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Them as Song Lyrics

I’m actually really glad you asked for this.

Alex; Regina Spektor - Blue Lips

The pictures in his mind arose and began to breathe. And all the gods and all the worlds began colliding on a backdrop of blue. Blue lips. Blue veins.

Tyler; Awolnation - Sail

This is how I show my love. I made it in my mind because, I blame it on my A.D.D., baby. This is how an angel dies. I blame it on my own sick pride. I blame it on my A.D.D., baby.

Zach; Yael Naim - New Soul

I’m a new soul. I came to this strange world, hoping I could learn a bit about how to give and take. But since I came here, I felt the joy and the fear. Finding myself making every possible mistake.

Clay; The Fray - How to Save a Life

Some sort of window to your right. As he goes left, and you stay right. Between the lines of fear and blame. You begin to wonder why you came.

Jeff; 3 Doors Down - Kryptonite

You took for granted all the times I never let you down. You stumbled in and bumped your head. If not for me then you’d be dead.

Justin; Blackbear - IDFC

I act like I don’t fucking care. Like they ain’t even there. ‘Cause I have hella feelings for you. I act like I don’t fucking care. ‘Cause I’m so fucking scared.

Tony; Supergrass - Alright

Got some cash, bought some wheels. Took it out, through some fields. Lost control, hit a wall. But we’re alright.

Avenge This

Steve Rogers/ Reader

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Words: 1,560

Summary: In a matter of minutes, the storefront you worked so hard on gets destroyed by those Avengers and their fights. If only you could believe that Captain America could truly make things right.

Prompt: I am feeling lazy to write a captain America idea will you write it so I can read it ? | “I accidentally destroyed your shop in a super villain battle and that was your livelihood and you’re so pissed and I’m so so sorry, here, let me make it up to you somehow.”

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Author’s notes: Hire me @ marvel. this request is like a month old lmao bless up

This can’t be real.

No, no, no, you refuse to believe what your deceitful eyes are telling you.

You watch as the firefighters take out broken pieces from your clothing boutique after an attack in the city. Your parents even warned you about the potential threat of having this happen and here you are, immediately regretting not listening to your parents when you first moved out here.

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In honor of Pride Month, and with all our younger queer siblings in mind who feel like things will never get better, I want to tell you something:

Things do get better.

Sometimes it takes a while. Sometimes they get better without warning or ceremony. Sometimes it happens when you aren’t paying attention. Sometimes it happens when you need it most. Sometimes it happens in ways you never thought you would need it to.

Either way, it happens.

The above picture is of me(i’m in the middle) and my two partners. You don’t know me, but if you did you would know that the smile on my face in that picture is one of pure joy and one that has been scarce for many years.

My journey has been long and slow and difficult and I recently had to uproot a solid seven years of my life in order to get back on the right path, but here I am. Smiling. Healing. Growing.

Do not give up. Each and every one of you is precious and valued and worthy of this kind of joy and peace of heart. Reach out, keep pushing forward, breathe. We need you. We love you.


So this little cutie right here is Vegito and Zamasu’s baby girl, Camellia ^u^

She’s named after a flower since I felt it was a very fitting and beautiful name for her UvU Camellia flowers can come in pink (like her hair), and they’re also used in tea (another plus since Zamasu’s always making tea lol X3)

Camellia is Vegito and Zamasu’s pride and joy and they love her to death >u<


can I get uhhhhhhhhhhhh, Mrs.Lucitor headcanons?

• she’s literally the nicest sweetest demon ever like mom of the year right here
• she loves Tom so much, he’s her pride and joy and she adores him
• listen…Tom’s dad adores her, he’s also like “that’s my wife!! Isn’t she beautiful 💖”
• she lifts Tom and his dad up and they smooch her and tell her they love her so much and she’s just so glad she has such a nice family
• when Tom and Star breakup his mom just holds him in her hand is like “Tommy, it’s ok, mamas here don’t cry”
• umm if she knew what a shit life coach Brian is she’d kick his ass
• she’s so fucking strong man….like she’s a fucking powerhouse man and Tom thinks his mom is the coolest
• tom is totally that “ughhh mom you’re embarrassing me!!!” but absolutely adores her
• when Tom is born she’s so afraid because he’s so little and small and fragile but she cradled him in her big hands and just sobs because he’s absolutely perfect
• she’s the one who taught Tom how to play ping pong
• fucking hates Love Sentence but she loves Tom too much to tell him the truth
• very very calm, like nothing really rattles her?? she’s easily able to calm down Tom and his dad
• when she meets Marco she just….Knows™

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"Katara is beautiful and she's my wife and my life." -Zuko

…..“But she’s more than that. My wife is a proud daughter of the Southern Water Tribe; a skilled fighter, a born healer, and a Master Water Bender. Not to mention the only Blood Bender in the world. She’s compassionate, intelligent, and kind. I’ve never seen her turn her back on anyone in need and the wellbeing of her people is the most important thing for her as your leader.

When she presented the proposition for the construction of a national medical university here in the Fire Nation, she was met with strong opposition; opposition which quickly learned their Fire Lady would not be so easily dismissed. They’d learn of her stubbornness, of her sheer power of will and tireless determination. The rest, as they say, its history.

And so today we not only celebrate the fifth anniversary of the National University of Medicine here in the Fire Nation–we celebrate the woman behind its creation as well. We celebrate her various contributions to the field of medicine and her pioneering work for women’s rights in both North and Southern Water Tribes. We celebrate the Fire Lady, the wife, the war hero and the healer…the unconditional friend, mentor, ambassador and now….the mother as well.

It is with immense pride and joy that I announce the pregnancy of our first child and my future heir.

Katara, my love, words cannot express how thankful I am to have you. You’ve given me peace. You’ve given me love and understanding. You’ve stood by my side during the good and the bad-especially the bad. It is an honor to have you. I hope you know how much I love and respect you.

And so I ask you to raise your glasses—To Katara! Thank you for all you’ve given us all.”

–Fire Lord Zuko. [At the National Medical University Anniversary Dinner Celebration.]

