my precious little cupcake

Ignis doing anything gameplay: Oh you precious gem. Wonderful treasure. Most important thing of my life. Sweet little cupcake. Beautiful human being. I love you and every single thing about you and nothing could ever make me love you less, you wonderful creature, best character ever made. 

Ignis chocobo racing me gameplay: you fucKING ASS, SLOW DOWN,  THAT’S CHEATING, OMFG I HATE YOU.


serinda swan + quotes (insp)

  • blaine stans when kurt texts chandler: ohmygod HOW COULD YOU KURT that's cheating look at how sad blaine is he moved schools because he loved you how dare you hurt my precious, little cupcake he has such a good heart why didn't you talk with him he was right there and having a hard time that's why he was being distant from you jfc what do you mean you felt disconnected that's no excuse poor blaine
  • blaine stans when blaine has sex with eli: ohmygod KURT HE'S IN PAIN that's why he had sex with someone else because he felt disconnected and lost without you you weren't there and he tried calling you like once and you didn't pick up you horrible person how can you blame him for it he did it because he loves you and you weren't there for him now he feels bad and you won't even talk to him BLAINERS

             “If there’s something I’ve really missed about home it has to be this,” Amelia said with a bright smile and took another bite of her roasted marshmallow. She had only just returned from her two-week vacation the night before, but she had long since unpacked and settled back in again. “You want another one? There’s an entire bag over there.”


You were in Cambodia. What is the most significantly memorable moment there?

[Somaly Mam] was welcoming us to the shelter and telling us all the stories and she said, “Would anybody like to say something?” and this little six year old shot up her hand. And she told us her story of being trafficked, she told us the story about when she was younger how she was raped. How can a six year old tell you about when she was younger? She’s six. And I had an emotional moment where, you know, you can feel it. I started to cry and I didn’t want to cry in front of her, but I was so moved and so horrified, and I started looking around the room and every single girl that I saw was a victim in one way or another of trafficking or of rape. And it broke me, and I had to turn away and I had to walk to the back of the room because I didn’t want them to see me as I started to sob, and I felt this little arm on me. And I turned around and there was a girl who grabbed my face and she started wiping away my tears and she said, “Don’t cry, sister, don’t cry!” and gave me a big hug. This girl is being the strength for me. This girl, who’s been through so much, who I’m crying for, is wiping away my tears. My tears are for her, what’s happened to her, and she’s wiping them away. And within thirty seconds I had twenty five young girls all hugging me, all these trafficking survivors came up and they were hugging me. And we just held each other and we cried and I was so sorry for what humanity had done to them, and I just said “I’ll fight for you for the rest of my life.” And that’s what I plan on doing.