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Tonight’s realization: Pokémon is a Solarpunk setting.


  • “Science is amazing!” / Science as a recurring theme
  • Coexisting with nature (pokémon) is a major theme
  • Healthcare is free for everyone
  • Society is generally safe enough for 10-year-olds to travel alone with only their pets. In fact, it’s almost common for children to do so.
  • Urban sprawl is pretty well contained in most regions.
  • Wilderness conservation is a well-kept priority
  • Most people walk or bike everywhere, and those who don’t usually ride pokémon. There are few cars to cause smog.
  • Solar & Wind energy is used in many places, even small towns like New Bark.
  • Cultural love of science coexists with respect for tradition and spirituality (mediums, psychics, aura readers, etc)
  • It’s a possible, nearby, optimistic, future (besides the pocket monsters themselves ofc). Very little of Pokémon’s tech is too far off modern tech.