my queen my goddess


Oliver and Felicity are definitely an “opposites attract” type of OTP. Felicity is a tech genius while Oliver is more into field strategy. However, it’s often overlooked that Oliver has a bit of a techie side himself.

We learned in 1x16 that he actually grew up helping his father work on the maintenance of his plane. It’s how Oliver fixed the radio on Lian Yu, which was one of his first true accomplishments on the island. Felicity also grew up building computers with her father. We saw her advanced skill when she fixed the malfunctioning defibrillator needed to save Oliver in 1x14.

Even though we’ve seen Oliver concede to Felicity’s superior expertise when it comes to IT, I still love that they have this in common. Maybe in an AU world where young Ollie wasn’t a spoiled playboy who blew off school, he would’ve actually applied himself and maybe done something with tech/engineering and met Felicity through a similar field whether through school or QC. It’s an interesting what-if scenario.

Plus, these two dorks have a really cute a-ha! reaction when they fix a problem!