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Sorry, I just learned that apparently the entire Leverage fandom doesn’t like/hates him and believes that the show should be all about dat OT3 and I’m just… I don’t understand it. I honestly don’t understand how people could be so blind to his contributions and character development. And for goodness sake, he’s the dad of that OT3 you ship so much!

A Single Starfish

Here it is, friends. This is the style I’ve been practicing in secret. I know it’s not perfect, but I really love it, and I had a blast with it. 

I think trying for realism on the big project seriously wore me down, because I was shocked when I settled back into what I love doing and started having fun again. So maybe I should listen to you guys when you tell me to relax. (Will I? Nah, but I should.)

Anyway, this wasn’t really intended to be its own piece. This is just part of the first panel of the project. But I felt like everyone could use a little Mark on their dashboards, yeah? 

I love you all! Remember to hydrate and make good choices!

I can’t help but feel so unwanted and insignificant in this fandom. My posts never get reblogged, Taylor hasn’t noticed me, I’ve never met Taylor. And I can’t help but think the reason no one cares about me is because Taylor’s never noticed me. Which makes me really sad. Like I just want to have fun with you guys but no one acknowledges my existence. Idk maybe I’m just being a downer. But I wish I felt more significant to the swiftie fandom.

Distractionary Tactics

Another short drabble from my Warden’s perspective in the Give a Heart, Get a Throne collection. Things are beginning to unravel for our heroes. Read it on AO3.

As always, I’m open to prompts!

Sitting in front of the fire, legs crossed and shoulders slumped, Neria bends over her staff, inspecting the crack along the length. Will it survive another fight? Maybe… if she is careful. One can’t always be careful when fighting darkspawn, however.

She huffs out a sigh and runs her fingers over the gap in the wood. They are running low on funds, and a new staff will set them back. Not that Bodahn won’t give her a generous discount. She hates relying on it, though, knowing that a merchant must make a living as much as anyone else. At least their travels often procure new customers for him.

A quiet clink of armor on her left brings a fleeting smile to her face. It falls to a thin line, however, as her fingers catch on a splinter. She hisses and heals the wound immediately, but not before Alistair notices.

“Are you hurt?” comes his concerned voice.

She shakes her head but does not look up at him. A distracting awareness, an itch in her skin at his nearness, overwhelms her. She frowns at the new but growing feeling. She first noticed it on the way to Redcliffe - the way his presence calms and excites and confuses her all at once. Dangerous. Enthralling. And impossible.

“Alright, were you hurt, then?”

“Just a splinter. It’s fine now.”

“You should market that skill, you know. Grey Warden, fighter of darkspawn and healer of splinters and papercuts that might otherwise destroy the world as we know it.”

She can’t help the hum of laughter in the back of her throat. She quickly wipes the humor from her face and glares at him.

“Shush. You’re distracting me.”

Alistair snorts indelicately. “Well, that is what I do best, after all. Me and my distractionary tactics.”

Again, she cannot resist an exasperated smile in his direction. She can’t seem to resist him. His eyes sparkle with unadulterated mirth, and she feels something squeeze in her chest, a strange, somewhat unwelcome sensation that sets her on edge. His smile should not affect her this way. She cannot allow it. Not knowing what she knows now.

She imagines she can see it, royal-but-tainted blood pumping through his veins, each steady heartbeat proclaiming his future, his destiny. He will make a good King, she decides, but as sheltered as she’d been in the Circle, even she knows kings don’t take elves as queens.

She turns to him then, an appraising glance, a sizing up, a painful pricking at the area suspiciously close to her heart.

“You do many things well, Ali. I wish I could make you believe it.”

A flush of red, visible even in dim firelight, creeps up his neck and over his face. He remains silent, but his eyes do not waiver.

She swallows hard, ripping her gaze from his soft… is that adoration? She cannot allow it.

And yet when he takes her hand, she does not pull away.

anothermiserableperson  asked:

What's a good strategy for 5 day rush?

