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Below you will find 104 moodboard gifs that could all pertain to a muse labeled as The Cataclysmic. When using this label ( one of my absolute favorites, actually ) I focus on their anger, their pain, their distrust of other human beings and the fear that comes along with someone breaking those walls down. They don’t actually want to feel something and when they do they don’t know how to deal with it . They’ve got a long list of bad habits, usually prefer relationships, people and situations that are bad for them and have a strong pessimistic out look on life. These gifs will demonstrate that with a wide variety including familial, platonic, romantic and general. As always, these are gifs I’ve collected for my own personal use. There shouldn’t be any repeat ( although there may be some from the same scene of a show ) and if you find any, please let me know so I can remove them here and in my own collection.

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reylo dialogue prompts
  • “unfortunately, you’re my favorite person on this planet” “why thank you”
  • “i would die for you” “please don’t”
  • “give me a chance” “to what? ruin everything all over again? yeah, no”
  • “you’re the worst thing for me” “yet here you are”
  • “what is this” “it’s a flower” “yes i know that–but what are you doing with it” “umm, giving it to you?”
  • “you’re not alone” “i know.”
  • “stay with me” “why would i”
  • “my love for you could incinerate the galaxy” “i prefer my galaxies uncooked, thanks”
  • “what are you doing here” “what are you doing here?!”
  • “i just saved your life–you could at least show some gratitude” “i didn’t ask to be saved!”
  • “come back” “and if i don’t?”
  • “i don’t trust you” “good”
  • “they didn’t tell me it would be you!” “all the better, then”
  • “don’t let them know” “i’m not stupid”
  • “you’re lucky i need you for this” “you’re lucky i’m here to fix it”
  • “say something.” “why?”
  • “i hate you.” “i know.“

If you use these, please tag me in your fics/link them to me so i can read them!

High Society Poser//Derek Hale

Character: Derek Hale, Scott McCall, Isaac Lahey, Vernon Boyd, Reader.

You down a shot, surveying the club before you. There was the blonde guy beside you who’d bought a you a drink, there was the man who asked you to dance when you came in. You’d turned both down. You glance around before making your way to the center of the club. You danced on your own, you always preferred going out by yourself, you could let loose.

You sway your hips to the beat, the two shots you’d taken had you buzzed. You felt carefree.

“Do you always dance this way or am I just one of the select few that get to see it?” You a hear a voice rasp into your ear.

You turn and look up, holding back a gasp from the man before you. “Hmm.” You bite your lip, “That depends.”

“On..?” He watches your body language.

Your eyes fall over his body, he wore an expensive black suit. Not just an expensive suit either, from what you could gauge it looked to be about $8,000. “Are you hitting on me or making conversation?” You flick your eyes up to meet his.

“Hmm.” He smirks. “Depends.”

“Oh, we’ve got a smart ass.” You try not to smile.

“Aren’t you going to ask me what it depends on?” The same smirk graces his face.

You audibly suck in air through your teeth, “What does it depend on?”

“Whether or not you’re interested.” He cocks an eyebrow.

“Why don’t you let me find out?” You quip. “Show me a good time, mystery man.”

“Oh, I can do that. It’s Derek, by the way. Derek Hale.”

You’re officially intrigued, “I’m Y/N.”

“Well, Y/N..come sit with me. I’m in VIP.”

He takes your hand and pulls you with him, turning off to the left to a small roped area. “Are you here alone?” You ask, glancing around the empty area.

“I prefer to go out alone. It gives me time to think. I make exceptions for women like you.” He smiles and sits beside you.

You cross your legs and look over at the rugged man beside you. “Women like me, huh? Is this a regular occurrence? Wooing women on the dance floor, showing them to VIP?”

He grabs a glass of the table, you let your eyes fall onto his hand gripping it. He takes a drink and shakes his head as he laughs. “You’re a curious one, aren’t you?”

“You didn’t answer my question.” You purse your lips.

“No. It’s not a regular occurrence, in fact…you’re probably the first woman I’ve talked to in a place like this.”

“Oh yeah? What makes you think I believe that?” You tease.

“Please, you happen to be the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen. You also seem to have a bit of a dark side. I admire that.” He smiles.

You think I have a dark side?“ You raise your chin, “Interesting..” You glance around the crowded building. “Tell me about yourself, Derek.”

“Hmm. I’ve got sister.” You note the hesitancy, you wonder what he’s holding back. “I live alone.” He shrugs.

“Where are you from?”

“Beacon Hills, born and raised, baby.” He grins.

“Interesting. I moved here my senior year of high school. I’ve never seen you around.”

“Oh, I’m in and out of town a lot. I fly around for work.”

“What do you do?” You raise an eyebrow.

“Business consultant.” He nods.

“I could tell you were important. By the suit.” Your eyes examine his suit before meeting his.

He bites his lip, looking deep in thought. “Let’s get out of here.”

“And go where?” You raise an eyebrow.

“My house.” He notices the look on your face. “I’m not a psychopathic killer…I just want to get to know a quieter setting.”

You play out all of the options in your head. You could end up dead. Least likely.

You could end up having sex with him. Highly likely.

You could spend a couple hours with him and go home safely. Moderately likely.

“Okay.” You nod.

“Let me call the car around.” He stands up and unlocks his phone. The car? He’s going to call it around? How much money does this man have?

“Come with me.” He whispers in your ear before leading you out front. You shiver, the cold breeze hitting your exposed legs and arms.

You feel him wrap his jacket coat around you. You glance at him over your shoulder, his white button up stretching across his pecs.

“Thank you.” You smile.

He rubs your back and you’re thankful for the friction. He opens the door for you and helps you slide across the seat, climbing in beside you.

You talk on the ride to his house, the two of you having a lot more in common than you could’ve guessed.

You can’t help yourself when your jaw drops open at the sight of his house. It’s three stories, the columns outside only adding to the height. The size makes you sick. He has to be a least.

You notice two men at the entrance. “Boyd. Isaac.” Derek nods as he leads you inside. You hear the men whisper as you enter his home.

“We’ll go to the bar downstairs. What’s your drink?” He looks at you over his shoulder as he opens a door.

“Vodka tonic.” You simply state as you follow him down marble stairs. You couldn’t tell he had a basement. Add a fourth floor to your count. You enter a room at the bottom of the stairs, a bar taking up a whole wall, a stereo nestled in the corner, and a pool table in the center of the room.

“Vodka tonic, huh? Suits you.” He steps behind the bar. You remove his jacket from your shoulders and lay it on a barstool.

“Where do you work?” Derek asks as he rolls up his sleeves. He opens a freezer beside the bar and pulls out a bottle of half-drank vodka.

“Oh, I’m in school still.” You nod.

“Wow. How old are you?” He unscrews the cap, the sound of the liquid pouring making you eye the glass.

“Twenty-four.” You nod, “I’m in law school.”

“A lawyer..” He looks up at you and studies your face. “What kind?”

“Criminal.” You pick up the glass and take a drink.

“You’re quick on your feet. I should’ve known.” He grins.

You hear footsteps and you glance up at the doorway. He’s much younger than Derek, he has dark hair and he’s sporting a black leather jacket.

“Scott? What’re you doing here?” Derek looks at the man in the doorway.

Scott looks at you, determining what you were there for before turning back to Derek, “We need to talk. We have a problem.“

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How would you describe the old dutch capuchine breed's temperament based on your pair and the other individuals you have seen thus far?

I prefer to go by the temperaments of their offspring.

My poor breeding pair spend MONTHS in quarantine, even BEFORE the salmonella outbreak just from being ate up with 4 different species of parasites when I bought them! (Sadly the norm for pigeons purchased at a show.)

Mathilde was pretty mellow when she got here, but she will NOT let me hold her like this after months of force feeding her meds.

