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Okay but hear me out
I’m pretty sure that the last 8 episodes will include lots of angsty stuff like

We still don’t know Kobayashi’s entire past, but he will most likely remember it at some point and we don’t know how he will react
20 Faces will definitely make his turn sooner or later and assuming that the second half of Trickster keeps having these parallels to the first half, he could possibly try to manipulate Kobayashi like he did with Hanasaki
Also I don’t think Hanasaki has entirely recovered yet so what if he gets his weird stress pain thingy again

All in all they might cry at some point

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folkin around // panic! at the disco

ks thoughts: chapter 19

I feel like my blog is turning into a killing stalking blog lmao, if you don’t like it, please just ignore this post ;;

So my thoughts on chapter 19, I PREDICTED THAT SHIT!! No, for real, I wanted to see Bum go full berserk and I can see why Koogi did it. Bum is a very unstable character but also, very tragic in a way. We know that he was bullied, he had no friends, he was abused (and he still is), he has BPD and so on. Koogi emphasizes the pathos in order for us to sympathize with Bum. We only get his point of view, making the reading quite subjective, and so, we tend to forget that Bum is in fact, not that innocent… (+ Bum is a very unreliable narrator, he’s withholding a lot of informations)

I think this chapter was a turning point for Bum, but also for Sangwoo. We have finally discovered Bum’s dark side. Sangwoo did not expect Bum to react this way and this pannel is indirectly telling this: (SANGSHOOK)

 (maybe he thought that Bum would not be able to do it without his help, maybe he expected guilt, remorse and a lot of crying at the end of the murder, but not… this kind of expression, for sure). The fact that Bum’s unleashed his rage just like that, mixing past and present was really interesting. In fact, I think Bum’s past will play a really important role if they decide to kill more people, and Sangwoo won’t hesitate to trigger this little button because HE KNOWS that Bum is driven by his own emotions, he knows his reactions now.

So my predictions for the future chapters are numerous. First, they’ll have sex in order to conclude this night, this “proposal” which Bum accepted, it’ll be a sort of honeymoon I guess? 

Then, now that Sangwoo can fully trust Bum (I mean, they’re both murderers now), maybe he’ll teach Bum about certain aspects of “this fun game”, he’ll give him more confidence, I don’t know? I’ve been thinking that, since it is a game for Sangwoo, he’ll probably catch Bum’s uncle, as a sort of reward/gift for his lover. Maybe that’ll be Bum’s second (or third if you count the old guy as his first) murder. I don’t think Bum can kill people from cold-blood because he’s different from Sangwoo, but still, I do think that Ji-Eun’s murder won’t be his last, for sure.

This is a quick analysis and my english is shit right now so i’m sorry haha

HDM month | week 3: favourite relationship

Lyra & Will

“She could see from his eyes that he knew at once what she meant, and that he was too joyful to speak. Her fingers were still at his lips, and he felt them tremble, and he put his own hand up to hold hers there, and then neither of them could look; they were confused; they were brimming with happiness.”

But when they were landed, Maedhros the eldest of his sons, and on a time the friend of Fingon ere Morgoth’s lies came between, spoke to Fëanor, saying: ‘Now what ships and rowers will you spare to return, and whom shall they bear hither first? Fingon the valiant?’

Then Fëanor laughed as one fey, and he cried:

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I need… Manipulative Lotor for season 3. Especially with lance considering that he finally stated his insecurities about himself I’d like to see someone use that to their advantage to weaken the poor boy (I am sorry my son but it’s quite inevitable….) 

From previously I’d like to also believe the person Keith and Hunk meet in the Weblum is Lotor himself.

Contemplate this:

1. Lotor had never even been mentioned before Keith helped him out of his vessel inside the Weblum and after he got away.

(I gush towards the end of this theory and it loses all structure I’m just reaching for this hehrehehe)

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When your OTP does the nose-rubbing thing (◡‿◡✿)

This struck me as really hilarious.

I usually post from my phone, which has a predictive text feature.
So when I start typing ‘beautiful,’ it always predicts 'Neah.’ But when I actually want to type 'Neah,’ it autocorrects to either 'Nah’ or 'Trash.’ And if that ain’t the truth…


Thomas William Hiddleston - A to Z

X - William Buxton 

I’m really sorry but I just couldn’t find another word and I didn’t want to leave this golden puppy out

What Does This Mean??!!

Okay, so everybody has, understandably been freaking out about this. And for me. It means one of two things:

1. The Pessimist thing: Yuri is way to insecure with himself, and sees himself as bringing Victor down and wants to break up. He plans to maybe break up with him after the final. <– Wrongo!!

2. What I think/hope it means:

Victur and Yuri are getting married; and Victor is returning to skating/rejoining the skating world in another capacity, and Yuri wants him to.

