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Never been so cranky at my garmin before…. it wasn’t picking up distance/pace right on the track tonight, so I asked the assistant coach for my training group to time my last 800 and it was 3:57!!! I never ever run in the 8:00/mi range, much less sub 8, and there was NO PROOF!!! So flipping sad.

Track workout tonight: 6x800 with 200m jog in between. Starting at comfortably hard, building up to 90% effort. Garmin says I avg’d 9:44 pace, but it was definitely faster than that!

I haven’t been doing track work regularly for the past two months or so but it felt so good to get out and work out some stress! I ran hard but I feel a million times better now than I did before I went. It’s like magic!

(for @teamblueandangry‘s Anders Appreciation Week, day three: greed and charity.)

When Samson says he’s turned away an apostate in need for not having enough coin, Hawke doesn’t blink. Goes without saying, really. Safety is expensive. Even the collective back home had always expected some kind of reward whenever he’d had to resort to asking for their help, and this is Kirkwall; breathing is expensive.

Anders, though. Lip curled and brows drawn down into a look of complete and utter contempt, he says, “I pity any mage who is forced to rely on you for protection,” and Hawke honestly isn’t sure he’s real.

He even talks like something out of a story. Does that come with the Warden training?

And they can’t all run free clinics, and a little money flowing makes the world go round, but the look on Anders’ face in that moment sticks with Hawke, as if he’d somehow expected better, as if the world is supposed to be better than it is.

Yet he keeps looking at Hawke with so much faith.

I haven’t been more active lately, but there’s a good reason…

Guess what otter may get  SECOND RAISE at work before i was even paid the first one?? 


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Same beans. Girls are just?? So beautiful??? Especially when they talk about something they love? And girls with brown eyes?? Sign me the fuck up gay stats increased

Girls are fucking amazing. I’m a sucker for a smile and really cute laughter. Like the nervous “oh did I say that” kind of situation. 
I die for girls being happy and wonderful. Like, can’t everyone be happy? 
Happy is such a good romantic variable for me.