The younger of their children literally climbs all over me and begs for cuddles and kisses ANY time I hold still too long. XD

I DEFINITELY like their temperament. ^v^

Late Night Blogs, let's get to know each other! Emoji ask edition🎉

🍭Who was your first favorite host?
🌸Who’s your current favorite host?
🏙Who was your favorite Tonight Show host?
🤴🏼Which Jimmy is your favorite?
🎤If you could be a guest on any show, which would you choose?
🎲Which of Fallon’s games would you most like to play?
🌹Do you prefer the network (ABC, CBS, NBC), cable (Comedy Central, AMC, TBS, Bravo!) or premium (HBO) hosts?
⛈Do you have a least favorite host? If so, why do you dislike them?
🍾Congratulations! You’re meeting your favorite host, you have 30 seconds to talk to them. Who is it and what do you say?
🏆Who do you think is the most underrated host? Overrated?
🤹🏼‍♀️Which former host would you bring out of retirement if you could?
🚗Which artist would you most like to see James have a Carpool Karaoke with?
🎭Bill Maher: love or hate?
💎Have you gotten to see any tapings live?
👑Who do you consider the king/queen of late night?
🙅🏼‍♂️Unpopular late night opinion?
😘 Marry, snog, ignore with three hosts of the asker’s choice.
🇺🇸Do you prefer The Colbert Report Stephen or Late Show Stephen?
📺Trevor Noah or Jon Stewart?
🗽Leno vs Letterman, pick a side.
📽Which current TDS corespondent do you think deserves their own show?
💰If you could move one host to HBO to have the freedom that John Oliver has, who would you choose?
⛄️If you could only watch one late night show forever, which would you pick?

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First of all, congrats for your new blog! May I request some hcs for Whirl and Ten? These babies deserve more love! Thank you :)

*screaming in the distance* I … *getting closer* LOVE * suddenly right in your ear* TEN AND WHIRL! Thank you so much for requesting them, you’re right they do deserve lots of love! Whirl is a little hard to write for so shout out to @peachcanwrite for the tips on whirlybird! :) 

Anyway I went a little overboard and wrote more than I was expecting to … hehe so hopefully you don’t mind! 


  • He is a sweet, soft boy and he will do his best to treat his s/o right. Maybe because of not being able to talk, he’s quite observant and pays attention to the little details. He’s easily able to pick up when there’s anything wrong with his s/o, whether they’re upset or feeling sick. He will be right by their side, trying to comfort and help them through it.


  • He doesn’t mind if his s/o talks a lot, in fact he enjoys it because well he loves listening to them. As long as they don’t expect him to engage much it’ll be fine, because they can easily tell he’s absorbing every word from the way his optics light up when he looks at them.


  • But if they’re more on the quiet side or just have some quiet moments, that’s okay too. He’ll gladly do whatever his s/o is in the mood for and just be a rock for them. Never pushes his s/o to socialize more (or be quiet on the other hand) and will gently help get them out of situations where they feel uncomfortable.


  • He’s obviously highly artistic and creative so he’ll be excited if his s/o takes an interest in what he does. Even if they don’t have any skill themselves, that’s okay! The two of them could color in those adult coloring books together and he’d be so damn happy. He will create little trinkets for his s/o all the time, because he really enjoys seeing how much they love what he makes them. Will also proudly show off anything they make him.


  • Going off of that, he will doodle on everything. EVERYTHING. Sometimes when they’re both really bored, his s/o will let him draw cool designs onto their skin. Since the markers tend to take a while to fade, it’s kind of like having temporary tattoos. Not to mention, Ten is good so his s/o feels bad ass, markers or not.


  • He’s super shy so it takes him a while to be able to initiate physical affection with his s/o, they’ll have to take the reins at first. But slowly he becomes more comfortable and at random times will pick them up and nuzzle the top of their head. A lot of slow nights are spent just resting together, his s/o’s touch comforting to him.


  • He’s extremely intelligent despite what everyone thinks and he will adore his s/o if they recognize this and treat him with respect. That’s probably what got him to like them at first. That and their kindness, he will still be astounded at how nice his s/o is to him, even after they’ve been dating a while.


  • If his s/o ever needs help with something, anything at all, he will immediately help them. If he’s working and it’s not serious, he’ll be sad that he has to wait but will let them stay on his shoulder and talk about it to make up for it. Otherwise, he’s right there, doesn’t matter if he has no clue how to help, he’ll try his best or find someone who does.


  • One time they were helping Ten paint a rather large mural by reaching the smaller places so he didn’t have to bend over as much. As they were trying to fill in a detail, they reached too far and slipped off the ladder. Ten caught them with a worried “Ten!” within seconds of them falling and they weren’t hurt too bad. After that, they spent the next 30 minutes cuddled close to his chasis, trying to convince their giant robot bf that they’re fine.

  • “I’m okay Ten really, it was my fault for not paying attention to what I was doing. Don’t be sad, alright? I love you.” *happy rumbles from Ten*


  • He tries to give his s/o compliments because he does think highly of them but he’s always awkward about it and they end up sounding more like insults. One time when he visited his s/o’s room in the morning, they had bed head. He told them that their hair would make a nice nest for a bird and was very confused when they didn’t exactly appreciate that. What? Babe it’s a compliment! I thought you LIKED birds??

  • But on the other hand, he does like making people laugh. Especially enjoys when his s/o laughs because he thinks it’s a good look for them, with their face all scrunched up and their eyes sparkling. So he tries to make them laugh as much as possible and it’s his go-to way to cheer them up.


  • Has a tendency to hog his s/o’s attention but only when he’s in the mood to be around people. He doesn’t like it when others spend too much with his s/o, he wants them to focus on him because their attention means more than anyone else’s. He will work on this but only if his s/o brings it up to him.


  • He gets embarrassed easily, usually when his s/o is being sweet or affectionate with him. His s/o has learned not to do it in front of other bots because if they even look at Whirl wrong, he will take that embarrassment, turn it into rage and start a bar fight.


  • “What are you smirking at? You got something to say about my fleshie giving me a kiss?!” *punches mech through wall*

  • So yeah, he’s also flustered at affection in private but he’s able to show that he enjoys it a little more. He’ll never come out and admit it but he really likes your cuddling sessions. Those moments calm him down and help remind him he has something good to hold on to.


  • He will totally let his s/o ride on his titty guns and prefers them there because there’s less chance of them falling off. But even if they’ve been dating a while, he will hold it over his s/o’s head and tease them whenever he gets the chance. You got a special place on the Titty Gun™ s/o, you OWE HIM EXTRA CUDDLES DAMN IT, PUT DOWN THE PAPER WORK ALREADY!

  • He WILL bring his s/o on crazy adventures and often tries to sneak them out when they go to planets. Sometimes forgets that his s/o is human and there’s a lot of things that while not dangerous for him, are very dangerous for them. So they get scrapped up sometimes but Whirl would never let anything too serious happen to them. He’d actually kill anyone who laid a finger on his s/o.


  • Will also drag his s/o into any pranks or stupid stuff he does on the ship, so they get in trouble a lot. Once again, if there’s stuff Whirl is doing wrong, his s/o has to bring it up because he won’t know otherwise. But they have to be careful how they word it or his s/o won’t see him for a few days.


  • If his s/o can sing, he’ll sit and listen to them quietly. It’s one of the rare times he’s not losing his shit or running around trying to keep his mind busy. If they’re not a great singer, he doesn’t care, both of them will put on heavy metal and head bang & sing wildly to the music together.


High School Band AU: Ch. 10

“Hi there! I thought you wouldn’t come.”

“Me too.” You chuckle nervously.

“Ha! You haven’t changed at all, MC!” he laughs “And that’s good.”

Ugh… this chill going down your spine everytime V smiles. That’s exactly why you didn’t want to come to this get together at his place. Well, not because of him, specifically, it’s just… the last party you’ve been on didn’t end exactly great (it could have been so much worse, but still…), and it’s really weird showing up in a place you don’t know the owner that well. It’s V, he seems cools and all, but what is this feeling? Ah yes, the feeling you don’t belong here.

Because you don’t! Look around! These guys are Tumblr accounts coming to life, these girls must had been born with natural Instagram filters all over their faces. You? Wearing a sequin dress you found in your mom stuff and Zen’s jacket in an attempt of looking cool. Attempt.

