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Wait so...All Might is your kid? That seems kinda....

aNON what problem do you even have with my skeleton son let’s talk about this what has Toshi done to you that you’d exclude him like that he’s as much worthy of the title of Son™ as any other bnha character actually in my specific case my child Toshinori is one of the two reasons why I started this manga to begin with he was my son even before I knew him yes, yes, he’s definitely my son as well

I’d fight an actual army for this mess of a human being tbqh

when i was in primary school the head teacher stood up in assembly and said “who can tell me the hardest word to say” so i put my hand up and said “antidisestablishmentarianism” and the principal said “no the correct answer is the word sorry" and it was in that moment that i lost my trust in the entire education system

Fucking Gallagher





You opened the front door to make your way to school and just as you swing it open White Boy Carl was getting ready to knock on the door “Hey baby you ready for school?” He said gently wrapping his hands around your waist which caused you to stiffen up. Your brother wasn’t the only guy you worried about going back to jail. You squirmed out of him grasp.

“Okay look, I’m doing this for my brother so don’t think you can start playing this charm bullshit on me. I’m not your real girlfriend so fuck all the bitches you want because you’re not crawling into bed with me. Don’t touch me unless you see your ex around, don’t come pick me up at home or in school, I’ll find you. Don’t think I have some crush on you, I’m not these dumb bitches in school and since I’m doing you the favor you do as I say. Got it?” You said poking his chest with your finger “Alright little mama damn, you feisty. I like that in my woman.” He said licking his lips staring you up and down.

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ive used the “all asians look the same” to the fullest back in my day. in elementary school i got in trouble and the yard duty left to call a teacher or something so i took off my glasses and tied my hair in a ponytail and ran to sit with my friends so when she came back and threw a fit i looked her straight in the eyes and told her “i saw her run that way! i think she’s hiding in the bathroom” and got a gold star

Okay like three of my friends now have told me “I didn’t know the guy on the cover of their books was a man. I thought he was a giant baby”

Is this like? A common thing with people who haven’t read the books?

Edit because someone pointed out that people are also surprised by the fact that he’s the principal—I’ve been hearing that too!! And one of my friends said “I thought captain underpants was a fellow student” can you imagine

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#35 and Seth Rollins. (a high school/teenger au maybe idk)

#35- “I’ll just tell your mom on you.” (Seth Rollins)

From the first drabble list

Originally posted by mmmrollins

          Seth sat comfortably in my oak tree eating. The one that always sat perfectly in the corner of the backyard. When I think of it, he was always climbing that damn oak tree and he was always eating. At the end of the day, he was my best friend.

           “Seth Rollins, why are you in my tree with an orange?” I asked, as he looked smugly down from a middle branch orange peels in hand.

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The Narrators - Jughead Jones one shot

Plot: After the arrest of FP, Jughead was forced to move back to the Southside and transfer to Southside High. Fortunately it’s not all as bad as he expected. One thing was the drum set that was already in his new room. The second one was (Y/N). 

Inspiration: Riverdale (1x13), the intro of the original Archie Show

Word CountL 4085 

Yeah, came out to be way longer than it was suposed to and it also took much more time than I wished it did. No, these two things are nor connected. I just really do not have time. it is a shame really, that school has to ruin yet another thing that I really enjoy doing. But it will all be over soon (hopefully). 
Anyway. I really hope you all enjoy it :)

Originally posted by riverdaleselite

“…and this is your room.” Mrs Davis said to Jughead. He peaked through the door into the room. It already had a bed and a big closet, but nothing else… except for the big shape that was hidden under a big, white cloak.

“What is that?”

“Oh, that,” Mrs Davis shrugged it off, “that’s my oldest son’s drum set. He moved out a few years ago. I was meaning to get rid of it -”

“No, that’s okay.” Jughead smiled weakly, remembering the days when he and his father used to go to music shop to look at guitars and what not. And the shop owner always let him play the drums for a few minutes. He would love it, but because of the money issues his family had, he was never able to get a set for himself. But now it was finally possible.

“Don’t worry about the room, I’ll give you some money so you can buy some things for yourself tomorrow.”

“Thank you.” Jughead thanked the woman that was now guardian and she left. He walked to the drum set and pulled the cloak off of it. His smile widened as he looked at the almost gold looking cymbals and the red toms.