Favorite moments from the wedding:

  • Way more tears than I ever expected.  I was crying left and right.
  • A bee getting stuck between the layers of my tulle dress (that thing was a bug net!) and gently trying to get out without frightening it.  "Don’t get nervous little guy…You’ve got a big job to do…You’re not dying here.  You’ve gotta pollinate the world!“ (The bee made it.)
  • Little high five after his vows.  He did well, despite writing them the night before.  All about how he has horrible luck, and how I taught him that we make our own luck…And that we probably shouldn’t go to Vegas anytime soon because we used up all his luck on me. My pride and joy was the line in my vows that said, “I will be the DPS to you healer” and all the gamers in the audience shed a tear.  
  • A flower pedestal falling over right after the officiant said, “And for those of you who couldn’t be here or have passed, you are here in spirit.” My grandma was there, no doubt.
  • Going out for our first look, it’s sprinkling just slightly, I tap Harrison on the shoulder and I don’t even wait to let him see me because I’m just crying and hugging him and so overwhelmed by the moment.  I don’t think that’s how the first look is supposed to go, haha, oops!
  • Singing I Want You Back to a room full of my friends singing and dancing along with me.
  • My cute dusty pink jellies that I wore because there was no way this girl was wearing heels in the grass.
  • Singing Rivers and Roads with one of my bridesmaids and best friends to close out the night.  Belting is hard through happy tears.
  • Hearing my student, @braveasabadger , rock it with my husband at the keys, friends on drums and bass, and my voice teachers listening in.  So proud.  (Also, the Star Wars book she got Harrison had him entranced, so good work, Lucy.)
  • Friends from all over the world coming together for a day, and watching as they all become friends over the night. The best.
  • Jamming with so many incredible musicians and friends.   Which is so hilarious, because notoriously, when Harrison asked me to jam when we first met, I said no.  (For clarification, I thought he was way too good and way too cute and I didn’t want embarrass myself…But as he says, we finally got to jam.)
  • Singing Jenny (Flight of the Conchords) after our first song (Overjoyed) and completely shocking everyone with Harrison’s hilarious acting abilities.
  • New name.  That’s weird.  And really fun.  (I keep telling Harrison to say my name and he says super slowly, “Christiiiiiiine….  W…hat was that?”)
  • My officiant is one of my closest friends, the woman who took care of me growing up while my mom was at work.  I’ve since taken care of her kids for years, and she is like a second mother to me.  At the rehearsal dinner, she said this in a speech: “I asked your mom once, isn’t it hard to leave your kids every day for work?  And she said, isn’t it so wonderful for both of them to know that there is this incredible community that loves them and cares for them and will be there when I’m not.  And that’s what this room–that community that loves you more than anything.”  (Did I mention there were a lot of tears last weekend?)
  • It was magical, it was perfect.  My car may be totaled in a hit and run on the morning of (still waiting on the shop to get a final verdict on the severity) but hey, I’m married, and it was the perfect weekend.  The day flew by, but I enjoyed every moment and wouldn’t change any of it for the world.

Let’s start the week with colorful fun😄💕 I wanted do something special to honor Pride Month! 😁 I’ve decided my next Etsy update is going to be a Rainbow Release on June 30th on 😀 I thought it’d be a perfect way to celebrate and honor Pride Month with fun rainbow themed goodies for everyone! 🌈✨ ❤ I hope you like this theme! 🤗 Painting rainbows for me goes deeper than pretty colors! 🖌 They’re able to bring all colors together in unity and harmony. ❤💛💚💙💜 That’s something I want very much for my art and the world 🌎💖💖💖so I’m going to have a variety of rainbow items going up including some special new ones! ☺ You can follow @thecamillastore here on IG to get more Etsy updates from Asami! 😉 And to all my LGBT 🏳‍🌈 friends and supporters I wish you all the happiness and joy in the world. I will always support you! 🤗Equality, diversity, human rights for ALL humans is something I feel incredibly strong about and will continue to strive for 😘🌈

My Experiences With the Netjeru
  • Set: Tells me dirty jokes. Makes me laugh. Now I am the one making dirty jokes. GETS PHYSICAL. "Hey, I care about you. You should date me. Date me. Me me me pick me!!" "OH MY GOD YOU'RE SO CUTE. WHAT THE FUCK?! I FUCKING LOVE YOU. But-- Hey-- stop banging your head against that wall-- Hey. Wall+head= bad time.... Okay, HERE'S THE WALL. Now. What have we learned? Okay. Shush. Only hugs now. Don't sass me." Smooches. (To the other Netjeru: "GUYS LOOK! I petted this kid on the head and they perked right up! LOOK!" *BEAMING WITH PRIDE*)
  • Anubis: Listens quietly. Head rested on hands. Acts like a therapist... Suddenly a joke! About death! ._.;; And smiles. Kind-hearted joy. Makes friends with the roommate's really shy dog and encourages you to comfort her during thunderstorms. You later catch him in the room visiting JUST HER and NOT YOU. But it's oool because he's this kind to everyone, and she's been having a tough time lately. "When you see what weighs down so many hearts-- you learn that so much of what people worry about isn't worth it."
  • Nephthys: Curiously patient. Kind suggestions. Very keenly perceptive. Laughs quietly. Don't take kindness for weakness. CANNOT be fooled. Was a day-dreamy, inventive kid who made friends with bugs and was weird, you just know it... WOAH HOLY FUCK SHE'S MAD--- BUT NOT AT ME THANK GOD!! Whooooooooo boy... I'm sure he'll be fine. I'm out.
  • Djehuti: "Child of Seth, Stop waffling!" ... "No I'm not angry. I am concerned. You are headed down a path that is concerning... Tell me what is on your mind.... Mhm. I see... Well. Here's something you may not have thought of. Mhm. Glad to be of service! Support your local library. ;)" Also, in another interaction, "Let's see what's on your mental shelf..."Hm... Not useful... Get rid of that... Scan through this one and take out the lessons... Okay. Now--" Steps on discarded books like a staircase and gives me a mental picture of Belle in the town library from Beauty in the Beast* "LEAN ON WHAT YOU KNOW, AND ALLOW IT TO HELP YOU GROW!"
Yuuram in Novel 14

Buckle up, darlings~

Novel 14. ch.1
-The sheer amount of fondling -


That is indeed his voice, and he did yell my name. But Wolf said the voice he heard wasn’t mine, but someone else’s.

“Are you okay? Tell me, quick, where are you hurt!?”

I try to confirm his injury with him again, after all I was the one who hurt him.

Crouching down, Wolfram makes a short grunt and then stands up forcefully with his legs. He desperately stretches his previously bent back, pushing away my hand with all his strength. I hurriedly chase his shadow, coming to the spot underneath the bright sunlight shining down from the surface.

“Wait a sec, Wolf, where are you hurt…”

I reach out my left hand to touch what feels like a body, and feel something like torn cloth and animal fur. My thumb and index fingers are moist and warm, when I rub them it even feels a little sticky.

“I’m sorry, really…”

Wolf tries to step back from me, and I quickly grab his waist, pulling him to me. Hugging him tightly with my right arm, I press my left palm to his stomach—The warmth from his skin spreads over to me, a numbing pain climbing up my arm at the same time.
I was healed this way a few times before, as long as I do exactly as I remember, I should be abke to heal others too. After all Gisela and Anissina taught me before, too, and I successfully did it last time, right?