If at least Zen was here, or maybe Jaehee and Yoosung, you would have someone to talk, but they didn’t come.

But how did you end here, anyway? Cue to flashback!

You know those horror movie scenes where someone is looking at a mirror and leans down, for some reason, then something appears behind them in the reflection?

There you are brushing your teeth after the break, you leaned down to wash your mouth and when you came back… Rika was smiling at you through the reflection. You obviously yelped.

“Jeez! Calm down, honey… it’s just me…” yeah, exactly.

“Sorry, I was just surprised.” So she scares the sit out of you and you apologize? Ugh… you’re so weak sometimes. Especially next to her.

“Did I make you nervous? I’m sorry.” She pouts, well, she’s apologizing too, even though it doesn’t sound too sincere… “Anyway, how have you been? With the band and all…”

“I’m good.” You nod, trying to find something else to say. “Goody good.” Ugh…

“Well, I’m glad, I thought something was going wrong because Yoosung suddenly stopped talking about you… I thought it was weird, because he couldn’t shut about you, your talent, your coolness, and you know…” you… don’t. But you know Yoosung has been a little aloof, indeed. “So I thought should come to the source directly.”

“Well, the source is dry, everything seems fine to me.”

“You’re getting along with everyone, then?” let’s see… Zen and Jaehee are acting a little weird, Yoosung gets even shyer around you than before, Saeran and Jumin are enigmas (not in the cool mysterious way, just the “stay away before they stab you” way) and there’s Saeyoung… which… made you feel pathetic for wanting to kiss him and them making a whole fuss when he refused.

“I am.”

“Great! I couldn’t go to the show at my friend’s party. I was in a studio session with a famous singer… can’t say his name.” she winks playfully.


“It’s Nick Jonas.”

“Okay.” You prefer Joe, anyway.

“Anyway, I heard the show was great! And it couldn’t be otherwise if you and the guys weren’t getting along, right?” Ugh… why does it feel she can see right through you? “And let me tell you, you must be someone who really makes everybody feel comfortable around you, it takes this ability to be a great vocalist. But I’m sure you know all that.” Shit…

Is there tooth paste in your chin? You forgot how ridiculous you must look right now, well, it’s probably not even close to how ridiculous you feel.

“Oh… I almost forgot why I was looking for you, in the first place…” wasn’t it to see the ‘source’? Source… you’re just a source of endless awkwardness, that’s what you are. “Oh yeah, Jihyn is throwing a little get together at his place on Saturday. You should totally come!”

“Me? Why?”

“Why?” she chuckles “Because you’re part of something he created, we both did, and you’re doing such a great job with that, so… you deserve it.”

“I don’t… I…”

“You don’t deserve it?” you stare at her thought the mirror, her olive eyes look on fire. Ah, this feeling… this anger you get when someone acts like they’re daring you knowing you’ll chicken out…

“See you on Saturday, Rika.” But you know what’s worse? The fact that you’re predictable enough to let yourself be dared.

So here you are, completely dislocated at a party you know no one. Well, not no one, you know V… sort of. And Jumin, yes, he’s here too looking like the bad kind of enigma… there’s Rika too, and you’re such good friends, right?

Oh, and you know the DJ. It’s Saeyoung. And you have been avoiding him ever since that day.


“MC! I’m glad you made it!” and it can get more perfect! Here’s Rika, oh, and Jumin! “You look… sparkly.” Hum…

“Don’t you mean ‘glowing’?” Jumin asks, ugh… he just doesn’t get it!

“Yes, that’s what I meant. Are you having fun, honey?”

“The time of my life.” You drink whatever it’s in your cup. This must be the taste of gasoline burning down your throat. You do your best not to make a disgusted frown.

“Good. I was so worried this wouldn’t be your scene with all these older people from college and all.”

“Yes.” Jumin nods. “The scene here can be quite boring for her.” Both you and her look surprised at him. Did he just… get your back? Ah, don’t forget this is the guy who wanted to punch Zen a few weeks ago, don’t… don’t smile. “For her and for Saeyoung. Did you talk to him, MC?”

“I didn’t. There was no chance.” Another sip into the gasoline. It’s a drinking game with yourself for every time you lie. “Why is he djing here, anyway?”

“Didn’t you know? He gets hired to play at some parties. V always calls for him when he needs. It’s more to help him, if you want to know.”

“Help him?”

“Yes, Saeyoung and Saeran work in several places to provide for their mother. She is sick.” Oh…

“Oh, that’s… that’s sad.”

“Yes. That’s why Saeran misses so many classes. If he doesn’t watch out, he’ll be expelled like Zen did.”

“Zen got expelled?” you raise your tone, attracting some curious eyes.

“From his previous school, yes. His grades were terrible and keeping him could be a problem, so they expelled him.”

“That’s… awful.”

“You didn’t know any of that?” Rika asks curiously.

“I didn’t. “ you’re not lying, yet you drink again. “Excuse me, I… gotta pee.” You could have said that you’re going to the restroom, but who cares? Jumin knows how you are by now. And fuck what Rika thinks. Intentionally or not, she already made you feel embarrassed enough.

And you’re not going to pee, anyway. You just need to walk away a little. It’s painfully uncomfortable here. Uncomfortable… you never let Zen comfortable enough to open up with you about stuff like that. What about Jaehee and Yoosung? Did you make them uncomfortable as well? Rika’s words drum your head, is it really true that a great vocalist should make everybody feel comfortable?

Then, aren’t you a great vocalist?

“V told me that this drink made him wake up behind the fridge once.” You look to the voice coming behind you in the balcony you went to get some air. Saeyoung is leaning against the wall with his hands in his hoodie pockets.

“Can you walk off your booth?”

“Well, there’s this new technology, I don’t know if you’re familiar with, it’s called ‘flash drive’ and…” you throw your cup on him, making him laugh. “Catching some air?”

“Yeah… I shouldn’t have come, so I’m gathering some guts to go away without V noticing me.”

“Why shouldn’t you have come?” he walks towards you and stands next to you in the balcony.

“Because this isn’t my scene.” Not because it’s boring, it’s because you’re lame. “And because of it, I just realized I’m not a good person.”

“Now why would that be?” you look at him, shocked.

“Did you know that Zen got expelled from his previous school?”

“Well, yeah.”

“Well, I didn’t! And I spent that night with him at that bar once!”

“You’re mad at him for not telling you?”

“I’m mad because I never made him feel comfortable to tell me. I… I just made him get up on that stage with me, because that’s what I do. I get dared, and I don’t see anything else around me, because I’m selfish and… childish, and…”

“Dramatic.” He smiles, and you glare at him. “MC, you know Zen for less than a month, you can expect him to open up like this. Zen is an open book and all, but even him must have things he doesn’t want to share for someone new.”

“Okay, I can be a little dramatic, but don’t tell me I’m not selfish and childish, you’re the one who saw for yourself that other day…” you blush, looking away from him.

“That… had nothing to do with you…”

“Then it has to do with who, Saeyoung?”

“Forget it, MC. It’s just… you wouldn’t understand. It’s just… do you know I play drums too, MC?” what tdoes this have to do with everything?

“No, I didn’t. But so what?”

“So what that I know how to play drums, I’m as good as Saeran, matter of fact. Actually, I auditioned for the drums when joining the band, and I made it.”

“So why don’t you play the drums?”

“Because my brother plays drums too, he is so good I just had to show a video I took of him playing and V asked him to join while I could be the roadie/dj. And… I really wanted to include my brother, you know?”


“I want him to be happy, I feel like I owe him, so… I’m always willing to let it go when we want the same… thing.”

“That sounds mature, but it’s pretty sad, Saeyoung.”

“It is.” Both of you nod. “And I hope you understand why I wouldn’t feel comfortable sharing about this, but… the problem is our mother.”

“I know a lot about problematic mothers, don’t worry. No questions asked.” He smiles. “Except for one, why did you change the subject and didn’t answer me with who it has to do?”

