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Oh my heart. My heart aches full of rainbows and sunshine for this team.


Can’t Keep My Hands To Myself

Summary: Reader and Peter are dating for awhile but the team don’t know about it, until after a night they start to get suspicious.

Warnings: hot make out session? Peter being the precious shy human being that he is.

A/N: as promised, not an angst, we just need more cute shy Peter in our lifes. 

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“Baby, I should get going… Fuck!” Peter moans as I shut him up with another kiss.

    I’ve been making out with Peter for hours now. While at it, I’ve managed to make him blush a lot and I loved it. I loved how even though me and Peter have been together for months now, he would still get embarassed by some normal stuffs, like when I hold his hand at school, or when I would sneak behind him while he was studying and peper a few kisses on his neck or cheek. But the thing I loved the most would definitly be when we make out, he would let out little whimpers, some moans and if I tried hard enough I could get him to curse a bit, just like I did right now.

“Yeah… You should…” I say between long and wet kisses. My hand sneaks on his shirt and I lightly scratch his abdomen and he breathes in sharply.

“Y/N, I’m serious, if anyone come in they-” I leave his lips and bite a sweet spot he had on his neck and he shuts up again.

“Woman, you’re gonna be the death of me”

“First of all, you have yet to make me a woman, and I can’t wait for that” I say biting lightly his earlobe “And second, have I told you how cute you look when I’m on top of you?”

    A blush starts creeping on his cheek, I smirk at him. We kiss a couple more times. Peter’s lips were a bit swollen from a few hard and needy kisses we shared. Beside that, it was a sweet make out session. It just might have lasted longer than a ‘sweet make out session’ should last. But I didn’t mind, I would never get enough of Peter. Of course we haven’t done ‘it’ yet. But we both knew that every time we spent together the sexual tension would grow a bit. It shouldn’t take long for eventually happen.

“Baby, I really should go, if I get home late again May will bombard me with question I’m not really up to answering and-” He inhales sharply again “The team will get suspicious, we’ve been here for too long now”

“They think we’re making some school project, honey, don’t worry about them”

“Y/N… You know… I really want to do it with you… But I’d rather not be in some place where we can get caught so easily” He says between kisses and moans.

“So you’re gonna take me to some motel?” I tease.

“I- huh… I haven’t-”

“I’m messing with you, silly” I laugh and give him one last breathtaking kiss.

“You’re an ass”

“You love my ass” I take his hands that were on my hips and place it on my butt, making him squeeze it for a bit, I moan softly on his ear.

“Fine, that’s it”

“What-?” Before I could ask him something he flips me. Peter never been on top, and now that he was and the way he was holding me… God, I wish he could take me right here and right now. 

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“God… Peter… I… Jesus” Now I was the one at his mercy, and it felt good “Pete-” I don’t get to finish his name when he kiss some sweet spot on my neck and I let out a loud whimper. We both froze.

“Did I just do that?” He asks.

“Holy shit, I think you just did” He smiles like a kid who just got his favorite toy “Who are you and what have you done to my sweet boyfriend?” 

“What can I say, you bring out the best of me”

    We both laugh and he leans in to give me one more kiss. This one was different, it was slow, sweet and patient, like if he was savouring me. I can’t say that I didn’t love it.

“I really should go, love” He says sadly, his face still close to mine, I rub the tip of our noses together in a cute eskimo kiss. He smiles at me

“I know, darling” I say as sadly as he did.

    He gives me a sweet kiss on the forehead and gets off of me. I already missed his body on top of mine. He packs his things and I watch him do it, I always wondered how we ended up together. Peter was so sweet, shy and precious, I was his opposite, like, for real, I would be the prankster avenger, the funny and hyperative one. When we would be together, I’d be the one to start ou make out sessions and he would be flustered at first, but soon he’d relax.

“Underoos! You better get going, your aunt will be worried and-”

    Tony says while entering the room. I sit against the headboard and try to straighten my hair, it was probably a mess. I put a hand on my lips, trying to cover my swollen lips and the smile that was creeping on it too.

“What are you kids up to?”

