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Does it offend you when people call you a rat?
No Lexy,because I understand that sense of humor.You need to understand guys,I’ve been on the internet for longer than most of you.I am a pro-memer that always hangs out at the dankest corner of the internet and desperately prioritizes staying up to date with pop culture and senses of humor to the point where I’m definitely looking like I am trying too hard to understand how to fit in but I think it’s worth it to just understand all of the inside jokes on the internet so this sense of humor of people being rude to people that they like is something I understand.Don’t worry. - 43:40
Do you appreciate sarcasm from your audience?
Yes,I love it.It makes me feel proud to have an audience that shares my sense of humor which I think,it stands out and I love it. 1:15:08

Dan Howell Live show 08/26/15 (x) 

I think it’s safe to say that we should stop the pointless shitstorm over the snazzy haircut tweets.Check this out too please? (x)


such a beautiful v i e w


Top 20 Characters Voted By My Followers: #20, Lelouch vi Britannia

↳ When there is evil in this world that justice cannot defeat, would you taint your hands with evil to defeat evil? Or would you remain steadfast and righteous even if it means surrendering to evil?