I’m pushed away forcefully, falling onto my butt on the hard floor, only managing to prop up my upper half with my hands.


“Don’t touch me!”

Of course I can’t see his expression, and can only rely on my hearing to tell, but the emotion that comes through his voice, is very obviously anger.

He’s standing in a spot with light, so I can see his shadow clearer. Although it’s not the honey color that I see when I can see completely clearly, there’s still a golden glimmer around him that’s different from the surroundings. His own body looks like a dirty grey, though, so I can tell that he’s wearing something he rarely does. That might very well be the reason I mistook him for the enemy.

“Sorry, I was wrong. I never thought it would be you.”

Novel 14. ch.1
-Pin your brother down will you?-

“Conrad, you’re just in time, Wolf is pretty badly hurt, press him down while I’m healing him.”

“Wolfram is fine, it’s just a small wound on his clothes and abdomen, thankfully he had an amulet with him, so the wound isn’t deep, not so bad that he has to trouble Your Majesty to heal him.”

“But he lost so much blood.”

“That’s your blood.”


Novel 14. ch.1
-Pretty shitty of you though Connie-

The shadow that looks like the Captain stops abruptly, revealing his confusion with the question, “Arrest who?”

“Lord von Bielefeld. He hurt His Majesty, we mustn’t let him approach His Majesty.”

Now it’s my turn to panic.

“Wait a sec! You misunderstood, Conrad! This is a misunderstanding!”

“No matter what the reason, it’s a fact that Wolfram hurt you with a sword, this is an unforgivable crime. Haven’t you noticed the pain in your right shoulder?”

Once he says that, I finally remember that the two of us were at each other’s throats just a while ago. At the same time I grabbed the blade with my hand, the other person was holding a broken sword, so that’s how both of us ended injured.

Novel 14. ch.1
-Yuuri’s mental comments are the best-

Wolfram must have been waving his hand as he spoke, because I feel a breeze brush past my face. Wonderful, his movements are no different than usual, and his voice is powerful too, I can’t help but heave a sigh of relief.

Novel 14. ch.1
-What you mean you can’t approach me!? Okay this whole chapter is like a yuuram festa-

“Don’t be mistaken, Lord Weller. They are Shin Makoku soldiers, and will not obey your orders. Sizemore, you don’t have to arrest me, but from now on you must keep a watch on me, if I try to approach His Majesty then you must do everything to stop me, even if it means using force, understand?”


“Wait a sec! Wolf, what do you mean by keep a watch? What do you mean, you can’t approach me? More importantly, why are you here, come on and explain to me! How will I know anything if you don’t tell me!?”

“Why am I here?”

Wolfram can’t approach me, but there’s amusement in his voice when he talks. But that isn’t self-jest or embarrassment, much less joy. If I had to describe it, that should be pride, right?

“Staying by Your Majesty’s side, isn’t that my duty?”


“That’s why I came to find you.”

I want to see his expression so bad, to see what kind of attitude he said that line with. Surely he must have his arms over his chest, his body tilted back slightly, even looking down on me with his chin raised.

“Is that so? So you came to look for me, thank you.”

But I lost my rational mind, mistaking him for an enemy and even hurting, it’s only natural that he would be mad, I can’t even blame him if he starts hating me for it.

Novel 14. ch.1

“Dacascos, cut the nonsense! Hurry up and get clean cloth and water to help bandage Yuuri’s wound.”

“Wolf, you too.”
I reach my hand out towards Wolfram’s back, to be precise, towards the shadow I decide is his back, and of course I can’t reach.

“It’s okay if you don’t want to touch you, but your wound must be healed! Don’t underestimate it just because it’s not deep! Where’s Gisela? Didn’t Gisela come?”

“About that, Your Majesty…”

Novel 14. ch.1
-Still chapter 1-

Even though I’m exhausted I can’t rely on Wolfram, after all he’s injured too, right now it’s probably all he can do to take care of himself.

Although he keeps insisting to his brother that it’s a light injury, but a soldier’s idea of a light injury is different from a sportsman’s. To us baseball boy, a sprain that takes three weeks to heal is already a fairly serious injury. A sword stab to the stomach is basically throwing away the entire ball season, so serious it will seriously let down all the fans.

Novel 14. ch.1
- Notice how Yuuri casually forgets to mention ‘former’ when he says prince from here on-

“And that one who’s angry because his stomach got hurt, the handsome guy that looks like a fairy tale prince, he is too?”

“Mn, actually he is a prince.”

“In that case, he’s Your Majesty’s brother from a different mother or something like that?”

“No, no, he’s the son of the previous Queen.” (…)

“So what is PRINCE so unhappy about, why is he so angry?”

“Maybe because I injured him.”


“Listen up, Little Buddy, no matter what happened in that underground tunnel, it’s not your fault, and not anyone else’s fault, either. That is an evil place, scary things happen there. Tragedies will happen there, that seem to tear apart your heart, and leave deep wounds. So no matter what you do, never blame yourself, it’s not Little Buddy’s fault, and it’s no one’s fault.”

Novel 14. ch.2
-Where’s Wolfram? -

“Captain, since there’s no danger, let’s enter the town. Where are Wolfram and the others? Hazel and Ajira-san should have arrived already too, and it’s very weird that there isn’t a single person in town… Don’t tell me…”

Novel 14. ch.2
-Seconds later, Wolfram saves Yuuri’s henachoko ass-

When I bring my face to the surface, there’s a freshwater smell different from that of seawater. It’s freshwater and a whole lot of it.

And it’s precisely then, that I sense for the first time that there are people in the town.

A door opens and closes roughly, and I hear a man giving a panicked warning,

“Yuuri you can’t, the water has been polluted!”


Before I can raise my head, someone’s already pulled me up by the collar, what a close call.

“You said polluted?”

What a rare word in this world.(…)

Wolfram pulls my hand and brings me into a building, it looks like the Seisakoku resistance led by Hazel and the four Shin Makoku soldiers Sizemore brought are all here.

Novel 14. ch.3
-Another explosive yuuram chapter-

After drinking some water, eating some food, and have a nice nap on a long awaited bed, most of the weariness that I collected vanished too. Actually I know very well, the damage done to my body can’t be healed immediately, but when I open my eyes in bed and see only light and shadow, I’m honestly SHOCKED.

“Did you sleep well?”

“Very well.”

Although I answer the question instinctively, I had slept far from soundly. Because I had a nightmare, and kept getting woken up, returning to the same scene every time I fall asleep, until I can’t help but wonder if I really like retaking exams so much.

“What about you, Wolf?”


“You’re lying, because you snored as you always do when you’re sleeping like a log.”

“You deliberately pricked up your ears and listened out for that? What a curious baby you are, Yuuri!”

