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female character challenge: five romantic ships [2 / 5]
↳ Amy Raudenfeld and Karma Ashcroft (Karmy), Faking It

You’re lucky… you’ve fallen in love with your best friend. The person who accepts you at your worst and laughs at your stupid jokes. The person who knows you better than you know yourself. I would kill to spend the rest of my life with that person.

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Title: Why Me?

Warnings: Sad Alex :(

Author’s Note:  Lemme know what ya think!

Word Count: 981

“Alex, why have you been giving me the silent treatment since we got home?” you asked, carefully sitting down beside him in the grass. “I thought we had a really nice time with your family today.”

“It was alright.” he muttered, plucking a strand of grass, ripping it lengthwise.

“Come on, it was the first time you’ve been with all of your family since Christmas.” you said, resting your hand on his knee.

“Yeah, well it seemed like you had a much better time than me.” he mumbled.

“What does that mean?” you asked, growing more confused by the second.

“It means what I said. It seemed like you were having a really great time with William.” he elaborated, his eyes locked on the ground.

You scooted closer to him in the grass, moving your hand to his bicep, but he shrugged your hand away. Well this was annoying. “Alex, I had a great day with you.” you emphasized. “I really like your family, it was fun catching up with all of them.” Alex rolled his eyes, ripping another piece of grass from the ground. “Okay, fine.” you sighed. “Just come find me when you want to talk about… whatever this is about.” you said, shaking your head.

You had met Alex’s family plenty of times before, but he had never acted like this. Alex and William were brothers and best friends. The four hour distance between Rochester and Toronto wasn’t far, the boys visiting each other occasionally throughout their seasons when their off days matched up. This week the whole family was in town, Alex’s parents, sisters, and William. You had all gone out for lunch and you had all had a great time; or at least you thought you had. As soon as you had gotten home Alex had gotten mopey and refused to talk to you.

You grabbed a book from inside the house, settling on the back porch swing. You glanced across the yard, Alex still plucking grass. You sighed, cracking your book open. You were a few chapters in, when Alex’s shadow fell over you.

“Do you like my brother more than you like me?” he asked as he stood in front of you, a hurt expression masking his normally bright smile.

“Of course not.” you replied without hesitation; setting your book down you grabbed his hand, pulling him in the empty seat beside you. “What would make you think that?” you asked softly, your heart breaking at the hurt in his voice.

“You just seemed really happy to be talking to him today.” he shrugged sadly, looking at his lap. “You guys were laughing a lot.”

“I was happy to talk to him today, babe, and he is funny. But it doesn’t mean I liked talking to more than I like talking to you.” Alex stared straight ahead, his eyes squinting in the sunlight.

“It just seemed… I don’t know.” he shrugged, looking down he began playing with the hem of his shirt.

“I love your family, but I’m in love with you.” you offered, trying to figure out where all of this was coming from.

Alex sighed, his frustration with his inability to express his feelings the way he wanted to was wearing on him. Finally he blurted out, “William, he’s just—my brother is so much funnier than me, he makes more money, he’s better at hockey, he’s—“

“Alex, stop.” you said; cutting him off. “Our relationship has nothing to do with your brother.” you said, resting a hand on his thigh. “I’m not in love with you because of your money or because of how good you are at hockey, you know that, right?” you questioned as you noticed the insecurity in Alex’s eyes.

“Yeah, I guess.” he mumbled, unconvinced.

“Alex, I want you. Not your brother.” you stated firmly.

“I just feel like I need to keep up with him, but I can’t.” he said, sadly.

“You don’t have to keep up with anyone, Alex. Don’t compare yourself to William, you’ll only drive yourself crazy.” you reasoned, grabbing his hand. “You’ll get the NHL, babe. It may take another year in the AHL, you might get called up tomorrow. Your family is full of great hockey players, and you’re one of them.” you finished, giving his hand a squeeze.

“But why would you choose me? You could have picked anyone.” he sighed.

“I’m in love with you because you’re kind, you’re supportive, and you’re generous.” you listed slowly. “You love your family; the way you interact with your sisters is the most adorable thing I’ve ever seen. You’re smart, and you’re funny. You also have the best hair I’ve ever laid eyes on.” you smiled, leaning over and pecking his cheek.

