you would need. You loved Calum, oh you loved him more than you could imagine but you just needed time. You opened the window and silently snuck out of it. You didn’t want to go to your guy bff, Darren bc number 1 Calum would then accuse you of cheating and number 2 he wouldn’t help much tbh.  You were lucky because you girl bff,Taylor lived not so far away from you. You got in your Mercedes and drove to Taylor. While driving you just couldn’t stop crying.

~ 5 minutes, You have arrived there~

You rang her doorbell and knocked on her door since you left your spare keys at home. Still sobbing like insane. You dint look too bad since you didn’t have makeup but you didn’t look so good either. “What the fuck do you fucking need it’s like 4:30 am!” She was still rubbing her eyes so she didn’t know who it was. You were still sobbing pretty hard. “Oh my God y/n,I’m so sorry, come in. What happened?” She asked letting you sit on her couch. “C-Calum and I-I had a big fight a-and I j-just need so-some time. Can I-I please s-sleep here f-for a whi-while ” “Aww babe, of course you can. Go get some rest. Wanna talk about it tomorrow?” She asked sweetly. “Yea-yea th-thanks.” “I’m gonna tell Darren tomorrow morning okay?” She asked. You just nodded your head and went to your room. You 3, including your Darren always had 2 spare rooms for each other, just incase this or something happened. You guys met each other when you were still 4 years old. You 3 were unbreakable, you   forgot to keep in touch till’ now .

~8:450 am The morning after~

“Gosh what have he done” Taylor said waiting for Darren to pick up. After 2 rings he finally picked up. “Hello? Taylor?” “Darren, it’s Y/n. Sh-“ “What happened to her?!?” He cut her off, concerned. “She didn’t get hurt physically, but She and Calum had a huge fight. So, she came here crying.” “That asshole!” “Yea I know but screaming wouldn’t help either. Anyways, can you come over?” “Of coarse anything for you guys.” “Okay thanks, she really needs the 3 of us here with her.” “I’ll be there in 10 mins” “Okay thanks.” Taylor ended the call and started coking some waffles. It was 10:30 am you woke up. You got up and went to the restroom and took a shower. You got out of the shower and put on your makeup. You went down feeling at least a bit better. “Oh you’re awake. I made some waffles.” “Oh cool,thanks.” “I called Dar and he’ll be here soon.” Taylor smiled. Like just on queue Darren walked right in since he had space keys. “Heey girls, you okay?” He asked looking at you. “I’m trying.” “Okay we’ll be here” Taylor answered for him. “Okay, we’ll go shopping to cheer you… and me……up. K? And Darren you have no choice but to go with us.” Taylor smirked. “Ugh I would enjoy but you just make me come because IM THE ONE HOLDING YOUR SHIT.” He said  pissed. You chuckled at his comment. “Whatever. For your best friends.” Taylor smiled hugely. He just rolled his eyes. “Okay I look awesome, Y/nick/n, you look great, Darren, you’re okay.” She joked. “Now lets go to the mall and get some ice cream.” Taylor explained. You rolled your eyes playfully. You got in Darren’s car and went there.

~Calum’s POV~

I got up it was around 11:30 am. I just remembered what happened last night. “God I have to apologize to her. Why did I have to join the boys to the party.” I told myself. I ran to the kitchen and got the keys for the bedroom. She locked me out last night. I ran upstairs to our room. I opened the door. She wasn’t there. I checked our closet, most of her clothes were gone. I noticed that the window was open she must have left through there. “GOD WHAT HAVE I DONE.” I screamed to myself. I changed and instantly got in my car and drove to Darren.

~10 minutes, He arrived there~

I knocked on his door nothing. I noticed everything was closed. “UUGGH THER IN TAYLORS HOUSE!” I got in my car and drove there.

~10 mins, He arrived there~

I rang her doorbell. Nothing. I checked everything was off. “GOD WHERE ARE THEY!” I grabbed my phone and texted Darren and Taylor. ‘Where are you?!?’ I sent that to both of them. I got a text from both of them.

From Darren:Fuck off

From Taylor:Non of your dumb ass business

I texted the Luke and Michael the same thing, ’I’ve lost y/n. Can I come over?’

From Luke: Y/n is also my best friend and told me what happened. Don’t bother coming. Also Michael and I told Ashton. She didn’t do shit to you. Go fix your problem.

From Michael: Pretty sure you got Luke’s text. Theres your answer. You are a huge prick.

I’ve lost my friends and my love. What now.

~ Narrator’s POV~

You 3 just painted the town red. It was still 4:10pm but you decided to go home (Taylor’s flat) “Thanks guys, really. Thank you for everything. I’m really lucky to have you.” “No problem.” taylor said. “I’ll be back tomorrow at probably 10:30am.” “Thanks” You said smiling. You and Taylor hugged him before he left. Wait!” You shouted before he got in his car.  “It’s not yet late, so can you like…drive me to Calum’s?” “Are you sure?” Both of them said looking at each other and back to you. “Yea I guess.” You replied. Calum cried all day. He really fucked up.

