my pupils so big

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For the sleepover ask I would like to share a story ! Yesterday I went to a sudden eye appointment & they put these drops in my eyes to dilate them to like measure them. (Idk)my mom said my eyes would be sensitive to light but I shrugged it off. So i got weird roll up sunglasses. But we were leaving the darkass hospital into the bright day and boy, was I b l i n d e d I screeched softly & stumbled a bit. my mom called me a dumby & my twin cackled at me. I quickly put the glasses on Tis fun tho👌

I know! I had the same procedure with on my eyes couple years ago when my parents thought someone was giving me drugs because my pupils were acting crazy (like they were so big that the color wasn’t even visible, but my eyesight was intact?) and I remember the feeling! For some hours you’re just so sensitive to the light because your pupils get big and are letting more light inside. (they didn’t find anything and said that my pupils are just naturally bigger lol thanks medicine)
Fun fact though, did you know what women couple centuries back used to use some poisonous droplets to make their pupils bigger because (scientifically proved) men like women with big pupils more, they find them more sexually attractive.

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How do you make sims with such big beautiful eyes I can never get them big

Hi Anon >.< 
Okay.. so I’m not very good at explaining things & if this sucks I do apologize & can only hope you don’t kill me! I thought it would be awesome if I tried out a tutorial with pictures >.< I hope this helps you achieve big eyes!

Step 1 

This is just a blank canvas sim as you can see. I usually make ALL of my sims look like this before I start creating them. I don’t like the eyes with the weird thick black line. They don’t ever look good when I make my big eyes!

Step 2 

I like to Pull on the upper eyelids first. Then I’ll usually Do the same for the lower lids & then I go to the corner & widen/push & pull until they look like the bottom photo! It’ll look freaky at first, but trust me!

Step 3 

You’re going to want to move the eyes AWAY from the nose. As far as you’d like. I usually pull mine away until I have a almost freakish alien or until it wont let me >.<  Remember you can push/pull the eyes up or down however you like. I usually push mine down just a hair.

Step 4 

You can either leave your eyes how you see them or if you’re like me & want your sims to look sad or a certain way.. tilt those eyes downward. I personally think it helps give my sims character.

Step 5 

By Pulling or Dragging you can change the size even more! Going away from the nose makes them bigger & going towards the nose will make it smaller.

Step 6 

Finally! The last step >.< Select the eye color that is your favorite! My favorite eyes to use are by chisimi & you can find them —> here 
After you selected what color eye to use you’re going to want to widen the pupil so it will match the shape/size of your eye. Since my eyes are so big I like to widen the pupil to where you can see just a little bit of white!


You made BIG eyes >.< 
I hope this helped at least a little! Have a fabulous day & I’m sorry this is SO long!!