“…Even if I don’t want to hear it, I still hear it.”

Wolfram and I are in charge of controlling the large dining room that’s acting as our base of operations, in other words we’re on watch duty.

Novel 14. ch.3
-Wounded Wolfie-

(…)Wolfram, on the other hand, stayed back to protect me.

Although he acts energetic, the truth is he’s a wounded party too, and wounded in the stomach no less. The one who wounded him was me, so I really can’t make him do anything else strenuous.

What’s surprising is his reaction when he was told to stay on guard duty. Normally he would say something like “I can fight, don’t you trust me?” and then there would be a long line of protests, I was even all ready to listen to him complain, but instead Wolfram just said “I see”, completely against my expectations.

Novel 14. ch.3
-You hate me-


Seeing my body lean towards his direction, Wolfram immediately utters using a harsh tone,

“Keep your distance, keep your distance. Don’t get too close to me.”

“Ahh—Okay, okay, okay, I’m forbidden within a radius of 2 meters, right?”

He hates me, even though not long ago we were so close we could stay in the same large crate.

“I say, Wolf, I want to confirm with you.”


“You… chest hair… No, actually, it’s nothing. I just didn’t think that you could keep growing after eighty.”

That furry feeling near his chest, is actually… Honestly I really can’t predict what mazoku growth is like.

“I-I’m not jealous, got it?”

“What on earth are you mumbling about?”

But we’re not just supposed to talk about body hair.

“I think apologies are in order” (Yuuri)

“You want to make me apologize here?”

“Or course not! I don’t want to make you apologize~! Besides I’m not even angry, though it seems you still are… See, you won’t even approach me. So I wanted to make up with you, and apologize to you first. After all I don’t want this awkward atmosphere to continue anymore, and it’ll be troubling to Captain Sizemore and Dacascos.”

Novel 14. ch.3
-Just… just read-

“It’s only natural that you would hate me… We’re comrades, but I caused you to get hurt. Not only that…”

I can’t help but cover my mouth with my hand.

“I actually wanted to… k-kill you. Back then I really, truly, wanted to… Damn, I feel like puking.”

“Hold on, other than your eyes and shoulder, are you in any pain?”

I turn my head to a side, waving my right hand next to it to gesture ‘no’. Actually I’m not sick, it’s just that the sudden stress and anxiety made my stomach acids flow the wrong way.

“Sorry, I’m so sorry, I never thought it could be you. I’ll repent, if saying it is not enough, then I’m willing to accept any punishment to show my sincerity.”

“About that, at first I wanted to deal with everything here first, and talk about it again once we safely bring the Maou back to Shin Makoku, but since you brought it up now, there’s nothing I can do about it.”

I can feel Wolfram looking at me as he sighs.

“If you want to, you can even sentence me to death. Not only did I point my sword at His Majesty the Maou, I even attacked you, and injured you. But I swear… I really never thought it could be you.”

“Me too.”

Back then, when Wolfram slid down using the rope, I had completely treated him as an enemy. When I saw his sword, shining brightly in the darkness as it reflected the sunlight, I deeply believed that person was an enemy here to kill me.

“At that moment when I saw the sword.”

“All I saw was a moving figure. Back then I didn’t think whether it was a friend or foe, but the moment I set foot in the dark place, my thoughts immediately became “that was an enemy, that figure is an enemy without a doubt”… And even your voice sounded like someone else…”

“Didn’t you change the direction of the sword at the last moment? The sword blade suddenly went flat, that’s why Conrad said I only got banged up. But I still purposely picked up the weapon, and just like that, towards your stomach… Mmgh!”

I’m talking about these things, and it hurts so bad just thinking about what happened back then.

“Are you really okay?”

I break the orders not to get close to him and approach Wolfram, carefully plastering my palm over what should be his stomach.

“Maybe my healing isn’t as good as Gisela’s, but it’s better than not healing at all.”

“Stop! Don’t use majutsu!”

Novel 14. ch.3
-Me, hate you?-

Wolfram immediately bats away my hand.

“Why are you such a brainless henachoko? This is Shinzoku land, you know!? This is the continent with houryoku so strong even Gisela couldn’t set foot here, there’s no way you don’t know the consequences of using maryoku in a place like this, right? It’s precisely because you want to use your majutsu whenever, that’s why I told you not to get near me!”


“Didn’t you hear me? It’s because you like using majutsu so much, that’s why I told you not to get near me.”

No matter how I ask, the answer is the same. But it’s completely different from the reason I cracked my head to come up with.

“…So you’re not mad at me?”

His breathing is very fast.

“Of course I’m mad. Who asked you to be so rash?”

“And I thought you hated me…”

“Me, hate you?”

Helplessly, Wolfram can’t help but raise his tone at the end, so it feels about like “Me, hate you~~?”

“Could someone who hated the king possibly chase him to the ends of the earth? And…” (…)

“Carrying this strangely disgusting thing called ‘Günter’s Protection’ too.”

“Günter’s Protection~~?”

This time it’s my turn to raise my tone.

Novel 14. ch.3
-Do as I say not as I do-

Wolfram says I can’t get close to him, but he grabs my left hand and reaches it into the bag, using his sonorous voice to recite a chant non-stop, making all the hairs on my body stand on end.
Although it’s not possible, I still have the illusion of Günter’s hair twining around my arm.

Novel 14. ch.3
-After settling things with Wolf, Yuuri starts humming a religious hymn -

“What song is that?”


It seems I had started singing a familiar tune without realizing it.

Only I can’t really remember the lyrics, so it’s no different from humming it. (…)

Back then I thought it sounded familiar, but I didn’t think it’s a hymn from Earth.

Novel 14. ch.3
-Pity each other-

“Venera sure is impressive.”

“Although she’s not young anymore, she is indeed very sharp.”

“That’s not what I meant.”

I didn’t think Wolfram would respond to my mumbling, maybe it’s because we’re both casualties, so we sort of pity each other.

Novel 14. ch.3
-Yuuri panicking about Wolf as usual-

There’s the sound of running footsteps from the corridor, Wolfram holds his sword in his hand, and makes the sound of pushing the blade out of its sheath.


“Stay here, don’t move.” (…)

“Wolf! Don’t force yourself…”

“Stay there, don’t move!”

The sound of clashing blades which I can’t get used to no matter how many times I hear it, vibrates the air and the room, making me so scared I want to cover up my ears. Although I’m really worried about Wolfram, fighting against multiple opponents, but right now I can’t do a thing to help. Forget helping, it’s all I can do protect myself.

“Wolf…? Wolfram!?”

It feels as though time is crawling past, but in reality it’s probably only been two minutes. I sense the sound of clashing swords and the impacts coming through the floorboards slowly fading, so I called Wolfram’s name.