He widens his eyes and chuckles.

“Because you shouldn’t be asking me.”

“Who should I be asking, then?”

“You had just one question, remember?” he smiles at your confused face. “Better getting back to my booth. Take care, MC.”

“You too” you scoff when he passes beside you to go back inside.

This conversation wasn’t helpful at all. At least you’re on good terms with Saeyoung, apparently. And you’re pretty confused, but it’s better than the insecurity you were feeling before. And with who this has to do? Saeyoung.

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“top surgery, tattoos, and implants: body mods” OnisionSpeaks video + me getting annoyed by it.

He spends the first few minutes of the video explaining definitions of the word freak.

He brings up the video he made about top surgery. A comment brought up Lainey wanting top surgery. 

“I would be unhappy with this decision if I’m going to bluntly honest as usual. I prefer a person with breasts who doesn’t have scar tissue all over their chest. And I know this is hard for some of you to receive, I know it’s really hard for you, but some people have these views, and if I’m going to be put down for having the views that I have, then so be it, at least you know them opposed to a lot of other people you may watch who do not tell you their true feelings” 

So cuckymcfucky over here just admitted that he prefers a partner with breasts, which would be perfectly fine if he would shut up about his honesty. Also, what’s wrong with scar tissue? 

“Now if my spouse never had breasts in the first place, then I would also be fine with that because there was no surgery, so there’s no scar tissue. Let me describe too much information, let me describe something for you guys. When I see pornography that shows scars underneath someone’s breasts, I immediately turn it off. I am just so not attracted to fake breasts, it’s unbearable, and you know, people wanna get breast alterations, that’s their own personal decision until they start encouraging other people to get the same procedure, If they get the same procedure, as someone that you watch on youtube, or something like that, that is partially on the person that you watch, no doubt for either subconsciously or consciously influencing you, acting like it’s a good thing”

Greggo decides to throw in the fact that he watches porn and tells his young teen audience what turns him off. He then says that people seeing YouTubers with breast implants and wanting breast implants because of it makes the youtuber a bad person, has greggo ever considered that while yes, people may be influenced by a youtube star or whatever, that it’s not always the youtubers fault? 

“This is a first world country that most of us are living in. So this is a first world problem. In many countries, people have much more important things to worry about than the size of their breasts”

Yeah, Greg what’s your point? 

“So I think we should stop acting like we’re all enormous victims of a where I express my opinion, and just deal with it as it is, it’s an opinion, and it’s an opinion that I’m allowed to express, it’s an honest opinion you get straight from the core of my consciousness and it wasn’t put through filters, this is who I am. I am not attracted to people with fake breasts, I do not find scars attractive. I’m not turned on by people who, when their breasts bounce they look abnormal. It just doesn’t work for me”

Alright then don’t watch the porn or whatever that has fake breasts. 

“So, back to the transgender issue, if somebody looked like a boy or looked like a girl, and they did not have any physical alterations, then that’s fine, My spouse could have male genitalia, so as long as it was natural, I’d be fine with that. But my issue is when you take something that’s unbroken, something that’s in perfect condition, and you needlessly alter it. Now, if you have breasts that are too large, ones that weigh you down, ones that will hurt your back, that is clearly a disability, an abnormality, one that you need to correct. If you have breasts that are super small, that’s not an abnormality, that doesn’t make your health worse or anything like that, why would you  intentionally make your health worse by having someone cut on you?”

Greg, some people have self-confidence issues. I know it’s hard to understand in that little self-righteous bubble of yours, but it’s possible. 

“I hope you guys are understanding my point, it has nothing to do with trans girls looking like girls or trans boys looking like boys, it has everything to do with whether or not you needlessly go under the scalpel. So what I’m saying is, no I don’t support cutting up genitalia that’s perfectly fine, if you wanna do it, that’s your choice I can’t stop you, but I won’t say “Yeah you should get that done” because we’re human beings, we’re flawed, your genitalia will likely never look how it perfectly would look if you were born that way. So if you wanna identify as a boy, then identify as a boy, but again, I don’t see the logic in cutting on yourself just because you have an identity”

Excuse me asshole, but gender dysphoria is a thing. These surgeries are some of the ways people help themselves with it. That’s the logic. Not hard to figure out. 

“I just don’t understand it. Because surgery, a lot of times, comes with side effects”.

Yeah, no shit Sherlock.

“It’s not like someone can just wave a wand and you’re magically the other thing. If it were like that, I would support it, because then there would be no scars, you wouldn’t look like something, like a science project, and I know that offends people, but I can’t stop saying true things as I see them”

You could shut the hell up for once but that obviously won’t be happening anytime soon. 

“That’s why I’m dying, probably. That’s why my channels are suffering so much, probably because I literally do not filter things”

Alright, greggo let’s get something out of the way: Your followers are slowly losing interest and growing out of you. You have not made any effort to put out new, better content. You, my dear boy, are becoming irrelevant. 

“I like saying things the way I see them, So, science project, yes I said that. If you have someone who’s amazing, who would leave no scars, who would have no health risk, who would generally do a wonderful job on you, wouldn’t leave any foreign objects in you, you would still be one hundred percent yourself etcetera, maybe, maybe that makes sense. But the problem is there are so many consequences long-term and the influences that got you to alter your body in the first place probably weren’t healthy” 

That’s a lot of rambling for one man.

“If I see someone, who looks like a male, that has breasts, I’m going to call them a male if they wanna be called a that. If I see someone who looks like a female but has no breasts and has a bulge in their crotch, I’m going to call them whatever they wanna be called. They deserve to identify as that”t. 

There’s transphobia in that sentence, I can feel it. 

The rest of this video is him saying he doesn’t know what body dysmorphia is like and saying he’s respectful enough to tell his viewers how he feels instead of bullshitting them and 

“There are things in this world that are more important than money”

Alright Greggo, then go delete your patreon account. 

I didn’t bother watching that last bit of the video because I knew it would just be more bullshit.

This whole video is basically a jab at Jaclyn Glenn and a little transphobia here and there

Are you okay? (Peter Parker x Reader) (Part II)

Part I

summary: while walking home alone one night, you find you’re being followed by a group of men. a certain masked hero swoops in to save the day before it’s too late.

warnings: none

words: 1.9k

pairings: peter parker x reader

a/n: thank you so much for reading this! i am so happy people enjoyed part 1 and i hope part 2 delivers :)

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Harry-- Pillow Stains

“I’m so tired,” I whined as Harry pushed open the front door.  His suit was disheveled, partially unbuttoned and wrinkled from a full night of award show festivities.  My heels were in one of my hands as I held the hem from my far too expensive dress up off the ground.  Not for the first time that night I wished I was edgy enough to have just shown up barefoot, period.  “Whoever invented traffic can go straight to Hell.  Right along with whoever decided women should wear heels.”

Harry chuckled as he made his way towards the kitchen.  He was long accustomed to my grumpiness following award events.  I didn’t like using my show face for that long, especially when I was wearing uncomfortable clothes.  It was exhausting having to match Harry’s level of fashion forwardness.  “Would you like some tea?” he questioned over his shoulder.

I wrinkled my nose as I suppressed a yawn.  “That’ll only wake me up and it’s already stupid early in the morning.  I’ve got to get up to go get the girl-child from your mom by ten tomorrow.  It won’t do for me to kill us both in a crash caused by my semi-comatose state.”

“I think there’s still some coffee cake in here,” he said nonchalantly as he ignored my prattling.

I froze, watching him warily before sighing.  “You’re a bad influence.  My mother was right about you and your bad boy rockstar ways.”

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Dear Anonymous Shitheads,

I’ve… since the beginning of posting stories on FFNet, always instantly deleted anonymous bullshit - mind you, not the sweet ones or the neutral ones or the honestly critical ones, just the flames. Because I felt like it’d give them some sense of, you know, victory if they saw their bullshit popping up in my review section? Just delete and forget.

Because let’s be frank, I don’t give a fuck about your sensitivities and complaints.

