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So this week, I wanted to do a write-up about Yuuri’s Free Skate performance and the possible meanings behind it. As in the images above, this program represents his skating career – but I would go so far as to say that it represents more than just his skating career to the present but also his emotional growth and skating career into the future. Victor’s reactions and monologue are also very telling. Let’s take a look! (Warning for a really long post with a ton of images)

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My Only One - lesmiserablol - Les Misérables - All Media Types [Archive of Our Own]
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Enjolras looks around at the group, everyone gaping at him and sitting in stunned silence.

“What?” he asks defensively, a touch rude. “What are you all looking at?”

They don’t say anything, but everyone saw it. They saw his thread.

Soulmate AU where soul mates have a red thread tied to each others pinkies that can be seen by everyone but themselves.

sxofcrows  asked:

omg I didn't know you were doing a drabble thing that's awesome!! could you write a rucas soulmate au pretty please. I need a happy/fluffy soulmate au to restore my heart bc the last one I read (looking at you Elle) tore my heart in pieces it was so sad. again, congrats on 2k!!!

Soulmate!AU: Everything’s in black and white until you meet your soulmate.
Word Count: 1,150 words
A/N: It’s not a completely alternate universe, but I definitely changed up some things. and at this point should they still be called drabbles…Thank you for the request and I hope you enjoy! :)

“Don’t you ever wonder what colors the different flowers are, Maya?”

“Hmmm, let me think about it,” Maya hummed out as she and Riley passed by a box of flowers on their way to the subway for their first day of 7th grade, “Nope, not really.”

As they swiped at the turnstile, Riley stopped to spin around and gesture at the different people, “What about them? Don’t you wonder what color their clothes are?” Pointing down at herself, “What about us? We could be wearing clothes the color of poop and we wouldn’t know!”

“Well, we kind of don’t know the color of poop either, sooooo…”

“My dad said to make the world my own, but how can I when it’s all in black and white?!”

“You learn to live with it.”

Undisturbed by the blonde’s response, Riley continued to lightly prance around the foreign subway station, “You know, my mom told me that she thinks my favorite color would be yellow and that hopefully I’ll get to see it soon.”

“Easy for her to say, she met her soulmate before she could basically even talk.”

Riley simply giggled as she followed her best friend into the subway car. She pulled out a tube of her favorite gloss, smelling it before applying it onto her lips, “I’m completely reinventing myself! I ride the subway now, I have kiwi lips now, and I’m just as cool as you now!…Though, I do wish I knew if my gloss had color to it…Do you think my lips might be some weird color?!”

Smirking at the brunette’s mix of confidence and panic, Maya looked over her best friend’s shoulder to see an attractive boy sitting at the priority seat,

“Why don’t you ask him?” Maya continued teasingly, “Who knows, he might even be the one to bring color into your world.”

“What are you talkin…Oh my.” 

As Riley turned to look at who had caught Maya’s eye, she felt her head spin due to a rush of sudden new visuals as soon as she made eye contact with him. Her eyes were still on the boy, but instead of seeing black, white, and gray, she noticed that his hair was slightly darker than the wall to the right of him. It was a soft kind of color that, compared to her hair, was lighter. His teeth were white though, and she assumed that that was the color teeth should be.

Oh, but his eyes - she couldn’t place a color to them, but they were beautiful. She was so young, but she felt like she had known those eyes for centuries. Looking back down at his smile, she was surprised to see his teeth hidden from view. Instead, his mouth was open, sharing a similar expression to her own. 

His own eyes bore into hers and suddenly, she felt that question she had asked Maya just moments ago hit her like a rock. What if her lips were some scary color?! 

Her thoughts were disturbed by Maya grabbing her hand that was on the subway pole. Riley turned to face her best friend, whom she noticed had this beautiful bright color to her hair, “Maya?”

“What just happened?”

“I think, for once, you might have been right…”

Maya blinked before realization hit her as she watched Riley’s eyes dart all around the subway car, taking in the colors she had so desired to see. The blonde smirked, “Let’s make sure.” And gone was Riley’s grip on that pole.

The boy, who had been in a stupor, snapped out of it when he saw Riley stumbling near him. He caught her easily, bringing her into his lap and into safety.

Riley couldn’t believe it. His eyes had already been so beautiful from far away, but seeing them up close made her want to melt, “Hi…”

“I’m Lucas.” The white teeth were back.

“I love it.”

He placed her onto the seat next to him and for the whole train ride, Riley sat next to him. It was quiet, but Maya watched them both show their excitement differently. Riley’s grin was so wide that you could fit the rest of her life into it, while Lucas had a smile that was much more demure, but definitely there. They were both staring at their laps, but Maya knew they were good.

