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Summers away from your boyfriend can be difficult, but sometimes just seeing his face makes the day a little easier.

Lily has filed away a collection of her favorite screenshots throughout the year, for the rough moments apart.

James played by @asktheboywholived


“But seriously, what are you wearing.”

Still drawing some of these per requests, and this one may or may not have gotten out of hand. @okumurachild-satan, I’m so sorry your ask got turned into drarry, ack!

Oh, the things I can’t say to you because I’m your superior…
—  Ravenclaw, barely holding back from reaming a coworker.

i don’t really use twitter but after reading @captain-erwinmerica‘s thread i now understand the sudden influx of durmstrang!victor content, also does anyone have any good harry potter AU’s to read my children are starving ;_;


lgbtqa+ potter week // one marauders era ship - lily evans & marlene mckinnon 

they had an unspoken kind of love, full of accidental touches and truth and dare kisses. seven minutes in heaven was the only time they could really let their feelings show. they’d never admit that their trips to hogsmeade were really dates. they held hands in the hallways and slept in each others beds. they never could confess their love, but they never could let it go, because accidental love was better than nothing at all. 

↳ harry potter and the goblet of fire

I wonder where Fred’s hand on the clock might have landed on after the Battle of Hogwarts. I like to think that perhaps it would be somewhere between “travelling” and “lost”, only returning back “home” many years later when George finally joined his twin on his journey. 

Drabble prompt #15  (Reader x young Sirius Black)

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Request: Hiiii! Could you write #15 with Sirius? Thank youuu baby!!

Woah you called me baby, you are making me blush this is too much too soft too cute.

Prompt: If these sheets were the states- All Time Low

The school year had finally come to an end and you were helping Sirius pack up his things which he always saved until the last minute.

There was a sadness to the room, you were going to miss Sirius over the summer break. Usually you would visit him but this summer you were vacationing in America with your parents. 

Sirius was complaining on and on about how he’d miss you and he’d be so lonely without you,

“You will have the boys to visit at least, and you can write me all the time or even call me on the floo!”

This didn’t make him feel any better, you took a break from folding up his bed sheets and splayed your body on his bed in a tired huff.

He wasn’t too happy about this he wanted to get this done so you guys had actual time to hangout before the train, and maybe snog a bit.

He started folding the sheet even though you were lying over half of it.

“If these sheets were those stupid states you insist on visiting.”

You gave him an amused look as he continued

“I’d fold them end-” he paused and folded another corner up 

“Over end, to bring you closer to me” and as he said the last part he wrapped the sheet and his arms around you and jumped beside you on the bed.

You brought your hands up to the sides of his face as you just kissed him softly and laid there until the train arrived and you had to rush not to miss it, although Sirius didn’t mind the thought of being stuck at Hogwarts with you.