I sat down at my desk right before the bell rang. I sighed and dropped my bag. It was cold and I was tired. Trying to look at the board and make out what the teacher had written for longer than 5 seconds, I realised this will be a long hour.

Right at the moment when the teacher wanted to start off with the lesson, the door opened and the principal walked in. he was followed by a boy. He was tall and skinny, but in a cute way. His outfit looked normal for our school. What interested me was the fact that he was actually wearing a Serpent jacket. Not a lot of kids have them. It is more often to get a jacket after you leave school. He must be some elite or something.

Another things that I notices was his hair. Or actually, the hair that was covered by the grey beanie in the form of a crown. For some reason, it looked very familiar.

“Kids,” the principal started to talk, not getting a lot of attention from the people in the room. I was probably one of the few that did. “This is F..”

“Jughead,” the boy interrupted him.  “Jughead Jones.”

When he said his name everyone went silent. You could have probably heard a pin drop if someone had one. All eyes were on him. Jughead, didn’t seem to be bothered by it. He just looked like he wanted to sit down.

“Jones?” a girl that was a few rows behind me, said, “as in FP Jones?”

“That would be my dad,” he said casually. The principal said a few more things (but nobody one listening obviously) and then left. Jughead sat down in the last empty seat, which was next to mine. I tried not to stare, but if was harder than it looked. Not only was he the son of the most important man on Southside, but he was extremely good looking too.

“Hi,” I heard suddenly on my left. I looked to my side, to be met with his gorgeous green eyes. I realised that I was staring, so I quickly said: “Hey.”

“Yeah, hi. Why is everybody staring at me?” he asked. I casually looked around and realised that, in fact, everybody was looking at him…so now also at me. “It’s not the hat, right?”

“What? No,” I schook my head, “it could be because your dad is kind of a big deal… and don’t worry about the hat. I think it’s cool.” he gave me a weak smile and that was the last of what I heard from him that morning. The next time I even saw him was at lunch.

I was sitting at my table with some people. I couldn’t help, but look at him from time to time.

“Please don’t stalk the new guy,” my best friend rolled her eyes at me.

“I am NOT stalking him.”

“Noooo. You are just casually glancing at him every 3 seconds,” my other friend said.

But I stopped listening to them. I had lost my concentration to them, when I saw who was walking over to Jughead. It was, let me say it easily: the bad crew. You do not want to get on their bad side. What wasn’t hard as they don’t really like anyone… especially newbies. My jaw tightened when they got closer and closer to him.

Everybody sat down around Jughead, making him look up from his book. One of them started to talk and Jughead responded. From his facial expression, it looked a bit as if he was being a bit sarcastic. I officially started to fear for his life and already started to plan his funeral.

But I was wrong. There was no shouting, or fight noises. Only… laughter. They were all laughing. That was definitely unexpected.

I then realised that I had finished my lunch. I said bye to my friends and stood up. As I was walking towards the door, someone called to my direction. I turned around to make sure that it was actually me, who they were calling and not somebody behind me.

Once I did that, I was greeted by Jughead again.

“Hey,” he waved. I smiled and walked towards him. He was still surrounded by people, so I was a bit nervous what this was about. “I never got your name,” Jughead said once I was next to him. I smiled and gave him my name. Right then, the bell rang, announcing that we had to go to class. Just before that had happened, I thought it looked like Jughead wanted to say something to me, but he was dragged away by his new “friends”.

The rest of the day, I hadn’t seen him anywhere. When my last class was over, I just walked immediately to my bike.

I took my phone out, just to be disappointed with the fact that it was empty. I sighed and started to ride my bicycle.


Two months have passed since Jughead has arrived at Southside High. To  everybody’s surprise, he got quite popular with everyone. We weren’t very close, but we did talk and hang out occasionally in between classes.

That routine changed after a specific lesson of music.

“The school is holding a battle of the bands,” the music teacher told us. Everybody started to murmur and to talk nervously. It was unusual for the school to be helding this kind of activity.

“We are doing this together, and at the same time against, Riverdale High.” This explained it.

“This means that you have to make a band to be able to sign up… and no, we do not count One-Man-Bands. I’m sorry mr. Clements.” Everybody laughed. From the corner of my eye, I saw that Jughead wasn’t really amused. It would probably be hard for him to go against his old school, his friends. With that thought in mind, I walked up to him.