“Better than Willy’s?” he asked, a smirk tugging at the corner of his mouth.

“Better than Willy’s.” you confirmed, running your fingers through is soft, blond locks.

He sighed, propping his feet up on the table in front of you. “I’m sorry, (Y/N), I shouldn’t have gotten upset. Sometimes it’s just hard to not compare myself to my brother, especially when he’s doing so well.” he said, pulling you onto his lap.

“You’re doing well, too. Just believe in yourself, babe, because I do.” you said, wrapping your arms around his neck.

“I am really glad you get along with my family. Especially William; I’m glad the two people closest to me get along so well.” he said, looking into your eyes for the first time all afternoon. “I love you.”

“I love you, too.” you grinned, pressing a kiss to Alex’s lips. He smiled up at you, before furrowing his brows. “What is it?” you asked, raising an eyebrow.

“Are you lying when you say I have better hair than Willy? I mean, the internet seems pretty set on him having the best hair in the entire league…”

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Request: Hey, i dont know you got your twenty requests already, if not could you do one with Alex nylander where he’s insecure cause he thinks his brother will steal you from him or something like that? :) love your blog            


The moment we could stop listening to the messages we’re receiving every day telling us how we should look, what’s beautiful, what’s sexy, what’s cool. You know what I think is better than anyone’s definition of being cool is? I think being happy is better than being cool. The moment you can just wash all of that stuff off of you, all of those unwanted, uninvited opinions about yourself, and your life and yourself and the way that you are…. And the moment that you can look in the mirror and see your own definition of your life, I think that’s the moment that you’re finally………… C l e a n.

Hey guess what: no matter how small your progress is, its still there and youre one step closer to getting better (telent-wise, mentally, or physically). 

Acknowledge even the littlest victories! Did you draw a good hand the first time? Finally manage to get our of bed today? Did you run a few seconds longer than normal? Good for you! I see you and I’m proud.

Anyway, people make me not want to talk about Blackout stuff anymore because being proud of its growth apparently comes across as thinking I’m, what did they say? Queen of Black Livelihood. I do not, nor have I ever thought, I was better than anyone else. I’m just out here trying to make my dreams come true and trying to leave a tiny bit of positivity in this world while doing it.

Con Tips

So I have been going to cons for about 5 years now and I thought I would just share some things I have learned. Now I go to the Philadelphia Comic Con as my big con and some other small ones around Pennsylvania and do not cosplay this is just for your average con person.

  • Wear comfortable shoes. This is one of the things I have to stress the most. The first year I went I wore my most comfortable flip flops because it was June and hot and a few hours in my feet hurt. I always wear sneakers now. Because think about it. Odds are you will get hungry and have to walk to wherever you want to eat if you are in a city. Just wear good shoes.
  • Don’t just bring a purse or wallet. I know a lot of people would rather not carry much and neither do I which is why I bring a knapsack. Don’t worry you won’t look silly or anything if you bring just a regular bookbag, everyone has them. It’s easier to use to carry any goodies you buy and anything you have with you. 
  • Bring bottled water. They may search your bag at the doors but most times they will let you take a water and fruit bar in. You will get dehydrated without knowing it. I always bring two water bottles and small pretzel sticks.
  • Don’t buy the food sold in the con. I know you might be tempted to buy that soft pretzel because you are so hungry but you and I both know its overpriced. 
  • Bring a cell phone charger. Most cons have a charging area with cables to use but they are always packed. You can probably find an outlet somewhere along the walls.
  • Take a seat. You paid a lot for your ticket and want to get the most out of the day but there’s no point if you run yourself down. Take a seat. Drink some water have a small snack. My cons have sitting areas but I don’t like them because they are right by the entrance so I sit along the outside walls. Don’t worry, everyone does.
  • Bring hand sanitizer. The bathrooms at these things are always a mess. I can only speak for the women’s bathroom but there are always people reapplying body paint and getting dressed and sometimes you can’t even get to the sink.
  • Bring cash. Not all the sellers can use your card and you may be charged more if they have a square and you will be charged at the ATMs.
  • Get commissions. This one is more of a personal preference. These may cost more and take some time but I prefer to have the artist draw something instead of buying a print. In the long run, you will like these so much more because you talked about what you exactly wanted. Be sure to get a commission first so it will be done by the time you leave.
  • Know your area. Take a couple hours every day for a few days before the con to look at where the con is and the areas around it. The last thing you want is to step outside the con in Philly and have no clue where to go. Theses places may be dangerous and easy to get lost in.
  • Be prepared to wait. I live in a small town and food joints around here always have seats. Not so much in cities with Cons. Make reservations if you can. 
  • Don’t be scared to ask the workers where the hell you are. They may look be and scary and annoyed but it’s better than wondering around.
  • The line to get in is a great time to make friends. If you’re like me you end up having to wait in the queue line to get in and if you’re like me your antisocial as hell. But guess what? So is everyone here probably. Just tell the person next to you that you like their shirt. You’ll both feel more comfortable.

