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have you read killing stalking?

I’ve checked it because apparently is the new ~big thing~ at the moment and I’m kink shaming you all.

I know this is only a thing because the Yuri On Ice fandom needed more gay OTP now that the anime has finished (the Killing Stalking fandom is 90% the YOI fandom).

🚨 Trigger warning for: abuse, rape, killing, bad taste in general.

Shipping two gay and cute ice-skaters is one thing but shipping a psychopath and his victim is wrong sis.

Killing Stalking is a cheap and lame korean webcomic where a hunk, which is nuts, beats up and kidnaps some twink and holds him hostage so that he can abuse him. The twink has the biggest stockholm syndrome and falls in love with his captor despite of him abusing him in every way possible.

Also the fact that the twink keeps finding dead bodies around the house and also the fact that the captor keeps bringing victims to torture and kill in front of him doesn’t stop the twink from loving him wanting to be his ~wife/slut/bitch/whatever~.

Furthermore, the plot is very inconsistent. It was obviously created as a ~twisted~ (as in ~welcome to my twisted mind~ kind of twisted) webcomic created for shock value which slowly turns into some boring kdrama.


Also, there aren’t as much sex scene as you thought you’d see. It’s kinda lame how this webcomic claims to be all ~edgy and twisted~ and then it basically has one sex scene (rape obviously) and it’s basically softporn and it’s all censored (say hi to my glowing lightstick!).

So yeah, Killing Stalking pretty much sucks and it’s cheap bait for girls people whom will literally go crazy over two ~supposedly straight~ characters getting ~close~. Except it’s fucked up.

 Y’all need to chill with your gay (male) and extreme OTP and join us with our gay (female) and extreme OTP.

So please, take this as a present from me and join ~us~.

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I mean I like monster movies a whole lot and I think Cinema Sins is kinda just in good fun, I don't know.

No, it absolutely isn’t. At least from what I’ve seen.
CinemaSins’ aim is pretty clearly to take the fun OUT of films. The enjoyment garnered by their audience is pure schadenfreude. It also commits the cardinal sin of film commentary by ignoring information presented within the film itself for the sake of a lame joke to make themselves seem smarter or more observant - i.e. claiming something is a plot hole even though the film actually addresses it.

Now Honest Trailers? That’s my jam.

one hundred pieces of me

(aka one hundred texts dan didn’t send phil)

you know when something happens to you and you start typing out a text to someone and then you realize it’s hella stupid and you probably shouldn’t send it? yeah. this sucks so much i’m deeply sorry i just really wanted to write something about the idea of all the unsent texts dan probably has, as a person who said they suck at replying.

summary: one hundred times dan didn’t press send, and the one time he did.

hey here’s a note for you if you didn’t know: when you start to type a text but then close the texts app without manually deleting what you typed, it saves the text to the drafts.





(draft 21:43)

your room’s so far away i can’t be bothered to get up but

(draft 21:44)

i know it’s only one wall but you probably wouldn’t hear if i’d yell you’re so deaf and

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY, TO MY DEAREST ONEE-SAMA, ZEINO! I already said everything in your Jeezeiko Birthday card but yeah. I’ll just repeat myself because I don’t get tired of telling you that I love you (●^▽^●) You really are like a big sister to me, someone whom I admire, whom I look up to in many ways (like your PS skills ugh ♡). Thank you for all the amazing time and I hope PROJECT JEEZEIKO brought a smile to your face.
Jee and I love you sooooo much. ♡

Your Parents’ Tunes

Written by Laura, Photography by Christie

I suppose it’s a part of adolescence that you think your parents are kinda lame. Certainly that attitude has been very present in pop culture when kids groan or roll their eyes at their dorky guardians. Here’s the thing though, I know my mum and dad are cool. And I’m most convinced of it when I listen to their favourite songs and albums.

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