~5 mins, you have arrived there~

You were facing the door thinking if you should go talk to him. Taylor and Darren were behind you with concerned faces. Your hand was close to touching the doorbell but not yet. You were shaking. You couldn’t do it, you weren’t brave enough. You run back to Taylor. “I can’t do it. I’m weak.” “Aww Y/n you’re not weak, your just scared of what will happen. We understand.” “Can I stay with you for a few days or weeks.” “Of coarse.” “Let’s go back.” Darren said heading in the car. Calum heard a car engine. He ran to the window he saw Darren’s car about to leave. He opened the door and tried to shout so you could see and hear him. It was to late you were already heading out of the gate. “Why is it like this!” Calum sobbed harder. Since you left Calum has been depressed. Started cutting. He hasn’t been……him?

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fell for you

Dan isn’t necessarily the most athletic person in the world. It’s a miracle he agreed to go to the roller rink with Chris and PJ. So it was only a matter of time before he managed to fall over onto a complete stranger. He just wished that the stranger didn’t have to be so attractive.

warnings: pain/injuries and swearing lmao 

words: 2k 

genre: so much fluff and comedy i’m drowning in it


It was Chris’s bright idea to go to the roller rink. Of course, he knew that I’m the most uncoordinated individual to walk this planet, but that didn’t stop him. He knew I despised anything with wheels strapped to my feet, but nooooo. It was his birthday, and I was his friend, so I had to go. I was passive aggressive to say the least.

It was a crisp fall night, and leaves brushed my shoulders as I sat outside the arena. Chris happily chatted away with PJ as I skulked there with my arms wrapped around myself, trying to preserve any warmth I had left. It was also Chris’s idea to get there a half hour before the rink opened, so we could “avoid major queue buildup.” Granted, there was a massive line of people behind us now, but I was still freezing and bitter. I was about to call it quits and fake a sudden high fever when the doors finally opened.

“Ah, cheer up Dan, you’ll have fun once you start skating,” PJ laughed, noticing my visible suffering. Playfully (but not really) shoving him, I followed the two inside.

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The Binding- Bound Forever

The first portion of this chapter was cut for Tumblr.  You can read it on Ao3 (its some very soft porn) Also sorry this chapter took so long to come out!  I had a hard time getting my words together.  Hope it was worth the wait!

When word spread that Dipper had woken up the town decided to throw a party in the new community center.  Dipper was very happy to see the changes that were made to the old church.  The pews were gone, the old library was now lined with tables for buffets, they knocked down a wall downstairs to make a huge playroom for kids.  

Everything was perfect.

The town was happy and at peace, he could feel Bill again, kids were wanting to learn magic, to learn about creatures, his family was together again.

He was pretty sure nothing could be better.

“Dipper, Blubs and I have something for you.”  Deputy Durland slid up beside him as the ‘we’re glad you’re awake!’ party started to wind down.  “Its at the station.”

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Chapter 17: Re-united

1 month later


Rubbing my eyes as I woke up, I cursed to myself once I glanced at the little clock hanging from the wall. It was 7:00 in the morning. Chris needs to get his ass up, because he know he needs to be at school. I heard he takes forever to get ready.

Sluggishly walking over to the couch he was laying on, I lightly shook him so that he could wake up. I didn’t wanna do it all rough. I learned that he hated being woken up unless he was getting some head or something.

“Chris..” I said, softly. My morning voice sounded like a raspy baby voice, if that makes sense.

Peeking an eye open, he threw a long, pointless tantrum before sitting up on the couch. “I told you to go to sleep early last night.” I giggled as he had this little annoyed expression on his face.

“Nah that sleepover was poppin tho. My ass gonna be over here all the time.” He cheesed, winking at me.

“I hate to burst your bubble, but it’s after 7 and don’t you plan on going to school today?”

Cursing to himself, he quickly gave a quick kiss on the cheek, before snatching his duffle with his clothes in it. “Morning, I’ll be back in a lil while.” He informed me, chunking up the deuces.

While he was upstairs in the shower, I thought about all the fun we’ve been having this past month. Chris is a really great person to hang out with if you wanna have fun. If you’re having a bad day, he’ll change that.

And no I don’t like Chris. We’ve just gotten real close and developed a special friendship. Plus, he’s so not my type. He’s verryyyyy handsome, but nope.

He doesn’t even need a girlfriend or anything. I can tell he still isn’t over his ex. He says he ‘doesn’t give a fuck’, but I know he does. You don’t just get over someone in a month. On the day after she broke up with him, he called me crying and that’s how we got closer.

The sound of my stomach growling broke me out of my thoughts. Maybe I could cook breakfast. I didn’t have anything to do today, why not?