“Wolf, are you alright!? Talk to me!”

“As if that needs saying.”

His steps are nimble as he walks back to my side, and his voice sounds energetic too. But there’s the smell of blood emanating throughout the room, and from his body as well. He probably notices my uneasiness, saying before I ask,

“I’m not hurt, this is all their blood, but they’re not dead. Because you would probably say ‘tie them into their horses and send them back’ right?”

“Are you really okay?”

“Of course I am. What happened to Yuuri? After your vision got worse, you start worrying about nothing too?”

“No, of course not!”

“How could lackeys like that hurt me? The wound on my stomach is almost healed now, too, not a problem at all. Why don’t you touch it and see—But first you must promise me you won’t use maryoku—”

Novel 14. ch.3
-Yuuri keeps panicking-

Before I can yell a warning, Wolfram has already engaged the enemy. The sound of metal and clashes once again rings out in the dining room.

“Wolf, get ready to leave!”

“Are we running away!?”

“Of course we’re escaping! But the townspeople here need to get away too, right? Aren’t those guys trying to break into civilian houses?”

“That’s right, they plan on destroying the water purifiers too, as a warning to the others. But as long as we lead the townspeople away, there won’t be any more serious casualties.”

“Anyway we have to try and see. Wolfram! Are you alright?”

“I’m fine.”

I was just thinking that the room has gotten quiet again, it turns out the soldiers that barged in afterwards were dealt with as well. Last time I have heard that his swordsmanship is strong, but I never thought he would be this strong, completely different from the Lord von Bielefeld I know, could it be that he’s been possessed by the sword god?

Novel 14. ch.5
-Wait…. did he just…?-

Instead it’s Wolfram behind me that growls. If it were the normal him, he’d have let his fists do the talking ages ago. Although he really wants to, right now all he can do is bear with it.

When it comes to Saralegui, as well as the temporary truce with Conrad—which means with the Big Shimaron ambassador, I’ve told Wolf everything without hiding a thing, and he knows what kind of a person the Small Shimaron king is, too. But since it’s safer to let Saralegui hold my hand, he can only open one eye and close the other now.

Although Wolfram’s personality is very emotional, recently when it comes to any critical moments, he will show the bravery to resist his impulses. After all, he’s a man more suited than me to be the Maou.

Novel 14. ch.5
-Wolfie baby~ then more Yuuri panic-

“Could it be their mother died?”

I tell Wolfram the same thing, that there’s a child crying, and we need to save them.

Hazel says, “What is it?”

As though comforting me, Wolfram pats my neck gently, completely indulging my rash behavior.

“I’ll go look.”

“I’m coming too.”

“No, you stay here! If anything happens to you, I won’t be able to face His Majesty Shinou.”

After he breaks the window and charges in, there’s no reaction for a long time, while instead my heart beats so loudly even I can hear it. Suddenly there’s a loud explosion, numbing both my sense of sight and sound.

My previously dark vision instantly brightens, and it’s all orange. Not only can’t I feel the cold from before, my face and arms are enveloped by the approaching heat.

What on earth happened?

“Wolf! Wolfram!”

“I’m here!”

A body heavier than usual jumps out of the window, he’s probably carrying a child, followed tightly by a weeping woman.

Novel 14. ch.6
-"Wolfram stop him” -

Maybe it’s because he notices who else is there, Lord Weller points at Wolfram at one side, signaling for him to go to Yuuri immediately.

“Stop him, Wolf! Stop him now!”

Conrad wants to run here, but he’s knocked over by an escaping woman. Once he steadies his footing he readies himself to keep running , but this time he’s stopped by an incoming crowd.

Wolfram wants to put the child in his arms down onto the ground, but the frightened little girl grabs him and won’t let go, that little hand buried in his clothes unwilling to relax no matter what.

“Yuuri! Stop, don’t use maryoku!”

His voice can’t reach the young man’s ears.

Novel 14. ch.7
- Keeping Wolf away-

“In that case, purposely keeping Wolfram away would be pointless as well. To think you used maryoku on something other than healing.”

“What, so that’s why!”

I can’t help but grin. Still, I can’t help but be very concerned about the strict attitude he had towards Wolfram during that reunion.

“I always found it strange, why were you so strict to him?”

Lord Weller clears his throat a little, saying in a solemn tone,

“Technically speaking, his actions were a serious offense. I didn’t think the only punishment was to keep him away from you, even I feel my brain is getting slower and slower these days. But more importantly, you really don’t feel uncomfortable in any way?”

Novel 14. ch.7
- The bed scene -

I open the door of the rented bedroom, walking to the window with the candle without holding on to anything. Wolfram is lying on the bed next to the window, his back facing me.

“Are you asleep?”


A muffled answer. He’s laughing at me.

“You’re lying, you wouldn’t answer if you’re sleeping!”

“That was an instinctive reaction. I realized that you’re coming to me to cry and complain again, so I had no choice but to answer you.”

“Don’t you normally pretend to sleep?”

“All I can say is I’m too nice a guy.”

Sitting on the sturdy mattress stuffed full of hay, I raise my head to look at the night sky outside the window. There’s a dim square in my pitch black field of vision, and some bright spots glowing yellow in the middle. There isn’t a moon, or any stars, only the light of a candle flame.
The wind blows against my face, carrying the smell of charred walls, sand and water. Looks like the glass on the window is broken.

“Thank goodness I still have you beside me.”

“You’re being so honest about your feelings, it’s sickening.”

“I don’t even have the strength to pretend anymore.”

I can tell with a touch that the bed beside me is wet. It must have been the lakewater that broke the window glass, and wet the room. Is this my punishment for failing the mission today?

“Can I sleep over there with you?”

Under the weak candlelight, a blurred Wolfram swings the thing in front of his chest,

“Günter’s here too, is that alright with you?”

“That’s really too cruel.”
I start laughing to the point I can’t stop, but then my voice starts to crack, so I have no choice but to bury my face in the pillow so Wolfram won’t notice. Just like that, the dim candlelight disappears from my vision.

Surely I won’t be able to sleep through the guilt and regret.

But I must let my body rest a while. Because the life we’re living is one where we don’t know when’s the next time we can sleep on beds again.

(the next chapter literally starts the morning after with him and Saralegui walking in the desert. )

Novel 14. ch.9
- Talking at the same time-

“Although some menial thing like this isn’t worth reporting to Your Majesty the Maou, it seems I am the messiah.“


Wolfram and I yell at the same time.

Novel 14. ch.11
- Regaining his sight thanks to Adalbert’s healing. The first thing he does when he realizes he can see is look at Wolf. Then he lengthily describes him, not so the rest of the characters -

“Ah~~ Really! Adalbert, move the bed aside, quickly—”

“Your Majesty.”

