my qtip

You know when people talk to their toddlers and it’s like:
[toddler]: incomprehensible gibberish
[parent]: you’re right, Silas, that swan is attacking that nice old lady. You’re so smart.

I have always assumed that that is the way that Qtip and Nate communicate.

[Qtip]:a mixture of rap lyrics and slang he invented himself
[Nate] Evan, you’re absolutely right. Great idea. I’ll send a team out right away.
[the rest of the battalion] ?????

Say no! to mall Jewelery

I have been wearing a surgical steel CBR for the last 7 years in my septum and have never had an issue. recently i lost the ball, and the spare ball..  then the ring fell down the sink. I was in need of a new piece and i was currently saving up for a titanium clicker.  So i just needed something temporary, since i was already at the mall i stopped by that certain store that used to be “all about the music”  since i had a discount to use. I saw this cute little opal and “surgical stainless steel” piece and bought it. I’ve been wearing it BOUT 2- 2 ½ weeks now, i clean my piercing with qtips after showers a few times a week blah blah blah. But then i got an irritation in my nose, i wrote it off to allergies till my nose got tender then i took the clicker out so i could let my piercing rest a little bit, and lo and behold CORROSION!

Yeah… not going back in my nose.

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