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I can’t stop thinking about how Allura reacted when VM came into her room post-Ft. Daxio fight you guyssss. 

Because Feeblemind, right? This is the thing that got cast on Tiberius way back when, and I checked the spell description online: your Intelligence and Charisma drop to 1, you can’t use skills that use those modifiers, can’t cast spells, understand language or communicate coherently. You do, however, still know who your friends are and can follow/protect them. 

Allura, though - Allura was so goddamn terrified that I don’t think she really got that VM were allies, given the way that she panicked when Pike and Keyleth reached out to her to cast Greater Restoration. She was still a bit wary of them all, even if she knew somehow that they were friends. 

But - she knew she could trust Kima, that Kima had her back and that Kima was someone to protect and defend. Excuse me while I cry at these gorgeous, badass women who love each other so fucking much that, even when one of them is terrified out of her mind and unable to think or communicate fully - they can still recognise one another. They still know. They know. 


The New Quinx Squad

Okay, apparently it is “canon” that Magnus went to Spain to learn to control his powers. BUT I call BULLSHIT on that because that implies that there were zero warlocks who could train him in Indonesia so…

  • The reason he uses two fingers in his magic is because of his Indonesian Warlock trainers- they taught him that magic isn’t a tool or a weapon but another limb. A part of him.
    • As a result, he doesn’t have to work as hard at “controlling” it as some of his western trained friends 
  • He’s way better at sensing other warlock’s magic in his territory because they taught him about the community of magic. How it isn’t about the individual and each spell cast enters the Warlock into a broader community. 
  • They teach him the truth: Warlocks aren’t really “immortal.” They can’t outlast the sun, outlive the species. There will never be a billion-year-old warlock. There are barely any warlocks over a thousand years old. As a Warlock ages, their magic gets more powerful and eventually it circles back into a type of cancerous destruction. 
    • A healthy, able warlock will probably live around five thousand- seven thousand years. 
    • They teach him not to mourn that: everything that is created must eventually be destroyed 
  • They teach him to not use his magic for destruction, or death. They teach him he should protect himself, but he never goes out of his way to end human life. They teach him instead how to use his magic to heal, to create, to protect. They actually teach him how to create wards which are more powerful than traditional European magic. 
    • He actually doesn’t go into battle, because he goes slowly. He doesn’t shoot to kill (which is quick), he aims to injure and subdue, which takes more time. 
    • Only against humans obviously, he kills demons because their only purpose is to cause destruction 

fpwoper  asked:

Which do you prefer: strawberry or vanilla ice cream? dean or cas? dcj or destiel?

Vanilla ice cream is alllllways my favorite, I’m super boring that way. Though our local place makes something called brownie cookie sundae which is vanilla ice cream swirled with chocolate sauce with chunks of brownie and cookie dough in it, and that’s pretty fucking spectacular.

Uggggggggh do I really have to pick between Dean and Cas? Okay…okay. For ages I’d have said Dean but these days…I think it’s gotta be Cas. When I reflect on some of the ways Dean has treated Cas, and how unwarranted that behavior has been, and how there’s been no consequences for Dean, while Cas is always the Winchester’s whipping boy…and not in the fun way…it’s gotta be Cas. I just wanna wrap my precious bamf cinnamon bun up in a blanket and snuggle him forever.

As to the last, Destiel. <3

make me choose!


don’t you ever tell me River Song’s life completely revolved around the Doctor don’t ever you fucking dare i will literally fight you to the death on this