Conrad’s tone sounds hesitant, the hand reaching out for my right shoulder wandering up and down helplessly. It’s rare for him to look so lost.

“I told you so many times, don’t call me Your Majesty.”

“Sorry. Yuuri, your eyes…”

“Eh? My eyes?”

And then Wolfram asks in a hoarse voice, “Can you see?” Hazel only raises her eyebrows, and finally Saralegui says in his usual tone,

“What, your eyes are okay now?”

“It’s true! I can see!”

I can see.

Wolfram’s blonde hair and emerald eyes, Hazel’s wrinkly hands and strong mouth, Adalbert’s buff muscles and butt-shaped chin, as well as Saralegui’s golden eyes. No matter how many times I blink, my vision doesn’t turn blurry, it’s not just shadows, it won’t disappear without a trace anymore.”


Looking at Wolfram, who’s staring at me non-stop, I really am beside myself with happiness. Really, you’re still very cute! Since you always have such a valiant attitude, I assumed you matured quite a bit in the time we were apart, but to think you still have the beauty of an angel. Though it’s true I can still sense you’ve definitely become manlier.

Novel 14. ch.11
- What is Wolf so pissed off about? What does he mean by "mean”?-

Before I can finish talking, Wolfram bumps me with his arm, and even says indignantly,

“You feel at ease just after a good meal, don’t tell me you were just malnourished? Yuuri… How could you be so mean?”

“No, how’s that possible!? How could a few days of malnourishment make my vision deteriorate so drastically?”


Novel 14. ch11
-Describing Wolf vs. Adalbert-

“Is that so? Then go for it, you guys, I plan on staying here and living the easy life of a messiah for a while longer.”

Adalbert keeps sitting on the table and waves us goodbye. But the right hand he just raised is beaten down by someone, and his chest grabbed.

“Look at you, are you still a mazoku like this!?”

That person is Wolfram.

This image should look hilarious normally, right? After all there’s a huge difference in their body sizes, it looks like a cicada grabbing a large tree. But right now Adalbert is pressed down by Wolfram’s presence, so no one notices the difference in size at all.

Novel 14. ch12
-Worried Yuuri-

Wolfram catches up to us, the corners of his lips curling up. Under these circumstances, all he can do is smile strangely. Despite his angelic looks, he can also say something so mature. To think he can show a smile completely unlike his two brothers, saying such brave words.

Watching him grow up so quickly recently, I can’t help but feel panicked. If I keep assuming he’s on the same level as me, one day I will surely be left behind in the dust.


So this novel is probably the most yuuram packed in all the series.
The bed scene will always hold a special place in my heart, for many reasons, but most importantly because the scene is cut short and it resumes “the next morning “, which is Japanese for having the camera aim at the waving curtains and out the window. Also there’s a phrase in the next novel that will really explain why the bed scene is so important… but will explain that in the next part!


Yuuram in Novel : 1|2|3|4|5|6|7|8|9|10|11|12|13|14|15|16|17

Imagine Chris surprising you at work.

You waited backstage at the Victoria Secret Fashion Show with the rest of the Angels. You were dressed from head to toe in black lace, wearing your wings for the first time, and completely freaking out. It wasn’t because you were about to go on stage, it was because you were walking as an Angel; it was such an honor and you were a little afraid you’d mess up. You’d feel better if you knew Chris was in the audience but unfortunately, his work obligations kept him from you. He did send flowers and a sweet card, and he did call while you were getting your hair and makeup done; it was a thoughtful gesture but his presence would’ve been much preferred. You weren’t mad though, it wasn’t like you hadn’t missed his premieres before because of your work.

“We got Taylor Swift,” you heard one of the stage managers say and you felt your heart skip a nervous beat. “We’re walking her to the stage right now, let’s start the final countdown.” You watched Taylor disappear around the corner then turned your attention onto the TV screen. “Angels, please stand by. Can we have Karlie Kloss? Get Karlie to the runway.”

Taylor started singing ‘Blank Space’ and you saw Karlie strut out. You took a shaky breath then flinched when you felt someone take your hand. You turned and smiled when you saw that it was Adriana; she was like an older sister, always there when you needed her.

“Hey you,” she gave your hand a quick squeeze then fixed a loose strand of your hair. “I know you’re nervous but you don’t have to be. Everything is going to be okay,” she assured you with a smile. “Just look to your right before you walk, okay?”

“Why?” You narrowed your eyes in confusion. “What’s on my right?”

“Can we have Adriana Lima to the stage?” You heard the stage manager call for her and she released your hand. “Let’s get Adriana Lima to the stage. Quickly, please.” An assistant came and led her away.

“Just do it,” she called over her shoulder.

You watched her disappear around the corner and you let out a shaky breath. It wasn’t long before it was your turn, after Adriana was Gigi and after Gigi was Taylor and after Taylor was- well, you. You stood in line, nervously playing with your earlobes as you waited for your cue. Taylor chuckled softly at your nervous state and gently touched your arm, “you’re going to be fine, Y/N.”

“Thanks,” you managed a small smile. “I just- I’d feel better if Chris was here, you know?” You told her and she nodded with an understanding smile; she always felt better when her boyfriend was in the audience too. “But- it’s fine, I’m going to be fine.”

“Yes you are because you didn’t get where you are with Chris’ help, it was all you.” She gently squeezed your arm then heard her cue and started up the stairs. “I’ll see you out there, Angel.” She threw a wink over her shoulder then disappeared around the corner.

Adriana came back in just as you were about to make your way out. She smiled at you then mouthed, “look to your right.” You were still confused as to why she was asking you to look anywhere other than straight ahead, but you nodded anyway.

“Let’s go, Y/N. You’re up,” the stage manager beckoned you out and you nodded.

With a deep breath, you strutted out to the beat of Taylor Swift’s ‘Blank Space’. Every second felt overwhelmingly good, you could feel the rush- the sense of empowerment as you walked down the runway. You glanced to your right, like Adriana told you to and felt your smile ten fold when you spotted the one and only- Captain America. His smile was filled with so much pride and joy that you had to look away to stop yourself from crying. You continued down the runway, absolutely fearless because you knew your hero was here; all you could think of now was him and how nice his arms were going to feel around you after the show.
• • • • • • • •
“You knew he was coming?” You asked Adriana and her smile answered you. “Oh my God,” you laughed and playfully slapped her arm. “Why didn’t you tell me? I was freaking out the entire time and you didn’t think to mention the one person I wanted around was- around?”

“We thought it’d be a nice surprise.” She said then beckoned her head at Chris, who was standing behind you. You turned around and squealed excitedly, running and throwing yourself into his arms. He chuckled softly and hugged you tightly, burying his face into you hair. “I’ll leave you two to catch up,” she patted your arm. “It’s good to see you, Captain.”

