my precious evil baby

Can we appreciate Lena’s consistent generosity and optimistic morality despite everything that she’s been through? Sweet angel is out there donating millions and advocating for the working man yet these aholes have the audacity to suggest she has a single evil bone in her body. RUDE. 🔪🔪🔪

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Watching shadowhunters
  • Valentine: Johnathan I've regretted my decision to send you to eden every moment since I made it. There's nothing I want more than to be your father and work with you to take down the down world
  • Me: don't listen to him sweetie you're to good for him!
Something thats been bugging me lately

What is wrong with wanting to love all the characters? 

 I’ve been seeing a lot of things popping up across my feed lately that have been a little hurtful in regards to treatment and support of problematic characters- specifically for the Miraculous Ladybug fandom Chloe, Lila, and Gabriel. All three are problematic in their own way, and from what is shown in the canon thus far none is 100% good or evil one way or the other. Now for me personally I love all three. Why? Because I adore problematic characters. I always have. Particularly ones who are misguided as opposed to zealots (ex. Hux from Star Wars Force Awakens holds little interest to me because he is knowingly evil and unremorseful about it-a zealot, as opposed to someone who is/was either unwittingly evil due to ignorance (Fin my precious storm trooper baby!!!! You be the hero we know you are!!!!), or rationalizing evil that they struggle with for the sake of some ultimate goal (Maybe Kylo… donnow not totally sold on him yet. He’s still a little whiny for me but we shall see in the new movie.) 

 Liking problematic characters in this fandom seems to be a very hot button issue. Perhaps because the recurring villains are so everyday. We know liars, we know bullies, we know neglectful and overprotective parents. This are things that can spark very real and viseral reactions based on experiences we have had. Its the same reason in Harry Potter that we hate Umbridge more than Voldemort, because its an evil that resonates with our own experience. 

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Happy Birthday Edward Cullen || 06.20.1901

I didn’t want to be the monster. I didn’t want to kill this room full of harmless children. I didn’t want to lose everything I’d gained in a lifetime of sacrifice and denial.

I wouldn’t.

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What would Denmark, the Netherlands and Thailand do if England cursed them so they can't have antigravity hair and he removed every hair gel on the world?

Assemble the spiky hair trio and take down the evil Englishman. 


“MY HAIR! MY PRECIOUS BABY! *Whimpers* What am I going to do now?”

  • Does not know how to handle the situation 
  • Will have to be sat down and consulted about he entire thing by the rest of the Nordics
  • It will be the one time Norway and Sweden WON’T punch/kick/slap him
  • Norway will try a book of spells to help him
  • The Nordic fam are super close, it’s all for one and one for all
  • He just wants his floofly hair is that so much to ask for?


“First my colony and now my hair. ENGLAND”

  • Have you ever met an angry Dutchman? no? that’s because they’ve killed you before they got the chance.
  • Not many people know this but the Dutchman HATES England already
  • He took his colony and now your ducking up his hair
  • That’s taking it too far 
  • His siblings can’t even calm him down he that mad
  • According to my Afrikaans grandfather (Its another type of dutch) Sugar and water was used to spike hair so he’ll do that till he’s got his hair stuff back.


“It’s okay i’m… fine”

  • He’s not fine
  • Toto (His elephant) will have to emotional support him
  • He’ll make hair gel out of anything he can get his hands on
  • Vietnam will have to help him come up with a new hair style
  • It will never be the same though 
  • Anyone who wants to hurt this boy is just a bad person.
  • Why hurt him? he has an elephant.

Mod Sarah: I would probably die in the prologue because I have no combat skills at all. If by some miracle I didn’t die in the prologue, then I would cry a lot. If I survive past that, then I would get myself a mabari and a nug. In terms of combat class… I really have no combat skills, BUT I do have some first aid/medical skills, so… healer? Alchemist? I could try a crossbow…? I’d probably be okay-ish in some form of support. For real tho, there’s a very large chance I would die, RIP Mod Sarah. If I actually survived, I’d probably end up trying to write down everything I know about biology, because at heart I am a scientist, and I would be a rampant bitch about sanitation and washing hands. I’d also try to make sure everyone gets equal pay and opportunities regardless of race, fuck the Chantry, though I’d have issues doing politics and court stuff because I don’t understand social cues and I’d probably die playing the Game. I’d also try to ensure the overthrow of the Circles for good. Maybe I’d be okay with my mabari and nug. As for companions, I think I’d get along okay with most of the companions because I’m good at listening to problems and not judging, though IRL I’m shy, so I don’t know how they would react to that. Not sure how I’d handle Solas. I’d probably actually end up getting along well with Dagna and Dennet.

Mod Tiarne: I’d say: “Fuck the Chantry, you’re all fuckwits.” I’d also try to fuck Varric. I may say fuck it and go find Sebastian so I can romance him with my Gaelic. OH and I’d recruit Zevran into my party because I need my precious crow baby with me to fight evil. I’d honestly probably just spend most of my time hanging with Shale, Shale would get me XD

Mod Jas: Fun fact about your least favorite Mod Jas, I was in archery for all of high school and I was the captain for junior and senior year, and I occasionally go hunting. So I wouldn’t do that bad at survival of enemies, I mean I’m not going to be doing any crazy backflips or anything but I can shoot pretty good. As for the politics, I’d suck. I would be assassinated in my sleep. Too opinionated and emotional. As for interpersonal relationships, I can see myself getting along with Sera, Cole, Dorian, Bull, Cullen, Josephine and Harding. Cassandra maybe, because I would be pro mage but I wouldn’t be like. An asshole. P sure Cassandra likes people who aren’t assholes. As for Vivienne that depends because I’m always between pro circle and anti. There’s pros and cons (and before discourse starts with y'all, I am willing to make a post about why I have pros and cons. I know some of y'all get upset like its real politics). Over all, I don’t think I’d do great as Inquisitor, but I don’t think I’d be bad. Jasper The Herald of Andraste, Not Horrible But Not Great.

Mod Katalyna: My first response would be to sigh heavily because this bullshit is just my luck. Then I’d square my shoulders and get shit done. As long as I can put one foot in front of the other, even metaphorically, then I know I can do it. I would definitely recruit the ENTIRE House of Crows from Antiva. All of them. Including Zev. I would use whatever means necessary. Money, blackmail, literally taking them over from the inside by assassinating the Guild Masters, whatever. Having the House of Crows would make literally everything 10000% easier. I would also make wild use of Solas’ knowledge of the Fade. If he has an idea that I can weaponize without actively hurting spirits? Done. Turn the demons from the rifts on my enemies with or without blood magic? Done. I’d probably romance Solas even knowing how bad it’ll hurt. I cannot resist my egg man… I am the Egg Slut™. If I could manage to resist that silky smooth voice (doubtful), I’d romance Cullen. I’d probably be either an elemental mage or an archer. What I lack in skill I’d make up for in pure determination, rage, and Antivan Crows.