my queen :)


Aaron singing Queen’s Somebody to Love at The Paramount 2/25/17

I can’t stop thinking about the Monokumarz as Junko’s grandchildren.

Monotarou, Monofunny, Monosuke, and Monokid are all dying to meet their grandmother for various reasons (leadership, fashion, wild mood swings, etc.).

Monodam is the weirdo who wants to meet their great aunt.

More new engagements for Crown Princess Victoria:

03/16: Attendance at the opening of the exhibit “Chanel, Dior, Balmain, Marianne Bernadotte - a style icon”

03/20: Along with Daniel, Victoria will meet with Chief Economist Robert Bergqvist at the Royal Palace

03/23: Along with Daniel and the King & Queen, Victoria will attend the annual Representatives Dinner (TIARA EVENT!)

 04/26: Attendance at the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons 20th anniversary event in The Hague, Netherlands

05/08:  Attendance at the Association of the Swedish Room Institutets Friends’ 80th anniversary celebration


Swedish Royal Court

I’m betting that her event in the Netherlands on April 26th, means that she’ll be attending King Willem Alexander’s 50th birthday celebrations on the 27th!