“Hey, Jug.”

“Hi (Y/N).”

“So, I was thinking,” I sat down next to him, “you wanna be in a band with me?” When he heard my suggestion, Jughead did not seem to be liking the plan. “Oh c’mon. It’s gonna be great fun,” I pleaded.

After what seemed to be ages, he was finally convinced. I hugged him, and I could feel him smile against me. This already made all the nagging worth something.

“So, how about we practice today, after school, at my place?”

“Sounds great.” I agreed to his plan. “But, can we go by my place first, then I can get my guitar.”

“Yeah of course.”

“Great.” and with that the bell rang. We said goodbye to each other and made our way to the next classes. It was still a few more hours until the end of the day, but I couldn’t wait to see him. What was weird as I wasn’t really sure why that was.

Finally, the last bell rang and I was off to my locker. There, I was already met with the raven-haired boy.

“Ready to go?”  

“Almost, just let me get some books and I’m good to go.”


“I didn’t know you played drums,” I said as I walked into his room. It also surprised me that there were still some boxes lying around the room. As if he was ready to leave any second.

“Well, a bit.”

“Don’t be modest. I’m sure you’re great,” I encouraged him to play. With a big sigh, he sat down on the stool behind the drum set. He looked at me one more time to make sure he had to do this. “You know, you have to play if we are going to be a band.”

“I guess you’re right. So, what should I play?”

“Anything you like, and can.” Jughead looked a bit hesitant, but picked up the drumsticks and started to play the famous Beatle beat of “Come Together”. I listened for a few seconds then picked up my guitar. On the right moment, I started to play too. It actually sounded really good. Then, when it came to the best part of the song (the chorus) I let all my nerves go and sang: “Come together, all right. Over me!”

Immediately after I stopped singing, the drums stopped too. I looked over to Jughead who was staring at me.

“I didn’t know you sang.”

“Well, someone has to in this band.” I laughed nervously.

“You know, this can actually work. But we do need a name.” We both thought for some time. In complete silence. At first it was a bit awkward, but I quickly got used to it.

“How about,” I finally had the idea, “the Narrators.”

“Sounds interesting, how did you come up with it?”

“Well, you are writing a book, right?”

“How do you know that?”

“O c’mon, you’re always busy on that thing. It’s not like I, or anyone else at school, hasn’t noticed.” I laughed at how oblivious he was. “But it doesn’t matter, does it. We should find a song that we could play.”

“Good idea.”


A few more months went by. Jughead and I practiced every week at least once. We had a few songs, but we could never choose which one to play on the show, which was already in less than a two weeks.

In the meantime, Jughead had found out, that his friends from Riverdale High were also playing. It did make him a bit nervous.

“Juggie?” I asked as we were sitting in his room again. We were just taking a break from playing a song. I came back from downstairs to get us something to drink, and when I came back, Jughead was looking sad.

“Huh?” he looked up from the ground to me. I sat down next to him on the bed.

“What’s wrong.”

“It’s nothing.” he shrugged it off and tried to stand up, but I immediately pulled him back down on the bed and said: “Talk.”

“It’s just that… I haven’t really spoken to my friends from back at Riverdale High since I got here.”

“But… I thought you were best friends.”

“Before I left, we all kind of got into a big fight and we never had time to talk.”

“Jug, I’m sure you have nothing to worry about. Everything will be okay.” I put my hand on his and looked him in the eyes. I never realised how good he looked from up close.

“Thanks,” he said softly. Our faces were only inches apart. I could feel his breath on my skin. It gave me goosebumps.

“Jug?” We could hear Jugheads step dad walking up to the room. I quickly moved away from the boy that was just inches away from me.

“Yeah, Steve?”

“I’m heading out to get some dinner from Pop’s. What would you guys like? Although, I probably don’t have to ask you, Jughead,” he smiled kindly.

“Uhm, you know what,” I said as I stood up from the bed, “I think I’m gonna go. But thank you for the offer, mr Davis.” I picked up my bag and guitar.

“You sure? It’s always so much fun when you are here.”

“Yeah, I still have some homework to do at home, and I promised my mom to vacuum today.” I swiftly walked out of the room, only saying a soft “Bye” to Jughead. I just had to get out of there. Jughead and I were too close for this. And what if his step dad wouldn’t have walked in? What could’ve had happened then? The thoughts were making me slightly sick. After months of practising and becoming really good friends, there was no way we could ruin this with a stupid, one-time thing. NO!