I’ve never given a fuck and I’m not gonna start any time soon. I’m too old for this shit. But hey, tumblr sounds like the fun place where I can publically answer the anonympous bullshit I get.

And today’s ediction centers around my newest Jagnus fic - A Magnificent Warlock’s little Shadowhunter.

This ship is disgusting! It makes me so happy they are never ever going to be together! Malec for life!

I find this one in particular adorable. Daw, you got your OTP as canon. Good for you, little troll. Go and rewatch the show or reread the books then and stay away from fanfiction, how about that?

Like, you find it disgusting? Sure. You have a right to find it disgusting. You also have a right to use your brain, if existent, and learn how to filter the stories popping up in your feed. The internet is a wondrous place and you don’t have to actually put up with the things you hate. You can really very simply avoid them. If you don’t know how to to that, well, learn it.

And let me just add; I don’t need my OTPs to be canon. I prefer them not to be, actually. Because rarely do writers get couples done good. Malec in season 2 was a disastrous example of that. There was just so much bad writing involved there. No, I prefer it as non-canon, I prefer to write and read fanfiction about it.

And the second one I got - and I’m guessing it’s from the same eloquent genius:

It’s bad enough you write jagnus for the show now you have to ruin the books as well!

Aw, that’s so cute. I’m ruining the books? I didn’t even know I was going to write the next sequel book and turn it into canon Malace. *gasps* Because, quite frankly, the only way I could ruin the books was if I were to actually write the next book and force my awful, disgusting ships down your throat by making you read them in the context of them being canon. But sure, if unrelated fan-produced things on the internet ruin a book series for you, yeah. And you - again, still - have the option to filter work and not read things that “ruin” your fandom.

It’s been a while since I last got bullshit like that. I felt that maybe the shithead has given up. Apparently, me posing under the book tag woke the sleeping troll. Daw, I hope it goes back to sleep soon.

Back in the day, when I was still a hatchling writer, I used to take things like those to heart. Now they’re my greatest source of entertainment. I just find the notion that people are not just too stupid to filter work but also fail so miserably hard at not clicking things they don’t want and theeen having a large enough ego to actually leave bullshit reviews about what pouty, whiny, bitchy, entitled littl ebrats they are… I find it utterly amusing, to be honest.

I mean. There’s literally nothing about antis, trolls or haters that can be taken seriously.

And… what they don’t seem to understand is that their bullshit fuels me? Back when I started writing for the Shadowhunters fandom, I got a lot of this crap for my Malace stories, particularly for the Jalec aspect of them. Though it did baffle me that some of them managed to praise the sweet Malec moments and then shit all over how I had to ruin the fic by adding Jace to disguise my Jalec shit as Malace? For one, Jalec ain’t shit, it’s a precious OTP of mine, and for another… you literally just praised the Malec moments? How is that disguising Jalec as Malace then?

That lead to my phase of posting two to three Malace fics a week (and to me being motivated to write my first purely Jalec fic). Because if you’re too stupid to filter fanfiction and if you’re so horribly offended by my awful, disgusting pairing and if you’re that incapable of ignoring things that are not your taste, then I will flood your fucking inbox with my godsawful disgusting work until you drown in it.

I’m already working on my next Jagnus story. And I can’t wait to keep reading the book so I can write and post the next book-related Jagnus story.

Just to spite you, dear anonymous shithead. Because I’m a petty, vindictive and very protective little bitch when it comes to my fandoms, my ships and the things I love.

I do not tolerate for others to shit all over them. I wouldn’t seek out the things I hate just to shit all over them either, because I know the people writing them put a lot of love into it and love the things I hate, for whatever reason. You have every right to hate everything you hate for the dumbest bullshit reasons there are, but what gives you the right to drag others who love it down?

So if you can’t muster the same amount of common respect and human decency, then I want to see you drown in the pairings you hate. Because, as mentioned above, I’m a petty little bitch. And I’m all out of fucks to give. I stopped being self-conscious about my writing or my pairing choices years ago - if I ship it, I write it and if you don’t ship it, then you shouldn’t read it.

That’s always been how I handled the haters and that will always be how I will handle haters. If you take the time to tell me how awful I am and how much you hate what I do, I will make sure to take the time to write more awful things just to spite you.

Uhm, not that my readers now feel motivated to leave hate just to make me write more? Because I do appreciate the sweet things you guys leave faaar more than the anonymous bullshit.

So, I’m not sure what the point of this was. Not to reach the anonymopus shithead, of course, because I know from experience that you can’t reason with trolls. But maybe to share with others who sail my precious ships that you should never let the haters get to you and that, if you just keep writing and holding your head high, they eventually give up? That you should never be the one giving up? That if others make you feel shitty in your safe place - your fandom - then you gotta fight back with whatever methods you have, even if they’re just writing or drawing or fangirling/fanboying even harder just to show them that they hold no power over you and that you know that your pairing is good and amazing and shipable?

Also an overall shout-out to all Malace, Jalec and Jagnus writers for writing my OTPs and not letting idiots get to them either.

King Arthur: Legend of the Sword ideas?

Okay soooooooooo I’m really really in the mood to write King Arthur Drabbles/Imagines (whatever my little heart decides lol)

What I’m asking is that you give me a sentence, preferably angsty or fluffy, I’m not good at the smutty smut so please do not send me those! I will write the first 10 that show up in my inbox and maybe a few after if I’m feeling up to it.

I really hope this works lol I’ll start writing them as soon as I get home from work in an hour!! 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼

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Super Long Kylux Rec List #1 (Completed Works)

A large number of my favorite gleanings from the ever-amazing gift that is the Kylux fandom.  

Most are rated E, although there are some Ms and Ts.  I like long fics…5k is like a nice prologue to me, so these tend toward the lengthier side - but there are some shorter works as well.  I don’t always know which authors are on Tumblr or what name they use here.  If I’ve missed tagging one correctly, please let me know.

WIP Rec list coming next.

My preferred tropes…let me show you them.

They Team Up to Defeat Snoke and/or Rule The Galaxy (or Parts of It)

The House of Paper Bones   by @ofcorsetstrash
Not Rated - 58k
The author has taken the familiar elements of the story that leads up to TFA and thrown them into a Cuisinart, re-assembling them in all sorts of novel and interesting ways.  Part of the enjoyment of reading this is figuring out who is who.

Run Once More by leoandlancer
E - 70,900
Just post-TFA, bitter survivors of the Republic kidnap Hux with the intent to torture and execute him.  Snoke don’t care.  BAMF Ren saves the day.  That’s just the first 2 chapters.

Order in Chaos by @ezlebe
E - 86k
Force-Sensitive!Hux gets matched up as a young man with the volatile Kylo Ren, to aid him in maintaining control of his emotions.  

It All Goes to Hell (They Maybe Defeat Snoke But Rule Nothing) - Some Have MCD

In Our Bedroom After The War by @claricechiarasorcha
M - 8,600
The end of Hux and of Ben Solo’s sanity.  

The Cursed Prince and the Pauper/Soldier Boy by @5ovspades
G - 2,700
An AU told in fairly tale form.  Not a happy ending.  

Legacy (3 part series) by @kat2107
E, E, Not Rated - 46,700
A little something for everyone - S&M, Brendol Hux Sr’s A++ Parenting, Pre and Post-TFA, kids.  There are surprisingly few fics that give Hux a wife (he doesn’t have one here either) or children.  Meet his son, and later, Kylo’s daughter.  Not quite fluffy Space Dads; but there’s hope.  They defect to the Resistance.

Aware of His Own Halo by @badspacebabies
E - 33,400
Defeated Hux slinks off to lick his wounds in the ass-end of the galaxy on a two year drunk.  Ren shows up to (in the author’s words) “just fuck all the shame out of him”.  Ending is open - they may go on to galactic conquest, who knows?

Before TFA, When They Were Young(er)

The Slightest Shift in the Weather by @claricechiarasorcha
E - 21,500
My gateway drug into the Kylux fandom.  Maj. Hux the sniper and Kylo, Knight of Ren meet when they are paired together a mission.  This author really excels at the small observations and insights that really bring the characters to life.  There’s a follow-up story that’s currently a WIP.

