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Can you please make a Bad Ass Mother Fucker Tony Stark fic rec?

Hi love ♥ Here you go:

I did a villain!Tony rec not long ago, where you can find more bamf!Tony (: Hope you like these fics

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is it even possible to hate harry styles like he is legitimately the perfect human being he's a damn android or something how does he exist like even if he's not you're fave i'm pretty sure he's impossible to dislike i mean?? i'm having a breakdown here i don't think harry is real it was all an illusion

*Louis’ voice* Who wouldn’t love him?! 

He’s amazing, he really is an abnormal celebrity (in the best possible way). It doesn’t matter if he is your fave or not, we all have the ‘Love Harry’ sequence in our DNA, there’s nothing we can do about it. I’ve never ever heard bad stuff about him (well, I have, but they’re related to his womanizer persona and that’s not real so), everyone is always saying how nice and charming he is and I get emotional and protective.

Maybe they sent him to make the world a better place? To be the perfect puzzle piece to Louis Tomlinson? I’m almost completely sure he’s real but his existence must have a secret meaning behind it, he’s just too adorable.

         “It’s hard enough to live in a land where you
             don’t belong, but knowing it holding conflicting
                  realities in your head—
                                                    –will drive you mad.“

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#are the other boys doing something for whatever this is?#or is it just harry as always? :( sounds like you hate Harry a bit here

How the heck did you get to that conclusion reading those tags? Of course I don’t hate Harry, my tag for him is my precious little cupcake

Maybe it sounded a bit harsh, I’m going to be honest here and I’ll try to explain myself the best I can so you guys don’t misunderstand me. I don’t hate Harry but sometimes I get a bit sick of him, it’s not really his fault (it’s actually his team’s fault, like everything else) but I can’t help it. It doesn’t happen that much lately but when I first joined this fandom it was Harry all the time, every day. My dash was full of him doing absolutely nothing, pap shots of him walking to his car and hanging with other people and 100000 rumors a day and just Harry Harry Harry Harry. I’m used to liking bands with normal promo work so I wanted to see them all but all I got was…Harry. I’ve blacklisted him once or twice, as bad as that might sound.

It’s not him, like I said. I love Harry, he’s the kind of artist we need in this world. Hell, he’s the kind of person we all should aspire to be. So no, it’s not him but his fucking team shoving him down my throat for everything, using him as a tool to promo anything. I might sound a bit harsh when I talk about Harry from time to time but my anger is not really focused on him but for his stupid team (as always). I’m 100% sure he hates it even more than I do.

Since I’m about to reach my second hundred, I decided to make my first follow forever! (YAAAAAAAAY) Thank you for making my dash as wonderful as ever! ouo

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