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I keep making apology posts

I do apologize for not catching up with people. For not replying. But, I’ve become more invested in life lately, and it feels really nice. Being away from here.. I do miss writing on all of my blogs. I just.. don’t have the time lately. I jampacked a lot of my classes this semester, on top of work. But, I can’t find the heart to abandon this blog. Because.. I know if I do abandon it, I will come back anyway LOL.

I really hope you all know that you can still reach out to me to rp, but it most likely would be quicker if I don’t format/stay on mobile. But, I will try to go on my laptop (since I do use it a lot now at school). I have no creative fuels in writing as of late. Plus, just fatigue is always hitting me. I’ve also put more time into crafting cosplays too, so I’m sorry if this seems more like a personal blog than rp.. wOOPS. It just, is really nice. Life is really nice for me lately. I’ve grew out of my comfort zone and joined this business fraternity (I got in!). I really can’t see myself fitting some time here – especially when I barely put time to play games (which is something I also want to do but school :C)

feel free to hmu here, skype, or my ig. all of those should be in my mun page. or heck, please ask for it. I want to hit up a few friends too, but I just feel bad and awkward since I haven’t spoken to you all for so long. So please know, I am thinking of you and always rooting for you.

Finally got some time to colour that White Queen Running inspired piece that anon requested ages ago.

If you’re not already reading that fic you should most definitely start.

Lorcan: I am Death™. I am Destruction. I am Demise, guided by the hand of Hellas himself. I don’t care about anyone or anything other than Maeve, my beloved blood-sworn queen–

Elide: Ugh I’m on my period-

Lorcan: here take the SHIRT OFF MY BACK i also tore it into strips for you to use also i washed ur clothes bc the other lady was busy. is ur leg hurting? here’s a magical brace. can’t run fast enough? i’ll carry you across this mountain range and also I Wanted to Go to Perranth With You™, lol ur my Wife™. maeve who?

Elide: ….

Lorcan: ….

Lorcan: ….

Lorcan: I am Death™. I am Destruction. I am Demise.

anonymous asked:

Since you've been doing a lot of Rizas in different hairstyles, could you draw riza with an undercut please?

Thank you anon! Now I can cleanse my blog of Beard!Mustang lol