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trios in voltron

the garrison trio: hunk, lance, and pidge

the aliens: allura, coran, and keith

the science trio: pidge, hunk, and matt

the lion switch crew: lance, allura, and keith

the LEGendary defenders: hunk, allura, and lance

the arms of voltron: lance, pidge, and keith

the primary paladins: hunk, lance, and keith (alternatively the LEGendary defenders)

the gaymers: pidge, lance, and matt

feel free to add on


Hello everyone, did you know he actually purrs, i can’t believe this

also did you know that if you spend about a year without touching your tablet pen it gets extremely difficult to draw digitally again? ((doing this took me two days. two. days. i forgot how much i hated losing my progress bc i forgot to save and sai decided to crash :’)))) )