Walking into my spacious kitchen in my new apartment, I rolled my eyes as I looked at some of my boxes on the island. I’m still not done unpacking and it’s been 3 weeks. I need to finish like today. I keep stalling.

Putting my hair up in a messy bun, I grabbed some morning face wash that was in the cabinet. I had to wash my face and brush my teeth in here cause Chris was in the bathroom.

Once I was finished with both, I decided to hurry and start cooking. I was making French toast, eggs, and bacon. I didn’t want anything too big, cause I wanna gonna get full.

“Damn you over here slaying in the kitchen for yo’ daddy huh?” I heard Chris’ deep voice say. I could tell he was smirking. Glancing at him, my eyes landed on his chest that was glistening. Shaking my head, I chuckled at his cute self.

“No I just got hungry so I decided to cook.” I said plain and simple, making him smack his teeth. I wanted to laugh so bad.

“This lowkey looks good bae.” Chris said in my ear, as he stood behind me. Wrapping his arms around my waist, he started to rock us back and forth.

“Chrissss, why you always making these flirty moves? Ion like your ugly self.” I whined as he laughed then removed himself from behind me.

“You know I just be playing with you, girl. I flirt with everybody and they momma.” He laughed, causing me to do the same.

“Well don’t flirt with me. I don’t like it.” I stated truthfully as he gasped.

“So you think I’m ugly? Wow that’s a fir—” I quickly cut his slow off.

“No stupid! It’s just weird.”

“How?” He asked, not finding anything wrong with him flirting with me.

“Cause you’re supposed to flirt with girls that you like or take home, not me. I’m your buddy. Your homegirl, so it’s just weird.” I said, turning the stove off. Fixing him and myself a plate, I sat them at the table poured 2 glasses of apple juice. Apple juice is life.

“Alright ima stop, real shit.” He smiled, before bowing his head to pray. How he gonna curse before he prays?

After he said the prayer, we both ate and talked at the same time. It’s never quiet around here when he’s around and that’s what I love about him. He’s so hype and talkative.

“Alright lil buddy, can you drop me off now?” He asked, after licking his plate. Chuckling at his greedy ass, I snatched both of ours plates off of the table and washed them off. Well, it wasn’t no use of washing Chris’ off cause he licked his clean.

“Alright, come on my little one.” I said grabbing my keys off of the counter. Grabbing his Sponge Bob backpack, he put his arm around my shoulder as we made it to the front door.

Stopping by the drivers side of the car, he looked at me like there was a problem. “So is you gone let go?” He whispered in my ear, since my face was buried in his shirt.

“I don’t want to, you smell good.” Smacking his teeth, he tried to get me off, but I wouldn’t move.

“Come on Bri, you gone make me late.” Groaning unnecessarily loud, I walked to the passenger side. Once he unlocked the door, I purposely sat down in my seat roughly.

“Damn, that’s how you sit on the dick?” Chris asked, smirking. Fighting the urge to laugh, I just smirked. Chris was seriously a trip.

Once he pulled off, I started to you around with the radio. There was anything on, so aux cord it is.

Once I saw Chris trying to plug up his phone, I shut all of that down. “Nah homeboy, all you listen to is trap music.”


“Nobody wanna listen to that shit early in the morning.” Sucking his teeth, he unplugged the aux cord and turned the radio off.

“We gone ride in this bitch in silence then.” He stated, with a straight face. For a couple of minutes, there was nothing but silence which aggravated me..

Once the car came to a stop, I looked around and noticed that we were already at his school. Getting out the car, he made his way to my side, helping me out the car.

“I’ll see you whenever naps.” He said, handing me my keys and messing up my hair that was now all over the place.

Once he left, I looked at all the students going inside. One student caught my eye, though. She looked too familiar. I couldn’t really see her face, because I’m far away. I wonder if I know her.

When I got back in my car, I felt my phone vibrate in my pocket. Taking it out, I looked at the screen and there was a text from Cameron. Chris introduced us bout a month ago I think. He’s really cool though. Putting in my passcode, I started reading the text.

Cameron: wyd? ik yo ass up 😑

Me: in my car

Cameron: come thru 😉😈🍆

Me: kk I’m down 😏

Guess I’m taking a trip to Cameron’s house.


The bell had finally rang, indicating that it was time for lunch. I wasn’t really hungry, but I was still gonna eat. Once I was getting out my seat, someone roughly tried to squeeze between the desk, making me hit my stomach on the edge of one.

“Fuck..” I mumbled to myself, biting my lip. I looked up, and just like I expected, it was Chris. He’s been giving me hell ever since I broke up with him. I know he’s hurt, but damn. I hated when he acted like this. 

“You bitch, you know I have cramps. Why the fuck would your stupid ass do something like that?” I spat at him, walking out of the classroom. The hallways were clear, which was bad cause Chris was probably gonna try to mess with me.

“Bitch? I think you should re-phrase that.” He said, looking at me like I lost my mind.

