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I don’t want to be your mother


You mean the stuff covering most of Alphys’ possessions?

Aw, sir, c-come on!


Oh God, here we go again. 

Th-they’re just teasing you, sir. B-because they know they can g-get a reaction out of you.

Yes, well, if they tease me one more time, this blog is gone for good-



[Under the desk]







Thank you everyone who participated and voted for our mans, not just those who pulled through to vote today, but those who were up at 5am voting non stop two nights ago when we were down 60k votes. We cancelled plans, carried our phones to parties, voted during breaks at work, stayed up till ungodly hours, put together group chats and many many many voting parties. I’m genuinely proud of the way our fandom came together this weekend and even prouder of how humble we’ve been since winning this thing. Love y'all, see you on the other side ✌🏻❤️

  • Chloe: If you were only just a bit more open, Beca. It's not that hard!
  • Beca: YES IT IS, Chloe. Easy for you to say, since you're more approachable and all.
  • Chloe: But it's just me, and we are friends! C'mon Becs, you can't keep hiding your feelings forever.
  • Beca: ...
  • Chloe: Tell me. Please.
  • Beca: *grabs Chloe's face then kisses her, then pulled away* There. You happy now?

Since I’m on a K drawing roll here’s a quick something for brynne-lagaao​ for all the beautiful fics because I love them

seto’s personal trashy update

my last day of vacation is tomorrow, these 3 weeks i’ve been animating for the islands MAP, watched hours and hours of gameplays, read the entire snk manga, and watched anime

i’m a productive child

anonymous asked:

Hey so I just checked the Candian Forces page about hair and it said this: "Aboriginal members may request to wear long hair or braids while on-duty, but only if there are no safety concerns." I know Lotor isn't Aboriginal and this IS an AU but hey, might give you some ideas or something. (Members are also allowed to wear their hair in Turbans, but I mainly sent this ask as an excuse to pit the idea of Lotor with braids in your head.)

Ohh!! that’s actually really cool! 

anon my man my friend my bro you know me so well… dudes in braids are like… my favorite thing in the whole world. see this guy?

this guy was my crush when i was ten years old. and fueled my love for dudes with long hair I WILL DRAW LOTOR IN A BRAID JUST YOU WAIT 

J-Hope: *slightly traumatized*  I just saw the weirdest thing ever while passing Jungkook’s room…

Taehyung: What?

J-Hope: Jimin was…twirling…while only wearing an oversized white shirt…

Jungkook: *gets up abruptly off the couch and knocks his knee on the coffee table* Ummm, I-I gotta go…umm…s-sort out the shirts in my closet! Cause’ it’s a mess! Right Jin hyung!? You’re always telling me to clean it up so let me go do it now!

 *leaves hurridly while clutching knee*

Yoongi: *scoffs* More like sort Jimin out of his shirt…

Jin: …But he cleaned it yesterday…

Taehyung: *starts singing loudly* CAUGHT IN A LIEEEEEEE~

J-Hope: *slightly more traumatized*

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Is Touken canon?

in my heart, yes~

but nah, personally I won’t call it ‘canon’ until Kaneki explicitly reciprocates. The way I see it, that was the whole point of this scene:

Kaneki realises that this conversation was Touka confessing her feelings but before he can form any sort of response, Tsukiyama interrupts. 

And honestly, I’m glad for it. I don’t think Kaneki is ready to confront those feelings. Even with the crippling fear of one day disappearing, romance was something Haise was able to entertain; he had the time and inclination for love-filled fantasies. Much like Kaneki in the beginning of the story with Rize. But especially after Aogiri Arc, Kaneki has always been struggling under the weight of all the shit life has thrown at him and desperately throwing up walls between himself and others. Romantic feelings just don’t seem like something he’s been in the right head space to recognise or accept when he’s ‘empty inside’ as Seidou put it, both in TG and :Re. I mean, he couldn’t even understand how much the people around him loved him and wanted him to ‘live’. 

I actually think this was the 1st time Kaneki had remembered and reflected on his behaviour towards Touka as Haise.

After getting his memories back, Kaneki was in a very dark place for those 6 months or so as Black Reaper so its not surprising.

It’s clear as day that Touka and Kaneki are so important to each other but I don’t think Kaneki has ever actually entertained the possibility of him and Touka together since Haise.

“Touka… and me?”

But Touka being open and honest about her feelings, spelling it out for Kaneki because he’s… a ‘bit’ oblivious to the feelings of others, was a first step. He’s always been so focused on pushing Touka away to protect her that Touka’s confession came at a huge surprise. Now (pretending that everything with Mutsuki is going to turn out A-OK) Kaneki has the time to sit them aside and examine his feelings for Touka properly, reflect on the feelings he had as Haise and figure out whether those are something he still wants to pursue. He can come to terms with them at his own pace.

I’ll just put it this way: I also thought Touka’s feelings for Kaneki was blindingly obvious but I would never have said ‘canon’ until last chapter. I also think Tsukiyama has romantic feelings for Kaneki but although they’re implied in canon, I won’t give it that label until Shuu explicitly calls it ‘love’. I follow the same rules with anything. Haise felt romantic interest towards Touka; the chapter they met again was called ‘Inherited Feelings’. That’s up to your own interpretation to decide whether that implies more about Kaneki’s side of things. Only when Ishida addresses it again will we know whether we were meant to be reading between the lines there or not. 

this is my shelf in the living room its where i keep all of my prized posessions. most of them are things my sister bought me (bless her)

i got the pride flag at the huge march in seattle the day after gay marriage was legalized in the us.

not pictured: another su poster and a huge amazing print of stevonnie. my sister is constantly buying me stuff shes the best but im running out of Space

also.. just a fun fact… this is directly in front of the window to my apartment so everyone can see How Gay I Am


Last Night’s Vibez

My neighbor had a birthday party at a club last night and invited me, I mean she’s my neighbor so of course I had to go show face. Party was lit af, but then these females got to arguing n shit, next thing I know it’s a drink being thrown in my direction so I ducked and dipped out. Lmaoo no time for the fuckery. Just wanted to post these ”before the shenanigans” pics lmao
As of now I’m packing for my little trip to LA, only gonna be there until Wednesday.

okay so like

a scene a lot of us forget about sometimes (that i said i wanted to add on to my top fruitshipping moments) is this one in episode 92

yuya’s not even questioning himself regarding his abilities to be able to make people smile, he just straight up admits he can’t do it right then and there. but…

for yuzu he’s still willing to try. even with all odds against him. 

and it seems like he’s willing to do anything. anything. even abandoning the very card that his dad left him and that represents his entire ideology…

…just to see yuzu smile again.

considering he only ever discards smile world once more in the entire show (and we all know how badly that went), this is such a powerful statement regarding how much yuya’s willing to give up for yuzu. idk but if you’re willing to give up your life and your entire life’s philosophy for someone you just might be a little in love. just. just a little. idk.