“Thank you for getting me in, Adriana,” he smiled at her over your shoulder. Adrianna nodded then joined the other Angels who were having a celebratory drink, and smiling at the two of you. “Surely you already knew I wasn’t going to miss your first show as an Angel.” He pulled away from you and caressed your face in his hand. “I always knew you were one, it’s nice to be proven right. You look-” he pulled his hand away and placed it on his heart, “heart-stopping.” You felt yourself blush. “Just- wow, Y/N. Every time I look at you, I think- how the hell did I get so lucky?”

“I ask myself that every morning,” you quipped and he smiled. “So…What do you think? Think we can add this to my collection at home?” You took a step back and posed, making him chuckle. “You are a fan of lace, so I figured this would be a winner in your eyes.”

“I am a fan of you,” he grabbed you by your waist and pulled you closer to him. “Anything you have on,” he whispered and leaned in, pressing his forehead against yours as you wrapped your arms around his neck, “is a winner in my eyes.”

“I love you, Captain.”

“And I love you, Angel.”

Prompt:  “Scotty + reader listening to the Nicki Minaj song “Starships”? I don’t know if you do song fic requests but I thought I’d ask. Either way thanks and you rock!!” - Anon

Word Count:  1,736

Warnings:  Mentions of sex, implied nudity, lots of alcohol

Author’s Note:  I’ve been writing this one since flipping June. I revisited it yesterday and figured out the middle part; it started off with Jim and Y/N having this massive drunk argument. I think I fixed it up pretty good! I hope you enjoy!

Let’s go to the beach, each

Let’s go get a wave

They say, what they gonna say?

Have a drink, clink, found the Bud Light

Bad bitches like me, is hard to come by

The Patrón, own, let’s go get it on

The zone, own, yes I’m in the zone

Is it two, three, leave a good tip

I’ma blow all my money and don’t give two shits

“Is that the Enterprise?” Rena tugged your sleeve and pointed at the enormous ship on the far end of the star port.

“Probably,” you squinted at the hull.

“You hear Kirk ended up captaining that one?” Tom cut in, slinging one arm over your shoulders and the other over Rena’s. “He is something else…”

“Yeah, yeah,” you said, waving him off. You’d heard this rant more than once.

“Screw him,” Rena blurted, “that med student, the one from Georgia? He’s the CMO.”

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A day in the life of Mama Jin


Jungkook: Whats with all the yelling?



Jimin:*checks his pulse* No he’s alive

Hoseok:*smoking his weed*

Jungkook: Um..eomma…

Jin: Can someone please explain to me why my vase is broken?

Jungkook: Um…gravity?

V: Aliens?

Jimin:*flips hair* my sexiness

Jin: This is not a laughing matter that vase was mamas pride and joy

Jungkook: Just buy another one

Jin: No nothing can ever replace it

V: Why?

Jin: Because that vase was my pride and joy

Jimin: A vase?

Jin: It was before you little munchkins came along

Hoseok:*laughs* namjoons pull out game is weak af

Jungkook: What does that even mean?

Hoseok: Well let uncle tell you all about the art of sex



V:*talking to jimin* Rabbits roam the moon and are going to take over i tell you

Jimin:*going through suga’s pockets*

Jin:*covers jungkooks ears* Dont talk like that infront of my baby

Jungkook: Mom I’m like 20 years old


V: *still talking * So i learned how to speak the language of the rabbit *starts hopping around making gargling noises*

Jimin:*going through suga’s wallet* Damn and i thought grandpa was loaded

Suga:*sleeping and grabs his wrist* Put the wallet down or you’ll never get a jam in your life

Namjoon:*comes home* HONEY I’M HOME

Jimin:*drops the wallet and runs to jin crying*


Jungkook:*watching V* Hyung..stop it..thats offensive

Namjoon: Oh honey by the way i accidentally broke your vase this morning but don’t worry I’ll buy you another one *kisses his cheek and goes upstairs*

Jin:*eye twitches as he snaps a carrot in half*

((MAN TUMBLR RESOLUTIONS. AM I RIGHT?!! sorry i’ve just been trying to put this into a nice format for a while but i guess this is good enough.

here’s my pride and joy OC, Daisy the Demon in a full reference! <33)) 

anonymous asked:

Hello can I get headcanon where reader is kakashi and gai's mama? ( Separate) but she's happy and alive 😢😢 I hope my English isn't that bad...

don’t worry anon, your english is great! donut worry my friend!!

Gai and Kakashi Having a Mother Headcanons

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  • He would be so glad to feel his mother and father’s love towards him. It gets him so happy seeing his mother greeting him after he comes back from the academy and she awards him with her baked goodies. He knew very well that his father also loved her cooking too.
  • She’s always there whenever he needs someone to talk to. Whether it’s about puberty or just anything to ramble about, she’s here for him whenever Sakumo is away on a mission. “You’re crushing on someone, hm?” That’s what she’s always say to tease him.
  • Also, she’d be his #1 cheerleader, his father, Sakumo being the second. “WOOOOO GO BABY!” Hearing the word baby always gets him embarrassed, especially in public because he knows that his parents love babying him whenever. It gets him embarrassed but he secretly likes it, cause it makes him feel super special.
  • Don’t talk back to Momma Hatake, ever.
  • Sometimes Kakashi can get super blunt and casually insult someone without himself really knowing. So she’d have to scold him sometimes and correct him for his mistakes. “It’s not nice calling someone who worked so hard weak.” You’d say gently. “I’m sorry, Mama.”
  • Though Momma Hatake is beyond proud of her son, he was talented and he was now in his thirties and still… single. But that didn’t worry you much as you were mostly proud of him with how many things he accomplished in his life. Her son was also the Hokage. Brb, currently wiping off my motherly tears.