“I’m not gonna rephrase shit! Nobody’s in the mood for your little bullying games so can you chill the fuck out?!?” I yelled as he let out an evil chuckle. Not gonna lie, it scared me a little bit.

“Haven’t I told yo ass about talkin’ to me like that?” He gritted in my ear, pressing his hands down on my abdomen really hard.

“Ok, ok! Please stop that hurts!” I whined, trying to move his hands.

“That’s what the fuck I thought.” He said, smirking. Rolling my eyes, I just stared at him once he stared at me. What has gotten into him?

It was all good literally right after we broke up, until I apologized. We weren’t talking or nothing, but I felt like I owed him an apology so I apologized.


Taking a deep breath, I started to knock on Chris’ door. I felt bad, so
I wanted to say sorry. After a minute of waiting, I started to walk off but I heard the knob twist. Once the door opened, there stood a shirtless Chris who looked like he’d been crying. His eyes were bloodshot red and puffy. I honestly wanted to give him a hug, but I know he wasn’t gonna let that happen. I wouldn’t either. 

“Fuck you doing here?” He sniffled, wiping his nose afterwards.

"I came to apologize, Chris. I’m s—” he cut me off before I could even finish my sentence. How rude.

“Don’t even waist ya time..” He chuckled bitterly, trying to close the door in my face but I stopped him.

“Chris just hear me out! I always hear you out!” I yelled at him and on queue, the rain started pouring.

“I don’t give a fuck! Go apologize to August and get the fuck off my doorstep, you confused ass bitch!” He yelled back, pushing me away from the door and into the rain. Grabbing my purse that was on the mat, my eyes widened as he threw it to me and all my things fell out of it.

I guess I deserved that.

A couple of seconds later while I was picking up my things, he came back outside with most of my things in his hands. “Chris stop!” I yelled at him as he started throwing more of my things. It seemed like the only thing he saw was red. He was ignoring the hell out of me.

Pushing him out of the way, I ran into his house to get the rest of my stuff so he couldn’t throw it.

Once I was up the stairs, he yanked me back causing me to roll down the stairs and hit my head on this damn hard wood floor. “Shit Chris!” I screamed, trying to touch the back of my head to check for blood. There wasn’t any, but it sure did feel like it.

Finding the strength to finally get up, I smacked him across his big ass head. Clenching his jaw, in the blink of an eye he had me up against the wall.

“Get the fuck outta here before I do some shit that I regret to yo thot ass.” He spat, letting me go.

“Don’t start being an asshole again Chris, seriously.” I said, grabbing Raymond’s keys that he let me borrow to drive his car.

“Shut the fuck up talking to me Raye.” Was the last thing he said before he kicked me out.

*Flashback Over*

Once he noticed me staring, he started to mug me. “Why are you doing this?”

“Why you break my heart?” He asked in all seriousness. He been asking me this for this past month.

“I didn—” I started, but his rude ass cut me off.

“You fucked August! My fucking enemy! That’s some shady ass shit! You broke the rule, bruh!"He screamed in my face, making me flinch a little. His voice was all deep.

"We didn’t even do anything!” I yelled right back. No matter how many times I told Chris that nothing happened, he still ain’t believe me.

“It don’t fucking matter! The fuck you let that nigga answer yo phone for? And why the fuck yo duck ass always running to him with our problems? That’s disrespectful as fuck!” He yelled, as I stayed quiet. What did he want me to say?

“Yea bitch, you ain’t got shit to say now.” He laughed.

“Watch your mouth, Chris.” I warned him, as I started walking outside to get some fresh air. He was hot on my trail.

“Bitch you got me fucked up.” He spat, with no remorse. He was doing this shit on purpose.

“Stop calling me out my fucking name!” I yelled before all I saw was red. I was so fed up with him calling me a bitch. That really wasn’t cool at all. I got a lot names to call him, but do I do it? No.

“Calm the fuck down!” He yelled in my face, as he put us in a corner where nobody was. Looking at my knuckles, I saw blood on them from Chris’ nose. That got his ass to shut up 

“You fucked up now.” He mumbled as blood started pouring from his nose. Now I felt bad, I didn’t wanna end up hitting him, but that’s the only way he’d stop.

Getting a better look at his face, I saw a few scratches and gasped. He was gonna kill me. “Chris, I didn’t me–” he quickly cut me off by grabbing my hand and dragging me into the janitors closet with him.

“Chris foreal, please let me out. You know I’m claustrophobic!” I yelled, as I started to panic. Putting his hand over my mouth, I bit the shit out of it and if looks could kill.. I’d be dead.

“Now why the fuck would you do some shit like that? I’m really bout to beat your ass.” He said in a calm tone.

“Ok, I don’t care! Just open the door I can’t breathe!” Sucking his teeth, he looked at me like I was lying.