“N-Nothing, we just finished a project and I’m heading home”

“Right…” Tony trails off, he was getting suspicious “There’s a car waiting for you”

“Thanks, Mr Stark” It was so annoyingly sweet how Peter would kiss Stark’s ass, I wish he would kiss my ass like that, wait wha-.

“You’re welcome”

“See you at school, Y/N”

“See ya’, Parker”

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“So, Parker how long have been you and Y/N…?” Tony asks while we were driving to my house.


“C’mon Parker, don’t put that on me, you’re really gonna tell me that all that time you two have been together in that room, with that girl that always have heart eyes for you when you’re not looking, and nothing happenes? Nothing at all?”

“S-She has heart eyes for me when I’m not looking?”

“Damn, Peter, you’re really oblivious, aren’t you? That girl is in love with you, you should do something about that”

“W-Well, I-” I’ve never been that embarassed in my life “I’ll do something about it yeah”

“Okay, but I don’t wanna know about you guys doing ‘it’, I’m only allowing it you guys stay in the first base at least for a while”

“Bye, Mr Stark!”

    I laugh and left the car. I couldn’t wait to tell Y/N and Ned about this. 

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“Hey baby” I got a little scared when I feel arms hug me from behind while I was getting some books from my locker. 

“Jesus, Peter! You scared the shit out of me” I laugh but turn around to greet him.

    He kisses me. I froze at first, Peter wasn’t the type to show much of PDA, holding hands was the limit he would get, and like I said, he would still get a bit embarassed about it. I kissed him back anyway, I think that was the longest kiss Peter have gave me himself, when he pulled apart, I let out a sigh, he really left me breathless. 

“Woah, what was that for?”

“Just wanted to show you how much you mean to me”

“Is that so? Wanna show me that a little more?”

    He smiles and give me one more kiss. This one was sweet like himself, and I couldn’t help but smile anyway.

“So, I gotta tell you something”

“What is it?”

“Tony talked to me yesterday… He told me that” He chuckles “I should make a move on you, that you’re a pretty girl that has heart eyes for me when I’m not looking, what do you have to say about that?”  

“I-I… Huh-” I think that was the first time I feltt embarassed. 

“Do you have heart eyes for me when I’m not looking?”

“I-I… I don’t know how I look at you when you’re not looking, but… I don’t know… I m-might have… Heart eyes for you… Sometimes” I was tugging on a piece of his clothes and looking down when talking.

“I can’t believe you’re embarassed”

“Peter, can we not talk about this please? At least not here”

“Are you in love with me?”

    I looked at him. Would it be too soon for us to be tell this right now? I let out a shaky breath and a little chuckle before trying to speak again.

“I… I am, yeah… Definitely” I smile “I am… In love with you, Peter Parker”

“Good, and just so you know, I am pretty in love with you too”

“Oh, you are?”

“Pretty much…” He trails off and press me against my locker, kissing me once again.

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  • Me one week ago: *knows nothing about The West Wing and decides to start watching it on a whim*

it’s the second day of frazel week in twitter and it’s all about everyone’s favorite chinese-canadian baby man! honestly how can anyone hate on this precious boy it doesn’t make sense at all

frank is honestly one of my favorite characters in the series and it’s so sad because he rarely gets noticed by almost everyone and gets the least appreciation so if you love him say it he needs to hear it

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you can see more here: x x

1. eternally stoic wakatoshi makes me so happy
2. Ushijima and Tendou stand so close jfc ushiten is so real
4. you’ll have to murder me before I ever let go of my headcanon that Tendou is the unorthodox swan Team Mom
5. Goshiki is the most precious child ever I want to ruffle his hair okay

The best decision, the only kind decision in this case, is to not pursue chemo and radiation for Pep.  Which means my time with him is now limited.  Not sure how long.  Best estimate seems to be 6 months give or take. I’ll be spending every precious second with him, so expect less fanart. 

