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pyro because im obsessed

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  • The main reason he has a mask is, obviously, for protecting himself, especially since he already went through some… uh, problems, playing with fire. Said problems imply accidentally getting himself on fire.
  • (What’s up with my fire favs ending up accidentally burning the heck out of them btw)
  • He was one of the first mercs to be called in the Red Team
  • Even if he tries his best to seem as friendly as possible to pretty much everyone, at first the others seemed very terrified of him and his little presents. 
  • Presents that imply beds put on fire as soon as someone lies on them or burning down dangerous Demo explosives, mostly.
  • You can see he’s nervous when he starts to light matches. Once, when asked by the Engie to protect his turrets while he tried to build a teleporter, he ended up burning down three packages in fear of Spies
  • The mercs he’s closer to are Engie, who acts like some sort of dad towards him, and Scout, who slowly became some sort of brotherly figure. On the contrary, he’s still not very fond of Spy - especially when he brings around his stupid icicle.
  • Miss Pauling, despite a first moment of being quite worried around him, very quickly began to appreciate the Pyro, to the point that she acts even motherly when he’s around. 
  • Miss Pauling, the Aministrator and the Twins are the only ones who saw Pyro’s face. The Twins screamed, the Administrator showed a quite disgusted expression, Miss Pauling got scared but proceeded to hug the heck out of him as she noticed how broken he was about it.
  • Even without his mask, he has a speech impediment, and if he needs to make long conversations he usually explain himself via drawings or morse code. He managed to save lots of times Engie’s and Sniper’s lives thanks to warnings via morse, actually!
  • He loves Disney movies, and his favorite is Bambi. For some reasons, he seems to enjoy the final part way more than the beginning tho.
  • You know he’s around when you smell burned stuff and unicorns drawn on the walls. The most adorable of all warnings.
  • Not counting Scout, he’s the youngest of the team.

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i feel bad because my traumas dont feel "traumatic enough" i guess. i feel like im blowing them out of proportion.. maybe im right though. maybe i should forgive him. maybe in reality my mom is the best mom ever. maybe im the problem, yknow? maybe im the problem..

A lot of other trauma survivors feel that way. Any trauma is trauma enough, dont try to invalidate your feelings.
-mod g

Thoughts on Vettori and Modena

Okay first of all I’m quite mad. And probably you will be too after reading this. Sorry but I thought you had to know, especially since you are also part of the volleyfamily and probably don’t understand enough Italian to understand what’s happening.

So the setting is the most obvious one: Modena-Trento match. And as you know it ended 3-0 for Trento.

So where is the problem?
(Please quick note on it: I didn’t follow the match and I just read about it on social media - twitter mostly - so I’m trying to summarize what happened — reading steampunk books was the best idea about how to spend my evening)

The problem is that now Modena’s fans are hating on Vettori.
They keep saying he did it on purpose because he’s already been bought by Trento. They are basically sending him to fuck off and complaining on how bad he played (anyway he did 16 points in the match, so the fuck???)
Of course not everyone is doing so, but the “oldest” fans are in particular giving this message.

At this point I don’t even know what to think. I mean Modena is basically destroying themselves. You can’t say Vetto is not good enough because he probably had a bad day and didn’t play like other times. You can’t just simply take away someone from the team just because they did bad once.
Similar thing happened with Piazza. He was sent away after Morena lost like three matches in a row. And apparently he had to take ghe fault, so *pouf+ bye bye Mr Piazza, welcome Mr Tubertini.

At this point I won’t be surprised if Vetto really decides to leave the team. I just hope they won’t divide the Becchi, because I like them too much and I would probably not be strong enough to see them play against each other.
I just hope he gets to play and do something he loves without being hated for doing bad once or twice in all the season.

tagging a bunch of you since I know that you care about Vetto (and also someone asked me about his possible leave from Modena) @keygoguma @sassygenuine @haventmeetyouyet @luca-vettori and @zaytsevs )

carl gallagher is the definition of unexpected. the little boy who melted dolls together, tortured animals, put a goldfish in the microwave all while his siblings just watched in some kind of amused horror. the little boy who bullied the other kids because he wanted to make people cry, who fantasized about pushing people on train tracks, who never had a problem with death or murder. the teenage boy that ate out almost every girl in his grade just for the hell of it. that boy is the same boy who put his shirt back on and had zero complaints about it because his girlfriend didn’t like sex, the same boy who took her entire family in even when his siblings resisted (”they live in a van.” “why is that my problem?”  “it’s winter”). it’s the same boy who was so devoted to his best friend that he gave him a place to live, never complained about or mocked the things that made him feel safe and did them with no judgement (watching his back in the shower at home, letting him sleep on the floor). the same boy who saw a (not his first, but his first fresh) dead body and knew he couldn’t keep going down the same path he was going anymore because he didn’t wanna see that. the same boy who only questioned ian’s sexuality because he wanted to know more about it and no one would give him any answers, the same boy who accepted caleb’s sexuality even when ian and even caleb barely did, the same boy who comforted mickey when ian was being diagnosed. the same boy who said he wasn’t good enough for his girlfriend but he would do whatever she asked as long as she liked him (he literally cut the tip of his dick off for that girl). he never said any rude things to her, after the whole sorority ordeal he didn’t even speak to her. he just hung out with her dad, the only positive father figure in his life, and bettered himself. he even almost gave up his newfound dream to be with her after she cheated on him, but he went anyways after she just broke his heart again. he went to military school, he’s trying to be a better person. this is the same boy who tried so hard to help his father so many times, and in the end his father tried to force him to stay in the business he was in despite the fact that he was terrified and miserable. carl is so devoted and loyal to everyone, not just the gallaghers, and even the people who hurt him, and he’s the most well-rounded character on the show.