“So how you talkin then?” He said, making me suck my teeth. He’s playing too much.

“Chris let me out, please.

I pleaded, as he chuckled. Twisting the knob on the door, he finally pushed me out so that I could breathe. Trying to catch my breath, I looked up at him smirking at me.

"You aight’?” He asked, chuckling. This wasn’t no where near funny. If I would’ve passed out, he would’ve been looking stupid not knowing what to do.

“It’s not funny, I hate you..” I mumbled lowly as he countinued to laugh like I was Kevin Hart or something.

“But you was sayin you loved me bout a week ago, Raye. What happened?” He asked, sarcastically making me roll my eyes.

“Can you leave me alone? Go fuck Alisha cause I know yall are.” I stated, and his laughing came to s stop. Yea I knew that would work.

“How the fuck you know that?” He spat, grabbing my hands and putting them above my head.

“I came to your house to get the rest of my stuff one day and I heard y'all. Hope you using a condom, cause you might catch something.” I shrugged as he looked at me like I said the dumbest shit ever.

“Bitch you crossed the line! I know you ain’t tryna call her a hoe. She might be annoying as fuck, but a hoe? Nah, that’s all you right there. Yo ass over here being passed around from homie to homie. I’m lowkey glad we broke up cause Alisha’s shit is so much better than yours. August can have that loose ass shit of yours, ion want that shit no more. Community pussy ass bitch.” He spat as he got closer to my face so he could make sure that I heard every word he said.

I seriously can’t believe he just said that to me. That was so mean and disrespectful. If that’s how he feels, then fine. I hope he’s having fun with her.

“Bye Chris..” My voice cracked, as I purposely bumped into him and started walking away.

“Bye loose pussy!” He yelled after me as some students started to come. They all heard what he said and laughed. He’s a jerk, I swear.


“Baby girl you ready for lunch?” I asked walking up to Raye after seeing Chris bothering her.

She smiled wide when she saw me “Yeah, you buying?” Her cheap ass.

“Of course, come on and stop talking to dweebs.” I said taking her hand as we walked off leaving him there looking stupid.

As much as Chris tried to deny it, he hated seeing I was the reason she was smiling. I honestly didn’t care though because if he wasn’t going to treat her the way she was supposed to, I was. Raye was a good girl, and half these niggas in here want her. I don’t know why he acting like he don’t know.

“Thanks Auggie.” she said kissing my cheek as we walked to the cafeteria.

“No problem, but he keep bothering you imma put him out his misery.” I said throwing my arm around her shoulder.

“Be my guest, he’s so annoying. On top of that he keeps telling Ty we fucked.” she crossing her arms.

She was so cute when she wrinkled her nose and got mad,”Fuck him. Let’s talk about my little movie night I planned for us tomorrow. Your cramps better be over and done with though.”

She giggled. “They were done a long time ago I just said that so Chris would leave me alone. But what movie night? You cooking for me?” She asked cheesing.

“If I cook for you what you giving me?” I asked smirking at her as we loaded our lunch trays full of junk food and fries.

I pulled out my card and swiped in paying for our lunches while she picked a cafeteria table to sit on. I don’t know why she was avoiding the inevitable. That Christmas night I picked her up, I ain’t touch her because I didn’t want her to regret it in the morning, but now I really want something special with Raye.

I put my tray down and sat down leaning my back against the wall before gently grabbing her face to look at me “Aye, you ain’t gonna answer me?”

“What you want, boy?” She said eating another fry.

“I said if I cook for you, what you gonna give me?”

She blushed, and then her face went back to a straight face. “I’ma eat the food. What else?” She said, trying to be funny. Side eyeing her, I laughed as hers followed right after.


“What you want me to do Mr. Alsina?”

I laughed “There’s a few things I can think of baby girl believe that.”

“Really? Well how about tomorrow you tell me, and we’ll see.” she said turning back to her food.

I grabbed, pulling her close to me and she whined. Big ass baby always acting like her food is going to get up and run away.

“Gimme those lips.” I said in her ear, squeezing her side.

She lifted up and turned fully toward me before kissing my cheek. I smacked my teeth, and she giggled. Raye plays too much man. I mugged the shit out of her, and she finally complied and pecked my lips softly.

“Damn, it’s to the point you kissing this nigga in public now! And you say you love me..” Chris growled.

I could see his constant badgering was getting to her and it got me tight. “Man, nobody wanna hear all that shit today. Why don’t you go fuck Alisha or something like you did the week before Christmas. Fuck out of here with your punk ass!”

Raye got up and stormed off, and I didn’t even bother staying to hear what he had to say, I followed. Shorty could move fast, I had to run after her small ass.

“Let’s go to that cave at the beach, I need a breather” she said heading toward my car. We got in, and I headed to the beach like she wanted. I could tell she was thinking about things so I kept quiet on the ride there.

“Come on.” I said, tapping her thigh for her to get out once the car stopped. Looking at the scenery that played out in front of us, she smiled and got out of the car.