The next day at school, I decided to do the opposite of what every teenage drama tells you to do after an ‘almost kiss’ with your best friend. I did not avoid him. Instead, I walked up to him and asked if he could practice today.

“Maybe we could use today to actually choose a song.” I laughed.

“That would be smart.” then the bell rang and Jughead left me in the hallway, without even a small goodbye. Was he angry at me?  I probably completely ruined it. Just great!

As slowly as I could, I made my way to the first class of that day: English.

I was surprised, to not see my teacher at the desk, but a substitute. The blonde haired woman was sitting at the wooden desk. She was typing away on her small laptop at a rapid pace. What fascinated me the most was that she did all of that, without even looking at it, she was staring at the class. I walked passed by her and she gave me a smile. That kind of smile that was definitely fake.

It was loud in the classroom, but everything quieted down as the second bell rang and the woman stood up to stand in front of the desk. She was wearing something that made it very clear she was not from the Southside.

The lady was wearing a pair of high waisted pants, with the combo of a baby pink blouse and some killer (but still day time appropriate) hills. As I looked at her longer, she started to look more and more familiar by the second.

“Well, hello,” she finally spoke up, after interrogating every single one of us with her killing look, “I am here today, to teach you about journalism.” Some people sighed.

“And do believe me, when I say that you are talking to the very best that this little town can offer, if not even better.” As the woman spoke, I realised that Jughead wasn’t in the classroom. If he would have been here, I probably already should have heard a sarcastic comment coming from his lips. Oh, his lips….

“My name is Alice Cooper.” Cooper? It can’t be.

“You might have heard of me if you ever read the paper, something what most of you probably don’t even know how it looks like.” To be honest, I actually had to laugh at that. The way that she said it, made it really funny. I could see that she glanced at me very quickly and gave me a miniscule smile.

“Anyway,”  Alice began to walk around, her heels clicked every time she touched the ground, “I wanted to-”

“I’m sorry I’m la-” Jughead opened the door, but when he saw Alice in the room, he froze. Alice smirked coldly at him. “Mr Jones,” she said, “and where have you been.”

“Definitely not your business,” he snapped back. Everyone froze at his comeback. Jughead was known to be sassy towards teachers, but he was never that rude. I stared at him as he sat down in the last place that was empty: the one behind me.


“What was that about,” I asked as Jughead and I walked out of the English room. He clearly did not want to talk about it, what made me even more persistent.

“I just really do not like that woman.”

“But why?”

“Why do you need to know?”

“Because I want to know what’s wrong with you?” Jughead looked straight into my eyes, before he gave in. “Fine,” he sighed, “she’s… Betty’s mom.”

“Betty, as in the girl that broke up with you after you became a serpent?”

“Uhm, not how I would have said it, but sure.”


It was the day of the Battle of the Bands. All the bands, both from Southside and Riverdale HIgh. There was a definite line crossed between the two schools backstage. Infront of the stage too, but it wasn’t as visible, because there were much more people, so they had to be a bit closer to each other.

I was tuning my guitar, when somebody ticked on my shoulder. I turned around to be met with a tall, red headed boy. He gave me a wide smile. It immediately made me want to smile back to him.

“Hey, did you maybe see a blonde girl walk around here?  Around this tall,” he motioned his hand around his ear to show me how tall she is, “Wearing a blue outfit.”

“No, I’m sorry, I haven’t seen any blondes yet. But I’ll tell you if I will.”  

“Thanks.” he smiled. “I’m Archie.”

“(Y/N).” we shook hands quickly. I then realised that he was wearing a guitar on his back. “So, you’re in a band too?”

“Yeah, with some friends. You?”

“With a friend… who I have no idea where he is.”

“I guess we both have problems in keeping our band members together.”

“I guess so.”

“Archie Andrews, where have you been off to.” our conversation was broken off by a

raven haired girl in a red dress.

“Just talking to our competition. You don’t have to worry Ronnie.”

“I’m not, Archiekins. Did you find Betty yet?” she put her hand on his arm. She did it in a

way that it was quite obvious that they were more than just friends.

“Wait, Betty? Betty Cooper?”  I asked. It could not be her. And then Archie and Ronnie are the….