You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger by @hollyhark
E - 36,100
Maybe not the exact right category for this, but…tragic Hux backstory, mind/memory alteration, so so many feels.  

Origin Stories by @hollyhark
E - 31,200
“Nineteen-year-old Hux goes on a tour of his father’s stormtrooper training facility and meets a strange, hooded financier and his equally strange but far more intriguing apprentice.”  One of those fics where you just want to grab them and say “Pay attention and get out now while you can!!”

Just Chillin’ on The Finalizer (usually pre-TFA)

This is kind of a catch-all category.  Some of these stories have multiple tropes going on and so I stuck them here ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Ties by Ajaxthegreat
E - 30k
We get to see ResourcefulEngineer!Hux at work with CrazyPowerfulForceUser!Ren on a planetary mission gone wrong, plus dreams of sexy mud (really) and my fave ‘sparring leads to sex’ action.  Pretty ‘Classic Kylux’ that leads to a hint of feels, too.

Be a Body by @cracktheglasses
E - 5,100
Hux just wants down and dirty bathroom sex while high on drugs.  He gets it.

What Can I Do For You by @claricechiarasorcha
E - 44,400
Jealous virgin Ren does not like it when he discovers the ‘friends with benefits’ arrangement Hux has in place.  This author has a number of short(ish) works, all of which I wholeheartedly recommend.  

At the Beginning of the World by @huxcrying
E - 10,100
“Porn With Feelings’ in here.  Also Virgin!Kylo.

Build a War With Your Assistance by grue, @whoresonbob
M - 10k
Post-TFA, they give each other gifts to express their…feelings?  Extremely funny.  Author description “General Hux is full-stop done with everyone/everything and Kylo Ren has the emotional maturity of a psychotic toddler.”.  The follow-up story is a murder mystery containing one of the funniest ideas I’ve encountered in this fandom.  Or maybe my perverse sense of humor just aligns well with the author’s.

I’m a Doctor Today, I’m Curing Viewers by the Thousands by grue, @whoresonbob
M - 5,400
A post-TFA absurdist screwball comedy with gross medical trauma and altered states of consciousness?  SIGN ME UP!   Part 2, Don’t Speak (I Came to Bang) includes tags for ‘nonchalant gore’ and ‘Snoke’s euphemisms for Masturbation’.

The Taste of Copper on Your Tongue by @that-vicious-vixen
E - 7,900
Three connected fics, all are good (don’t miss the last, Yours, B. Hux, a snarky exchange of letters between Hux and Leia).  The story arc: “Kylo Ren confesses his love like he does all things - with a straight face and loads of unnecessary circumstance, as if everything he is, was, and ever will be hinges on one moment”…”General Hux confesses his love just as he does everything else; with efficiency and few words, more “show” than “tell.”  In-between, you get power bottom Hux.

Sex Ed by DaveChicken, @sithofren
E - 2k - NOTE - this is Kyluxma
Hux’s sex techniques need improvement.  Why tell when you can show, with the Force?

Give Me a Shot to Remember by @decotext
Not Rated - 10,700
“You’re starting to suspect that this has all been the world’s longest joke, a lead-up to a great cosmic punchline. A morally ambiguous Sith Lord and sarcastic General walk into a bar…”
Funny and original writing style.  This is part 1 of 2, plus a stand-alone OC story (yes!  it’s good!).

One or Both are Unaware of the Other’s Identity, Allowing for Feels to Develop

Please Write Back by @acroamatica
T - 5,600
Hux gives good advice in his syndicated column (not an AU).

Check the ‘Porn Ships It’ category for a few more like this.

Fake Dating, Bed Sharing, Roommates, and We Just Work Together (Mostly Modern AUs)

Something About Volcanoes by betts, @bettydays
M - 28k
Office equipment sales coworkers Ben and Hux attend Rey’s Hawaiian wedding.

Downbeat by @acroamatica
E - 17,300
Hux the High-Strung Conductor vs Kylo the Intense Piano Virtuoso.  Snoke the shit-stirrer.  Bonus links to gorgeous music.

Stet by @acroamatica
M - 17,000
Hux the pissy editor vs Kylo the writer with writer’s block.  This author has an elegant, sophisticated - almost effortless (seeming) style.

Chaos, Control, and Corgis by RockSaltAndRoll and Shortsighted_Owl
E - 90k
Someone on the spectrum + someone else with BPD mixed with a lot of nosy & involved neighbors = a big payoff when they finally get there.

Parchment and Vellum by @gefionne
E - 32,300
If you like the idea of sexy librarians (who don’t know they’re sexy), here you go.  You also get Kylo the Weapons of the Middle Ages grad student.

From the Landscape: A Sense of Scale by @brawlite
M - 18,900
Not quite roommates, but an intense boarding school friendship that ends abruptly.  They get a second chance years later.  Poetic and beautiful.

The Secret Heart by @slutstiels
E - 48,300
Hux is a closeted actor, Ben an intense one; they’re cast together in career-making roles, but can’t stand working with each other.  Very hot sex, angst, anxiety spirals, etc, ensue.

Porn Ships It

Starfucker Base by @eralkfang and @nightsofllyn
E - 12k
Is Ren’s preferred redheaded twink porn actually made for him as part of a plot by the loathsome Resistance?  Hux can’t have that.  Super hot and also extremely funny.  

Wrong Number by @cosleia
E - 8,500
Lonely Hux misdials a phone sex line and gets Kylo instead.  Modern AU. Sweet & hot.

Cinema Verite by @huxcrying
E - 27,600
Hux finds a beautiful webcam boy and they become close.  He’s never seen Kylo Ren’s face so he has no idea they are one and the same.  Very hot and also FEELS.

Casadega by deadonarrival, @dead-on-arrivals
E - 40,800
Grad student Ben is an escort.  Post-divorce Hux just wants some relief.  Super hot plus feels.

Hotline Bling by @minzimpression
E - 36,900
Hux just needs some wank material and texts his most recent hook-up for a dick pic.  Wrong number!  What he gets instead is a picture of Kylo Ren’s mad dick.  You know this ends up with them getting married, right?

(Somewhat) Hard Kinks and/or ‘Classic’ Kylux Hatesex/Enemies that Leads to Something More Fluffy and Feels-y

Honeycomb by betts, @bettydays
E - 48k
Three tags tell the story: “Hurting Ben Solo for Fun and Pleasure”, “the author had to duct tape the mouth of her conscience shut to write this”, and “there’s no room for guilt when you open your heart to sin”.  10 kinds of wrong but so right.

This is Very Normal by zamwessell
E - 3,400
Not a hard kink, really - but not your usual roleplay/cosplay, either.

Not About Angels by MellyTheHun
E - 258,900 (This is a 4 part series, part 4 a WIP)
There are many tragic Hux backstories; this is pretty much the most tragic.  You also get sexy sparring, lots of Phasma The Awesome Friend, and a fantastic slow burn.  Also has something I really enjoy, where you get everything from two different POVs - the second one after you’ve spent a lot of time with the first and have largely accepted that one’s interpretation of events.

In a Place Where No One Appeared by @gefionne
E - 119,500
Immediately post-TFA, Snoke orders Hux to take Ren to Arkanis for recuperation.  We get tragic Hux backstory and a great slow burn.

Ex Machina by sual
E - 32,700
If there were more of this kind of fic, I’d make ‘Ben Solo Master of Droids’ a trope category b/c what can I say, I like droids and this author provides plenty of “cruel and unusual uses for droids”.   AU where Ben sees his future as Kylo Ren and rejects it - but is still an odd bird.  Surprisingly touching.

Anyone But You by zamwessell
E - 14,900
College AU.  Conservative & closeted Senator’s son Hux hooks up with liberal artist Ben.  LOTS of loud sexual encounters follow.  So much sexier than James Carville & Mary Matalin.  

