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Just a chicken

Me and some friends recently started a new campaign, with a team consisting of a Firebolg cleric, an aasimar paladin (me), and two kenku, one a necromancer and the other a rogue. We started off in a town that was raided by goblins, which dropped whatever they looted if we killed them.

DM: “Upon killing the goblin, he drops his sack and you noise the bag is moving.”

Necromancer: “I check the bag”

DM: “You investigate the bag and find a chicken, still alive, along with some loot.”

Me and cleric: “A what?”

DM: “A chicken.”

Necromancer: “Is it a special chicken?”

DM: “No, its just a chicken”

Necromancer: “I wana use detect magic on the chicken.”

Me: “You’ve gota be kidding me.”

DM: “Uhh…ok, you use detect magic on the chicken, and find out its just a normal chicken.”

Necromancer: “I wana put it in my bag.”

Me: “Its a chicken, just leave it here!”

Necromancer: “No its mine now were taking it.”

Moving on, we ran into more goblins while investigating a building

Necromancer: “Im gona run out of the room and use magic armor on the chicken”

Me: “You can’t be serious.”

DM: “You can’t…ok you know what, fine; you cast magic armor on the chicken.”

Me: “I swear to god i will destroy that chicken”

Rogue: “Hes a safe boi now”

Me: “Dont encourage him!”

We’ve been playing for a good 4 weeks and we still have the chicken. His name is Jeffery


Context: My party of four has traveled to the elemental plane of earth and we found some mudhills that seem to go on forever and have massive and constant landslides. Our goal was to obtain a certain flower beyond the mudhills. We are trying to figure out how to get past the hills and our half-elf Druid (named Vae) suggests that she can beastshape into a giant eagle and polymorph someone into a giant eagle at the same time. Our tiefling wizard (named Armonia played by me) includes that she can polymorph one person as well to help.

Vae: If it takes more than an hour I’d have to end my beastshape and cast polymorph again.

Armonia: We could probably find a safe hill to land on so we can recast everything.

Vae: Well I could probably un-eagle as we’re falling and try and not land at all.

Armonia: How long does it take to re-eagle?

DM: (starts laughing hysterically) That was probably one of the best one-liners I’ve heard in this campaign so far.


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So I love headcanons where Mitsuki and Inko are friends before having their boys, but consider that maybe Inko and Masaru knew each other first!! Since he’s a fashion designer and Inko is a seamstress (I mean come on Deku’s first hero outfit looks COOL! She took that design and made it for him!!!) it just makes sense that they might’ve been in like a fashion club together hehe! 

Then after that Inko meets Mitsuki and they become BEST FRIENDS!!! 

Also here’s a bonus thing NO ONE IS GOING TO GET!!! 

yeah no one’s gonna get it … .