During this episode we see three main things that I think play into this ending:

1. Yuri and Victor prizing their rings and clearly valuing their relationship.

2. Yuri being confident in his decisions and ability to skate.

3. Victor being reminded of himself as he watches Yurio skate, and his coach being reminded of Victor as well.

Number One:

Yuri and Victor both clearly prize their rings, and after episode 10 are clearly engaged and love each other deeply. They are obviously completely committed to their relationship, and I find it unlikely that they would ever break up. 

There is little evidence to support that as the entire season up until now has been about how they didn’t rush into anything, but got to know each other and truly love each other for themselves (see the beach scene).

Number Two

Clearly Yuri, my beautiful son, has come a long way since the beginning of the season. He is now making many of his own decisions regarding his program and what he can and cannot do.

This is pretty amazing since we started the season with Yuri not being able to select even his own music. He relied almost entirely on his old coach, and Victor to make his decisions. – Now he is telling Victor what jumps he things he should execute, and what he thinks he can do.

When Victor arrived, Yuri depended on him for his self-confidence and decision making. It was Victor who was constantly telling Yuri what he could do, and encouraging him to challenge himself. It was Victor who was confident Yuri could land his jumps, and could perform eros beautifully.

Yuri is now independent of that. He has now, in many ways, achieved his goals. He is now capable of being an independent skater. He is no longer dependent on Victor for self-confidence and decision making. He no longer needs Victor as his coach.

3. Victor misses ice skating. 

During Yurio’s performance we see a clip of Yakov being reminded of Victor skating. We also see Victor watching Yurio skate and completely phasing out; not even joining Yuri in his interviews:

Look at him staring… so absorbed.

There is also a clip of the original interview where Victor is thinking about what comes next. – What is going to do now. What is he going to do since he stopped being able to surprise the audience and has begun rethinking his career? We also get this gem:

BUT NOW HE HAS YURI!! HE HAS HIS BEAUTIFUL HUSBAND FOR INSPIRATION. Yuri has fundamentally changed the way Victor thinks of himself; he has shown Victor that he has life and love, and that he is not alone.

Yuri is now Victor’s inspiration!!! His inspiration to continue to surprise; since he continually surprises Victor.


I think that when Yuri says, “Let’s end this.” I totally 100% believe that he means their coach-student relationship.

Yuri and Victor are totally in love. As such Yuri wants totally and completely support Victor as a human being. When Yuri sees victor so absorbed in Yurio’s performance he realizes how much Victor misses skating, and thus as his lover wants to support him.

In addition, Yuri realizes that he is now far more confident in his decisions, and is capable of doing many things himself in a way he previously could not. This makes him more willing to support Victor in this way.

Therefore, I 100% believe that Yuri wants for Victor to quit as his coach; for them to get married and for Victor to either return to ice skating himself, or return to the ice skating world in a more direct capacity!!! 

Did Josh Dun really just favorite Brendon Urie’s comment on my work of art…is this really happening


What do you do when you’re gem trash and also derg trash?  Answer: make dragons for the characters! 

Bonus dragons:



And Stevonnie!


In addition, I have located one node of possible interest in the Hinterlands, a very large rift that has not yet opened. It may be worth investigating the area.

Operation Available: Measure Veil Strength

so I was gonna reblog the post containing the official episode 16 preview but then I started predicting in the tags so how bout new post instead. Episode 16 predictions:

  • the class is probably on a field trip to the zoo, in which case I hope Ivan and Mylène are holding hands. maybe Rose and Juleka would too if the creators had known how much we’d like them
  • you know what? What if they had to do an assignment and split up into pairs and Adrien and Marinette got put together because Alya wouldn’t have anything else. Sounds great, but then Nino and Alya partner up in their absence and omg they’re on a pseudo-date too
  • maybe this is the one with Adrien in the bushes. At the zoo, gotta keep an eye out for Ladybug.
  • whatever episode that is, where Adrien is spying on Ladybug (probably), there had better be Ladrien. Like tons.
  • I feel like the last 2 eps have spoiled us with shipping. Let’s hope we can take it if it’s not as shippy. 
  • maybe this is also the one with the purple and yellow eye? The eye of the T rex or another animal?
  • like I can’t believe I’m gonna watch an episode with at least one dinosaur. Almost as surreal as The Anime Episode. 
  • I have to wonder if animal-themed powers will affect animal-themed superheroes…
  • like this one prediction that this is the Volpina ep… so hype
  • (a great masterpost for other Volpina predictions is here. And if you don’t know who she is, go here.)
  • so do Animan’s powers create animals out of thin air? Or does he summon them from animal remains (eg. dinosaur bone)? Like it’s between these two because T REX
  • Also on the list of things I didn’t expect: Kim causing an akuma. I mean Chronogirl gave him some jerk moments, but come on! At least Chloé can sit back and relax in this one (maybe?)
  • oh look, Lady’s holding the Lucky Charm! So this screencap is near the end of the ep. What’s that, a car jack?
  • speaking of cars, this leaked screencap has some crushed-looking cars. Did the T rex do that?