“Wow..” She said as we started walking towards the cave.

“That’s what I said the first time I seen it. Ya ass scared?” I laughed, teasing her. It was light outside but it was barely some in the here.

“A little..” She mumbled, as her fees got red.

“Damn girl, I got you. Ain’t nun’ gone happen to ya.” I assured her, picking her up bridal style. Finding a spot in the cave, I sat her on my lap and put my head in the crook of head neck. Damn she smelt good.

Staying in silence, we just stared at the waves from the ocean that could be seen from our view. Shit was nice. I was enjoying it a bit. It was relaxing.

Raye rising up from my lap caused me to break out of my thoughts and look up at her. I guess she had slipped out of her clothes, cause she only had on a bathing suit.

“Damn, why you change?” I asked, biting my lip. I ain’t ever seen Raye with this much skin showing before. Baby girl was looking fine as hell.

“I was gonna go for a swim.” She shrugged, smirking.

“Nah, I wanna do some thangs to you.” I smirked back, as she got lost for words.

“I’m all yours..”

“You don’t sound like your positive, baby girl.” I said pulling her onto my lap.

She kissed me, but this time it was different. She kissed me with a hell of a lot more emotion than ever before. She bit down and sucked on my bottom lip before pulling back and smiling, “Was that reassuring enough for you?”

“Nah, I think you should try again. You know just to make sure.” I said making her giggle.


I giggled before gently crashing my lips against August’s. He placed his right hand on the small of my back pulling me closer. I wrapped my arms around his neck, and deepened the kiss moaning into it softly as he undid my bikini bottoms.

He pulled back from the kiss to spread out the blanket he pulled out from his car. He laid me down on it, and lightly rested himself on top of me. I was nervous in a good way.

“Raye you sure?” He asked placing his hand on the other bow down my bikini bottoms.

“Yes, August.” I said pulling him closer to kiss his lips.

My body was on fire, and to top it off I was so wet. I just wanted him to stop playing and feast on my middle. I guess he caught onto my silent thoughts, because he pulled at my bikini top revealing my breast.

“Damn.” he mumbled licking his lips.

He softly started to make a trail of kisses down my collarbone to my chest. He cupped my breast in his hands, and started lightly sucking on the left one flicking his tongue around it making me moan lowly. “Auggie you don’t have to be so gentle. I like it rough baby.” I said to him with a smile.

“Relax I gotcha baby,” he said before going back to suck my nipple a bit rougher this time.

“Fuck!” I moaned arching my back as he roughly pulled my nipple between his teeth sucking on it doing the same to the other.

He began to trail kisses down my stomach before trailing a circle around my belly button ring with his tongue. He removed my bikini bottoms completely and gently opened my legs revealing my bare center. At this point I was so wet.

“Pretty ass pussy.” he said as he used his fingers to play with my swollen clit slowly but rough.

“Mmm fuck yeah..” I whimpered. I literally haven’t had an sexual contact in over a month so my body was seriously under his spell.

He plunged his index finger inside of me, and I arched my back “Shit, just like that!”

“What about that?” He asked his accent thick as he added another finger inside of me picking up speed.

“FUCK, D-DON’T ST-STOP!” I moaned as my voiced bounced off the cave walls.

I locked eyes with him, and he smirked at me before using the hand he wasn’t to rub killer circles on my clit. He pressed down on it hard rubbing it in circles fast. I was leaking, and that was evident from how his fingers were sloshing in, and out of me.

“FUCK!” I screamed trying to close my legs, pulling on his thick curls, but he stopped that quickly replacing his fingers that were rubbing my clit with his mouth.

My breathing was choppy, I was basically hyperventilating because the pleasure I was receiving was becoming a little too much for me to bare. My release was approaching real fast, and I know August could feel me tightening up around his fingers.

“You gon cum for me baby?” He asked sending vibrations through my pussy, triggering one of the strongest orgasms I’ve ever had.

This nigga had me on cloud 9, and the minute he replaced his fingers with his tongue that was it, “IM CUMMING, OH MY GOD!”

I released and he continued his assault lapping up my juices. I couldn’t bare it anymore so I tried to pull away, but he held me in place making sure to suck me dry. I whimpered rolling my hips as he placed kisses on my pearl before coming up, and kissing me roughly.

“Damn you sweet.” he said against my lips making me giggle.

I grabbed his dick through his pants, and he was rock hard. He grunted as we kissed and I rolled over on top. I tugged at his pants unzipping them before breaking the kiss so I could pull them down.

“Yo,” August started but I cut him off.

“Shut up!” I said as I pulled his pants and boxer briefs down.

His dick immediately sprung into place before my face, asking for what I was about to do. I gripped his dick at the base, and looked up at him. August’s facial expression instantly relaxed as my hand stroked him up and down. I wrapped my hand around the head, swirling my tongue against him over and over again.

