my prop replicas


And finally for my dearest Lavellan, to whom I promised something special. A proposal. Will you marry me?


My Nullifier is the Ultimate!

The Ultimate Nullifier first appeared in issue 50 of Jack Kirby and Stan Lee’s Fantastic Four back in 1966 and was used to fend off the mighty planet devouring Galactus. It is considered the most powered object in the Marvel Universe and now it lives in my house.

During it’s construction, I tried to only use reference of it’s first appearance as originally designed by Jack Kirby. He never drew it the same way twice so I had to combine and idealize several elements.

I’m very happy with how it came out.


My Journal 3 replica is almost finished! It’s handbound and the hand and the corners are made of thin brass. The corners are a little different from the original since I wanted them to look more like actual book corners.
Now I just have to add some tears in the cover and fill in the rest of the pages

(also included in this photoset are some really shitty webcam pics featuring some of the finished pages in the book)

Lucas sent me these pictures of the LOST decor at his place: “Hi. Big fan of the website. Please keep up the good work.  Attached are some pics of my basement entrance where I have hung my prized replica prop of the Swan Hatch sign.”