my queen :)))

I’m sorry but the thought of AgentCorp makes me WEAK


this was the beginning of something beautiful tbh (if only in my mind)

ugh they would look so good together

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Two badass, strong, independent women with a STEM background

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But they can both be soft af at times

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Like damn they would be so interesting together! I just can’t stop thinking about it.

I wonder if Chyler and Katie would be into it?


it makes me so happy when i see lana signing swan queen photos/fanarts with “long live swan queen” or “viva la swan queen” or “love wins” because i know she doesn’t just write those things because fans ask her to but because she really does love and support swan queen and swen and her lgbt fans and it makes me love her even more if that’s even possible and i just what i’m trying to say is i am so grateful for lana parrilla