The easiest plan is keeping honey hunter largos free range. It only takes one slime key and just the jetpack upgrade. Keep 8 gardens of mint mangoes with the sprinkler upgrade (comes to 750 per garden plus 100 for destroying the starter corral) Keep about 80 honey hunter largos free range with the gardens (less than that is fine! 80 is just the number that could eat the maximum harvests of 8 gardens every day). Since honey hunters aren’t too dangerous when they’re well fed, they’re perfectly safe to keep free range which saves you a lot of money by not building any corrals while also giving you more garden space. With that strategy you could actually take things easy and reach 50k pretty quick once you’ve initially gotten to the moss blanket and brought the slimes and mangoes back with you.

The gardens will cost you a total of 6100 to get into place and you’d only need the jetpack upgrade which is 350. A tank booster upgrade for an additional 350 is always helpful since it’ll help keep you out longer when collecting plorts from the wild slimes for quick money. Unlocking the moss blanket and getting what you need from it shouldn’t take more than an in game day if you make a bee line to the starting area’s pink gordo and take that key straight to the moss blanket door. Which should leave you with about 4 and a half in game days to bring in the dough. :)

Lastly, the 5 day challenge ends at 12 on day 6, which is something that took me by surprise both times I did it and lost money by still having plorts in my inventory. Hope this helps, friend! :)

do you guys remember when mad max fury road had just come out so tom hardy was really popular and there was a post with a quite a few notes that was looking forward to someone making a callout post for him just because they were sick of seeing him on their dash?? that’s how ridiculous callout culture is like most people aren’t even doing it to keep people safe lmao they just want to drag them down


all the boys // panic! at the disco

Some mental struggles of an artist in the yoi fandom

First of all, thanks to everyone who sent me nice feedback on the newest soulmate comic! I haven’t gotten around to answering all your asks yet, but please know that I’ve read and appreciate each one of your messages <3

Secondly, I’ll be a bit less active here when it comes to posting new art from now on. The fact is that tumblr for the majority of the past 3-4 months has made me very anxious because:

  • The amount of attention your works get on tumblr is very unstable and no matter how many followers I have, checking the notes on my drawings is always scary to me because of that.
  • My artworks generally have a bad like/reblog ratio and though it might just be coincidental, part of me always thinks it’s because people don’t find my art/artstyle particularly interesting.

I love working on the soulmate series, but posting a new comic is so incredibly difficult to me because it’s 40-50 hours of dedicated work compressed into a single post that can either do good or bad. I’m unable to get any sleep the days I post them because of anxiety and I avoid tumblr like the plague the following day because I know I’ll almost have a panic attack when checking the feedback.

It’d be nice if I could just stop caring about these things but I can’t. When my posts do poorly I delete them and pretend they never existed. When my posts don’t get a lot of reblogs I think “Ah, they didn’t find it pretty enough ”. When I go for even just a couple of days without posting new content I worry about being forgotten again because this fandom is so active that it won’t make a difference whether I’m here or not. I’ve barely scrolled down my dashboard since zines invaded because seeing new posts from all the ones I was rejected from in the past still make me feel like a failure and because a lot of artists who used to inspire me now just trigger toxic thoughts.

I’ll probably still post around two drawings a week so it’s really not much different from before, but the drawings I post from now on will only be my best works while my more “low” effort content only will be posted on instagram. I’ll still try to update my comic every month but depending on my health, updates might be a bit slower.


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NCIS:LA & Hogwarts Houses 

[I’m happy to answer asks on my reasoning, but please don’t reblog just to disagree]

valentine’s day is as good an excuse as any for otp draws tbh luv washmaine luv any excuse 2 draw washmaine :’) celebrate aro and ace folks, and celebrate folks in aro and ace relationships!

these nerds are fingerspelling QP for queerplatonic using the ASL alphabet – if i’ve made a mistake or faux pas of any kind, lmk so i don’t do it again :|

Dear Non artists,

Please reblog art. Not just like it. It doesn’t help an artist even if they are widely known. Smaller artists that don’t receive much credit for their work need this to become better artists. They allow confidence boosts and allow the artist to strive for more perfection. Thank you.

An artist who only gets likes