“Yeah, that’s her,” Veronica’s eye lit up, “did you see her?”

“No, only heard off.” I looked around me, “I gotta go. Good luck out there.” I walked fast. I could still hear them say “you too,” very softly, but it got overshadowed by all the noise that was happening around us. I started to look for Jughead. Where the hell is he?  How could he do this?  After all of our practice, he is going to stand me up? I looked around so much, I almost got dizzy.

“5 minutes until we start,” a voice echoed over me. I still had 5 minutes and Jughead was nowhere to be found. I started to panic. What if he was with Betty? Somewhere in a supply closet, making out? The tears slowly started to form in my eyes. But I couldn’t think like that. Definitely not now.

Now was only the time to find Jughead and get him up the stage so we could play our song.

The host already started to talk and was about to introduce the first act… and we were fifth. That gave me about 18 minutes to find Jughead. I turned around to see Betty with Archie and Veronica. They were talking and laughing. But Jughead was still DIA.

I kept looking as the first, second and third act was on stage. I did stop when it was the turn of Archie, Veronica and Betty.

“Hey guys,” Archie spoke into the microphone, “we hope you all have an amazing night and enjoy this song. It’s kind of an old one, but I think you will like it.” he played the first note on his guitar and started to sing. After a while, the girls chimed in with their instruments and sang along with the red head.

“They’re good.” I jumped up when someone sat down next to me. On my left, there he was, Jughead.

“Where the hell were you,” I hissed at him, “do you know how scared I was?”

“I’m really sorry. I was just - nervous.”

“It’s okay,” I took a deep breath, “at least you got her on time.”

In the meantime of our conversation, the song ended and Archie was walking off the stage, followed by the two girls. I got my guitar and Jughead his drumsticks. Before Archie, Veronica or even Betty could say anything to us, we were already walking up to the stage.

“You ready?”

“Like never before.”

“Al right, so let’s do this.” Jughead walked up and I followed. People immediately started to cheer. It felt great.

“Good evening Riverdale!” I said into the microphone. I realised that I sounded much more confident than I actually was. Which was great.

“We are the Narrators and hopefully you won’t despise us by the end of this song,” Jughead said from behind his drum set and I send him a glare from behind me mike. A lot of people laughed positively so I turned back to the crowd.

I started to play. It was clear that people recognised the song quickly, because there were loud cheers and yells coming to us. After a few seconds the first few beats of the drums came up and then it was time for me to sing the first notes. Probably the most horrifying moment of my life.


“Psychic spies from China

Try to steal your mind’s elation

And little girls from Sweden

Dreams of silver screen quotation”

It felt awesome to stand up there. At some point through the song, people started to sing along and took out their phones and lighters to shine around, just like on a concert.

“First born unicorn

Hard core soft porn

Dream of Californication

Dream of Californication”

When the song had ended, you could still hear the slight echo from my guitar. People yelled and cheered. Jughead stood op from the drums and came to stand next to me.

“Thank you Riverdale!” we shouted together. We didn’t even need the microphone. Together, we managed to be loud enough.


All the songs were played and all that I could think about was, that none of them got the same amount of applause or cheers as us. That was great.

Then it was time to find out the result. There wasn’t really a real award, more of a “honor award” and a picture in the price box of the school. But it didn’t even matter to me.

“So, all the songs have played and the results of the judges are in,” the voice of tonights host was loud and clear. Everybody was on the stage, and I was squeezing Jugheads hand tightly.

“AND… THE WINNER IS:” next, followed a silence that seemed like forever.


Everybody cheered for us and Jughead and I were called up front. We were still holding hands, but it didn’t matter. It was even better that I was holding his hand.

“Thank you so, so much!” I thanked everybody, leaning towards the microphone. From the corner of my eye, I saw that Jughead wanted to say something, so let him.

“Yes, thank you. We never expected to win. Even if we didn’t actually win anything,” some people laughed, “Now, I hope you don’t mind, but there is still one thing that I have to do really quickly, so pardon me.”

I wanted to ask what he wanted to do, but I never got the chance. Because the thing that he wanted to do is… KISS me. He put a hand on my cheek and pressed his lips against mine.

We kissed for what felt like forever and that was perfect. People were yelling and cat-calling, but it was all so far away, it didn’t matter.