Originally posted by shiroiraiha


  • She defends her hubby and her son 24/7. If she ever hears anything negative about her loved ones, she’d straight out tell them not to judge them if they didn’t know them well enough. Or just anything to get their mouths shut. “It’s funny how you’re both casually talking shit about my husband and my son, not knowing I’m right here; in front of you, eh?”
  • GO MOMMA MAITO!!!! She’s not afraid to put up a fight with anyone who dares hurting her son. They’d be knocked out within minutes. Don’t mess with Momma Maito.
  • She always cheers for her son alongside with Dai as they both help with their son, Gai, train. Gai loves spending time with his family and he’s super glad that his mother is his #1 cheerleader! It always gets his blood pumping whenever his mom screams “YOU CAN DO IT BABY, DON’T GIVE UP!”
  • Her son is her pride and joy, she spoils him with kisses and loving hugs. He loves her touches unconditionally and even now, he’s so grateful to have a mother like [Name]. Even when he’s jounin, his mother is always there to support him and spoil him with bentos. AWWWW

–– admin vann

top 10 robin: son of batman moments

robin: son of batman is so close to my heart and it’s so bittersweet to see it end. it’s the only comic series that i own every issue to. going back through them all, i wanted to make a post of my personal highlights. this series had a lot of iconic moments that i thought gave wonderful insight into damian’s character, and also some breathtaking artistic moments, which is why i enjoyed it so much. those are the two categories that matter most to me and the biggest qualifiers for this list. without further ado

10. “What is the year of blood?”

this entire scene gets me every time (dick!!!!!!!!!!!!), but i single out this particular panel for a bunch of reasons. first of all, damian’s crinkle nose and big thick eyelashes are so gorgeous, and now is as good a time as any to start ranting about how talented patrick gleason is. damian’s whole expression is so emotive and flawless, i have no idea how you get that much story into half of a kid’s face. look at his frightened eyebrows. art aside, this moment creates so much organic hype for the rest of the story. it pulls you to the edge of your seat. it displays the magnitude of the crimes damian’s committed, the intensity of the challenge he’s about to face. it shows that damian is still keeping secrets from his father, secrets he’s terrified bruce will find out. it shows in one deft stroke all of damian’s guilt, paranoia, self-hatred and desperate hope for redemption. it’s a stroke of genius and even after having praised the art i have to say that i think gleason is even more talented as a writer than a penciller. *takes my hat off respectfully*

9. the bat skeleton

a very obvious choice but iconic for good reason. the dead bat is a huge neon finger pointing accusingly at damian and telling him that all the mistakes he’s created in the past are still floating around (most likely pregnant with consequences). it’s a petty mistake he made ages ago and bringing it up again not only shows a great respect for the emotional continuity of damian’s story and provides a nice easter egg for dedicated fans, but it condemns damian in such a painful and particular way. i love it. also a well-drawn frame, tons of emotion on his face again.

8. no weakness, no hesitation, no mercy for fools

what isn’t completely gut-wrenching about this moment? (first of all, it’s beside the point but i’d like to draw attention to the fact that talia is scared enough that she gets out her gun. she didn’t have it before this frame. it makes you wonder if she’d be willing to shoot damian, even though all her characterization in the series indicates she probably wouldn’t). the real reason i love this scene, though, is because it really takes the conflict in the story to a peak. the series asks "how far would damian go to wash the blood off his hands?” and dares to follow up with “would he forgive his mother?” and, even better, dares to show that that’s a nearly impossible choice with a high cost for him. this moment shows that damian is actually willing to break all his promises and deny all his struggles for redemption and kill someone (even worse, that someone is someone he used to love). i also love that the darkness in damian is displayed here in terms that call back explicitly to his upbringing as an al ghul. it shows that there’s still a part of him that might believe the al ghul way of cleansing evil is legitimate and that part of him is the real villain of the series in a way, you know? ghh it’s so juicy with conflict

7. “You are an Al Ghul, no matter what you say.“

a very dark twist. near the end of the series, right when, thematically, we’re close to finding out “what it’s all meant”, talia drops this bomb. even though it’s mostly refuted in the next issue with damian’s spirit not answering to the name “al ghul”, it adds a note that could be interpreted as sinister, or be seen as just an interesting complexity (i tend to see it in the latter light). it raises questions about damian’s identity that the series had almost put to rest. maybe i’m reading into it too much but i very much appreciated this line casting shadows where maybe there may have been a little too much sunshine. maybe i just like the angst.

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This is for you, my fellow Jayhawk, @1dalwaysbenice! It may be a little too specific for some people who don’t really follow college basketball but I threw in some links (I think, I hope) to guide you to some clips of what it’s like at a game at The University of Kansas. Or you could skip the basketball stuff and go straight to the smut at the end haha! Hope ya’ll like it!!

The door closed behind me as I slid into the back seat with Niall. My heart was beating out of my chest and my stomach was knotted up with excitement. In the year and a half we had been dating, Niall had taken me around the world, showing me sites I had never dreamed of seeing. But tonight, it was my turn. I was going to show him something, a place that was magical to me, where I had made many great memories and felt every emotion in the extreme. I was nervous that he wouldn’t get it, that he wouldn’t feel the energy this building contained, but if anyone could understand that a sports arena could be special, certainly it was super-sports-fan-Niall Horan. I gripped his hand and smiled at him. His return smile was warm and full of love, his blue eyes sparkling below the brim of his new Jayhawk snapback.

“KU blue looks good on you, Horan,” I said, tapping the bill of the cap. He looked like a proper frat boy in the snapback, his white t-shirt cuffed at the sleeves, stretching perfectly across his shoulders. It was easy to imagine what it would have been like if he had attended a college like the University of Kansas. He would have really enjoyed it, and I would have had the biggest crush on him. I was proud to be able share this with him and show a little about what my life was like while I was an undergrad.

“Your hands are shaking, love.” He squeezed the one he was holding to emphasize his point. “You a little excited?”

“I’m so excited. Allen Fieldhouse is like my favorite place. I know you’ve been to some great sports venues but,” I sighed, feeling a little wistful. “I know I’m a little biased but I think there’s something special about it. There’s a lot of history here.”

“So you’ve told me. A few times, in fact.” His eyes crinkled in a smile as he teased you. The last couple of days had been heavily filled with Kansas basketball trivia. It even included a trip to the new museum that was built to house the original rules of basketball, typed out by its inventor James Naismith, the first coach at KU. He had listened intently and appropriately marveled at the treasures that were held there.

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Yeeeeees! My newest project is finally done! Phew, it was hard to do it with barely any resources… xD

But yes! This here is my newest pride and practical joy: Marcus Holloway’s smartphone from Watch_Dogs2! Just like my Watch_Dogs 1 smartphone, the apps are indeed interactable, and will take you places, say you tap “Car on Demand,” it’ll link you to Amazon! Fun stuff like that to make it more than just a pretty face!

The apps themselves were either hand-drawn by me on Krita, or enhanced versions of screenies I managed to snag! Original app concepts, of course, belong to their rightful owners. (Ubisoft)

The phone model used for this one was a Samsung Galaxy J7, and I must admit, it’s a really good phone!

For the record, I did NOT draw the phone background, rather I gave it some enhancements to seem more like a Marcus smartphone background by using graphic novel shading, and to be more like a rip from the game, added the [L1] and [R1] bumpers at the bottom! :3

Enjoy it, for I have many other things under my sleeves! :D

Dr. Love | Lee Seokmin | Requested

Pairing: Lee Seokmin X Reader

Genre: Fluff

Word Count: 2,832

A/N: Whoever freaking requested this deserves a big ol’ hug and a kiss bc this is cute af. ~Jasmine

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