my priorities have changed

A letter.

My dearest fandom,

Eremika dude is standing to by my side, he’s catching glimpses as I write this hiatus letter to you. What a creep, he’s never getting a girlfriend!

Yeah, you read it right,I am sorry I’ll be on hiatus for a long but not so long period of time. To give you guys an exact date, I’ll be back after 12th of March, probably. I am not promising though.

Due to personal reasons I have to change my priorities, I am not gonna bore you with details but let’s say… My shitty life is calling me and I can’t run away from it this time.

Though I really enjoyed being this trashy website and met great people, some of them were really nice, some of them were so adorable, some of them were just trash yet I happen to like them and I like being here as well. Thank you guys for that.

Take good care of yourselves! Don’t take much of that meme drugs when I am gone, I don’t want to miss those high meme moments.

I’ll see you all later!


i can still tag it if ppl want, just remind me. times and my priorities have changed. i still think its a fucked up thing to call a woman but also its really fun to say about myself

Anonymous asks: If you had the chance to go back in time, what would you do?
  • Annabeth: I would go back and make sure Luke never died.
  • Percy: I would have stayed in Calypso's island.
  • Leo: Run, Jackson!!
  • Percy: I-I mean I would go back and relive the day we... uh... met?
  • Leo: I would have made sure that Potty face could not kill my mom.
  • Jason: I would have stayed with Thalia.
  • Piper: I would have told my dad the truth about me. EVERYTHING.
  • Frank: I would have saved my mom and my grandma.
  • Hazel: I would have made sure that Gaea could not control my mom and... maybe Sammy.
  • Thalia: I agree with Jason.
  • Nico: I would have changed my priorities about Percy.

My one year before and afters! So much work put in, so many good days, so many bad days, so many achievements, so many struggles, great weeks, fall outs, but every day I’ve grown into a little bit better version of myself. I have had almost a 40lb difference! This journey hasn’t just changed my body, it’s changed me as a person. My priorities have changed, my emotions have changed, my lifestyle is something completely different! I am much happier saying I am who I am now, and I can’t wait to continue to improve myself physically and mentally. It’s amazing to feel so grateful to my own self for choosing to make a change. That’s ALL IT TAKES is the choice to start changing, baby steps at first, and then adding more as you become capable! Join me in a new life, a new chance at fitness, a new form of health! Message me if you’re interest in having me as your coach, and learning how I got to where I am today!! ((Befores on left and afters on right))

But oh, if you could see me now, you’d witness how my own roots are not choking me to death anymore. You’d see how much better I’ve become ever since you left. You’d realize how much my priorities and perspective have changed, yet be so the same in all other ways.

And you might think that you want me back, or maybe not, but either way is fine. It’s okay because my heart doesn’t depend on what you think and how you feel anymore. I am free
—  Ces Castaño

I know that I’ve changed a lot from the person I was before my life became a surreal and crazy experience. I know that my priorities have changed, and that I spend a lot of time being self-involved. I know that I don’t talk to some of you az often as I used to.

I want you all to know that I appreciate and adore every single one of you, and if I’ve ever come off as off-putting or cocky, I’m just struggling to do good things under crazy circumstances.

Thank you all so much for everything you’ve given me, and for helping me love the person I am so I can do the same for others.