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the problem with matpat, in my opinion is well how do i even explain it. Frankly the best way to pinpoint my problem with MatPat is a FNAF theory for the latest game in the series, Sister Location. You know, the game series that ABSOLUTELY MADE HIS DAMN CHANNEL and he spends 5 minutes before tackling the theory at hand criticizing Scott Cawthon on his writing and that he, MatPat, knows better what's canon than Scott Cawthon. He's so overly smug and arrogant.

You guys want to know my problems with MatPat?

This anon pretty much just underlined one of my most major points.

Here’s something so many people don’t seem to get about the field both I and MatPat are in:

Channels like ours, despite how much original material we try to make and inject into our videos, survive completely on the content other people make. We are ‘derivative content channels’–we only get to make videos because other people made something we can discuss, and analyze, and rotate all around to show our audiences all the cool pieces involved in a thing that someone else made.

When it comes to mainstream media products like theatrical films, major console video games, etc., it’s more than okay to complain and talk about their faults and failings; these are professional-grade products that are supposed to be of the highest quality and pedigree, made by veterans and educated professionals in their fields with plenty of money and resources to do the job write and make sure consumers feel good.

When it comes to independent material, like I mostly cover, you’re dealing with someone who was brave enough to try something without all the pedigree, resources, power, and experience of the mainstream field. And often, the independent material is made by someone who did everything themselves.

If you’re making your bread and butter on YouTube covering mainstream stuff, you’re part of a very large group in a very large field of media that extends well beyond YouTube.

If you’re covering indie material and lone creators who are making things with cameras they bought at a local store and computers in their basements after long days of work in their home town, then you’re working with underdogs, and being a parasite to those underdogs instead of a mutualistic symbiote is totally intolerable to me. You don’t go and tear down people who have nothing and are just trying to make their way up, and if you’re gaining something from them, you’d better be giving something in return.

Scott Cawthon’s Five Nights at Freddy’s series has been MatPat’s biggest goldmine, and I’ve seen MatPat turn from being a mutualistic symbiote to hateful parasite while still fully aware that Scott Cawthon is an indie creator whose work made Game Theory thousands and thousands of dollars.

I know YouTube figures, and I can tell you that MatPat’s FNAF videos have certainly made him at least $1,000 each, with earlier entries making at least $3,000 by the time they made 3 million views. It’s not possible that they haven’t.

Has Scott himself become wealthy from his creation? Hell yeah! Does that change the fact that he’s an indie creator who got extremely lucky and does everything himself, and all of his work is the reason MatPat’s been making a disgusting amount of YouTube bucks? 


If you want to see the phrase “Biting the hand that feeds you” in action, look no further than Game Theory. MatPat’s very direction for Five Nights coverage has gone from biting the hand that fed him to actually eating it for the sole purpose of hurting Scott Cawthon while still making money off his work.

I have watched MatPat attack Scott Cawthon, insult Scott Cawthon, tell the man he can’t write his own games correctly, insist that he’s broken his own story because MatPat can’t make sense of something, and generally be a hateful, disrespectful, ungrateful narcissist.

I HAVE SEEN MATPAT MAKE A THEORY VIDEO MONTHS IN ADVANCE OF A GAME BEING RELEASED. Do you think that’s because he GENUINELY figured out a game he hadn’t even seen, or because he knew he’d make LOTS OF MONEY doing it?

And yet MatPat still has the audacity to attack, insult, demean, and devalue a man whose work has personally made him thousands of dollars and many millions of views and subscribers. Not just a man, either, but an indie creator who has done everything himself and devoted so many sleepless nights to making Five Nights at Freddy’s games, doing his best to improve each new installment so it makes us more impressed than before.

Scott Cawthon got lucky, yes, but he’s still the man who was about to quit his dream of being a professional video game developer if ‘Five Nights at Freddy’s,’ a Hail Mary attempt, did not work. He still has run this ship alone and done everything in his power to keep it pure and stay a Scott Cawthon original despite all the success and fame he’s achieved.