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Doctor Strange: Season 1 Starter Sentences

“You really call yourself that?”

“You’re just another big, fat, fraud aren’t you?”

“Well I’m not particuarly fat.”

“I understand he rejected you?”

“Other way around, actually.”

“I mistook your selfishness for strength.”

“Old man!”

“I still prefer Ancient One.”

“No takesy backsies.”

“You’re….. really weird.”

“You dare call on a demon in this sacred place?!”

“This…. this is a bar.”

“Master! Look out for the crazy guy!”

“Neither of you is crazy or demonic, but you are testing my nearly infinite patience.” 

“Quit staring at me.”

“You’re staring at me!”

“I’m just saying this isn’t safe!”

“That’s what makes it fun!”

“Kiss and make up later, eh?”

“I don’t kiss demons.”

“Ha! Don’t know what you’re missing!”

“How long have you been listening to me?”

“All night.”

“You’re creeping me out.”

“When dealing with someone as evil as you.”

“Alright, enough with the ‘E’ word.”

“Don’t kid a kidder son.”

“Remind me to preemptively stab every man I meet in the face.”

“Oh ye of little faith.”

“Didn’t realize you had a soul left to sell.”

“This is where you stab him in the face.”


“Shut up.”

“Oh? First name basis now?”


“Tell me your first name and I might use it.”

“I was made for actions, not words.”

“I can take out anything I can punch, man or monster.”

“I believe in something bigger than me. I believe in something better.”

“You little hobbit.”

“You’re not like them at all. First, you’ve got way better hair. Second, you’ve got friends.”


“Quit whining.”

“Who’s whining? My hands hurt.”

“Next time hit the evil dude with a brick instead of your knuckles.”

“Come on, I saved your life with these knuckles.”

“No ones taught me any brick-fu yet.”


Request: Hi! Can I request for the seungkwan soul mate! Please? The wrist version 😃 Thank you 😃

Note: Seungkwan deserves all the love there isn’t enough of him here and holy shit I think this one is one of my longest ones yet XD

