my purple and gold things


Do I look like a smug bastard yet? 😘💜💜

You’ve seen my Acxa cosplay, so now here’s the Lotor test I did before her. Acxa’s armor is finished but the entire costume needs rebuilding and that last-minute make-up needs reworking, so I haven’t started Lotor’s armor yet. When both of those are finished I’m moving on to Zethrid 😘
In the mean time, enjoy this beautiful contour I spent three hours on and look away from my unglued lace and un-blended latex (cos I’m apparently allergic to the glue and something in the liquid latex I bought to fix those things 🙃)

(I promise this wig is white, the lights in my bathroom are just REALLY yellow)

ahlis-xiv  asked:

A small box made of wood, elaborately carved and decorated with a nameday ribbon was delivered into Alyx’s care. Inside are two items: a circular brooch made of gold featuring two majestically sculpted griffins accompanied by amethyst gems inlaid within their eyes, and a written note: “To whom I give all my loyalty and friendship. Happy Nameday, - Ahlis”

( @ahlis-xiv I’ve been holding onto this for a while because I wasn’t sure how to properly answer it. Thank you, she loves it, and we both have a lot of feelings.)

girlfriends and best friends

anonymous asked:

*very over the top curtsy, 5 times, hitting you in the face and abdomen with my purple and gold velvet cape thing each time* good day duke, may I inquire what your favourite smells are ?

*Curtsies* I don’t think I’ve ever given this any serious thought, but probably cardamom, Earl Gray tea, leather, and the smell outside before it snows.