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For @raendown and one of her amazing soulmate fics! This is the one where the chest glow when you look into the eyes of your soulmate 💕 Click for better resolution

(I’ve been working on this for like a week! I do love the result even if i still think there’s some details D. )

Happy 4/27
  • N: It has come to my understanding that yet another year has passed in this bloody Office. Another year of sorrows, of betrayal, of lies and misery--
  • Stacey: Oh come on! All I said was that I would have preferred to have the Narrator from that George of the Jungle movie rather than you. One time. One Time!!
  • N: The insult that Stacey has bestowed upon me is much too great to bear. This is why I have kept her in the Serious Room for so long. Although I doubt that relates to why so many of you are missing your rp responses...
  • Admin Fangirl: Hey, I'm doing my best here. School and work keeps getting in the way, and I lose my motivation to do anything a lot of the time.
  • N: Yes yes, we've heard it all before. I suppose now you'll be making a promise to improve and be better about things. Don't bother getting their hopes up if you're just going to crush them anyway.
  • Admin Fangirl: Well, I wasn't gonna say that, actually. I just wanted to say that I hope everyone is having a nice 4/27, I'm gonna have everyone available at the chatzy for as much as possible today, and I'm really happy that this fandom is still pretty stable despite how long it's been since the game came out.
  • Admin Fangirl: .....
  • Admin Fangirl: Also, how the heck do you know I'm here? I thought you weren't supposed to be able to handle reality over there, N.
  • Stacey: Sorry, boss. It's our day today, we can do what we like~
  • Admin Fangirl: Fair enough. Carry on, guys! Love you two~
  • Stacey: Love ya too, boss!
  • N: *half-assed wave*

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