My heart is shattered.  I love Briar. I adore her.  But she’s my dog…and Pepper is my baby.  Maybe because he has always needed me so much.  From the moment that I met him as a scared, growly, defensive large black dog with “one more shot” in the city shelter system to when i realized on top of that he had severe anxiety…he really needed me.  But I needed him too. I’m a force of nature, I’m lonely, and picky, and struggle with chronic depression anxiety and I needed a friend.  But I think we were just a good match from the start.  I’ve met thousands of dogs. I’ve loved thousands of dogs.  But I’ve never loved another dog the way I love Pepper.  And I’m gonna miss him so much.  

One request is, please don’t offer suggestions. I know you mean incredibly well, and they are probably great suggestions.  But I’ve been over every option with his well being in mind, and given his panic disorder, I, and everyone who knows him, agree this is the only kind option. Thank you.

if you spread me out on the altar
you’ll see i have a lot to be sorry for,
so many sins,
bleeding out of my mouth and my skin,
some rancid disease.

see, we all have our demons,
our ferocious, deadening nightmares,
the things we’ve done that we can’t share,
what we’ve seen that makes our eyes bleed,
                                                           how many of those do you have, baby?

i have more than my fair share,
more handprints on my body than there should be,
tell me
what makes your dreams black at night,
tell me why you need to apologize,
confess your sins to me,
precious dark love of mine,
i rot here with the shreds of our humanity.

i can apologize for this and these:
all of the people i let touch me
for all of the wrong reasons,
the dead skeletons of sentences i never spoke,
bitemarks on who i love most because
when the monster inside of me gets out
who do you think gets bitten first?

there’s a moment when you’re going up the stairs,
your feet pounding out the same rapid rhythm,
there’s just one instant where
you feel you will be stuck in the rhythm forever,

            rushing and climbing

                                               and going


i am sorry for getting stuck in that moment.

i’m sorry for my dead-end novocaine blood that
rushes through me and numbs everything inside
i’m sorry for bleeding it all over your altar.

i’m sorry for the yelling and the hole in the door i’m sorry for believing you when you said you loved me i’m sorry for letting you leave me i’m sorry i let him kill me
that i’m so dead now
           i’m sorry
           for loving you so much.

i apologize that the only place i feel at home
is under your skin,

if you spread me out on the altar
i’d split it down the middle.

—  6. midafternoon confessional; l.m.

okay so mun finished ghosts from our past and honestly, how can you not love erin gilbert? i wanna marry her and protect her from the world, my pure baby…and abby, my precious child, she’s so cute when they first met! i’d honestly read a 40+ chapters book just about these two. really. ugh,okay, i feel like i REALLY need to interact with more erins & abbys.

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i feel like yata needs to be appreciated more often so please tell me how many times a day does saruhiko think about how much he loves his cute baby boyfrien

Yata always needs more appreciation, he is precious. I imagine that Fushimi thinks about Yata a lot even though he has trouble vocalizing it, he probably has trouble admitting even to himself how much he totally loves Yata. I always tend to imagine that Fushimi goes to bed later than Yata and Yata wakes up earlier than Fushimi unless Fushimi’s specifically going in to work so Fushimi probably either way gets some nice quiet time to just look at Yata’s sleeping face and be in love. Like imagine Fushimi comes in late from work one day and Yata’s been waiting up for him but finally just conked out on the couch. Fushimi staggers in totally wiped out, exhausted and dragging his feet and maybe it was a rough mission so he’s a little on edge too. He sees Yata sleeping on the couch and has a moment of mixed feelings, because Yata looks so cute and peaceful but there’s probably some guilt because Yata waited up and all and here’s Fushimi disappointing him. Fushimi wanders into the kitchen planning on just eating whatever he can grab from the fridge but then he finds a nice covered plate of leftovers with a note from Yata saying he guesses Fushimi’s had a long day so here have some actual nutrition you stupid monkey and then go to bed. Fushimi kinda stares at the note for a minute and then goes and reheats the food and eats. Afterward he’s headed back to the bedroom when he sees Yata there still asleep on the couch and Fushimi kinda leans over the back of the couch so that he can stroke Yata’s hair a little. Yata doesn’t even stir, just snores a little, and Fushimi ends up standing there for a few minutes just looking down at Yata with this little smile on his face, not even really realizing it as he just drinks in the sight of his boyfriend. Imagine Fushimi hasn’t even managed to actually say the words ‘I love you’ yet but as he stares at Yata he thinks about it over and over again, ’I love you. I love you.’ And then finally Yata stirs and wakes up, the sleepiness draining away from his face as his eyes focus on Fushimi and his face just lights up with a smile as he says ‘welcome back.’ Fushimi’s probably so happy that it’s dark so Yata can’t see him blushing as he keeps thinking it again, how much he loves the way Yata’s eyes light up like that for him and how dazzling Yata’s smile is and how very in love Fushimi is with him.

