my queen gen

“Phresine, the queen’s senior attendant, watched them from behind the throne as her queen danced like a flame in the wind, and the mercurial king like the weight at the center of the earth.”

My current new favorite line in the book. 

That whole dance was a thing of beauty. I loved that he stole all her hair hairpins in the middle of all those spins. And you know?.. *stares off into distance* I think I would actually sell my soul to see that dance on a screen.

Also I gotta say, I love how she keeps in all seriousness offering to flay the people that insult him. And that she would too.

The Attolian court is so lucky that Eugenides is their new king and they don’t even know it. Or appreciate it.

I can’t wait to see when they all start realizing all their many many many mistakes. One of which being that they think their Queen despises her new husband. Another being that they think that Eugenides is a harmless idiot.

Those poor poor Attolians.

(also still love the subtle influence of the Eddisian gods in those coin tosses that Gen was absolutely trying to get to land on heads).

the thing that scares me the most about these power outages is whether or not i have enough downloaded fanfiction on my phone to get me through the storm

The lovely Attolians

My god. My god. I am trying so hard to contain my excitement. Let me tell you a story. Once upon a time last night, I was innocently scrolling through my dash when I saw these words: “Thick as Thieves.” IT’S THE FIFTH BOOK. THE FIFTH BOOK, YOU GUYS. MY HEART STOPPED LAST NIGHT. I HAVE DIED AND AM NOW REBORN. MY GOD.

Warrior Queens


Here is my long-promised gender-bent Eugenides cosplay. It is set partway through The Queen of Attolia. All names and characters were created by and are property of @meganwhalenturner. All pictures were taken by my dear friend, the fabulous @modest-anonymouse. I had sooooo much fun doing this and I hope you all enjoy it too!