Is the man above criticism because of who he is, what he’s been, and what he’s achieved? No, of course not. But should criticism of him and his work be delivered respectfully, in a way that isn’t smug and cruel?

Yes, especially when it’s criticism levied by someone who made thousands of dollars off Scott Cawthon’s work and continues to do so. Instead, MatPat chose to effectively spit in Scott’s face with his platform while reaching into his wallet.

And that’s just one major reason I lost immense respect for him.


happily dancing with his lightstick and then…

friends with benefits is easily one of the hardest things ever, you’re with them everyday hanging out and being friends and then when you have your alone time you’re well, having your alone time. not being able to kiss them whenever and showing affection to the person you’re most affectionate to is the hardest part. you have to be closed off and not let yourself get attached but the thing is, I was attached long before the benefits.

How can elected officials rage about deficits when we propose to spend money on preschool for kids, but not when we’re cutting taxes for corporations?  How do we excuse ethical lapses in our own party, but pounce when the other party does the same thing?  It’s not just dishonest, this selective sorting of the facts: it’s self-defeating.  Because, as my mom used to tell me, reality has a way of catching up with you.

Take the challenge of climate change… We can and should argue about the best approach and solve the problem.  But to simply deny the problem not only betrays future generations – it betrays the spirit of this country.


He’s gonna die

Mofftiss, TFP, TRF, TJLC and sherlock fandom mashup.
  • Mofftiss: "Well, here we are at last. It's you and me Sherlock Fandom, and our problem, the final problem: keep plotting. It's so boring! Plotting. Overarching story lines. Making sense out of things. All my life I've just been filling one plothole with the other and you were amazing with your theories, fixing everything we did, picking up on our little 'clues'. In the end it was easy. Now I got to go back to writing ordinary shows, with ordinary fandoms, and it turns out you're ordinary. Just like all of them. Oh well.
  • Sherlock Fandom: "But... TJLC..."
  • Mofftiss: "Did you almost start to wonder if it was real? Did I nearly get you?"
  • Sherlock Fandom: "The tea, code?"
  • Mofftiss: "Nobody seems to get the joke, but you do."
  • Sherlock Fandom: "Off course. Tea is gay, coffee is hetro."
  • Mofftiss: "Just trying to have some fun." [Sherlock Fandom throws glass of water in Mofftiss' face] "Oh good! You got that too!"
  • Sherlock Fandom: "Of course we did, water represents emotion, just as food represents intimacy and the phone represents the heart. And let's not forget the 'random numbers' in the show, or the constant mirroring."
  • Mofftiss: "Very good."
  • Sherlock Fandom: "Yes, but now that it's up here I can use this key to decipher what is to come! I can predict series to come!"
  • Mofftiss: "No, no, no, no, no. This is too easy. It's too easy. There is no key, DOOFUS! Those metaphors are meaningless, there is no endgame. Did you really think there would be a point to all of this?"
  • Sherlock Fandom: "Than how did you...?"
  • Mofftiss: "How did I write such a compelling story? Daylight robbery! All it takes is some willing participants."
  • Arwel: [waves]
  • Sue: [waves]
  • Amanda: [waves enthusiastically]
  • Ben: [waves hesitantly, like he's unsure what to do]
  • Martin: [Stands there with folded arms and a grumpy look on his face]
  • Mofftiss: "I knew you would fall for it. That's your weakness. You always want everything to be clever. Now, shall we finish the game? One final act. Glad you choose Tumblr, nice way to do it."
  • Sherlock Fandom: "Do it? Do what?" [thinks] "Yes, of course, theorize. Finish your story for you."
  • [Runs off to come up with compelling theories about extra episodes, extended dream sequences, morphine induced dreams etc.]
So this has been floating around in my head for a while...

‘Under the C’ - the alto’s lament (tune from the little mermaid)

The life of an alto isn’t
As much fun as it could be
A metaphorical prison
Of single note harmony
Just think of the parts around you
While they’re singing licks and trills
Such cool harmony surrounds you
And your part is still stock still

Under the C
Under the C
Tone is much clearer
When we are nearer
To bottom G
Don’t complain if we fall asleep
Singing that A for 20 beats
Alto’s are dying
Still no one’s writing
Under the C

It’s so funny how y'all act like I and 99% of radfems weren’t libfems for years. Sisters, I’ve heard it all before, my problem isn’t lack of exposure to your ideology, my problem is that your ideology is useless at its best and dangerous at its worst.


“My brother has the brains of a scientist or a philosopher, yet he elects to be a detective.”

He elects to be a detective because of that first case - that very first case, the one that was never solved, not til now; the one he doesn’t even consciously remember. The one from back when he was a child playing pirates where his best friend went missing, and was never found.

that’s why he’s a detective. That’s why sherlock forewent a career in science and philosophy and all those fields where he could really stretch his brain to its limits. Because he hates unsolved cases, and he’s been living with one this whole time.