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Baby floof, don't mind if some nasty grumpy-ass anons criticize you because of your choices. Ships and characters are never wrong but bashing someone for loving them is. You're a teenie-weenie precious cupcake always doing her best to make people happy and you surely deserves more than a useless and poorly-commented point from anybody. Please, don't ever change, you're amazing just the way you are and we truly need a positive and happy person like you.

my head and heart are both stuck on “baby floof” and “teenie-weenie precious cupcake” and will remain so for like the entire week but ???  thank you omg !!! im glad u like the blog and the floof and the (?) positivity !!  (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ 

I took some time thinking about that, but… I finally decided to move my blog. I feel I need it. I need a fresh start, I need something more organized and focused. I will keep this blog as an archive, I still have some posts here that I need want to reblog on the new blog ‘cause are precious memories (draws, friend’s arts, friend’s posts, etc), so… I would love if you guys could follow me again. I have so many wonderful followers here that I never interacted a lot before, and I wanna change that. I wanna meet and interact with everyone. I’ll keep the url, ‘cause is my baby, and probably will put my sideblog Tifa Lockhart here. If you guys wanna unfollow, I’ll understand. That’s it. c-c ♥ follow @ginnosaya

Y'all... Read PLEASE.

Okay, so i absolutely LOVE my ship. And I full on believe that they are real and i hope they are. Really, really!!! I really ship them and i ship them like a religion. But. Y'all need to tone it the FUCK down. Don’t hate on a member just because that ship is more shipped than your own. Like Jimin? He’s fucking precious. Do NOT shit talk my baby just because you’re bitter about YOONMIN. Don’t fucking shit talk Hoseok because you’re salty about YOONSEOK. You can ship whoever the hell you wanna ship, but don’t drag down another ship or member just to make yourself feel better about your ship. I DO NOT understand why we just can’t ship ships peacefully and support eachother through and through. Don’t shit talk Taehyung or Jimin because they’re “ruining” your ship moments or whatever.. Like biatch? Excuse you? Some of you guys go as far as HATING a member just because you don’t like TAEKOOK or JIKOOK. Same for the other ships. I’m just pointing out the ones that I’ve PERSONALLY seen the most. You guys are ridiculous and i can’t even. If you guys are already this messed up when it comes to SHIPS that have yet to be confirmed. Then i absolutely fear for when the boys get ACTUAL partners. I’LL BE PRAYING. Stop HATING and start loving and supporting. And when the boys DO get relationships. Please still love and support them. They do so much for us. The least we can do is push them higher.

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Headcannons for my hacker child Pidge? It doesn't matter what, I just love Pidge so FUDGING much


  • Pidge is a hoarder and you can not convince me otherwise
  • “But what if I need this specific cord later?”
  • Pidge doesn’t spend much time in their room. Their freetime is spent mostly in their lab doing tests on their lion.
  • Because of this, their room is surprisingly clean compared to how messy the storage area of their lab is
  • Pidge is the lightest sleeper of the paladins. I don’t mean light sleeper in that they’re easy to wake up, I mean this child never sleeps. Get out of your lab and lay down on your bed at least once. Please.
  • Once Pidge hacked into the kitchen camera feed and found footage of Lance standing on the island table with a spatula in his hand and passionately singing “Vamos a la Playa” by Loona. They have a lot of blackmail against him now.

- Admin A