And There Will Your Heart Be Also by jellyfishsodapop and oorsprong / @gentleman-caller
E - 38k
Kylo Ren is a considerate lover like a boss to blushing virgin Hux.  WHO KNEW.

Aletheia by @badspacebabies and @reserve
E - 40,200
Kylo is not a nice man.  Poor Hux’s brain, having so many memories altered.  NO KYLO!

Arranged Marriage, Fake/“Temporary” Marriage, and Other Forms of Forced Relationship

Husband by @eralkfang
E - 1,700
“Hux and Kylo get smashed when they’re on a random planet, and end up getting married - and having the wedding night to go with it. They wake up the next day, are suitably horrified, and vow to get an annulment asap.  Except they don’t. And they keep having sex. And one night, Hux calls him husband and Kylo comes right there and then.”

In This Life and All Others by @fakeandinspace
E - 47,600
An in-canon-verse AU where things went a different way post-Empire.  “The firstborn child of the Organa family and the firstborn child of a prominent military family, the Huxes, have been promised to each other since before birth, as a means of sealing a peaceful arrangement between the mercenary remains of the Empire’s military and a prominent ruling family of the galaxy” - One party DOES NOT WANT.  At least, at first.  Sweet and patient study of these 2 idiots getting to know each other.

Raise Your Hands With Burning Candles by @everknowing
M - 22k
12 year old Ben Organa is kidnapped by the First Order; his public image is managed by them, including in time a fake relationship with rising star Hux.  The story is told via an effective and clever multimedia approach - blog posts, texts, chat logs.

A Balanced Tribute by @cracktheglasses
E - 5k
Medieval AU; Rey weds Emperor Hux for the good of her land.  It’s a bit crowded in this marriage, though.  I could read 100k more of this tbh.

Ghosts, Witches, Monsters, Eldritch Horrors, Etc.

Honey, It Will Come Back by Flyting, @agoodflyting
T - 4,300
Pet Sematary on The Finalizer.  Very creepy.

Ghosts by Flyting, @agoodflyting
G - 1,800
As the author notes, ‘Obvious Plot Twist is Obvious’ - but wrenching nonetheless.

The Hanged Man by @that-vicious-vixen
E - 13,300
The Hux children meet a monster of a man who seems to have emerged from the forest behind their Savannah, GA home.  The eldest son gets involved despite his better judgement.  One tag: “I’m not super great at keeping things dark so it’s somehow violent and fluffy?”

List #2 
List #3 
List #4
List #5
List #6

Star Wars Preferences: Modern AU They Text the Wrong Person Part 2

Part 1:

(Just meant to be a fun AU. Y/N means your name. I am so glad you all liked the first part so much!! Also if words are striked out it meant they thought about it sending it but didn’t.)


Obi-Wan - Dear Y/N, I have been thinking about you all day and can’t wait to see you tonight.

Anakin - So you are breaking the rules as well Master? I knew it! Stop giving me such a hard time.

Obi-Wan - Why do I even bother texting.


Anakin - I’m going to have a lot of fun with you tonight. ;)

Windu - You are going to what now?

Anakin - I meant like at practice, obviously.


Padme - Y/n I just wanted to let you know I am so glad to have you in my life.

Jar Jar - Meesa very glad you found someone too.

Padme - Jar Jar when did you even get a phone ??


Qui-Gon - You looked gorgeous today. I wanted to let you know.

Darth Maul - I already know that.

Qui-Gon -  I’m sure you looked fine but this was actually meant for Y/N.

Darth Maul:

Darth Maul - I noticed you couldn’t help but look at me while I was training.

Obi-Wan - I thought I killed you.

Darth Maul - I hate you.


Luke - Y/N it was fun flying with you today. <3

Leia - Is this why you weren’t at my meeting? 

Luke - I don’t know what you mean. I was there … just in the back.


Han - What to come make out in the cockpit?

Chewbacca - * Angry Wookie Noise *

Han - Fine. We’ll wait till you take a nap or something.


Leia - I love you, I just wanted you to know that.

Sidious - Your mother was after me and now you are too. ;)

Leia - Ewwww. What are you talking about?? I’m going to be sick.


Boba - I’m going to try and come home early tonight to see you.

Vader - Not until you track down my son like I commanded you.

Boba - Maybe if you had been a better father. Yes Sir.


Finn - Y/N, do you want to maybe meet up tonight?

Rey - Is that really the way you are going to ask Y/N out?

Finn - Help me I don’t know what I am doing!!


Poe - I’m still picking you up at 7 right?

 Luke - How did you find me?

Poe - Sorry I didn’t mean to send that to you. Wait who is this?


Rey - Y/N meet me in the Falcon in ten minutes.

Han - Why would you need to meet in the Falcon?

Rey - To make out. I was showing them how to fix stuff.


Kylo - You couldn’t see it through my helmet but I couldn’t stop staring at you all day.

Han - That’s the kind of stuff you shouldn’t say to people. You don’t want to scare them off.

Kylo - Let me live my life dad.


Hux - Are you still on for our meeting on Takodana? Can’t wait to see you.

Poe - * Doesn’t respond but instead showed the information to the General. *

Hux - Who did I just send that too?

Captain Phasma:

Phasma - I enjoyed spending time with you Y/N.

FN-2187 - Awwww. You two are so cute together.

Phasma - Get back to work.

