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OK but if there won’t be a dragon ball z style boss fight at the end of Forces then what’s the point

@celepom and I were both thinking about hypotetical cutscenes and she encouraged me to post this ffhgfmg <3

  • A: You're annoyingly vain.
  • B: You'd be surprised at how much I actually hate myself.

27eggs  asked:

oh my gosh! your art is really great I can't stop looking at it! if you haven't already and if you're still taking ship requests, how about blaze/amy fluff? :3c

pyrokineticprincess also asked: blazamy? ;w;            

oh shOOT I had  this on pc and forgot to post it, sorry!(IalsohavenomemoryonhowthatmotogearfromridersZGlookedlikewhOOPSIE)

AH thank you very much!!! <3 :’D


➳ Inner Circle ladies.
Feyre; Morrigan and Amren.

nauranna  asked:

(Simply adore your art Auro! Aaah. May chu possibly draw WereSonic being fluffy and being hugged by Amy? The OTP is strong here >W< imsorrysensei)

AAAAH thank you!!!;o; (fgghfh I AM the one sorry because of how I’m late at responding this çuç)

There ya go! <3 <3 <3 (I was afraid to ruin it by inking so I left it penciled :’‘


God, I love Garry/older!Ib sooo much ;_;”

I fricking LOVE their friendship when Ib is still a child. But I also love to imagine Ib developing a crush on Garry when she’s in her teenage years. And both of them realising their friendship turned to romantic feelings towards eachother when Ib is in legal age. They’re my ultimate fluff-ship :D And I ONLY ship them when Ib is not that young anymore…! But I’m all in for the cuteness of their friendship when she’s little ;u;

Have some random doodles I did over the last 1 - 2 months. Sorry for the low quality. I scanned them from my sketchbook D:

Shippy art under the cut just to stay safe :3 (omfg just cute stuff, don’t worry!!)

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