When we finally let go, only because we had to breathe, we looked into each other’s eyes. In the back of the stage, I could see Betty. Het teeth were gritted and her fists were tight. That sight only made me want to do something even more.

I kissed Jughead again, and it was even better than the first time.

Dive Bar

Prompt request: hello how r u?? could you do an avengers x teen!stark!reader?? tony’s angsty teen (18 y/o) daughter listens to the same music as him but in modern bands like “the pretty reckless” and she performs “going to hell” at some old bar not knowing it’s where the whole team goes sometimes and they see her perform?? maybe some pietro x reader during most of it as well?? thanks so much!! <3

Characters: Tony Stark, Pietro Maximoff, Steve Rogers, Bucky Barnes, Sam Wilson, Natasha Romanoff, Wanda Maximoff, Reader

Warnings: couple of curse words

A/N: Thanks for the request! I hope I did it justice. Feel free to send more, and comments are always appreciated. As always, thanks for reading!

One Shot Masterlist

It was rare to have a moment of peace and quiet in the Avenger Tower. So, when everyone else was out on missions or errands, you took advantage of the empty common room. You snuggled closer to your boyfriend as you sipped hot chocolate and watched your favorite Netflix show.

“I still do not understand what is so special about this Flash character,” Pietro grumbled.

“Um, he’s super fast and saves the world,” you replied, as if it was obvious.

“I do those things too!” he exclaimed.

“You can run fast,” you admitted, “but you like to cause a lot of mischief too.”

“That makes life more fun, prinţesă.” He wrapped his arms around your shoulders and pulled you in for a sweet kiss. “I bet you didn’t see that coming,” he whispered as he nuzzled your neck.

You pulled away and laughed. “You really need a new pick up line, Piet.”

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Seventeen AU

Characters: you x Joshua

word count: 11k

part 2

            Authors note: if you watched the da Vinci code with Tom Hanks, this is based loosely off of that theory. If not then a brief synopsis is that Jesus had descendants and in this story you are one of them. And go watch that movie!

            Summary: when something tragic happens, you are no longer able to live your life how you had been planning and an elderly order of people decide everything for you.  One big decision really throws you for a loop and you and your childhood friend Joshua have to cope as best as you can. 

“Stop copying my notes for a second and pay attention” you whispered to Joshua as you poked him in the arm. He was rewriting his science notes using your organizational skills to make his notes neater, like yours.

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Best teacher ever

hell yeah my Spanish teacher is ranting about how terrible my school is and omg she just said that our principal sent out a note that was talking about not letting students leave for any reason because it’s telling them the class is unimportant and this is the best thing I’ve ever heard okay MY TEACHER SAID “WELL IF YOU HAVE TO PEE AND I DON’T LET YOU GO THEN THAT’S TELLING YOU THAT YOU’RE UNIMPORTANT!” and that’s the best thing I’ve ever heard and then she was also mad bc the note was talking about working from bell to bell and staying on task and then the next line was about how we have a magic show next week

Love you just as much

The three were childhood friends. They lived in the same street, studied in the same school, were friends and were always together.

They liked each other very, very much.


The little boy looked up from their game, frowning.

“What mom?!” he whined, not liking to be disturbed by his mother when he was playing monopoly with his friends. She walked inside then, and he grinned, and so did the other two.

“I made popcorn for my favorite boys” she said and put the three bowls down with a cup of juice next to each bowl. Damien kissed her cheek quickly and turned back to the other two.

“Thanks aunt Lisa!” the two other boys said together, grabbing their handfuls of popcorn and putting it inside their mouths. Damien made a face and took a few popcorns.

“You two are gross” he said, and Mark raised his eyebrow before laughing.

“Tell us how we are supposed to do it then, mayor?” he raised his eyebrow and Damien’s cheeks puffed.

“Yes I shall!” he said and stood up with his bowl of popcorn on his hands. William giggled, wrapping his little legs and arms around his own bowl as he watched Damien making a speech and slowly popping a few popcorns in his mouth.

Once he was done, William clapped, giggling, while Mark laughed.

“Boooooo” he screamed and threw popcorn at Damien, who gasped and frowned, angrily. “You are a terrible mayor!”

“Shut up!” Damien whined and threw his entire bowl over Mark, making him gasp and stand up. He brushed the popcorn off and yelled, jumping over Damien and ending up with the two rolling around and “fighting” as William watched silently, eyes wide, eating his popcorn.

