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And finally for my dearest Lavellan, to whom I promised something special. A proposal. Will you marry me?


“Star Trek: First Contact” (as well as later DS9, Voyager) Type II Phaser from Master Replicas.  Perhaps the holy grail of my prop replica collection.  This thing is of such high quality, you wouldn’t believe.  The weight in your hand, the cold of the metal, the rubber of the grip.  You’d swear it was actually capable of stunning and vaporizing someone.


PRE ORDER NOW!! Mad Max Fury Road Nux Wheel cosplay prop replica

It’s time for another prop-run! Shown above is my prototype Nux Wheel made for San Diego Comic Con 2015! Once I have at least four confirmed pre-orders, I will begin this LIMITED RUN! 

Replica props will be cast from the prototype in light weight plastic, with a mix of some metal and hardware. Please note some small adjustments will be made along the way!  Perfect for costumes, wall-decor, and if you really wanted, you could take it apart and hook it up to the wheel of your car if you so chose IT IS UP TO YOU! 


Finished Wheel: $350
Paint-and-assemble-it-yourself kit: $200

Terms: Please email me at to discuss! Once all four slots are confirmed filled, I will need 50% down payment to cover cost of materials and molds, ($175 for finished wheel, $100 for kit). The second 50% + shipping (to be calculated when I know where it’s going!) once the wheel or kit is complete and ready to ship! Payments to be made by Paypal.

If you have any questions, please feel free to send me an ask or an email!

Lucas sent me these pictures of the LOST decor at his place: “Hi. Big fan of the website. Please keep up the good work.  Attached are some pics of my basement entrance where I have hung my prized replica prop of the Swan Hatch sign.”