  • “They are trying their very best pfffft but let’s say he isn’t in charge of singing in our group.” That was what your wrist said. And that was the first thing your soulmate would say to you.
  • You thought it was funny how they even added the ‘pffffft’ on your wrist
  • Lately you started hanging out more often with someone (Y/f/n) and they told about how they have one big group of soulmate friends
  • It almost seemed made up because they had so many funny stories about how soulmates met. One vomited over their friend, another one photobombed the other, another couple of soulmates ‘died’ together in paintball,…
  • So many stories and they made you look forward to meeting yours even more
  • You eventually became very good friends and they invited you over for a karaoke night at a local bar
  • Besides feeling slightly concerned about your singing talents you were also excited to meet this ‘hilarious’ friend group Y/f/n always talked about
  • When you entered the bar you were surprised at how big the group was… 
  • They had tried to get one table but they had to be divided in a lot of small groups because of obvious reasons
  • “I think the owners always love when we come over because with almost 30 people our bill sure as hell gets high.”
  • You were briefly introduced while you searched out a place.
  • Of course with your friend and their soulmate at the same table, his name was Joshua. You’d heard a LOT about him but the table was even-numbered so you wondered who was separated from their soulmate.
  • You asked Joshua and apparently Y/f/n had kind of set you up with this guy Seungkwan so he wouldn’t be alone on soulmate night since last week Wonwoo also found his soulmate and he was left alone and soulmateless. 
  • Y/f/n nervously laughed but you thought it was sweet of them anyways, although you felt slightly used.
  • The first ones going for a try at the karaoke were Vernon and his Soulmate.
  • Let’s say everyone was expecting this besides you.
  • They thought it was a great decision to choose Adele.
  • It was definitely not.
  • Vernon: “Hello from the other SIIiiiiIIIDddEEEEE”
  • Vernon’s soulmate: “I must have called a thousand tTIIiiMMmmEesSS”
  • And then suddenly Vernon did a weird dance and sang something you knew was definitely not Adele “You used to call me on my cellphone….”
  • You took this opportunity to talk to Seungkwan, trying to suppress your laughter. “W-What are they even trying…?” 
  • “They are trying their very best pfffft but let’s say he isn’t in charge of singing in our group.” 
  • “Seungkwan, you know what this means?.” you said seriously.
  • “I don’t know? Vernon and his soulmate won’t be starting a singing career soon?”
  • “No I mean about us.”
  • “Seungkwan the song isn’t even over yet but I mea- “
  • It was too late, he’d dragged you onto the stage. Seungkwan threw you a microphone and he started singing.
  • You were filled with adrenaline from meeting your soulmate so you sang with them.
  • When the song ended you asked him “So how was my singing?” 
  • “Uhm it was better than those two that’s what counts haha.”
  • “HEY I HEARD THAT!” Vernon said with a smile.
  • Everyone agreed that you two had won this ‘sing-battle’, besides Jun and his soulmate. So Seungkwan was satisfied.
  • When you went back to your seats, you quietly showed your wrist to him.
  • “Oh my GOSH I’m so stupid! GUYS GUESS WHAT?”
  • Everyone’s head turned towards Seungkwan.
  • Queue everyone screaming and congratulating you two because Seungkwan had tbh been nagging a lot lately, at least that’s what they said.
  • Finally the group was complete.


People never write poems about the good times until they miss them–
never sing songs about the smiles until they’re gone–
and god, what kind of race are we
where we cannot love what we have while it is here?
and where the blush on my cheeks and the giggle in my voice
is better as a gravestone than a present memory? 
What is the point of life if happiness is fleeting and only here to be mourned?
I feel like the color pink,
and I would rather be pink than your black-and-blue, black-and-blue.
I am going to be happy, even if I am poemless.
I would rather be an unsung shade of raspberry than a beautiful disaster who tastes rotten.
—  the fallacies of the poet//via @karkaroff

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anonymous asked:

I just found your Dragon age fic and IM SO HAPPY!!! oh my god over 200k !!! this is better than christmas, your writing is like heroin to me....Ill read anything you write, like, even a shoping list.;

Haha, woohoo!!! And yeah omg it’s so long, sweet jesus, I had no idea when I started writing that story that it would end up being anything more than a negotiation oneshot.

I mean I had a slight idea but honestly it was only ever meant to be a oneshot.

Turns out that Bull and Cullen had a lot to say, lol.

Photographs (Luke imagine)

Summary: You spend your birthday at Luke’s house and Liz ends up announcing your relationship through a series of candids

Requested: ‘u and luke are dating but ur lowkey about it like ash and bryana so the fans like u and ship u two but they don’t really have many pictures of you together or anything but u go and stay w luke in Australia and one of his auties/uncles or someone tweets a picture of u two being cute & fans find it and think its cute and stuff all over twitter’ - I changed it to Liz but most of the plot is the same!

Word Count: 1.4k

A/N: I got carried away but that’s not surprising because I love Liz 

Originally posted by paintingthedaisies

lmao this gif i can’t

“Are you pleased you came here for your birthday?”

You look around at your boyfriend Luke, a wide grin on your face. A large present sits between your knees, your hands poised on the ribbon, ready to tear through the colourful wrapping. 