His friends were the best.


“I think I like boys”

Mark and Damien looked up, eyes wide, never having expected that a simple game of spin the bottle would get so… personal.

Okay, they were fifteen and already drunk as fuck, but still.

“What?” Damien mumbled out, and William was hiding behind a pillow, his cheeks red, his eyes just a bit teary (maybe a lot).

“I-I think I-I li-like boys… too” he mumbled, against the pillow, biting his bottom lip. He had been hiding it for so long… he didn’t want to lie to his friends. His friends deserved to know. Even if they would never be friends again.

They would be so grossed out of having him inside their house like this, sitting on their bed, eating their food, drinking their alcohol, only to get drunk enough to be able to tell.

Okay maybe he was crying.

“But… what about Celine? You said you liked her” Mark said, only to receive a slap from Damien.

“That’s why he said ‘too’, idiot! He likes boys and girls” he said and Mark frowned.

“Wow… Lucky. He has like the entire world to choose from”

Will blinked his teary eyes upon hearing that but froze when he felt a hand on his shoulder.

“Hey Will. It’s okay” Damien said, and slowly the pillow was pulled away and William sniffled, looking at them with his face red from crying. Damien smiled softly at him as Mark raised his eyebrow. “That’s like, totally normal”


“Yeah!” he grinned. “I am in the student’s council and believe me that’s what we mostly receive of problems. Kids that aren’t accepted for what they are. That’s my job really, talk to the principal to find a solution!” he said and smiled fondly. “Besides, you are my best friend. I will always love you no matter what”

“Unless you kill someone”

Damien rolled his eyes at Mark’s remark and opened his arms.

“I want a hug” he said, and Will smiled through his drying tears, laughing and pulling both Damien and Mark for a hug. Mark hummed and smiled, closing his eyes and tightening his hold on his friends, while Will laughed between them, rubbing his eyes and relaxing.

At least he still had his friends.



The three of them turned around, wide grins growing in their faces as they opened their arms to the girl, who ran all the way from the car, jumping on them and laughing.

“Celine!” Damien said happily, hugging her and being hugged by the other two men who were hugging her too. He put her down, grinning, and she pecked each one of the three quickly, grinning widely.

“I missed my three knights so much!” she squealed, jumping in place and then grabbing their hands. “Come with me! I have so much to tell you three about Paris, it is wonderful! You guys have to go there one day! And how is college?! Ugh I couldn’t want to come back!”

She kept talking and talking as they went to her house. Once there, she took them to her room and pushed the three on the bed before laying over them, humming and thinking.

“We should throw a party”

The three looked at her from down, and hummed.

“Yeah sure. Who should we invite?” Mark asked, a list of friends from theatre already forming inside his head. She laughed and shook her head.

“No one! Just the four of us, food and a lot of booze” she said and the three raised their eyebrows.

“Sounds good to me” Damien shrugged.

“Couldn’t think of a better party, eh?” Will grinned, and Mark hummed.

“We need drinks though” he said and Celine smirked widely, before sliding off their laps and humming a tune. The three men sat up, looking at her, and she opened her closet, showing off her dresses, before pushing them away and opening a secret door filled with the most variable drinks, leaving the men with their mouths open.

“Wow” Will mumbled and she giggled.

“Be merry boys” she giggled and closed the door and window, putting on loud music and turning on only her lamp’s light.

They begun slow, just a few drinks here and there and a lot of talking, but soon they were getting dirty and making questions and telling secrets. So many secrets. They were laughing and Damien’s perfect hair was everywhere, Mark’s shirt was open, Will’s glasses were nowhere to be seen and Celine was laughing like a mad woman.

And then, the eventual spin the bottle came to play, of course.

There were already out of it. They were doing dares and saying truths. But Damien was watching everything closely. And when it was his turn to dare, he turned to Celine, and smirked, the plan too good in his blessed out mind.

“I dare youuu to kiss Will… full on mouth” he said, grinning widely and making the man who was called out widen his eyes and look at him. Celine raised her eyebrow and then smirked slowly.

“Oh… okay” she giggled and looked at Will, who was now staring back at her, his eyes wide and cheeks redder than only from the drinks. She hummed and wiggled her butt as she crawled to him, the four of them sitting on her bed. Will swallowed thick, moving back a little as she came forward, until his back hit the headboard and she was way too close, barely sitting on his lap. “What is it, Willy? Are you afraid of me?”

