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Favorite Anime Character Tag Game!!

I got tagged by @mrs-gossipgirl to do this. Here we go!

Who is your Favorite Anime Character?

Name: Monkey D. Luffy

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Anime: One Piece

First appearance: Manga Volume 1 Chapter 1, Anime Episode 1

First impression:
The moment I saw Luffy in the manga (back then, the first chapter I read was chapter 12), at first, I thought he was just some goofball, but I later saw that he’s a goofball with a big heart and a lot of strength. I see him as the biggest motivation to keep going through life with a smile on my face. ^^

Hair Colour: Black

Eye Colour: Black

Family: Monkey D. Dragon (Father), Monkey D. Garp (Grandfather), Portgas D. Ace (Adoptive Older Brother, deceased), Sabo (Adoptive Older Brother)

Favorite thing about him/her:
I love how boisterous he can be and how optimistic he is. I also love how badass he is when he’s kicking ass or giving his “reason-you-suck” speeches. Plus, he just looks so adorable, I wish I could hug him. X3

How long are you a Fan:
Ever since I read the manga in a Shonen Jump back in 2002, so 15 years, I’d say.

Do you love him/her a lot?
Just saying how much I love this guy doesn’t even BEGIN to describe it. GOD, he is just so cute and loveable!

What is your favorite Picture of him/her?
If I could make screencaps, I could show you. Sadly, I don’t know how. If I could, though, I would have LOADS!

Do you have a Folder of him/her:
Like I said, I don’t know how to make screencaps.

Favorite Episode with him/her:
Any episode where he appears, and that’s almost all of them!!

Are you happy with the Ending?
How can I say that when One Piece isn’t over yet? I know this much…


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