When Riley heard their stop for school, she wanted to cry. She made a move to get up and looked in surprise as the boy next to her did the same. Lucas looked back and the urge in him to smile was unbearable, flashing her yet another grin as she just stared, “I just moved here from Texas. I’m going to John Quincy Adams Middle School…?”

“You are?!” He nodded and Riley pointed excitedly to herself, “I go there, too! With Maya!” When she saw the slight confusion in his face, she moved her finger to point at the blonde, “Her! My best friend!”

Maya couldn’t help but laugh at her best friend’s excitement and gestured for them to get off the train before the doors closed. While they walked to school, she introduced herself to the boy that she knew would change Riley forever.

“Texas, huh? Watch out, cowboy, because Riley’s dad is going to be our history teacher!”

Lucas gulped at that, but couldn’t help but be happy at finding out the brunette’s name. Riley. That sounded really nice.

When they got to school, Lucas had to go to the main office, but promised to catch up. Riley skipped to class, no longer caring about having her father for a history teacher, and Maya followed along, just happy to see her best friend live the colorful life she deserved.

“Matthews, you’ve got a storm coming.”

Cory paused his writing on the board, “What do you mean by that, Maya?”

“Let’s just say that your daughter can see color now.”

Maya heard a growl from behind her and saw that Farkle, their resident genius, was the source, “She was supposed to be a Mrs. Farkle Minkus!”

“EXCUSE ME?” Cory screamed as it finally clicked.

“Daddy, aren’t you happy for me? I can finally stop asking you what color the walls of my room are!”

Before Cory could even respond, Lucas walked in, and as soon as the former looked at his daughter’s face, he knew.


Lucas looked around him, before staring in fear at the man before him. “M-Me?”


Unfortunately for him, Lucas couldn’t stop his smile, “Um, yes sir, I think I did.”

And as Riley watched her father chase her soulmate around the classroom, she couldn’t help but be excited for her future. She would finally find out what yellow looked like and she would definitely have to ask her mom what color Lucas’ eyes were. Oh, the perks of finding your soulmate at 12 years old.

rucasasf  asked:

request: Riley and Lucas on their wedding day. congrats on 2k btw! love your acc xx

Word count: 1,600 words
A/N: Ahhh, thank you and sorry for this late response! can you believe i’m at 2.8k now I actually wrote about them on their wedding day, but before they get married. Please let me know if you’d like the actual ceremony + their wedding reception as well. I hope you enjoy! :)

“I want to walk down last!”

“No way, because if you do that, they’ll think you’re the only best man!”

“But you’re going last now!”

“Guys, we’ve already practiced this three times. Farkle will go last because I met him after Zay…”

“That makes no sense!”

“Fine, then you guys can walk together!”

Breaking away from his playful glare-off with Farkle, Zay whistled, “Whoa, looks like Mr. Friar here is a little testy. Stressed that you’re stressed but can’t see your wife-to-be to calm you down?”

The blond in question glared at Zay and before anything else could be said, Farkle got in between the two of them, “Calm down guys, Riley deserves more than a husband who’s in the hospital before she can actually marry him.”

Hearing Riley’s name, Lucas breathed out heavily and calmed down immediately. Turning his anxious face into a smile, he hugged Zay and Farkle together, picking them up.

“Hey there, lover boy, you’re marrying her, not us.”

Lucas laughed as he put down his best boys, “I love you guys. Thanks for being here and dealing with all of my craziness these past few weeks.”

“Always here for you.”

“We love you, too…that’s why we’re going to do this…”

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it has recently come to my attention that some people…….like my content? regularly check my blog to see if i’ve uploaded anything? genuinely would not be annoyed if i posted a million times every day????? get this, some people don’t get sick of me, what a shocking concept, i know. i’m still in denial.

a n y w a y s i’ve got so many prompts in my inbox (and by all means, send more!!! more the merrier!) and i’m gonna do a massive spam of answering all of them as an attempt to clear them out for the next couple a days, as well as 7DoC, so you guys have that to look forward to…

till then, since 90% of you probably have only seen a couple of my posts, feel free to stalk my fics/hcs tag, my short posts/thoughts/funny stuff tag, my posts that hit 1k tag, and my posts that hit 2k tag.

for real though, guys, im so so so grateful that you guys genuinely like what i post, and im honored that you even spare time to read it, i love you guys so much, i read every single tag that you guys leave on my work and they always make me laugh/smile, you guys are literally the best, <3 <3 <3 thank u