“C-Celine” he mumbled, staring at her with wide, vulnerable eyes, and she hummed, lifting one hand to his cheek.

“Relax” she whispered and leaned down, closing her eyes and pressing their lips together. Damien grinned, eyes bright, and Mark made a loud sound, laughing, even though something inside them both tugged hard.

William, in the other hand, was freaking out.

His eyes closed by instinct, she clearly wasn’t the first woman he had ever kissed. But something from within him arose whenever she was near, something he hadn’t felt with any other girl, that consumed him and made him feel as if he was in the sky.

Slowly, he grew used to it, the alcohol making him forget his thoughts and enjoy the moment. His arms went to her waist and he pulled her closer until she was sitting on his lap, their kiss growing intense and deep and oh so wonderful.

They had never felt so complete.

And then, she touched his face, and everything came back to him, running.

Will pushed her away, shaking, eyes wide, and jumped off the bed, opening the door of the room and running to the bathroom, where he closed the door and breathed hard and deep.

Celine was left looking at the wall, her eyes wide and confused, heart warm and a little painful. Damien looked between her and Mark before he jumped up and rushed after his friend, looking around and following the sobbing sounds from the bathroom.


“Leave me alone!” came the sobbing response. Damien bit his bottom lip and opened the door slowly, walking inside and closing it behind himself, looking down at his friend who was curled up next to the toilet, crying against his hands.

He slowly kneeled next to William, holding his shoulder. That only made him sob louder, curling up against himself.


“Why” he whimpered, hiccupping and looking up slowly, tears sliding down his bloodshot eyes. “Why did you do it? Was it to humiliate me? To destroy me once and for all? You knew I loved her!”

“I-I thought… I thought you wanted it…” Damien mumbled, biting his bottom lip as Will stared at him with utter heartbreak and anger.

“I never wanted her to kiss me while we were drunk because of a stupid game!” he screamed and hiccupped again. “I can’t believe you…”

“I’m sorry alright?! Fuck” he mumbled and sat down next to Will, his own eyes burning. He rubbed them as if he was tired and looked up at the ceiling. “I’m sorry… I did what I thought you would enjoy…”

“I wouldn’t be able to enjoy it anyway”

Damien frowned and slowly looked at him. Will was quiet now, rubbing his eyes.

“Why not?”

“She… isn’t the only one I love. It would… feel like cheating”

Damien blinked.


“I just… I don’t love her only okay?!” Will said, nervously, looking away and staring at the shower. “You wouldn’t understand…”

“I… Actually I think I just might”

William opened his mouth to disagree before he stopped and analyzed that statement, his eyes widening as he looked back at Damien.

“You… you what” he mumbled, shakily, and Damien chuckled, shaking his head and staring at him.

“I think I know exactly what you mean” he said and chuckled, his eyes tearing up. “It’s so… confusing at first. God I thought I was mad… then I wondered if I truly liked anyone at all but it felt so much like… liking” he laughed awkwardly. “God I feel like a stupid teenager”

“Keep talking” Will said, and Damien looked at him again, biting his lip.

“I… Okay” he mumbled. “I like Celine too… like you do and like Mark does… But I… I also like… you…”

William blinked slowly and Damien blushed. At least their tears had stopped.



“I like you too”

Damien’s eyes widened but he had no moment to process anything.

Will launched himself forward and held Damien’s face, pressing their lips together and closing his eyes. Damien gasped before he felt his heart warming and he closed his eyes, sliding his hands to Will’s waist and kissing him back.


“W-what did I do wrong?”

“Nothing” Mark said, shrugging at Celine, who was sitting on his lap, laying over his shoulder.

“But he… ran away” she mumbled and he sighed.

“William had a crush on you. A bad one” he shrugged. “It’s fine though. He will recover”

“Are you… sure?” she mumbled, blushing as she thought of Will liking her. But even if she loved the image, something was… missing.

“Yeah yeah, he is a tough guy” he said and smiled, looking at her and brushing their noses together. “Want more wine, little witch?”

“Yeah” she mumbled, sighing, and took long gulps of the red wine, letting the alcohol consume her before she thought too much about it.

She couldn’t be with Will, no matter how much she liked him.

It wouldn’t be fair with the other two.

And she loved them just as much.