my precious bb's

librarian-amy  asked:

Have we seen pictures of your cloud cats?

ahahah yes girl! I’ve posted a few pictures here or there, but lemme show you my precious bbs because I’m always happy to show them off. Nimbus is my favourite I have no favourites ‘cause they’re my fur babies and I love them :P

Nimbus (the first one I got and named specifically because of his markings) is this silver marbled tabby with like, oriental blood in him so he has big ears and the worse miaow ever, second only to my nana’s cat Teddy. Cirrus I got a year later and was originally named Elsa- which, just no- so I renamed her because I HAD A THEME GOING ON OK. I think she has some ragdoll in her? She’s very sweet to everyone but me because she’s a ho

They’re best of buds:

^ Waiting for me to come home

^ They’re always cuddling in winter and IT KILLS ME

^ BONUS: Nimbus loves to sit on my artworks which is kind of a problem :/

when isak and even are officially back together he’s not going to take shit from anyone who tries to judge them because they’re in a m/m relationship and he’s not going to take shit from anyone who has anything negative to say about even/even’s mental illness and honestly this+oxygen is making me feel so alive right now