“Of course! Your family are all so nice to me, and Liz make really good food.” Luke hums in agreement and wraps his arms around your waist, snuggling his face into the crook between your neck and shoulder.

“Wait! Y/N, don’t open that present!” You freeze, a crooked smile on your face, as Liz hurries into the room with her camera hanging around her neck. “Smile!” You look into the lens and grin, not caring that your hair’s probably all over the place.

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anonymous asked:

I don't want to come off rude or like I'm offending you or your ship (and if I do, I'm sorry), I just wanted your thoughts on Julian saying he loves Caitlin in that one episode recently? To me it seemed a little early but I might be judging too hard so I wanted to hear another opinion about it

It’s not offensive, don’t worry!

I’ve actually seen quite a lot of people mention how Julian saying he loves Caitlin was pretty random, out of the blue and too soon because they haven’t known each other that long. Which they haven’t; they’ve only known each other for a few months.

But a lot has happened in those few months. Julian went from being pretty much all alone: he didn’t have any friends that we know of, he had a “girlfriend” but we never heard of her again (I just think that was an excuse to not hang out with Barry and the others), and lastly, the relationship with his parents wasn’t the best after his sister Emma died, as he mentions in 3x9. 

So it was pretty much just him. 

But then Caitlin invited him to the Wests’ Christmas party, asked him to join the team and for the first time in a long time, he actual had people to go to. He had friends and people he could trust. And out of all those people, Caitlin was the one he interacted the most with. She checked to see if he was all right on numerous occasions while no one else did (3x9 when she didn’t want him to spend Christmas alone, 3x10 after they hadn’t heard from him in a while, 3x15 after Barry asked him to channel Savitar again,…). She didn’t blame him for everything he’d done while being Alchemy, just the way Julian didn’t blame her for what she’d done as Killer Frost (except in 3x7 but they didn’t completely know each other at that point).

They both found someone who understood what they were going through and who they could relate to. 

And Julian, not having been close to anyone in a while, latched onto Caitlin. Because who knows how long it’s been since someone had been nice to him and made sure he was all right. 

So Julian fell, and fell hard.

I mean, after going out for drinks once he was already willing to go to a parallel earth just to make sure she would be okay. And while she was scared of her powers and of hurting other people, he made sure she knew that he wasn’t afraid of her, which must’ve meant a lot to Caitlin, I can imagine.

And even though he cared about her a lot, Julian didn’t just forgive her for the things she’d done, such as keeping part of the Stone. He didn’t just brush it off as nothing, because for him, it wasn’t nothing at all. And Caitlin didn’t push him to forgive her: she apologised and told him she hoped he could forgive her, but she didn’t force him to. 

Then later in 3x18, when Caitlin told him she trusted him enough to have him perform surgery on her, that must’ve meant a lot to Julian as well, I think. Because in 3x15, he says that he could be the one betraying the team because of the whole Savitar/Alchemy thing. He doesn’t even trust himself but then a few episodes later, Caitlin makes sure he knows that she would trust him with her life.

And Julian telling Killer Frost that he’s not giving up on her, that he would do whatever it takes, that he would stop at nothing to find her a cure (which he actually did: he was still at Killer Frost’s side in 2024, still trying to find a way to bring Caitlin back) just shows how much he’s come to care for her.

Besides, he almost lost her before she turned into Killer Frost. Julian is probably scared of that happening again and he’s probably also aware of the possibility of Caitlin never coming back. So him telling her he loves her might be some sort of “maybe I won’t get another shot”-scenario.

I’m not trying to convice you to change your opinion on Julian’s confession, but to me, their entire development felt natural and not rushed, which I really enjoyed. So although Julian telling Caitlin that he loves her was a bit soon, I admit, it didn’t feel out of place to me. It made sense in the development of Julian as a character, going from hating metas to falling in love with one. 

The moment we could stop listening to the messages we’re receiving every day telling us how we should look, what’s beautiful, what’s sexy, what’s cool. You know what I think is better than anyone’s definition of being cool is? I think being happy is better than being cool. The moment you can just wash all of that stuff off of you, all of those unwanted, uninvited opinions about yourself, and your life and yourself and the way that you are.