my precious souls


Let me bless your dash really quick with some pictures of one of the most precious people on this earth. The Wang and only (see what i did there ;) ), my King, Jackson Wang. Grab a water bottle and take a seat because you’re going to need to quench that thirst soon. 

Are you ready? Ok, LET’S GO Im not ready myself

Jackson with glasses + suspenders combo OMFG kick me pls

My cute King ♥

Why does he look like Jonghyun from SHINee in this pic below? lol

Look at how smol he is!!!!! Puppy King

Jackson well fed is also my aesthetic

Brown hair + glasses + smile = ♥♥♥♥

Are you still alive? …No? Me neither! :D


final fantasy xiii series + characters.

merry belated christmas @starry-spaceneet xxxx

bunny-fairytale  asked:

ohhhh... im pretty shy to ask, but can i request you to draw kii-bo positivity, please? 💖 I really love this boy and I love you and your art, so I will be really happy!! And you are beautiful and really cute, I hope, that you are loved and valid, because you really deserve it! (Sorry for bad English ;;)

May the world treat you with kindness and respect!!

Sportacus without his hat on!!

Redraw of [this] because it needed some serious improving!