my precious baby lion

Okay, really though, has anyone ever brought up how much the reader has to trust Gen in these books? 

I realized this a couple of months ago. Just like all the characters have to put their full, unreserved confidence that Gen knows what he’s doing and will not let them fall (much like he puts all his faith into his god whenever he jumps), the reader also never has enough evidence of Gen’s plans to be like “that’s okay, he’s got this, no big.” We never know what he’s doing, and we never know what consequences will come about as a result of his schemes, and it’s a little terrifying, but we have to trust in Gen, just as much as the characters do. Not just trust in the author, because that’s something that every reader does the instant they open any book. But I don’t know of any other book that requires that level of conscious trust being placed in the main character’s hands. 

How powerful is that?