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Betty x Reader: The Tutors Touch

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*your POV*

“I’m sorry (Y/N), but if you don’t get at least a D on your next history examination I’ll have no choice but to kick you off of the RiverVixens. Again, I’m sorry.” Principal Weatherbee said to me. My heart broke in pieces. How was I going to get a D by Friday? That’s 4 days away! I have to pass, cheerleading is my life and the RiverVixens are one big family, I can’t let my family down.

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Produce 101 PSA

Look I get it, this season might be an epic mess because there are returning idols, but that doesn’t mean anything about the other boys. So what if Nu'est is going to compete on the show? So what if HOTSHOT members are going to appear? If you learn anything from the first season, it’s not the exposure the idols had before, it’s what they’re willing to show and how much they’re going to fight for. 

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Best teacher ever

hell yeah my Spanish teacher is ranting about how terrible my school is and omg she just said that our principal sent out a note that was talking about not letting students leave for any reason because it’s telling them the class is unimportant and this is the best thing I’ve ever heard okay MY TEACHER SAID “WELL IF YOU HAVE TO PEE AND I DON’T LET YOU GO THEN THAT’S TELLING YOU THAT YOU’RE UNIMPORTANT!” and that’s the best thing I’ve ever heard and then she was also mad bc the note was talking about working from bell to bell and staying on task and then the next line was about how we have a magic show next week


lesbian love letters

Oh my god I’m PISSED. So I just picked up my cousin from school and she had missed a few days, so she was doing a make-up test. My grandfather asked if the principal had gotten mad. She was like ‘we only have a vice principal now, remember?’ and I was like ‘what happened to the principal?’ and my cousin said she got fired. I said why? and here’s what my cousin said that pissed me the fuck off.

So there had been some male teachers at her school harassing some female teachers. Married men and women. This has apparently been going on for a few years. So one of the female teachers finally got so mad that she tried to file a report. AND SHE GOT FIRED FOR ‘DISCRIMINATING AGAINST A TEACHER’. These men were harassing teachers for YEARS and someone was sick of it. And she lost her job because the school board ‘didn’t want to get a bad rep spread around.’ WHAT THE FLYING FUCK I HATE AMERICA I’M LITERALLY GOING TO BEAT HIS SORRY ASS THIS IS SO AWFUL AMERICAN PUBLIC SCHOOLS NEED TO FIX THEIR SHIT. BIG TIME.

The Signs As My Lowest Moments

ARIES: attempted to rickroll my school but the PA got cut off after the principal said I had a special announcement so it was just silence for 3 minutes and then “happy April fools day”.

TAURUS: fell asleep on the train and ended up on the other side of the city. On the way to school.

GEMINI: went to buy something online for $10 but I wasn’t wearing my glasses and I saw $1000 as $10.00 and bought it

CANCER: grabbing onto a random lady and screaming “MOMTHER” because I thought she was my mom

LEO: writing a love letter to my 6th grade crush and having him give me the letter back and laugh in my face.

VIRGO: skipping going to the mall with my friend thinking my mom needed me home, only to be locked out for 3 hours. With no wifi.

LIBRA: Bought really expensive friendship necklaces for my friends that turned out to be anklets that didn’t fit any of us

SCORPIO: spent $250 on nothing but dragonvale coins in 5 minutes when I was 11

SAGITTARIUS: accidentally clicking on a pornsite at age 7. The ironic part? I searched up KIDpix.

CAPRICORN: buying a 3DS game for a DSI thinking it would work
(It doesn’t.)

AQUARIUS: not brushing my hair for the whole 5th grade, which resulted in horrible white person corn cob dreadlocks.

PISCES: the time my mom accused me of smoking weed when I was 13 because she smelled weed in my room, turned out it was a forgotten piece of food.

Reasons I’ve been asked to leave class
  • when my professor said capitalism was good I stood up and said ‘no it’s bad’ and pissed on my professors iphone and then said ‘guess capitalism couldn’t save your phone from getting pissed on
  • I was doing a test and this guy behind me asked me the answer to question 5 and I replied ‘your mum’ then I looked at the test and realised question 5 was “who did the OP fuck with his massive dick??” and I didn’t even know that when I said my cool response
  • got sent to the principals office for yelling “assturd pissfuck” at full volume for an entire hour then when my principal tried to tell me off I pulled out a copy of the constitution and pointed to the first amendment and then my teacher got fired instead
  • skated into classroom on my skateboard and my teacher told me to settle down and I said “settle this” and I kickflipped onto his desk and grinded a picture of his wife and son

I don’t even get the social media controversy about Bethany Koval. She isn’t being censor or persecuted at all.   At worst,  it was adults  probably overreacting to the kind of hyperbolic shit kids say online.   

But a kid went to her principal and said, “this girl who used to be my friend said on twitter that she’s going to beat me up because I disagree about Israel, right after she said that Hamas is awesome.”   What the fuck is a school administrator supposed to do?  

The central purpose of “zero tolerance” anti-bullying policies is that a student is supposed to be able to tell an adult that they are being threatened online and have that adult respond.

Sorry children, we’re post-Columbine, post-Tyler Clemente. You gotta rein in your adolescent posturing.

Why the signs hate their teachers
  • Aries: They give me too much homework
  • Taurus: They're rude
  • Gemini: They tell me to stop talking when it's not me
  • Cancer: They're mean
  • Leo: They send me out of the class for no reason
  • Virgo: They never teach anything
  • Libra: They always get on me for talking
  • Scorpio: They sent me to the principal for rolling my eyes
  • Sagittarius: They said I'm too loud
  • Capricorn: They took my fucking phone
  • Aquarius: They say I'm never paying attention
  • Pisces: They yelled at me
Fun fact about me:

I got a detention on the second to last “official” day of my senior year because when my principal gave me my cap and gown for graduation, I said “MASTER HAS PRESENTED DOBBY WITH CLOTHES. DOBBY IS FREE.”