my pyramid

5-note patterns

Wow, I feel like I’m betraying my nation and leaking a state secret by posting this. You won’t find this anywhere else on the internet. It’s trick passed around in my band pyramid and I have interesting stories about how it reached me.

Basically, when you’ve got sixteenth-note runs that are tripping you up, or you sound uneven and not very fluid while playing them, this trick will solve your problems. So, here’s what you do, step by step:

  1. Break the sixteenth note passage into blocks of 5 and start with the first block, as shown in the 1st measure of this sheet
  2. Play those 5 notes in the rhythm pattern of the 2nd measure. Repeat 10 times– just like that, don’t go on yet.
  3. Move on to the next measure’s pattern. Do that, and just that: 10 times.
  4. Rinse and repeat, until you’ve down all the rhythm patterns on this sheet. 
  5. Voila: you sound 100x better!

This technique is most effective when you combine it with the “up 4, down 2” metronome trick. So, play each rhythm pattern 10x at say, 100bpm. Then play it 10x at 104bpm, then at 102bpm, and then 106bpm, etc.

This should work for all woodwinds, and sometimes for piano. I don’t play brass or strings though, so I’m not sure– but it could!

more for the bookstore AU

- so my bookstore makes these pyramidal displays with books and games, and during the holidays we actually have to remove the tables under the games because the mountains get ginormous.

- imagine Bitty making pyramids bigger than himself

- actually imagine Bitty sighing every time he needs to reach the higher shelves because he has to fetch the stepladder (the overall design of the shelves was made by one Adam Birholtz).

- Adam Birkholtz was a music-movie specialist, but due to Netflix and pirating, the section is now minuscule. So he applied for a promotion, became supervisor and passive-aggressively changes everything in the store once every three months.

- Ransom is his devoted boyfriend who works at the local medical clinic. He starts super early and finishes an hour before Holster. He can often be seen studying on the mall couches in front of the bookstore, talking to Holster or sitting somewhere in the comics section, working his way through Calvin and Hobbes.

- Lardo is perfectly able to deal with the store while Georgia is on maternity leave, but she would rather not deal with Holster’s bullshit and the main office bullshit and she hates making schedules so you better have a good reason to ask for a last minute day off SHITTY

- speaking of Shitty, he’s been with the company for, like, 7 years and is way overdue for a promotion. but when he left law school after a burn out he swore he wouldn’t put himself under unnecessary stress ever again. He read 80% of the books they sell. He has an opinion on every single one of them. Most of his salary is spent on more books. He will talk with chatty customers for hours. He loves his regulars. He adores talking History and politics with Mister Zimmermann.

- Bitty works during the day and makes his vlog during the night. He’s also writing several cookbooks at once, and one of them is for kids. He buys his favorite story books for when he has children of his own. When he gets with Jack, they read them together sometimes.

- Lardo should have gone the Shitty way and avoided the promotion, but if she wants to keep her spacious studio she needs the money to go with it.

- The frogs are polyvalent, they’re supposed to be able to work anywhere and replace anyone at a day’s notice. But soon you learn things like - Not place Dex near the self-help section, Never assign Nursey to the poetry section if you want the guy to actually work, Always assign Chowder to the cash register because his till always balances and everyone leaves with a smile.

- Tango is hired for the holidays and not allowed anywhere he needs to answer things more complicated than ‘Where is the information desk’.

- Whiskey was also hired for the Holidays but got a more generous offer in another store and left two days after his training. Lardo and Holster walk by his store and throw him mean looks over their coffees.

- Jack did give his father the book on the Habs 50 years anniversary. Bad Bob loved it. The next year, Bad Bob gives Jack the (smaller) book on the Falconers and annotated every single mention and photo of Jack.

- The thing about glitter is that is doesn’t end with Christmas. Come January you have to move everything to the clearance table. After another month you gradually box and send back what is left. You clean. There’s still glitter clinging to the displays, the carpets, your work clothes, your shoes. You vacuum, you clean, and then you find some more underneath the tables while you’re crawling to get something you dropped. The glitter gets into your home. It never leaves.

- There’s also glitter on 99% of the books for girls and don’t get Shitty started on that.

- But yes, Jack did find a stray red glitter on Bitty. Maybe is was on his vest. Maybe it was somewhere else ;)


Fire Emblem Fates: Party gathered and Offspring generation Anthology 

Chapter 3.

Mozu finds Flannel a bit sad/nostalgic(???), like if he wants to visit home. He wants to go back to Garou Mountain, but Nyx tell him that something bad was going to happen if he go: the mountain will collaps over him.

Keatons still wants to visit his home, but after being hit by Abel, Mozu decide to go with him, just for being safe.

They arrive to the mountain and to their surprise, they find a big pile of Garous making a pyramide! When the Garous realize that Keaton arrive, all of them try to run towards him in happiness, forgetting the pyramid. The conmotion ends with the whole Garou pyramide falling over poor Keaton.

Mozu realise that the small event was the misfortune Nyx predicted, and Keaton wasn’t really in danger. She tells Keaton that she is still is happy for acompany him (???), and it looks that Keaton is happy for visiting the mountain and his friends, or that is what his tail is saying (???)