The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement Sentence Meme
  • “I know I studied diplomacy and political science at school but there is no course for in Queen or How to Rule A Country.”
  • “I’m going to live in a beautiful palace like in a fairy tale.”
  • “The one downer in my fairy tale is I’ve never been in love.”
  • “Maybe I’ll meet Prince Charming tonight.”
  • “A queen is never late. Everyone else is simply early.”
  • “The fault was entirely my own. I apologize.”
  • “Woodland animals are a lovely thing to be compared too.”
  • “I’m very glad to see that my clumsiness hasn’t affected your dancing.”
  • “If this were my party, we’d be kissing by now.”
  • “You don’t curtsy like that.”
  • “Shut up doesn’t always mean shut up.”
  • “Law states that a princess must marry before she can take the throne.”
  • “A man doesn’t have to marry to be king.”
  • “Not all of us are sure that the princess is the most suitable choice to govern our great nation.”
  • “An arranged marriage is my only choice.”
  • “I dream of love, not fondness.”
  • “You don’t have to do this. You don’t have to become queen.”
  • “I’m sure I want my chance to make a difference as a ruler.”
  • “I would gladly take a bullet for you.”
  • “If there’s any mischief going on, I’d prefer it to be right under my nose.”
  • “Whoever he is, we will be charm itself.”
  • “Nepotism belongs in the arts.”
  • “He’s not eligible because he’s in line for his own crown.”
  • “His boyfriend thinks he’s handsome also.”
  • “Must be rather hard to get to know each other this way.”
  • “Let them bond.”
  • “A royal proposal has been made.”
  • “Your task is to romance her. Show her what a real relationship could be, a relationship filled with heat and passion.”
  • “His last words to me were help him, one day he could be king.”
  • “Power, my boy, means never having to say you’re sorry.”
  • “I just had a momentary lapse of good manners.”
  • “The point is that I’m onto you. Oh boy, am I onto what you are trying to do.”
  • “Does she have the makings of a queen?”
  • “In less than a month, you will no longer be queen and I will no longer be your head of security.”
  • “I think it’s time we bring our friendship out of the shadows.”
  • “Even if you can’t help, you have to show the people you care.”
  • “I can’t ride side saddle.”
  • “You’re very observant, a regular David Attenborough.”
  • “You shouldn’t hide. It only makes them gossip more.”
  • “You never think about anyone but yourself.”
  • “Just this once, can you please let me be miserable and not make me feel worse about myself?”
  • “My job is to protect the crown, to make sure no harm comes to the crown.”
  • “If you hurt my girl, you will answer directly to me.”
  • “I happen to feel that she’ll make a great ruler.”
  • “How can one rule the people if they do not know the people?”
  • “Why not brag? You’re an amazing woman.”
  • “You two make sure a lovely couple.”
  • “It’s a shame you’re not attracted to him.”
  • “What is wrong with you? You can’t just go around kissing people!”
  • “What’s confusing about a kiss?”
  • “I have an idea, I have a brilliant idea. Why don’t you go underwater and I’ll count to a million?”
  • “Hiding in a closet with a man who is not your betrothed?”
  • “People look up to us and we’re held to higher standards of behavior.”
  • “Would you like to be a princess today?”
  • “I declare that anyone can be a princess today.”
  • “We could always use more princes in the world.”
  • “To be a princess, you have to believe that you are a princess.”
  • “I feel guilty having two homes while they have none.”
  • “The queen approves of the plan and I intend to see it through.”
  • “Are you crashing my bridal shower?”
  • “It’s time for mattress surfing!”
  • “Maybe it wouldn’t be so bad if she ran the country.”
  • “I can’t believe that I am hearing this. You want her to rule?”
  • “You’ve fallen in love with her.”
  • “I put in the effort to make you a king, not to have you marry a queen.”
  • “I just want us to stop trying to sabotage her.”
  • “Go to her, congratulate her, and tell her that we surrender.”
  • “Should I shoo him? Should I shoo him? Just tell me who I should shoo and I’ll shoo.”
  • “He’s not the one she’s marrying, is he?”
  • “You were never just my queen. You were the someone that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with.”
  • “Just look out your window. Prince Charming is throwing pebbles.”
  • “Do something impulsive for once in your life.”
  • “Tell me your greatest desires.”
  • “Anyone can see your desires, no one knows what’s in your heart.”
  • “I got played.”
  • “The queen would not approve of spying.”
  • “You chose me and I accepted. A gentlemen never bows out on his word.”
  • “I’m getting married today.”
  • “Being married is about being yourself, only with someone else.”
  • “A very cute moose. Make all the boy moose go wah!”
  • “I think it would be better if I didn’t go to the wedding.”
  • “This is a disaster in the making. Wouldn’t miss a moment of it.”
  • “He was much too delighted that you aren’t going to that wedding.”
  • “I’m a girl who loves black and is wearing pink.”
  • “I just wanted to say before I do this, I’m sorry you’re retiring.”
  • “The heart does things for reasons that reason cannot understand.”
  • “I made my choice, duty to my country over love.”
  • “I want you to make your choices as a woman.”
  • “Don’t make the same mistakes I did. Make your own mistakes.”
  • “Whatever choice you make, let it come from your heart.”
  • “Everyone deserves the chance to find true love, right?”
  • “Thank you for saving me from doing the proper thing for once in my life.”
  • “A few moments ago, I realized the only reason I was getting married was because of a law and that didn’t seem like a good enough reason.”
  • “I believe I will be a great queen.”
  • “I stand here, ready to take my place as your queen, without a husband.”
  • “The law clearly states an unmarried woman cannot be queen.”
  • “I cannot have you giving all this up just for a girl.”
  • “I move to abolish the marriage law.”
  • “it’s time we had a new tradition. I like change.”
  • “If I may say so myself, you rule!”
  • “Just because I didn’t get my fairy tale ending, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t.”
  • “Am I too late to ask you to accept my hand in marriage?”
  • “I’m in love with the queen to be and I’m inquiring if she loves me too.”
  • “Will you, in your power, cause law and justice and mercy to be executed in all judgements?”
Appliance Delivery

so this was requested by @ihaveabadreputation ​ because she really likes appliance shawn

You were scrolling through Instagram when the doorbell rang, scaring you. “I got it!” Shawn called, walking down the bare hall and opening the front door.

“Hi, I’m here to deliver the washer and everything, if you wanna show me where they’re gonna be before we get ‘em off of the truck.” A man in a navy blue shirt smiled, holding a clipboard.

“Yeah, yeah,” Shawn nodded, walking down the hall and showing him where the laundry room was. The man nodded before measuring the width of the doorway, to make sure the washer and dryer would fit. In the short span since you and Shawn had decided on the appliances, the roof to the house had been finished, and the house was nearly done. All that was left was to be furnished and painted.

You walked over and stood next to Shawn, looping your arms around his waist. “Hey, darling.” He smiled, turning his head to the side. “Are you excited to finally have a washer and dryer?” He asked.

You laughed, watching as two men hauled the washer into the house. “Yeah, we don’t have to hand wash everything.” You joked, replying to a text from a friend. “Um,” You looked at Shawn. “Hope you’re ready to learn how to set everything up and use the washer.”

“I was born ready.” He laughed, eyes darting down the hall when he heard a crash. “What was that?” He asked, walking down the hall.

One of the delivery men was laughing, the other one had a red face. “The- you guys wanted both doors to open the same way, right?” The laughing man asked, and you nodded. “Well, dumbass over here, he didn’t let me finish tightening the bolts to the door before he tried to load the dryer on top,” The man nodded to the dryer sitting next to washer at the moment. “And the door almost fell off.” He pointed to the dryer’s open door. “Nothing’s damaged, don’t worry. But it was just funny.”

You didn’t seem impressed, but Shawn held back a laugh, and he sighed. “Just don’t break anything.” He joked, and you two waited until they stacked the dryer on top of the washer.

After the two delivery men showed you and Shawn how the washer and dryer connected to the wall and turned them on to make sure they started, they left. You held the instruction manuals to the washer and dryer, and looked at your boyfriend. “Let’s learn how to do some laundry.” You spoke, opening one of the manuals.

a/n: let me know if appliance shawn is a thing u guys like, because i have some ideas planned tbh. edit: i tried to post this 3 times it wouldn’t schedule it properly i hate my life

Convo with my mom about Bigbang

Convo with my Mexican mother about Bigbang while giving me a haircut.

Mom: So you know Taeyang (she pronounces it as Tea-yang lmao) is having a solo tour? But his shows are sold out except one in September.

Me: Yeah, I know. Why? You wanted to see him? 😂

Mom: what? No >.> Why would I wanna go see him for? Anyway, you know G-Dragon had one too but people said his tickets were really expensive?

Me: Yeah????? But to be completely honest, I wasn’t really interested at the time. And even now I’m also not as interested. (about Taeyang’s solo tour)

Mom: What you don’t like Taeyang? (Tea yang 😂)

Me: Yeah of course I do. But it doesn’t upset me if I don’t go.

Mom: Oh, I see. Cause you prefer them together, right? (As in ot5)

Me: Yes! Together or nothing.

Mom: How about if it were Panda? (she calls Seungri panda 😂)

Me: -nervous laugh- ….
But, doubt it would ever happen.
No one has faith in my precious husband u.u

Mom: Who doesn’t? What does that mean?

Me: The company and also some fans. He isn’t the most popular in the group in Korea, let alone internationally. u_u It’s a tragedy.

Mom: That’s dumb. I think he would be very successful. He makes the shows really fun and interesting. (She has gone to the Alive and MADE tour with me :’D )

Me: -crying internally cause that was the best thing I’ve ever heard her say to me, tear tear-

My mom having more faith in Seungri than YG or some so called VIPs do. Boi, im dead.

Opinion Time! (yours)

Seeking some insight as to what people prefer in the way of instructional videos! 

Do you like silent, short gif sets of my painting process, like these?

Or do you prefer speed paints with no voice or actual instructions?


Or would you like me to put my time and energy into sped up video showing my drawing process, complete with voice and talking and explaining some of my thoughts, etc? Like this example here (not mine).

The obvious answer is “do all of them”, and I wish I could, but it takes time and planning. I don’t have the focus to do classic still tutorials, but I do enjoy explaining and showcasing my methods overall….so let me know which method would be fun or entertaining, most desired, etc! It’ll help me plan how to use my time, and also give me more of an idea what people who follow for my art are looking for. 

Thank you!

Calum Hood Smut: The Brother's Friend/ VISUALS

Pairing: Calum Hood + Y/N
Yep - “Could you do a smut where Calum is your brothers friend and he comes over but your brother isn’t home so you fuck him while he’s waiting for your brother to come home? Preferably visuals lol x”
Word Count: 676


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