I moved my hand down to swallow more of him. I bobbed my head up and down, letting his dick hit the back of my throat. Aug groaned and grabbed my hair in his hand. He forced his entire dick in and out of my mouth, rolling his hips as best he could. For someone who was about to object this dome I was giving he was real into it.

I worked him as best I could sucking real hard, gagging occasionally. After a few minutes, I felt his dick twitch. “Raye I’m gon bust!” He groaned trying to pull me up, but I refused him. He groaned as his cum spilled down my throat.

“Fuck, Raye..” Aug moaned as he sat up. He tugged lightly on my hair, watching his dick slide out of my mouth. I licked my lips, and smirked at him as gained his composure back.

“Come here.” he said pecking my lips softly.

We pulled back, and stared at each other for a second before laughing lightly. He pulled back on his pants while I grabbed my bathing suit, and began to put it back on before pulling August to his feet. His bent down slightly and kissed my lips.

“You so special.” he said softly caressing my cheek.

“Stawp.” I said blushing.

“No seriously, any nigga that do you wrong is a fuckboy and that’s real. You gonna let a real nigga treat you how your supposed to be treated?” He asked holding my waist.

I combed my fingers through my hair “I don’t know, be patient with me, okay?

"Whatever you need.” he said before taking my hand, and walking us toward the water.

Is August the one?


I ain’t even gonna lie, I’m hurt. How she gonna go from me to August that fucking quick? Then on top of that, she fucked him some hours later after she fucked me. Hoes man.

That’s why I didn’t wanna fucking admit my feelings to her in the first place. I ain’t think Raye was gonna do me like she did. This is the 2nd time this shit has happened. I’m done with relationships, forever.

Chuckling bitterly at my thoughts, I shook my head. She had the nerve to say she love me. Bullshit.

I ain’t even tripping off August, he can have Raye’s thot ass. I’m just mad that she’s always running to that nigga with our problems like he a therapist or some shit. That shit is mad aggy. But fuck it.

I didn’t even mean that shit I said to her. Except the hoe part, cause she is. But everything else? Nah, I just wanted to hurt her as bad as she hurt me.

Looking at myself in the mirror, I sucked my teeth. My eyes were still red from crying over her thot ass this morning. No matter how much I try to, I ain’t gonna get over her no time soon. I hate that shit, too. Why should I give a fuck about somebody who could give two shits about me? I can’t help it, though.

Going to the parking lot where my car was, I palmed myself cause I remembered that I ain’t drive my car to school this morning. Going back to the front, I spotted Bri’s car and ran to it. Once I got it, Bri wasn’t in the car. It was Cameron. I thought he was a random ass nigga.

“Bitch I almost had a heart attack.” I said, holding my chest. This nigga scared the fuck outta me.

“My bad, she sleep so I had to get you.” He laughed, as I smirked.

“You fuckin’ Bri? She told me she don’t like niggas younger than her, her lien ass.” I said, as my mouth formed in the shape of an O. Why she choose Cameron instead of me? I look way better. aq

“Cause I kept bugging her about it so she finally gave in.” He cheesed. This nigga.

“Damn, how was the pussy?” It was silent for a minute until he busted out laughing.

“Man, you dontneed to know. But you goin home?”

“Nigga you already on my street, so I ain’t got no choice.” I laughed as he did the same. Cameron was a trip foreal.

“What’s up with you and my baby momma Raye though?” He asked as he parked in my driveway and turned the music all the way down.

“Man fuck that bitch. She wanna give her pussy to the whole community and shit. These hoes is for everybody.”

“What happened?”

“She fucking August.” I clenched my jaw as Cameron started snickering. This shit was funny.

“Ah, fuck you for laughing. I’m out, though.” I said, chunking up the deuces. Knocking on the door, because I ain’t have my key, I waited for Christina’s ass to open it.

After waiting for forever in a lifetime, she answered the door with nothing but a towel on causing me to get tight. Here we go. She always doing some thot ass shit. I gotta get away from these bitches, man. 

“Man why you got on a towel while you answering the door?” I groaned as she sucked her teeth.

“I just got out the shower!” She yelled, looking upstairs. Who the fuck was up there?

“Man you not even wet! Yo skin look dry as shit! Ya hair looking all wild, the fuck you been doin’?” I asked, folding my arms over my chest.

“Ugh, I’m going back up to my room.” She said, storming off upstairs. Sucking my teeth, I walked in the house and slammed the door behind me. Fuck locking it, nobody gonna come in. 

Sitting down on the couch in the living room, I pulled out my phone to text everybody. They needed to come through, cause a nigga was bored and I was trying to get my mind off of Raye. I hated thinking about her.

Watching my mom as she came down the stairs, I furrowed my eyebrows together. She had on some that the girls I talk to would wear. That shit ain’t cool, at all. “Momma where you goin’ lookin’ how you lookin’?” I asked, standing up. Pushing me back down on the couch, she rose an eyebrow at me.

“On a date.” Sucking my teeth, I rolled my eyes. Fuck she goin’ on a date for? Ion wanna see no nigga in here.  She don’t need a boyfriend, she got me and Chrissy.

“Hell no. You staying here with me and Chrissy.” Chuckling at me, she grabbed her purse and walked out of the house like she was a boss. She straight ignored me. Atleast she’s gone, though. I planned on smoking and she hated when I smoked here. 

Hearing a lot of commotion come from the living room, I smirked. I knew it was Ty and em’. I aint hung with them in a min. 

Once they all came in the living room, the first person that caught my eye was Raye. Who brought this bitch, man? I was trying to avoid her ass. 

“You tricked me! I dont wanna be here with his crazy ass!” Raye yelled at Ty as everybody except me snickered. They tricked me, too.

“Bitch I aint crazy, you just be pissing me off.” I spat, defending myself. Snapping her head in my direction, she gave me a stank look causing me to do the same.

“Nobody was talkin to you!” She yelled as everyone got quiet. See, she already fucking up my mood. I just wanted to chill and smoke, but I guess a bitch getting her ass beat tonight. 

“I’m so fucking sick of you thinkin you big and bad. Shut.The.Fuck.Up.” I gritted as she mugged me and sat down on the opposite couch.

Rolling my eyes, I put my attention on Nae who sat down next to me with Ty. “When you having our baby already?” I asked, rubbing her stomach as Ty smacked my hand away. Sucking my teeth, Nae giggled at us. 

“I should be having him any day now..” She shrugged. 

“You better hope he look like you and not Ty. Ty’s ugly as fuck. He gets no play.” I cackled, as Cameron and Nae laughed along with me. 

“You gets no play. That’s why Raye broke up with your fuck ass. Single ass mothafucka’.” He said, making it awkward as fuck for me. Everybody else was quiet, except Raye. She was dying. 

“Something funny, Raye?” I asked, as her smile turned into a frown. Getting up to grab her stuff, she started talking shit under her breath. Scary ass wont say the shit out loud. 

“I’m gonna be outside Nae, if you need me.” She said, taking a blunt of her purse. When the fuck she start smoking? Every time I did it, she would always say ‘ew put that shit away’. 

“No thanks. I know who you bout to see.” Nae chuckled, and Raye did the same. Who the fuck was she about to see? I’m mad confused, and it’s pissing me off cause I need answers.

The sound of the front door being slammed shut, brought me out of my thoughts. I would get her for that, but I'ma let it slide. Ion’ feel like hearing her yell. 

 "Y'all need therapy or something..“ Nae said, shaking her head. 

"All this shit is her fault. I haven’t did nothing. She fucking August and shit, and I aint fucked nobody in a month.” I said, as Ty looked at me like I was lying. What I gotta lie for?

“Boy if you dont! Nigga so you tellin’ me when I called you that day and Alisha answered the phone moaning, y'all wasn’t doin anything?” He said, as I thought back to that day. Oh shit, that day was crazy. 

“MAn, that’s different. I was just home alone sleep, then I wake up to her doing some nasty ass shit. Ion’ even know how she got in. I probably left the door unlocked.” I chuckled, shaking my head. 

“You dirty man, start the fucking game.” Ty said. Laughing at him, I hooked up the PS4 system and put Mortal Kombat in. This game was the shit, but it wasn’t the best. 

Looking back at Cameron, I was about to ask did he wanna play until I saw this nigga eating everything. He had bout 3 family packs of Doritos, a big ass bottle of Sprite, and some Chips Ahoy cookies. Shit was everywhere, too. 

“Put all that shit in the trash man!” I yelled as he started to fall asleep. Sucking my teeth, I snatched all his trash in put it in the now full trasbag in the kitchen. I should gone head’ and take it out. 

Trying to look for some shoes at the front door, I sucked my teeth. Slipping on my momma’s heels, I slowly opened the door cause I aint wanna fall on my ass. 

Shutting the door behind me, I turned around to see Raye and August leaning on his car in OUR driveway kissing. Blowing air out of my cheeks, I just ignored them and threw the trash out. 

Never had I disrespected her like this. This shit was beyond disrespectful. She went too far. She kissing this fuck nigga in front of my house? Fuck her, foreal. I need to get away from her before I end up killing her. 

“Chris you wana say something, now?” Raye called out, as I was about to walk in the house.

“I hope August beat yo ass for sucking the shit out my dick earlier. She was even playing with my balls and shit, August. You better get her.” I smirked as August furrowed his eyebrows together. I was lying like a bitch, but he dumb as fuck cause he believe it. Once I heard them yelling at each other, I laughed to myself and walked back into the house. 

I wish them 2 mothafuckas’ the best. Hell nah, I hope August break her fucking heat. Fuck Raye.